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Watch NHS boss Stevens’s reaction when asked if he thinks Hancock is totally useless

“You’re not really going to answer that? OK”

NHS boss Simon Stevens has been asked on camera whether he agrees that Health Secretary Matt Hancock is totally useless. His reaction is priceless:

Stevens has played a full part in the ongoing americanisation, privatisation and rationing of the NHS, but even he can’t bring himself to pretend Hancock is not a disaster.

That disaster – and Boris Johnson’s willingness to leave him in post for political appearances – has cost more than 150,000 lives needlessly lost in the pandemic. They should both be in the dock.

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    1. Re Howard Beckett – Once again, “hope” is snuffed out by fear and appeasement, dressed up as pragmatism and sacrifice. What use hope and sacrifice to us the “Left” over and over???

      Once again has Beckett not learnt from Jeremy winning despite low nominations? Nor McCluskey?
      Has he not seen the aims of Starmer re the 622 votes in Bucks early this morning? Nor Hartlepool?

      How long is the ‘long game’ of the “Left”? How many more BACKROOM stitch ups which SHUT out the many? Is that the bottom up leadership people parrot?
      Disgraceful beyond measure. A handful of people stitching up the many AGAIN🔴

      1. and many STILL fail to realise we have a deep mindset deficiency.

      2. Quite a few of Howard’s policies are going forward, including Unite TV. It’s all part of the great game.

      3. how long has “the great game” been going on ❓🥀❓🥀❓🥀

      4. Howard is supporting Turner, so Stamer can breath a sigh of relief then. Howard is out of the running for Unite GS, off of Labour NEC and, according to the youtube video I last posted, he’s about to be expelled, as Labour leadership sided with racist Priti Patel against him.

  1. “Do you have everything you need?” The answer as an investigative journalist would be “No, I don’t. I would like an answer to my question please. Do you think the Health Secretary is hopeless?” The smirk and refusal to answer says it all.

  2. ps it is not sacrifice. it is a failure to learn. a willingness to DENY the Unite membership a true choice.
    In my book that makes Beckett unfit for leadership in that respect. Winners never quit. Quitters never win

    1. and yes of course have one “Left” candidate. It should be obvious that Beckett WAS that ONE candidate

    1. From that thread lundiel –
      Natasa Pantelic 💙🌹
      · 28 May
      Delighted to be endorsed by Tony Blair as the @UKLabour candidate for the Chesham and Amersham by-election. Thank you so much for your support Tony! 🌹
      #VoteLabour 17 June

      And there is a little video of Blair endorsing her candidacy. That worked well then!

      1. And yet Beckett pulled out to sacrifice to that lost lot of parasites‼️‼️‼️

    2. Re – ‘Starmer’s director of communications is an ex lobbyist for an American healthcare company.’ That is why I am sceptical about Becket’s support for Turner for Unite GS. I haven’t decided where my vote will go yet (except deff not Coyne) and I am not having a go at Becket over his decision as he indicated in that video he was under enourmous pressure and wanted to ‘do the right thing’.
      However, Turner has indicated in interviews I’ve seen that he didn’t think it was the job of the Union leader to challenge Labour leader but to work with them (work with Starmer on what exactly?).
      It has been left to organisations like Soros funded Open Democracy and associates legal campaigning organisation Foxglove, and various other crowdfunded grassroots campaigns to challenge the govt on PPE contracts, the GP records data grab, etc with Labour belatedly raising questions in parlaiment much later when they realise the public anger.
      What were they (Labour leaders) going to say further down the line when the public realise their health records has been sold – ‘Oh we didn’t know’?. Well I can only conclude they were in on it (although ensured they opted them and their families out).
      We reall ycan’t go on like this with zilch opposition, the job of Labour should be to warn us of all these things. They should have uged the public to opt out of the NHS data grab, for example.
      Since Turner seems to think he should work with the Labour leader, Howard’s endorsement is not going to change that position.

      1. Carlene, working with the labour leader doesn’t mean agreeing with him in whatever he is saying and giving him blank cheques. Rather using the position of Unite General Secretary to ensure that both Starmer and Johnson give Unite a hearing.
        What would you have preferred for Turner to snub the government and lose the opportunity to have furlong and £20 more a week for claimants of Universal Credit?
        Or for Turner to have remain aloof , refusing a seat at the table and having thousands upon thousands of workers losing their homes in the procces?

      2. Maria Vazquez18/06/2021 AT 2:45 PM
        This has nothing to do with those things, Becket has said clearly that he would oppose Starmer’s toxic leadership and war on the left. Starmer is more concerned with waging war on the left thwn fighting the Tories on their abysmal record on covid etc. That is there for all to see. I think your comment sums ul your politics of ‘compromise at any cost’ and ‘we as a class are so weak, we have to give, give, give and be very afraid’.

  3. Stevens is equally useless to us. This is the guy responsible for the Tories dreams becoming reality.

    Like asking a puddle of piss their opinion on the turd next to them

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