A tale of two Wolverhamptons: Starmer v Corbyn

Keir Starmer has visited Wolverhampton. The contrast with Jeremy Corbyn’s visit there could hardly be starker

Keir Starmer has visited Wolverhampton, where he surprised no one by trying to appeal to Tory voters by saying that Labour will be the party of law and order, as if it has ever not been.

He walked around the city with a handful of police officers. For the photo-opp, of course – they were hardly there to hold back the crowds desperate to get close to him.

What a contrast with 2017, when Jeremy Corbyn – no police escort – visited the same city:

Corbyn was mobbed by crowds of well-wishers. They were inspired by his vision, by his politics and by his willingness to stand up to the establishment for the sake of ordinary people. Keir Starmer has nothing to offer them but platitudes, collusion with the Tories and a war on the left that they were so recently inspired by.

And in case anyone thinks, ‘that was then, this is now’, here’s Corbyn just a few days ago in Liverpool:

2017 vs 2021. Vision vs visionless. Hope vs hopeless. Leadership vs…

Seems it’s true that a picture paints a thousand words.

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  1. i suspect Jeremy considered his intellectual lessers by a far margin, his betters. And yes, every time i think of what happened over the last four plus years, i remain INTENSELY disappointed. Even more disappointing is realising too many refuse to face hard facts in order to TRANSFORM our present circumstances. Sharper still, it did NOT have to be this way.

  2. I remember a large crowd running over a field to Gateshead Stadium in the 2017 GE so they would not miss hearing Jeremy Corbyn speak.
    If it had been Starmer I think they would have been running away!

    1. Exactly! He’s the one that made sure we lost the Red Wall, the confidence of our people and GE19,
      he’s the anti-Labour Labour leader of no regard.

    2. From left to is The mob.. The “nancy” boy 👦in grey suit,young kid dreessed up as copper and old blue suit hurling abuse at the young kid is strummer The female officer is of course a “dummy” supplied by old pie face from wigan Nando”and various extras to give a sense of balance including the first arrival from Afghanistan asking for directions to “up Norf” Strummer immediately directs said refugee to go Norf and multiply or try Stoke or Bolton and other abuse and somwhere up the M6and keep going and dont stop till you see the smog and the apocalyptic old mill towns.Afghanistan man looks worried thinking he should have clung onto the wingtip of the US plane ✈and UK is not looking good for Afganistanis ..Strummer trys New Labour credit card and looks dejected when the machine eats it.ITs just another day in the life of the knight from Surrey.

  3. Clearly Max Headroom is more into rapid prototyping, deployment and iteration….Surely everybody can see that?

    1. If Liverpool was to give Labour any advice about Keir, it would be “do you remember what The Beatles did with their FIRST drummer?”.

      1. “Kelvin Mackenzie, writing the lies of his tabloid that nobody reads…his profits bleed”.

        (moderate apologies to Paul McCartney)

  4. “Oh if only people could get to know Keir better.”


  5. As has been said many times, no leader who can’t draw crowd can ever win a general election. What we’re seeing now is what we WOULD have seen if the PLP had been allowed to block Corbyn from the ’16 leadership ballot and Owen Smith had been imposed as his replacement by default, as the PLP wished. And the PLP would have PREFERRED for Labour to stay at the 30% vote share it was stuck at with Gordon and Ed- and would have been stuck at with DAVID! or Owen as well- just to be sure the leader wasn’t left-wing.

  6. “A catastrophic error of judgement” Starmer’s reaction to Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan as reported in today’s Guardian.

    Did he want us to be there for another 20 years?

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