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Starmer appoints new ‘political director’ – who attended Murdoch bash in 2018

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  1. And I thought tess may’s choice of judges to lead inquiries was piss-poor.

  2. 🙂 Sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this story.

    Is there any sane person left, who thinks Starmer is a socialist – of any kind?

    As far as I can make out, he’s nothing more than a Blair wannabee, and not even left-wing enough for that.

    The Labour Party – well and truly stitched-up.

    1. They are as ‘sane’, as Apartheid Keith is a ‘Socialist’ or indeed ‘Left’ or even ‘Centre’/Centrist!
      So I guess that is a BIG FAT NO!
      Of the sane there appears to be frighteningly few!
      We have finally allowed Democracy to create Demagoguery!
      The World Needs Education and nothing like “Another Brick in the Wall” so called education is now!
      How to Think (not what to think) and The Mind the only compulsory Subjects the rest are all Student Led! Most People can only think by The Sun/Mail/Times/Telegraph/Toxic Guardian, so it’s no wonder stupid people are the “leaders” when stupid uninformed people are let loose on a ballot sheet!

  3. What can I say, Starmer is the best gift to the Tories. We just need to concentrate in protecting the seats of the few socialist MPs and socialist Cllrs.
    The more seats the right wing loses the higher the percentage of socialist MPs and Cllrs. It is not like we want to be in government with Starmer in N.10 and with more right wing policies than the Tories.

  4. The news comes with the request “Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him.”
    If you do choose to “reach out” please take firm hold in an uncomfortable place.

  5. GB News…….a new News & Current Affiars TV Channel backed by………….Rupert Murdoch. Does it matter who owns & controls MSM? When Channel 4 is for sale, who will be the preferred buyer? Strange that a journalist is kept without charge in Belmarsh Prison without questions asked by colleagues. Freedom of Speech is so important in a healthy democracy?

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