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Which is the REAL ‘nasty party’ in UK politics?

In this short article, guest writer David Warwick asks: is it Labour?

With all the good intentions in the world we join the ‘Labour Party ‘ prepared to take on the Tories locally, hoping that in some small way our efforts will lead to victory nationally. Our principles and our desire for social justice sets us apart from the ‘nasty party’ and all it stands for. The Tories strip back our communities’ resources seemingly happy to put profits above people, offering little to those that need the most while bolstering their own heartlands with plenty of funding.

Should we really be surprised by this though? The Tories protect their own. But this can’t be said of the modern day Labour party.

A party with its foundations in the working class, where the voice of the masses finally would be heard – at least, that was the idea. Now in 2021 the party of the middle classes, micro  managed at every level and dismissive of the grassroots within its own ranks, is no longer listening to the majority of its members and openly ejects them simply for calling out an apartheid state.

There is a merry go round of jobs within the party structure, one that that uncannily only ever seems to have seats for the right. The same pattern can also be seen in certain right-wing unions too:  if a regional job comes up for grabs the musical chairs games start and the same faces seamlessly interchange between party and union. Anyone wanting to take even a lowly branch or CLP position finds themselves engulfed by vote-rigging, or faced with an avalanche of delegates that they’ve never seen before miraculously appearing at meetings just to thwart the left having any place at an executive level.

The machine that is the ‘Labour party’ – and to a slightly lesser extent certain unions – act and behave with a disregard for democracy and unity. They maintain internal power with an iron fist, brutalising and dispatching anyone who dares challenge it.

So who really is the nasty party in British politics?

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      1. Even if that were true it doesn’t alter the fact that bugger all changed under Jeremy apart from Jennie bragging about making the system for throwing people out of the party more efficient.

      2. we will see what the good people of batley and spen think of sir keith tomorrow. what do u predict???
        starmer hates 99% of the electorate. he hates poor people. he hates true labour. he preferred cummings’ johnson and johnson’s hancock. so he sabotaged jeremy and endorsed every single murderous chum enriching bonanza of his tory chums. note that to date he dares not name serco in parliament re covid-19. the people of batley and spen must see through the fake starmer. 🪱🪳🪱🪳🪱🪳starmer is dirty parasite. the public sussed him out. that’s why 99.4% of the electorate rejected him. they know hat sir rodney keith starmar is “bad bad bad news”. the embarrassing 622 votes he got in bucks were all from his few monied chum.
        steveh davidh davidhall sh it must be know to u. who funds sir keith starmer?

      3. I must say I do like the way you present the snakes and cockroaches I presume with your comments…, that highlights the infestation of the Labour party.Out here we have a cat 🐱 that deals with both of these and eats them before the local khmer people get the chance to cook them up.Would it be so simple with the infestation of the right wing..although I have never heard of any human being cooked up here?

      4. SteveH
        500,000 members and 14 million supporters, doesn’t seem like bugger all to me
        JC proved the country was screaming out for clear Red Water
        Your man and every Red Tory buggered it all deliberately
        They are now officially in the wrong party
        Never again

    1. “It has been the same for the last 20 years.”

      Since May1994 when Tony Blair became its first “3rd Way” (tri-lateral) leader and focussed on the single objective of “modernising” the party by at first neutering its democratic socialism, and then freezing it and its proponents out of the party.

      The loss of about £5m votes and Scotland show how this style of politics causes pasokification.

      1. yes what is 3rd way sounds like it is third place like one of my degrees of years ago . What is second way ??? anybody know.? I must admit I prefer the First way called democratic socialism. It will arise again in the not to distant future I hope. The young are generally better educated and do not read right wing press are internationalist idealistic. There is hope. We oldies will die out with second world war xenophobia.
        Interesting during the 2019 Election if you took out the over 60s Corbyn s LP had 38.5 of vote and the Tories 35.6 A clear win for Corbyn and his LP policies once the oldies were out the way.
        This has all been destroyed by Starmer and his supporters on the right of LP . Mostly ex Blairites. or centralists. The failure has been as the article suggests has been the Labour party failing to protect its own. Unlike the Tories who lean over back wards to support even the most currupt MP s and members.
        The total opposite of Starmers leadership. Expelling descent members false accusations of A/S the weaponizing of A/S against members and supporters. These mostly descent people who want to change the nastiness that has engulfed the UK since Margret Thatcher’s neoliberal economics and no such thing as society. Its every man for himself regardless.
        Blair et el tried to be nice Tories with creation of Sure start and funding NHs but even with his massive majority when he could have radically changed the UK for the better, he carried on Thatcher’s policies and economics. He centralised control and froze out the left who just fort their own battles They did not rebel like the right wing of PLP did with Corbyn
        Whatever one thinks about Corbyn he was fundamentally a descent man. Not racist that the disgraceful Hodge. She should have been expelled. Like many others who actively campaigned to undermine him in the most disgusting way. He should have been ruthless with all of them. Tony Benn Certainly would have stood for no nonsense.
        Now all Starmer has achieved is a hollowed out Labour party that no body enthusiastically supports .
        It will change but there has to be a fundamental change and a discussion with everybody as to what Labour actually stands for.

      2. Interesting. Yup, the third-way is a deliberate cancllation of the first way.

        Way 1 = dmocratic socialism,
        Way 2 = capitalism,
        Way 3 = woke neoliberal, minimally regulated Capitalism and maximal ‘market’ – even when it is publically funde and provided (like the NHS, for which TB championed a ‘internal market’).

        That ‘honest conversation’ is probably beyond us – and I mean the democratic socialists in Labour – we can’t even recognise a GIGANTIC lie when it is given to us. (0.12% ifr)

      3. We have to be honest and admit that no matter how decent Jeremy is, he wasn’t up to the job as Leader. As has been said, he should have got rid of Hodge and others and supported those who supported him. That said, many would have him back in an instant if he’s learnt lessons but my fear is that he hasn’t.

      4. We have to be honest says JackT as he reiterates his falsehoods about Jeremy for the zillionth time!

        So when did you first conclude that Jeremy wasn’t up to the job of leader? As of when he was first elected leader? Or when he came within a whisker of winning the 2017 general election? I mean assuming it wasn’t right at the outset of his leadership, and given that he did so well in 2017, I can only assume that you hadn’t arrived at such a conclusion until sometime later. So when was it precisely, and what was it exactly that led you to that conclusion.

        Needless to say – as I have on more than a few occasions before – if Jeremy had started getting rid of the likes of Hodge, it would have been ‘presented’ by the Blairites and the BoD and JLM and CAA and the MSM and Jewish newspapers et al as him purging the LP of those who were standing up to him about A/S being rampant amongst his supporters etc, etc and, as such, just further evidence that he IS an anti-semite etc, etc. I mean even when the LP were about to take action against Hodge for calling Jeremy a ‘fucking anti-semite’ to his face, there was a tsunami wave of condemnation from all the usual suspects. And Hodge herself – in true TOTT black propagandist fashion – saying the following (as widely reported across the MSM):

        On August 16 she compared the party’s handling of the anti-Semitism crisis to the Nazis.

        She said it reminded her of “what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 30s”.

        Dame Margaret, whose relatives died in the Holocaust, said: “It reminded me of what my Dad used to say.

        “He always said to me as a child, ‘You’ve got to keep a packed suitcase at the door Margaret, in case you ever have got to leave in a hurry’.

        “And when I heard about the disciplinary, my emotional response resonated with that feeling of fear, that clearly was at the heart of what my father felt when he came to Britain.”

        Yep, it’s all about blaming Jeremy for being the victim, as opposed to those who dissembled all the lies and smears and falsehoods about him, like the following clip, for example:

        The MP for Barking pointed to video footage which showed Mr Corbyn saying “Zionists” didn’t understand “English irony” as a key piece of evidence for her case against him.

        “And particularly that video of him speaking at a 2013 conference was just absolutely terrible, separating out Jews, we were different and we weren’t English.”

      5. yes Allan I agree. Corbyn had a mountain to climb The right wing MSM the likes of James O’Brian at LBC who seemed to have a mental block because he would not appear on his program. Yes he made a few mistakes. They were magnified by the right wing PLP for political purposes .A v Tony Benn would not have tolerated them. Jeremy should have got rid of Hodge Smeeth Berger Mann Austin Streeting . All them actively campaigning against the twice elected leader of labour party with massive majority. They should have been expelled along with LP governance unit .
        Where is the unabridged Forde Report.

      6. Oh, right Ian, so you agreed by saying the very opposite of what I was saying in effect. How very amusing…… for any Blairites and other right-wingers who happen to visit this page.

  1. This is very telling and makes it clear that The Neolabour Tory Party are in the same “safe hands” as The Conservative Tory Party. I used to consider BBC, The Government’s political broadcast services, this clearly changes that, BUT I also don’t think the BBC are The Labour Party political broadcast services, EITHER!

  2. Theres little doubt in my mind that the Labour party after showing leadership and investment in the post war years was sabotaged by a influx the “placemen” supplied via the establishment to never again allow a free thinking working-class movement to spend money and support the formation of state funded services ever again..ITs been a long hard fight but the knight and his misfits have achieved their aims in destroying the Labour party through one of the most bizarre campaigns ever seen in any party to abandon comrades to some of the most vicious and life changing charges of being Anti Semitic.We all know it was a lie,but even Corbyn after being tagged with this still supported the eradication of AS in a party that we all know was a Scam to remove loyal comrades.I know that not one single mp would agree with my statment that it was all a Scam and very few Labour party members or the vast majority of the public..and thats why I am convinced that the Labour party is effectively finished.The AS tag along with the belief that Labour cant be trusted to honour a pledge to aceppt a referendum..along with a party at war with itself will mean the collapse of the Labour party.Job done establishment win.!on the most cruel and vicious scams ever seen in the UK.

    1. Ps….This is the day that the knight and the media will work to help the knight cling on to fullfil the mission to finish off the Labour party and all that means in Public services and the main agenda of the Wefare state and the NHS.Too late for any socialist working class party and a PLP and membership in follow my leader off the cliff….I hope you so called centrists burn 🔥in Hell for the damage caused to the people of the UK.

      1. Joseph – If only Jeremy had been up-to the job the members entrusted him to do.

      2. Mr Corbyn made a number of mistakes, but to see him regularly rubbished by someone who never takes a position on anything other than the constant demonisation of Mr Corbyn and “the left” is truly disgusting. We know what you’re against, but are you actually FOR anything?

      3. goldbach – As I said above, if only Jeremy had been up to the job.

      4. I think you are being over-optimistic.
        No matter how brilliant he had been, the party apparatchiks would have still won out.

      5. goldbach – When Boris faced dissent from within he had the political nounce and courage to leverage his popularity with the Tory base.

      6. Indeed, but you forget that Johnson had dissent whereas Corbyn had a massive fifth column wrecking the LP’s prospects..

    2. I hope you are wrong Joseph on this one. I just think from what I ve seen the young are likly to support a more socialist out look. They are generally better educated do not bother with right wing press, are internationalist.
      If all else fails than there has to be the beginning of a new movement where leadership is more co operative rather than a person we have to look up to like a god. Cant we grow out of the need for a leader per sa. ? so called charismatic leaders do not come out very well do they Blair Hitler Thatcher Johnson. Ok they were not exactly Hitler but I think you Know what I mean.
      Sadely I fear the present Labour Party has to fail big time. Maybe it will, Also bring in some form of PR The Tories would never get in again. It could allow the beginnings of a fresh new movement. It will take a long time. We oldies will die out brexit will prove to be a big disaster and the currupt Tories will explode and lose all credibility.
      Well I can dream Joseph. At least its better than the nightmare we are experiencing.

  3. “bugger all changed under Jeremy” – Hardly surprising, given that the leader of the LP has minimal power unless s/he has the support/backing of the party machine – see “The Work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in Relation to antisemitism, 2015 – 2019”.
    So why this intense obsession with Mr Corbyn?

    1. …….and yet you are the one obsessively making excuses for Corbyn’s failure to do anything to rectify the situation. Corbyn was the one who betrayed the membership when despite having more than enough votes to win at onference he capitulated to the PLP over mandatory reselection

      1. Steve, on the one hand you are forever castigating left-wing members for not getting their act together, and on the other implying that they could have done if only Jeremy had gone with mandatory reselection. Given all the dirty tricks and machinations by Starmer and Evans and regional offices to negate the left during the past year or so, how can you be so sure that it wouldn’t have been left-wing MPs who were deselected under a mandatory reselection process. I’m sure you recall from the leaked report that anti-Corbyn staffers secretly channeled funds to right-wing MPs prior to the 2017 GE!


        Needless to say the very staff that the leaked report exposed invented the following falsehood for the obvious reason (as headlined in the Daily Mirror):

        ‘Labour Party HQ staff claim they’ve had death threats for ‘anti-Corbyn plot”

        Hmm, I wonder if they reported said threats to the police! I doubt it somehow!!!

        Yep, there is no level to which these people will not sink!

      2. It’s funny how you were so supportive of Jeremy Corbyn prior to him standing down. OR appeared to be!

        PS So how long is it now that you’ve been posting comments on skwawkbox practically every single day in practically every single thread? Obviously the pay must be pretty good, eh!

      3. Allan – Thank you for acknowledging my support for Jeremy Corbyn when he was in tenure. It did however get more and more difficult as time went on.

      4. Correction….. that SHOULD have read: ‘…. posting comments on skwawkbox AND monitoring the site practically every single day’ etc

      5. Steve, it is inconceivable that anyone who supported Jeremy’s politics and policies and vision could – after all the totally fascistic stuff he’s been doing as of two or three months after becoming leader AND getting progressively worse as time has gone by – could possibly still support Starmer and, as such, I have little doubt that your support for Jeremy was fake and phony. Apart from which it is blatantly obvious – and has been for some time now – that you are a paid Establishment shill, and such people are no way on this planet socialists!

  4. And on the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Chinese communist party,we have been informed that China h as completely eradicated the scourge of Malaria that its worked on doing from the 1940s.Along with being the world powerhouse we see a example of the Socialist principle of the “People” working together for the enrichment of the ordinary people.,..ITs such a shame that we never took the chance after the war to eradicate the establishment and privalage along with the Royals and the titled.Maybe if we had the country would not be facing a bleak future and the talant of the UK being exploited abroad for the enrichment of the few.I mention this because it really could have been so very different .in the UK after the war and for a short time I believed that our lives would be so much better for our children and grandchildren to inherit…but just look at what we’ve left them?

    1. Joseph – You might want to live under the control of an authoritarian, communist dictatorship but most people in the UK find the idea abhorrent.

  5. What is needed in my humble opinion is that the citizens dispense with party politics, which is simply The Chumocracy. Instead, we elect professionals into government: lawyers & solicitors into the Home Office, medical staff into the Dept of Health and solicitors/medical staff into the DWP, accountants into The Treasury and so on. Seasoned professionals who have the best interests at heart for the citizens from the standpoint of their chosen profession and made accountable for errors that may occur, with a committee of professionals and citizens oversight.
    Why not? It simply could not be any worse than it has been.

  6. The fact that over the decades the Tories and the media have lined up to praise Kinnock, Blair, Brown and now Starmer tells you all you need to know about the true depths of this party’s nastiness.

  7. The people of Batley and Spen will give their verdict today on the current state of the Labour Party. I don’t think it’s going to be a favourable one for Keith and Co.

  8. I read that “Starmer’s spokesperson” has said, of Batley and Spen, “it has always been a marginal seat”.
    In 2017 the Labour majority was almost 9000.
    What do they mean by “marginal”?
    By their estimates, how many Labour seats are not marginal?

  9. Allen I am not clear what you are saying. Maybe its old age or something. I thought we were on the same page
    Sorry if we are not take care,Ian

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