Breaking: US bombs Syria, Iraq

US bombs explode in an earlier attack on Syria (image: Arab News)

The US has bombed targets in Syria and Iraq, claiming it was targeting ‘Iran-backed militia’. Two locations in Syria and one in Iraq have been hit, according to the Pentagon. The airstrikes are the second time that Joe Biden has ordered such attacks in just five months as US president. Biden and the White House have declined to comment.

RT journalist Afshin Rattansi has released unverified pictures said to be of the strikes taking place:

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  1. Of one thing we can be certain: neither Keir Starmer, his shadow cabinet members nor the standard bearer in Batley and Spen will dare say a word about what is clearly a crime in international law (the worst crime of all according to the Nuremberg Tribunal) but an offence to decent people everywhere.
    George Galloway, on the other hand, will speak for the great majority of humanity which abhores the bombing of civilians and wars of aggression.

      1. I really can not stand GG, but in a tactical voting situation like this one, he is clearly the only option to prevent Either The Conservative Tories or The Neolabour Party Tories from taking that seat!
        If we play our cards right/tactically we could end up with a decently sized Party even after voting out the most of the Most Toxic of Neolabour Party Tories, we probably will take back several 2019 seats from the Conservative Party Tories, IF THE ARE UK Labour Party MPs, but if they are Neolabour Party Tories we ‘GG’ them in 2024!

    1. ‘Prepare for a return to nonstop wars’ was posted here on immediately as Biden was declared President.
      The preceding four years, were the only ones in my lifetime, without overt direct aggressive bombing and bloodshed.
      This foreseeable tragedy was predicted. It shows another example where instead of using our own eyes, ears and reasoning, decent sincere well read inteligent people of forty fifty sixty years, swallowed hook line and sinker the MSM. Biden good / Trump bad.

      The same MSM feed the spin of Hillary Clinton good, Trump bad. Biden good Trump bad. Keith is forensic and people repeat it. Mandelson is smart and wins, despite the obvious evidence of erosion of vote-share and loss of Scotland and Hartlepool in particular.

      We are now back to nonstop wars with Biden and Harris, just like during Obama’s tenure. Non stop feeding of the military industrial complex.
      And, yesterday the MSM did report Biden’s bombing. There is worse to come. Even worse to me is the refusal of perfectly inteligent decent people to make their own observations and incisive analyses rather than regurgitate the propaganda fed them by the same MSM propaganda.

      1. To use a somewhat hackneyed phrase, surely this isn’t a zero-sum game There is no “good and bad” here. Trump was a monster in many ways but that doesn’t mean Biden is on the side of the angels. They are, after all, both products of the same American political system.

      2. Trump’s crime was two fold.

        1) Like Napoleon, he was an outsider. This is why they all joined together in attacking him.

        2) Trump didn’t care for the kayfabe (unusual considering his wrestling background) and showed America for what it really is.

        You’ll note that Boden hasn’t changed or reversed any of Trump’s policies towards foreign affairs.

      3. exactly NVLA. A few weeks ago Harris told the immigrants “DON’T COME!” Not a whimper from those who would have been apoplectic if the orange one had said same.

        The orange one is definitely extremely unhinged in his manner and words. But ask the Palestinians if Biden’s bombs are better than Trumps horrible words

      4. Don’t forget those bad, stupid, black people who voted for Trump and Brexit. Bad, naughty must vote for Labour and Biden. Naughty black voters , why can’t you be like nice Trevor Philips. See. Rich black, good Labour man. Investigative reporter on telly. Many chums in media and House of Lords. If black must vote for Labour. Will help Grenfielders. Me not vote Labour bad man. Supports working class . Sorry Max and Lady Pottymouth don’t fall for your shite. X X.

    2. Apartheid Keith is already Fine Tooth Combing the Law to prevent the release of Julian Assange after the revaluation of the Key Witness admitting to lying under oath [what a stupid thing “Under Oath” totally outdated and idiotic], so he will have this one covered also! I reckon Fine Tooth Combing the Law to bang innocent people up and to release the rich and crooked is his form of relaxation!

      1. Don’t you get the feeling that Max and the unhinged soon to be president would make a lovely couple? Dignity, decorum, diversity just three things that don’t spring to mind when one imagines such a partnership. As Ms. Harris would no doubt say, “you’ve got to cackle”. Never mind Julien, it’s bombs away”. Regards and good luck to all.

  2. Israel bombs Syria regularly, sometimes daily. No western MSM even bothers to report the illegal act of war. America meanwhile, is illegally occupying one third of Syria and stealing oil and grain harvests. No one reports that either, or the starvation inflicted on the Syrian people in order to force them to replace their elected leader with a terrorist fanatic. Also our special forces are also there, helping train Al Qaeda.

    1. Putin’s refusal to act is just his judo expert’s way of telling the Syrians that he loves them or something.

  3. This is only going to escalate tensions in the middle east as Iran will in due course retaliate.
    The US isn’t going to win this conflict as Turkey will refuse to allow the US to use its soil or airspace to attack Iran.
    Turkey was happy to turn a blind eye when the US attacked the Kurdish militias, Iran’s militias is another matter.
    My impression is that the US is attacking Iranian militias because of pressure mainly from Israel and to a lesser extend Saudi Arabia.
    Both Russia and China would back Iran in a conflict with the US. The EU would try its best no to be dragged into this conflict and its has little to gain by siding with the US against Iran while Iran has the support of China..
    The end result perhaps 10-20 years down the line would be the destruction of Israel as a Jew State. Nothing unites the masses in the middle East since the 1950’s that their hatred towards Israel. Their governments could be more or less friendly towards Israel but the people hate Israel with a passion.
    No to be confused for hatred of Jews, most countries in the middle east have Jewish communities living in peace side by side with their Muslim’s neighbours for centuries back.
    Iran for example has the largest Jewish population after Israel and the US, following an honoured tradition from the time of Cyrus the Great their is respect for Jews. No a single synagogue or Jewish cemetery has been subject to attack in Iran, The synagogues remain open and their is freedom of religion.

    1. The 3 Stooges Israel, USA, UK are hell bent for war Targets: Iran, Russia, China, Attacking Syria Provokes Russia and Iran and all these actions are just fishing for a bite, but I am afraid what they think is a Guppy is more than likely a Megalodon!

      1. Skellyknelly, I like your simile. The Russians were forced to leave Afghanistan despite the tribal infighting and the lack of modern infrastructure in the country. They believed Afghanistan was a Guppy when it wasnΒ΄t.
        Iran is a Megalodon indeed, the effect of attacking Iran will unite the country and they will fight. Is something in Shia Islam that make Iranian soldiers impervious to death.
        Every year in Iran they celebrate the festival of the Ashura in commemoration of the martyrdom of Hussein at Kerbala, men whip themselves with chains until they bleed.

      2. “men whip themselves with chains until they bleed” I did not know Catholicism is so prevalent in Iran πŸ™‚
        The 3 stooges will find it hard to get a majority of People to fight for their cause of Greed rather than Threat/Danger. I have a feeling that could quite possibly be so in the military also. Except for the Death Squad Israel who will fight their mothers and children for any old reason, but they are a true Chihuahua! All Mouth and no Might! 20/30 solder to 1 Palestinian in any altercation even if it was a child, look how Gantz started to Panic at the start of the 11 day war, it was only Gaza’s stupidity of no Air Defence Artillery that saved Israel a greater embarrassment!
        I am under no delusion that Russia, Iran, China are Bastards, but as bastards go they are not even a thread of a Patch on The Murderous Greedy 3 Stooges.

      1. Charming64, Erdogan needs to keep peace with Iran more than he needs US $. He knows too, that in the middle-long term he cannot trust the US.
        Iran has a Kurdish population too, that is better integrated into the Iranian State that their Kurdish neighbours in Turkey or Iraq. The last thing Erdogan want is to elicit Iran sympathies towards the Kurdish.
        More importantly, siding with the US will not get Turkey membership of the EU, no matter what, Greece will block it.

  4. Joe Biden, like Hilary Clinton, the candidate of ‘the left’. I used to think I was was a pinko leftie, but now I’m not so sure.

  5. David Aldred, u make my point thanks. Trump is no more a monster than the others. He is easily characterised as such because he his externalities were outside the usual. Were i a Palestinian or Iranian now, i would prefer what u call “a monster” than Biden & Harris or Hillary Clinton. Won’t you?

    “They are, after all, both products of the same American political system”.
    The world system.
    Also four whole years without overt bloodshed seems a deviation from the system to me. p.s. Ask Biden & Harris what they are doing about Trumps “wall”?

    Clinton has sex in the Oval Office, chums with Epstein, wars bombing with wandering hands Biden’s support before he started his own bombing. It was not Trump mired in the sordid Iran Contra affair.
    Trump was definitely in my opinion no worse than any of the other “presidential” presidents. All those MSM terms are adopted and regurgitated by people who should know much better. Whomsoever the current President is, sets the precedent of what is ‘Presidential’. So it is a heavy yoke & blinkers used by the status quo guards. Similar yokes & blinkers keep those who might be agents of change trudging ‘just so’ and seeing so little. That’s why people believe for eg, that their

    1. APOLOGIES – … that their options for possible leaders are cooper, lewis, ummuna, eagle, smith, bliar, harman keith et al, because they swallow the names polished by the mainstream media.
      Anyway only meant to say Biden and gang are warmongers. The Palestinians and Iranians pay the price again now. Worse to come.
      Same if by some wicked accident bliar keith & cabal ☒️πŸͺ±β˜’️πŸͺ±β˜’️πŸͺ±ever get their claws and trotters back into No 10.

  6. The US are itching for a war in Iraq, the so called ‘Iran backed militias’ are in fact part of the official Iraqi armed forces, the US is waging war on Iraq, it is true that Iraq has asked the US to leave on a number of occasions but they are ignored, part of the reason is that all the sales of Iraq’s oil is deposited in US banks some $35 billion and the US dole out the money to the Iraq government to spend usually on a monthly basis, Iraqi officials have expressed fear of an economic meltdown if Washington imposed sanctions that it had previously hinted at, including freezing oil-revenue linked bank accounts in the United States in which Baghdad holds an estimated $35 Billion.
    Oil revenues constitute up to 90% of the state’s budget and are held in US. The Central Bank of Iraq account was established in the “Federal Reserve” in 2003, in the wake of the US invasion that toppled the regime of former dictator Saddam Hussein.
    Under Resolution 1483 of the United Nations Security Council, which lifted tougher international sanctions and the oil embargo imposed on Iraq after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, all proceeds from Iraqi oil sales go to that account.
    US President Donald Trump had threatened Iraqi officials with “sanctions they had not seen before” if they asked Washington to withdraw its forces from their country, after the Iraqi parliament voted on January 5 to remove foreign forces from the country. And one of these officials revealed that “the Prime Minister’s Office received a threatening call that if the American forces were expelled, the US would close your account at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.”
    The US are using blackmail and violence when occupying Syria and Iraq illegally. There is only one language the US understands and it was used successfully the first time Iraq was invaded, the US must be driven out, and they will be.

  7. What drove the US occupiers out of Iraq the first time was a simple device called an explosively formed projectile [EFP] it consisted of a steel pipe [or even a piece of PVC waste pipe packed with high explosive with a disc of copper at the end, this was placed at the side of roads frequented by US army patrols, they could easily be disguised as rocks or other common features of the landscape, Initially they were set off by electronic means i.e. a cell phone, garage door openers or other such device. The US spent billions and asked Government research laboratories and universities to counter this phenomenon, they succeeded at first when convoys were headed by a vehicle bristling with antennae, the Iraqis were one step ahead of them, they started using a piece of string, game over. An EFP can destroy the latest tanks, penetrate from one side to the other killing the unfortunate crispy critters inside, on detonation the disk is propelled thus…. EFP 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter can throw a 3 kg (7 lbs) copper slug at Mach 6, or 2,000 meters per second . These devices are easy to build and impossible to defend against. Add into the mix the right of these Syrian and Iraq groups to legally defend their sovereignty with the proliferation of rockets these groups have at their disposal.

  8. In related news.

    Theresa “My husband’s got shares in Raytheon etc” May is aiming to be the new boss of NATZO. They can rely on May to keep the fires burning. This means another election in her constituency if she wins.

    Elsewhere, there are mutterings of Starmer getting the elbow for Beelzebub himself. Bliar…

    You can bet he’ll be up for it if the contracts and bungs are sufficient.

    I don’t think he can perform the same trick again, the audience knows the game this time.

    (First thing I thought of when I read this was that selfie in front of the flames of Iraq))

    1. It will be interesting to see how the loyalist left , no pun etc, will react. It could work out better than expected and result in the formation of a genuinely democratic mass socialist movement. The present left don’t yet see the role that their craven, supine actions have left the country in. Cheers.

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