Woman buys £1.29 knife in corner shop – and attempts suicide

Locals say despair common even in leafy south Liverpool

Police at the scene in South Liverpool (image copyright Skwawkbox 2021)

A woman has attempted suicide in South Liverpool using a cheap knife she had bought only moments earlier in her local corner shop. The woman, said to be in her fifties, survived and was taken to hospital but police have so far been unable to provide an update on her condition. The blade cost just £1.29.

Image copyright Skwawkbox 2021

The shop owner said that the woman and her family are regular customers. The reasons for the attempt are not known, but another customer, who said he knew the family but did not wish to be named, put the blame at the door of the Tory government:

There’s a lot of despair round here, even though it’s not one of the poorest areas of the town. Imagine going into a shop to spend £1.29 on a knife and go and do that, it’s absolutely tragic.

Rates of suicide and attempted suicide have risen sharply under Tory government. In 2018, the Independent reported that the rate of attempts among disabled people had more than doubled to a shocking 43%.

Anyone struggling can contact Samaritans for free at any time of the day or night by dialling 116 123 or visiting This article was written with due regard to the Samaritans’ guidance on reporting suicide and attempted suicide.


  1. The cost to mental health of neoliberalism he’s been purposely obscured. I know many people living on the edge of desperation. People with jobs that don’t quite pay enough to live on, jobs they don’t like but are terrified of losing. It’s an appalling situation made worse by extreme wealth on display.

  2. The Cuts of Mental Health services started even before NHS Mental Health services started! Since Theresa May declared 1 Hour=Full Time Employment people are petrified to access whatever charity/services that are established/available!
    It is blatantly clear what The Neolabour TORIES stance on the sick and disabled are by Rayner’s refusal rule out 0 Hour Contracts, Reeves “not the Party for People out of work and tougher on claimants than the Conservative Tories” and Apartheid Keith’s Cherry on top to put “benefit cheats” in prison for 10 years! What is a Benefit Cheat MOST people on Mental Health and Disabled with Conditions not immediately obvious/physically visible! All it takes is one good pain free day or crippling anxiety free hour and you decide to take a walk around the block unaided, but sensibly with your aides in a bag just in case, and snap, snap Apartheid Keith Bangs you up for 10 years!
    Parliament & MSM Demoralised sick and disabled people, we need something that we can do when we can, but not have to worry about when we can’t, we need self pride just like everyone else, this has been robbed from us! Even therapy that would involve some manual activity can lose you your benefits and Apartheid Keith will come banging down your door to bang you up for his beloved 10 years!
    The only people who think anyone would want to be in the system to abuse it, has been lucky enough not ever to be in the system! Yes there are some very, very strange people who do, but it certainly is not for any kind of Financial Gains!
    The language Parliament are using totally stigmatises sick and disabled people, this is no surprise as there simply is no pathway of any sort left in the NHS, it’s been stripped to bare bones! Many GPs and Psychiatrists are totally ignorant and very conservative in their views of mental health, thank goodness for the few absolute gems who actually do. For me in my area, my GP supported my MH far better than the MH Services, but I stopped going to see her, because I felt guilty for putting MH responsibilities onto her as a GP and also taking someone else’s GP appointment for my MH, which should have an adequate service available, but…..!
    All of the NHS is a Big Black Hole, another very serious concern is that public opinion and empathy has been driven to an all time low by MSM, much like the Refugee Crisis, The lack of services means MH Patients are in the community alone, when really they should have support, If they have any sort of meltdown, they will be arrested, and criminalised!
    It is heartbreaking every time someone tries to end life in such a horrific way, It is criminal to allow and watch people suffer like this, it is criminal to force people into failed attempts of suicide that always leave them in a far worse place!
    Until MH is taken as seriously as Physical Health and it is generally understood that the internal pain is equal to the pain of the body and Terminal MH should be recognised and respected! Every Human Being should have the right to their own life! If someone can communicate that they can not take it any more, especially it they have communicated this for many years, they should have the right to Euthanasia whether that is for Mental Health or for Physical Health!
    It is a sick and twisted idea that other people can decide for someone severely suffering that they must continue severely suffering until they naturally die of pain! Why the fuck does our species have this sick, twisted and sadistic desire to watch people suffer!?
    Why could that woman not go to her GP request a SAFE, PEACEFUL and PLANNED Death, where she could plan her affairs, say her goodbyes and leave this world without more scars, hurt and suffering.
    Many will not agree with me, I don’t care! I think it is far more sick to see a woman attempting to hack herself to death with a £1.29 knife or someone having to attempt hanging themselves, but had no information on rope thickness, drop, body weight, etc and ending up Bran Damaged and Paralysed, and still the Internal Pain Haunts them and now, they can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT! NOT to mention the “choices” available to “Illegal” Suicide compared to the Peaceful Alternatives available in legal Euthanasia! It is a horrifying imbalance cruel and sadistic! Traditional Suicide should not even be an option any more!
    I am Pro-Euthanasia for whatever reason if the person can communicate their needs effectively and for People who can not communicate their needs there should be First the Family, then Medical Professionals who could make that call based on Quality, Joy, Desire and Will to live!
    Our species are so far behind, we are still very much Ape like about death/dying, of course it is sad, of course it hurts, but it is totally selfish to keep someone who is suffering alive, purely for your own selfishness/sadism! We should have a choice and we will not have that choice not well into the next millennium probably!

    1. Yes, the whole ‘care in the community’ thing was a con. Pretending they were championing inclusion by closing mental health facilities, even healthcare professionals were conned. Now we have a situation where prisons are the new mental health facilities and they’re busy building more of them. The real cost of neoliberalism is unfathomable.

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