More catastrophic election results for Starmer’s Labour

Different places, same night – same result. Turns out not opposing is not a winning strategy

Labour suffered further disastrous results in last night’s local elections, seeing catastrophic swings to the Tories in Nottinghamshire and Essex:

Keir Starmer’s and his right-wing supporters’ determination to offer neither vision nor hope of change continues to cause Labour’s standing to collapse like a sandy cliff.

For the sake of balance, it should be noted that Labour did manage to gain a seat last night from an independent in Fellgate and Hedworth in South Tyneside. However, the defeated independent had reportedly:

  • caused more than £160,000 of damage by driving his lorry into a council building after a contract row
  • been imprisoned for 40 weeks for the offence
  • been sanctioned twice this year by the council’s standards committee for bullying and harassment and had all his outgoing emails monitored by the council
  • forced his own resignation
  • tried to retract his resignation but found he couldn’t, triggering the by-election

Even then, a large portion of the independent’s vote-share loss went to the Tories rather than to Labour.

Meanwhile, the LibDems won Knaresborough Scriven Park from the Tories – while Labour’s share fell by more than 16 points.

Avoiding all opposition and waiting for Boris Johnson to throw it away isn’t a winning strategy. Astonishing.

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  1. Starmer Evans Mandelson Hodge Blair gang parasitise Labour. Purge even more of TRUE Labour. Catastrophic losses after catastrophic loses. True Labour becomes fully fledged worst version of Blue Tories. More desperate to be at front of trough. Labour loses. The Many pay harsh price. No concern for Starmer & Gang. Mission accomplished for them and their paymasters and mistresses. Arise LORD sir Keith Starmer.

    1. p.s the general public r more astute than self declared “smart” people feel. The electorate see what has to be done within the institutionally corrupt Establishment system as is. They will not wait another sixty years for PR or any such other stuff. They see and seize what’s within their immediate power to try to end the swings to and fro – Duncan Smith Reeves et Blair et al ↔️ Starmer Widdecome Hodge et al

      Much of a muchness. Same old same old

      1. Maybe the people of Pitsea were justifiably a little pissed off about their Labour councillor’s resignation

        “Gavin Callaghan [Labour] was re-elected for a third term in Pitsea North West with a 47-42 lead over the Conservatives, but lost the council leadership. He resigned from the council a month later, indicating that he was looking to pursue other interests.

      2. SteveHs davidHs AHs Mr Hall and all other AHs, you all of course won’t, but all decent people who want meaningful change, will celebrate every win every victory of TRUE Labour colleagues eg Marc Wadsworth, Jo Bird, i believe Chris Williamson, and Jacqui Walker.

        PLEA to others on, PLEASE help compile a list and keep at the forefront of our consciousness and the general public. This may help to erase myths that we must suffer in silence. Bad news often deflates and often breeds more bad news. On the other hand ‘nothing succeeds like success’.

        I am therefore overjoyed to report that yet ANOTHER marvellous TRUE Labour NEW star has just been cleared in COURT of ALL allegations brought against her by Tower Hamlets Borough!

        She collapsed in court after the just verdict. These accusations do inflict almost intense distress. But a failure to fight unjust claims, even for understandable reasons, encourages more cruel and vexations claims.

        All decent people are relieved and glad that you ***Aspana Begum*** has been judged innocent in court of ALL charges against you. Rest, refresh yourself, and return to your excellent purpose, restored and STRONGER.


      3. We need to start taking these cases further now she should sue for harassment and libel, whatever moneys we make out of these cases, goes back into The PEOPLE’S kitty and soon we will have enough to start taking out the High Profile cases.
        If they dragged us to court with lies and deceit we should drag them right back, Bloody Hell! 2015 to 2020 could prove to be a Forest of Money Trees, we best get Howard all over this! We could soon have The PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT an Opposition GOVERNMENT, Fuck the Parties!
        Muwaah, hah, hah, hah, hah, haaaah!

      4. agreed and thanks 4 your reply skellynelly🌺

        trials r v draining to those unfairly accused. however, needs MUST cease “drawing lines under” “moving on” “forgetting about it” etc. all such = until the resulting inevitable next vexatious “attack” allegation and downright politically motivated lies for eg which the misnamed ‘chronicle’ has been found repeatedly guilty recently eg Marc Wadsworth and Jo Bird.

        Aspana Begum and all others must sue for MAXIMUM damages and costs.

        When was the last time George Galloway was accused unfairly? Rhetorical question. We must observe, learn and act based on hard facts and never spirit sapping myths.

      5. skellyknelly – we best get Howard all over this!

        Allan Howard ? 😕

    2. Given that Evans,Hodge and Streeting considered the way Corbyn pronounced the name Epstein was a greater crime than employing Epstein’s pal as a senior adviser the odds on improvement in the near future are similar to the odds on me bringing home gold in the pole vault.

      1. The thing is Jeremy pronounced his name correctly and probably according to the many Epstein’s he met over the years. It is rare for people especially Jews to use the anglicised pronunciations of their names. So really the Egg was all over their faces and they still have the stink of Epstein’s dirty little secrets lurking about them for their associations!

      2. Absolutely correct skellynelly🌟🌟🌟
        but sadly again Jeremy succumbed to the misjudged habit of trying to “draw lines under” every single outrage. Pressured by the White Flag Men Malcolm Colemann deceit, well meaning Jeremy poped up, mumbled something then puff 🗯🗯🗯 vanished back into the silent mists.
        TRAGIC 💧🔻💧🔻💧🔻

        But the tragic experiences can work for good!!! Now a fresh set of fighters grounded in reality, are proving they can withstand the Malcolm Colemanns who successfully plagued Jeremy and the “Left”. Ready and willing to take on all liars infiltrated into the “Left” and outside. The focus must now be TOTALLY on the new to take things forward. Those before us did the vest they felt they could do. They deserve a long period of rest and critical reflection and / or retirement.

      3. Sadly his Greatest Enemy was his Kindness and Trust in People’s “good nature”, even the worst of People, Margaret Hodge for example, he could have and should have sacked her and many others when he had the slightest opportunity!
        For me his biggest failure was being taken in entirely by the sweet whispers of the SO CALLED Leftist Zionists, Jewdas and their Seder in front of the house, conveniently with a Mail Stakeout in a bin across the street! Momentum Lansman, Jones, Michael Walker, LabourList etc, etc, etc! They really took him down the rosy path!
        No don’t get me wrong he is no perfect superhuman, he drove me insane many a time! He is just a bloke from London who made many mistakes but far fewer or greater than any Politician Today!
        To consider everything and everyone against and after him like packs of rabid strays, I;d say he has made some extraordinary achievements!

      4. skellyknelly – “I;d say he has made some extraordinary achievements!”

        Could you give us some examples of Jeremy’s legacy achievements?

      5. Jeremy inspired millions and gave hope more than any other political leader in my lifetime⚡️Attracting by that inspiration and hope the largest membership in ALL Europe⚡️

        The enthusiasm was electric⚡️We can only do what we believe is our best. He did. Change is a COLLECTIVE exercise. With the type of people he felt were friends, his potential was strangled. McDonnell, McCluskey, Thornberry, Starmer, Campbell, Bliar et all deceived and misled him.

        But despite the tragic consequences, of which the most vulnerable are at the sharp end, I am convinced posterity will see Jeremy’s “extraordinary achievements!” and “legacy” as a stepping stone to greater things.

        Then again of course, you know that full well SH Mr Hall. You all at your Branch – Caribbean Bolt Hole are only doing that for which u r paid.

      6. Hullo Jim, glad you brought up the games which begin with the torch thingy. That’s worth looking up. Iam a life long athletics fan and participant. I stopped caring anymore after the WADA stitch up. Pity, our kids work so hard I should be cheering them on. Athletics is now totally corrupted and I am not sure that I would ever leave my kids well being to some of these coaches.

      7. What has any of those named done to be so vain?

      8. I’m pretty sure the training regimes young gymnasts have to follow amount to mental and physical abuse. What kind of obsessive parent would put their children through this I can’t imagine. It certainly isn’t ‘sport’.

  2. Starmer is only the rotten tip of a rotten iceberg. The right wing which he represents has the solidarity and determination for which the left can only dream. They have their scouts in every area of the Party on the lookout for weak leftwing members who they can pick off using ‘bribes’ and inducements.

    1. They have a Focus, all instructions come in unison directly from The Elites/Establishment! They are TORIES, Neoliberals are not the Right of The Left they are Bona Fide TORIES and Thatcherites! Their Aim is not to work FOR The PEOPLE, They work Wholly and Entirely for The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT and THEMSELVES!
      That is something we needed to take onboard 2015 to 2020 The Organisation, I would not call it Solidarity, those people would stab their mothers in the back, but yes if we created a Central Office for Socialist Labour Members with a strict Plan our own Luntzspeak ‘bible’ and an ACT.IL style App and perhaps a couple of “War Offices” we would have been laughing, because all their division tools would have been sniffed out and shat on en masse!
      However “The LEFT” must not kick themselves, we did well enough that the “Right” still believes we were an organised group led by JC/CW/etc, etc, etc, they simply refuse to believe that the only thing “Group” about us was Solidarity, even as broken as that was, we didn’t know each other, many didn’t like each other, but fuck with any one of us and you got blasted from all directions!
      There is no reason for that ‘organised unity’ not to exist now and I believe Chris Williamson is closest of all to anything that resemble Unified Solidarity, on a Political Ground level, Jeremy is way out there on an international level and hopefully some time in the future both could join and even better Unite within The Socialist Party, with a Corbynist Agenda on the Table!
      We do need something and something Powerful that would be appealing to the Communists and Anarchists also, especially at the Ballot box!

    2. Time that Labour Party left should look and learn. Whatever figures are used the members are large and left. Pick your fights and win. Scare the perverts to death.

  3. Labour would be expected with a Tory government to be winning Council and parliamentary bye elections.The election of the knight has turned lodgic on its head.The conservative party must be emboldened by the Labour party giveaway and the loss of support across the country and within the Labour party.itself.Other than trying to convince the right wing of the Labour party that this nutter the knight is doomed and is taking the Labour party over the cliff what can we do?Well we can take back control and inform soon to be redundant Labour mps and councillors that this lunatic will stop them from making a very good living in parliament and the council.The message from the people is clear Labours not working..!

    1. None of their seats, anywhere, from local to front bench are safe. The ermine bird is flying out of the reach of the tapeworm bite. What will they do to keep their gold safe?

  4. Nobody wants to vote Conservative TORY! What choice do people have The Conservative TORIES who they know are predictably Bastards and much worse expletives or The Neolabour TORIES who sweet talk and do EVIL, not just this lot bit Blair, Clinton, Obama, Macron, Biden, they are of a worse kind of EVIL, because they are unpredictable, liars, con artists and made out sickly sweet by the MSM!
    The Worse TORIES for The PEOPLE are the TORIES who serve The Elites/Establishment Best, let’s face it the last “Decent” Neoliberal TORY to serve The Elites/Establishment best, was undoubtedly Thatcher, perhaps even Blair it’s a close call! The Inbred Buffoon was just pure stupidity, but then even that Pure Stupidity vs Starmer’s History as Head of CPS: Julian Assange, Jimmy Saville, Spy Cops, etc, etc, etc is enough to make most people go to the farthest reaches to get The NASTY TORIES Out of The UK Labour Party and there are absolutely NO DIFFERENCES between one Neoliberal TORY and another Neoliberal TORY, NO MATTER WHICH SIDE OF THE AISLE THEY SIT, A TORY IS A TORY!
    As far as I am concerned IF I AM FORCED TO CHOOSE ONE TORY OUT OF TWO TO ELIMINATE The Masked, Sweet Talking EVIL Doing, Lying, Conniving, Sabotaging, Invading Parasite, Who Destroyed HOPE and CHOICE for a Better Britain will be the TORY I will happily wave goodbye to! Suffer we will suffer Neoliberals work for the best interests of The Elites/Establishment and THEMSELVES! They do NOT work for The Best Interests of THE PEOPLE! One is not a little bit less TORY than the other TORY, A TORY IS A TORY! We have an opportunity to eliminate ONE of those TORY Parties, not necessary to revive the already dead UK Labour Party, even if that would be magnificent, but NO! To STOP The Eternal Merry Go Round from Hell of TORY OR TORY NOW! Hopefully from the ashes something wonderful will rise as an ACTUAL Opposition Party FOR THE PEOPLE!
    It would be even BETTER if the CLP/Members forced the Fuckers out before the next GE!

  5. In the last few months New New Labour have said improving social care would be too expensive, they will not continue the triple lock, asked if they would ban Zero hr contracts no answer was forthcoming, take from that what you will, You have to ask what are they for? is it to improve people’s lives or continue on the road to abject poverty for too many of our citizens? Labour really has lost its direction and the local and national election results reflect that,

    1. It is vital that people AND Independent Media stop speaking of that Polar Opposite Parasite TORY Party Occupying The UK Labour Party as “Labour”!
      They are NOT Labour!
      They ARE Neoliberals!
      Neoliberalism is Thatcherism!
      They ARE Thatcher’s Neoliberals!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Labour!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT to the Left of the Political spectrum!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism is NOT The Right of The Left!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Liberal!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Centre of the Political Spectrum aka BS “Centrists”!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Socialist!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT ABOUT The PEOPLE!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT FOR The PEOPLE!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Socialist!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Left!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-People in NEED!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Palestine!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Freedom of Speech!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Julian Assange!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-NHS!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Zionist!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Black, Muslim, Any other Minority including Black/Non-Zionist Jews!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Racist!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS CONSERVATIVE TORYISM!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS FOR The ELITES & THEMSELVES!
      DON’T BE FOOLED! A TORY IS A TORY, regardless of the name it goes by!
      If it walks like a TORY and talks like a TORY it is Guaranteed to be a TORY!

  6. Really its shocking to think that the Labour party have overtaken the limpdems as a joke party and seen as a flip flopping second rate centrist party.IN just eighteen months this clown knight privately educated millionaire Lawyer as destroyed the brand Labour party and dragged the name in the mud that no sensible person will vote Labour Whos going to vote Labour when the leader and deputy Angela Ray..nure say that the party is infected with thousands of AS fanatics and racists.Hardly any of the members think that the Labour party are racist or offensive to jews but if the Labour leader says it is a real problem and Raynure says she will remove thousands of AS fanatics what are the voters to think.?Naturally we can expect the Labour party to publish the names of all these racists in the Labour party.and will be waiting to see the proof along with the Ford Report ,Jeremy Corbyns re instatment to the PLP and of course the explanation on how the Labour party manage to turn a thirteen and a half million pounds credit in the bank into a scramble to pay staff at the end of the month.and buttons in reserve.Maybe some centrist can answer this conundrum? ??

  7. More of the top team are bailing out of the lotto office with cheif advisor and speech writer Chris Ward leaving the job.The Guardian are reporting that this is the fourth member of the gang of five to walk away from team Starmer.Looks like its not only the voters,the membership and a substantial number of the PLP are having severe difficulties with the direction of the knight led Labour party.Keep up the Subs strike and watch them 🔥?

  8. ps clarification, “agreed and thanks 4 reply”

    1️⃣ – “start taking these cases further”🟢

    2️⃣ – “sue for harassment and libel”🟢

    3️⃣- “If they dragged us to court with lies and deceit we should drag them right back”🟢

    No waiting 4 “leaders” “spiritual” or temporal to act. Note, Beckett caved in. No one needs that. Caving in only hands potential wins to our opponents.

    Turner absented himself from an international audience last night. He sent a lamentably pathetic tired excuse.
    Anyone who pulls out or fails to take opportunities to defend their views to the widest public, is no leader and definitely not what the “Left” needs. Unite members ALL OVER this country put questions and hoped for answers. Graham turned up. McCluskey was listening and sent a clarification re one of several dodgy misleading claims Coyne claims.

    Graham defended herself clearly and strongly against ALL Coyne’s attack’s on her. I was VERY impressed🏵

    I wish Graham a decisive victory in this contest🏵

    As things stand, Graham, in my judgement is the ONLY sensible choice to lead UNITE🏵


      1. SteveH, and all, please in future refer to me as ‘signpost not windchimes’ or signpost. This nom de plume, is a memorial tribute to the great Tony Benn. I hope it inspires all. windchime, i’m sure u realise, does the opposite. Hence only u and those like u, use it.

        Re: your request. No. Recently, one of your type emerged from nowhere to discourage the “Left” from gathering intelligence from all sources. No matter their motives sincere or otherwise, it is counter to progress since 1️⃣ – Knowledge is power (if used intelligently).
        2️⃣ – Forewarned is forearmed. We may respond to best effect if we have a heads up re plots and spin re those who oppose us i.e. your “Mandy” Evans Hodge War criminal the George Bush poodle Blair your SIR Keith et al disreputable gang planning including “spin”.

        nb For clarity, whenever i say “us” and “we”, i am NEVER referring to you.

        3️⃣ – I need to double check but i cannot recall, anyone stepping up to condemn the attempt to dissuade the “Left” from being as aware as they should be.

        Therefore, asked the individual or individuals who suddenly popped up from the dead, to provide the information you request. Don’t take it personally. I’m trying to nurture true “solidarity”, “comradeship” and tangible CONSTRUCTIVE contributions and debate.

        P.S. I never have, and never will make any “promise to” provide info to “MALCOLM COLEMANN”. The frauds repeated one of their numerous lies, using the exact words and language style as they used previously.

    1. jenw2049, after a tragically brief four year control of the Leadership, mass membership and NEC, NONE of that control was used to discipline the Tory entryists. Those FAILURES and REPEATED errors were partly caused by sincere people prioritising getting the “love of THEM” by doing “everything THEY asked”. “Them” being those guarding the status quo

      As things stand, the logical priority is to regain control of the Labour Party or establish a new one TOTALLY WITHOUT the burden of those with the most bizarre devotion to repeated DISASTROUS habits. Clearly such have no care for those who pay the price. It is easy to moan about Tories and their understudies. That achieved NOTHING… ZILCH for the “Left” and almost everything for the Tories and the careerist parasites in Labour.

      As things stand, control of the party having been handed to the parasites, to end what you cite, the “Left” need to get a TRUE Labour Party back.

  9. Turnout is always low in these elections but the overall trends are clear and Starmer’s hollowed out Labour understandably has little appeal to any demographic.

    The most frustrating thing about the RW’s trashing of the party is how they’ve got no mandate for it. Starmer fought for the leadership wearing the cloak of Corbynism with a slick, expensive campaign, what a deceitful shyster.

  10. This is the man that ignored the EU elections, totally misread the mood of the country or was it the masterplan of the trilateral commission.
    Wonder how the Labour NHS badges are selling.
    Last call for the summer raffle.

    1. Well they asked for it, got what they deserved. Seems like people are waking up.

    2. yes SM, i got that “summer raffle” and other begging communications too. Don’t reply in anyway. Keep them ignorant and asking… uses up their time and resources… especially time and expectations. They have MILLIONS $€$€$€ at their disposal. Allow them to waste it. Don’t be misconstrue their begging. That’s just their selfish, plundering attitude, like the charity bosses on $1,000,000.00 per year while similarly enticing those with considerably less to donate to this that and the other.

  11. Labour has never really been about politicising the masses, it’s Right Wing councillors, MPs, & Leaders want the power for themselves.
    Their leaflets are generally safe, vote for this great man or woman of history (?) who will sort all your problems out, leave it to us, oh and we will scoop up the personal financial rewards?
    But imagine a left wing democratic socialist party that wants to transform the world & its MPs are altruistic and they take the average workers wage, and try to politicise the masses, the more of us who are politically aware, the stronger we all are.
    A left wing democratic socialism WITH not Right Wing Labour Crumbs FOR.
    It’s up to us comrades.

  12. Could you give us some examples of Jeremy’s legacy achievements?

    Certainly, how about making the party the biggest in Europe?

    Or having £13m more than they do today?

    (And once again, stammer’s shithousery that YOU enabled, enabled the rags to their majority, before you go down that well-worn-out path)

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