Despair in Tory Britain taking as many lives as WWII

‘Despair-related’ annual mortality crisis reaches enormous proportions

Shocking new data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed the horrific scale of misery in Tory Britain.

Deaths in a range of categories that can be described as ‘despair-related’ have rocketed – and the sum of the tragedy has reached a scale comparable with the impact of the Second World War.

The situation is not only horrific but growing at an appalling rate since the Tories entered Downing Street in 2010:

  • Suicides up by 16%
  • deaths linked to homelessness up by 24% (vs 2013)
  • drug-related deaths up by 66%
  • winter-related deaths up by 64%
  • deaths associated with fuel-poverty up by 64%

In plain numbers the brutal reality is even more terrifying than the percentages suggest. Just last year:

  • 597 homeless people died – a rate of three every two days
  • 6,507 people died by suicide
  • on person died every two hours of drug-related causes – 4,359 people across the year
  • winter-related deaths were an astonishing 51,100 – an increase of 20,000 since 2010
  • 5,100 people died related to fuel poverty –

Even allowing for potential double-counting in deaths linked to winter and fuel-poverty, sixty thousand more people died in circumstances linked to poverty and hopelessness – a number roughly equivalent to annual deaths among UK people in World War II.

Or to put it another way, more people than the population of towns like Tunbridge Wells, Macclesfield, Hereford, Keighley, Dunfermline, Louhgborough or Halesowen.

The UK’s story under the Tories is one of burgeoning, deepening – and easily avoidable – misery. Not only in the appalling poverty of millions, including more than four million children, or the ‘conscious cruelty’ of the harrying of disabled or vulnerable people, but in the awful finality of needless deaths.

Repairing this situation and restoring hope are the most urgent issues facing this country.

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  1. In the words of Sharp, “you murderin’ bastards”.
    The Tory government, more efficient than the Werhmacht and Luftwaffe at killing British citizens.

  2. Just wait ’til the BBC sees this and plasters it over everybody’s TV screens every half-hour…

  3. Ha! Every half hour for the next two hours. Then bury it deep, deep, deep…

  4. Yep.

    That’s where I got the 597 for my username.

    homeless deaths the equivalent of almost SIX Hillsborough disasters in ONE year and precious few never knew – nevermind mourned – their passing because the toerag powers that be swept it under the f**king Axminster.

    The toerags use a more ‘subtle’ but no less humane method than gas chambers and concentration camps for getting rid of their ‘undesireables’. A ‘Financial Aktion T4 program’…sorry Pogrom.

    Of course, if dummkopf-schmitt ever retook the reins to the DWP, it’d not be beyond the realms of nightmares expect a return to the workhouse.

  5. THEY are Neo-Liberal Right Wing Barbarians – legal capitalist theives who nick your surplus labour – your sweated work, YOU make it all and societies work!
    If there was ever any real justice in the world the rich would be sanctioned, homeless and on the streets but as they are the True Little People on the planet and we are the stars perhaps we should put the rich and morons like Trump, Johnson et al “In a moron museum and charge the people a dollar and a half just to see ’em” (all profits to socialist causes).
    Interesting in the financial crisis of 2008 banks in the US and Europe were fined £280b to settle their malpractice but not one individual banker was taken to court!
    We should have what Pickety suggested – a global wealth tax!
    And I woul add a 1% financial transaction tax.
    And windfall taxes on big business – we are only getting some of the stolen property back!
    And take banks into democratic public ownership!
    TAKE THE POWER FROM THE NEO–LIBERAL CAPITALIST LEGAL THIEVES who to quote The Sweet “Haven’t a clue what to do!”
    We will win!
    “Rise up with me against the organistion of misery.”

  6. Yes heartbreaking which is why we need to select socialist candidates to transform society under JC.

  7. Sorry, but condemning the Tories and the devastating effects of their policies gains nothing from hyperbolic ‘Sun’-type headlines like this, with a nonsense comparison with WWII. It only decreases crediblity.

    For instance, the quoted source makes this statement :

    “in England the rate for all persons has decreased significantly from 14.6 deaths per 100,000 population in 1981, a reduction of 29%.”

    Which is a bit different.

    It’s no good pillorying Johnson for being devious and dishonest, criticising the Guardian for its dishonesty etc. and then trashing the basis of your own argument with crap journalism.

    1. Christ on a bastard stick. I’ve heard the effing LOT, now.

      Sixty thousand people per annum DEAD because of austerity – related causes in toerag britain; a similar total to deaths from all causes during WWII, and YOU wanna nit-fucking-pick about ‘hyperbole’ and then compare numbers from 1981?

      Not a fucking peep about the poor sods who’ve been on the wrong end of the schtick.

      Not a dicky-bird.

      No. Just a ‘nonsensical comparison’ to figures from WWII. Perhaps one of the biggest times of shortage (due to anything other than an idealogical austerity) this country has EVER known

      I despair.

    2. That’s the overall rate, which is what you’d expect given medical advances and (until recently) increasing life expectancy. Nothing to do with the ‘despair’ categories the article is about

      1. Skwawkbox – I think that measured statement highlights why the careless use of unreferenced figures becomes just a wind-up.

        A potential good case can be self-demolished by careless use of data. I’ve seen it too often to think it OK – in any context.

    3. RH…sorry you are way out on this.The Torys have been elected for donkeys years on lies and negative you really think that hyping propoganda doesn’t work?…..only if its a pack of lies and they can prove it.The Torys are the greatest election machine for the last 100years and dont we all know it.Just look at the poverty and despair around you!

  8. “Not a fucking peep about the poor sods who’ve been on the wrong end of the schtick.”

    Wrong. Or you’re illiterate.

    Prancing around like spouting a mirror of the hyperventilating Sun/Mail Tory bullshit isn’t feeding anybody, and gives credibility to the culture of shit passing as politics that works so well for the right.

    Getting WWII tangled up with home-grown depredation supported by the native population isn’t close to an appropriate analogy.

  9. Great takedown of Cameron’s book by Nish Kumar on ‘The Mash Report’ (BBC2). Repeated Sunday night, I think.

    Well worth watching.

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