Turner supporters try desperately to negate Beckett’s moral strength after his offers to resolve Unite candidacy flatly rejected by rivals

Mass positive response to left favourite’s willingness to put movement first – and condemnation for rivals who refused to budge – panics Turner camp

Steve Turner’s supporters appear to have been thrown into a panic by Skwawkbox’s exclusive revelation that left favourite Howard Beckett had made no fewer than four offers – two that included him stepping out of the contest – in an attempt to resolve the Unite candidacy for the good of the movement.

Skwawkbox broke the news this afternoon:

Every one of the attempts was rebuffed by the other two candidates – even when Beckett said that he would step out of the contest if only the other two would either agree between them which one would stand, or agree to stand on a joint ticket. Turner reportedly feels that it is his ‘turn’, while Graham wants sole control.

The response to the revelations that Beckett had been the only candidate willing to put the movement before himself received a huge positive response – and provoked evident consternation in his rivals, who had to find some way to throw shade on his moral superiority. Hundreds of positive replies, both to this and to a subsequent tweet by Evolve Politics, came in thick and fast – and not only from his supporters:

What was the Turner camp to do, with Unite members tweeting that their candidate and his female rival were driven by ego over the needs of members and the labour movement? Turner supporter and former spin doctor Matt Zarb-Cousin typified the reaction, posting multiple tweets and desperately trying to claim that Beckett should step down anyway, even if his opponents continued to ‘split’ the theoretical ‘left vote’. Those tweets received the same kind of response as his preferred candidate’s intransigence:

Dozens of pro-Turner accounts appear to have been mobilised to try to act as ‘spoilers’ against the Beckett revelations. But they are failing – because the reality that only Beckett was prepared to sacrifice his own position for the sake of the union, its members and the wider movement has done nothing but boost his obvious popularity even further.

Evolve Politics has been repeatedly trying to reach Turner, via several methods, for comment on his refusal to engage with Beckett’s offers, but he has not responded.

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  1. There is little doubt that the nomination process was rigged in some branches. Many tweets by people not contacted who found out later that their branch had nominated Steve Turner.

    1. By-election • Chesham and Amersham • ALWAYS Tory safe seat • 16,000 majority wiped out • Not by Mandelson’s and Blair’s Sir Rodney Starmer • Of course not •

      SIR Rodney Starmer out-Torying the Blue Tories • Spun by the corrosive Peter Mandelson & Blair’s “centre ground” utter tosh ⤵️⤵️⤵️

      Limp Dims 21,517 almost 57%
      Cummings’s Johnson Blue Tories 13,489, 35.5%
      Greens 1,480 votes

      SIR Rodney Starmer’s “Labour” labeled choice Natasa Pantelic ❔Wait for it…🥁🥁🥁

      622 votes under Sir Keith.
      six hundred and twenty two votes • That’s right people, Starmer’s choice • Deposit lost by Starmer’s ‘Labour’ ❔❔❔

      Every day a new Mandelson, Blair Sir Rodney Starmer low, PREDICTABLE and predicted ahead of the curve on Turner Coyne Graham will crush the welfare of ALL workers IF they get their grubby hands on the Unite leadership. Workers, “The Many” need to choose someone WILLING to speak truth to power – HOWARD BECKETT 🌹


      the CHOICES Turner Coyne Graham of

      SIR RODNEY STARMER ex DPP but still current tool of The Establishment
      Status quo 6️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ votes

      1. Yes. I’d like the right wing Starmer supporters to explain how they only got 622 votes when Corbyn’s Labour got 11000 and 7000 respectively.

      2. exactly lundiel!!! Plus now the electorate have seen more of Sir Keith Starmer via Percy Morgan

  2. Portraying yourself as being pragmatic one who is prepared to compromise has it’s advantages when you’ve nothing to lose because you’re trailing in third place.

    1. When you get the least nominations and have nothing to lose you either go to help the cause or dilute the vote against Coyne! Beckets spending thousands on self promotion too! I’ve always loved skwawkbox but have stopped my subscription due to their stand in this! Turner is our choice in my family of 5 Unite members! Becketts using Labour lies , promising what he will do in Labour! He would only be able to do what McClusky did, zilch! Plus he’s suspended for racism!

  3. It’s unfortunate for Beckett but the charm of a millionaire lawyer who has been pulled up for a few ‘missteps’ hasn’t worked on this electorate. Of course he’ll offer to magnanimously step aside instead of coming in last. Interesting point as to whether funding for a few of Len’s pet projects will continue after the election without Howard’s influence.

  4. If Beckett is serious about not standing and do what is best for the left he should :
    1- stand down
    2- Pick either Graham or Turner to support and through his weight behind one of them.
    This surely will put pressure in either Graham or Turner to stand down and leave only one left candidate.
    Until Beckett stand down and makes a choice on whom to support: Graham or Turner, Beckett rather than making “offers” is obfuscating and grand standing,
    Of course I am panicking over Beckett shenanigans, I can see the real likelihood of Coyne winning and become Unite next General Secretary.

    1. |And here you are doing just what the article accuses Turner supporters of doing Maria, you really are making yourself look foolish. Plus of course you are lining up with our resident far right scumbag “Plain Citizen”.

      1. john – I’m still waiting for Becket to give a credible explanation about this.
        Top Unite official fined in miners’ payout scandal
        One of the most senior officials in Unite, Britain’s biggest union, was fined £5,000 for his role in the miners’ compensation scandal.

        Instead of carefully worded ‘denials’ with a bit of bluster thrown in for good measure why doesn’t Beckett put this to bed for once and for all by just publishing the official documents detailing the SRA’s findings.

        The fact that Beckett was to appear before a disciplinary hearing is a matter of public record, it was covered in Hansard
        he Solicitors Regulation Authority has provided the following information concerning 68 solicitors from 14 solicitors firms:
        Cases pending hearing by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for alleged professional misconduct in the handling of cases under the British Coal respiratory disease litigation and British Coal vibration white finger litigation:
        Beckett, Bemrose & Hagan, Wirral—listed 12.05.09
        Alan Hagan, Howard Roberts Beckett, Marcus Peter Bemrose.

    2. I forgot to point out how you are also allying yourself with Labour’s far right representative here, little stevie, you would have thought that would have told you something.

      1. The gobshite will plead ignorance and innocence like a toddler denying they ate the chocolate when it’s smeared all over their faces, John. Take no notice of the imbecile.

        As for Beckett, well he’s done what the centrists suggested….

        Feck THEM vote Beckett.

      2. Toffee – Aren’t you also curious to know the outcome of Howard Beckett’s disciplinary hearing in front of the Solicitors Regulation Authority

    3. Maria – Thanks for your excellent series of comments on the Unite GenSec election over the last few weeks,
      it has taken a while but thankfully Beckett has finally bowed to the inevitable. It is however a shame that Beckett’s supporters have expended so much effort slagging off his new partner Turner whilst Beckett prevaricated.

  5. Not really. Whether guilty or not, there’s plenty of your centrists with their skeletons in their cupboards. You elected one leader of your party.

    Aren’t you curious to read the Forde report?

    1. Toffee – Of course I want to read the Forde Report, I think it has been a mistake not to publish it. I do wonder if the pressure not to publish has come from the Unions?

      1. Toffee – The reason I asked about Union influence is that Unison promoted the infamous Emilie Oldknow to the position of Assistant GenSec after she had been exposed in the leaked report

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