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Turner no response to questions about Beckett offers despite 4 avenues tried – yet tweet shows he is online

Campaign drones buzzing trying to negate proof of Beckett’s high ground – but candidate himself not responding to media questions despite tweet showing he is online, nor is third candidate Sharon Graham

After Skwawkbox’s exclusive revelation this afternoon that left favourite Howard Beckett made at least four offers to resolve the Unite candidacy, Evolve Politics picked up the story and attempted to run with it, tweeting about the offers and attempting to contact Beckett’s rival Steve Turner about Beckett’s offers and his refusal to accept any of them for the sake of the movement.

Without success:

Yet this evening Turner has been active on his Twitter account, confirming that he is online and not incommunicado:

Evolve received delivery and read ‘ticks’ for the two WhatsApp messages sent and could see that Turner (or whoever carries the two numbers listed on his website) has been on WhatsApp since the messages were sent:

The outlet also tried to contact Sharon Graham for comment on her own refusal to engage – but also without success:

Turner’s campaign ‘drones’ have been all over the Beckett story since it broke, frantically trying to kill or tarnish it. Yet from their candidate himself, despite other activity on social media, not a word.

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  1. Seems Mandy has been chatting to the Financial Times.

    …Writing in the weekend edition of the Financial Times – more aggressively neo-Blairite than ever under editor Roula Khalaf – Mandelson demands that a sectional mass membership and ‘hard left’ trade-union affiliates be expelled from Labour’s governing counsels. ‘Starmer needs to wipe the slate clean’, he insists. An unnamed party source briefed that the leadership will ‘accelerate the programme of change in our Party’…

    Does this explain the fireworks happening re Unite?

      1. What fireworks? By definition combustible developments in a trade union GS election happen with members and at the grassroots- moot with establishment grandees like Mandelson and MSM publications( especially one that commits itself to the workings and interests of the capitalist economic system The fireworks is the profound schism of political interests and voting intentions. Haven’t you noticed it??

    1. Where are all these ‘hard left’ TU affiliates Mandelson talks about?
      Plus what programme of change is the unnamed source also talking about?

      1. Possibly Deborah Mattinson author of Beyond the Red Wall (2020) and/or Claire Ainsley, author of The New Working Class (2018), subtitled How to Win Hearts, Minds and Votes.

        Expect lots of flag shagging…

        ‘I cannot stress it enough. If you don’t love your country, the red wall will never love you’

        My guess is Labour is shifting rightwards and ditching anyone who doesn’t enthusiastically jump up and down for the shift.

    2. The Liberal Democrats secured a historic by-election win in Chesham and Amersham this morning, overturning a majority of more than 16,000 to snatch the previously safe Tory seat.

      Liberal Democrat Sarah Green won with a majority of 8,028 over Conservative David Fleet, gaining 21,517 votes – nearly 57% of the total – to his 13,489, 35.5%, on a turnout of just over 52%.
      Green candidate Carolyne Culver got 1,480 votes, with Labour’s Natasa Pantelic receiving just 622.

      ⏸⚠️20216180525fri mailonline⚠️⏸

      By-election • Chesham and Amersham • ALWAYS Tory safe seat • 16,000 majority wiped out • Not by Mandelson’s and Blair’s Sir Rodney Starmer • Of course not •

      SIR Rodney Starmer out-Torying the Blue Tories • Spun by the corrosive Peter Mandelson & Blair’s “centre ground” utter tosh ⤵️⤵️⤵️

      Limp Dims 21,517 almost 57%
      Cummings’s Johnson Blue Tories 13,489, 35.5%
      Greens 1,480 votes

      SIR Rodney Starmer’s “Labour” labeled choice Natasa Pantelic ❔Wait for it…🥁🥁🥁

      622 votes under Sir Keith.
      six hundred and twenty two votes • That’s right people, Starmer’s choice • Deposit lost by Starmer’s ‘Labour’ ❔❔❔

      Every day a new Mandelson, Blair Sir Rodney Starmer low, PREDICTABLE and predicted ahead of the curve on Turner Coyne Graham will crush the welfare of ALL workers IF they get their grubby hands on the Unite leadership. Workers, “The Many” need to choose someone WILLING to speak truth to power – HOWARD BECKETT 🌹


      the CHOICES Turner Coyne Graham of

      SIR RODNEY STARMER ex DPP but still current tool of The Establishment
      Status quo 6️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ votes

  2. Beckett knows he won’t win on votes, god only knows what his endgame is here.

    He’s staring to come across as desperate, I’m gaining some respect for Turner rising above it to be honest, I don’t see that engaging will do anything for Turner and it seems like he knows it.

      1. qwertboi – “Turner is the cesspool”

        Do you have anything specific in mind that you can link to or are you just mouthing off?

        In a few weeks we’ll see whether those who are actually Unite members are hungry for change (well the small minority that aren’t too apathetic to be bothered to vote anyway)

      2. steveh Do you have anything specific in mind that you can link to or are you just mouthing off?

        Yes and yes. I can’t mouth off just because I’m right?

        I don’t like that he never criticises Sir Keir Rodney Pasokifier. The very second such a person became GS of Labour’s largest funder, the neoliberal ‘end of history’ lot would have won.

      Sarah Green (LD) 21,517 – 56.69%
      David Fleet (C) 13,489 – 35.54%
      Carolyne Culver (Green) 1,480 – 3.90%

      * Natasa Pantelic (SIR Rodney Keith Starmer’s “BLUE Labour RED Tories) 622 – 1.64%
      * Alex Wilson (Reform) 414 – 1.09%
      * Carla Gregory (Breakthrough) 197 – 0.52%
      * Adrian Oliver (FA) 134 – 0.35%
      * Brendan Donnelly (Rejoin) 101 – 0.27%

      We therefore declare that Sir Rodney Keith Starmer’s Blue Tory Red Rosette parasitic entryist cabal is as good as last place. Dumped! Binned!! Rejected!!!
      From From John O’Groats to Hartlepool to Chesham and Amersham , in the ONLY poll that counts SteveH davidH SH… an General, Local or By-Elections and Referendums / Referenda SIR Rodney Keith Starmer attracts 1.64% of the electorate.

      SteveH davidH SH, your man was rejected by 98.36% of the electorate.

  3. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    Beckett’s candidacy appears to have a lot in common with Corbyns leadership, it seems.

    But those same people on here wanting Beckett gone profess they supported Corbyn…

      1. Dunno – is it important?

        Has wizened old pederast protector madge hodge? Stammer? The rest of the useless shower of shite?

        Nope. That alone tells me more than any Corbyn endorsement.

      2. Oh and why are you throwing your worthless ha’penny in?

        I was referring to those who supportedCorbyn, not tried to kid people they did, mister ‘best of a bad bunch’.

      3. Toffee – Thanks for taking the time to reply, I asked because I was curious,

      4. No – you asked because you thought you’d get an answer that’d suit your toerag-in-all-but-name agenda.

        Unlucky, plums.

    1. Got it in one Toffee. Note very well, when asked to say who they supported from the GET GO at Jeremy’s FIRST leadership contest and for the first of Sir Starmer’s coups within 12 months of Jeremy’s tenure.
      AND for Starmer’s second coup against Jeremy.
      You can see, the individual did not answer the questions ie they said they “did NOT support Starmer”.

      I asked for names of candidates they DID campaign for at EACH of those contests, as they are doing for Luke Akehurst’s ‘Labour’ First’s, Keith Starmer, SteveH et al’s choice Turner???
      Wonder why no answer to those questions

    1. Exactly Toffee, Mandelson & Blair’s SIR Forensic Rodney Starmer’s choice in their image 622 votes LAST place behind the dismal Greens beaten by Tories beaten by the Limpest Dimmest Dems… imagine that??? Let’s see SteveH davidH SH spin on that 6 2 2 last place lost deposit

      But Toffee i’m sure u realise, there are STILL many who swallow myths ie cabal of Mandelson Blair Starmer et al are such brilliant strategist etc. The “forensic”prattle is from the same bucket of myths. If we got a pound every time people repeated the “forensic” joke, we could buy a football team. People never having known Sir Starmer, parrot what they heard on the same MSM they rightly despise.
      The fake man SIR Keith Starmer is more dull and decrepit than the underside of a doormat at the back of a derelict shed

      1. As Centrist Dad has repeatedly said;

        It’s all to play for


      2. NVLA, and with FULL support of the MSM, and the likes of Canary etc… Thornberry, McDonnell, McCluskey, Turner, Coyne, Graham, Evans … even Jeremy … oh and those all powerful Illuminati, Bilderberg, Trilaterals, Freemasons, on and on and on … oh yes don’t forget the ‘Zionist’ who failed to save Hilary Clinton, and Trump’s second term…
        Berger, Ummuna, Ellman all dumped by the electorate. Tom Watson at least was not as dim. Watson saw the writing on the wall.

        Yet STILL so many are blinded and deadened by myths and ridiculous reasoning. They don’t want to learn. They feel that we have no choice is a good excuse. No! We do have choices.!! Look at the election result map.

  4. But…but…but Chesham’s always been toerag… The REAL test is Batley…We simply must wait and see before we pass judgement…

    1. We are past judgement Toffee. They are guilty.

      What Batley is, is forensic evidence of the failure of Forensic Starmer…

      It’s all to play for! *Chortle*

  5. I seem to remember bleatings from certain people that if labour didn’t vote for a second ref, the libdims would sweep up all their votes.

    Well, they did. And just look at what today’s brought, now brexit is all but done (with Keith’s blessing) and Corbyn’s been ousted by the conniving, scheming centrist shithouses…

  6. Chesham & Amersham
    2017 – Under Corbyn – Labour second – 11,374 votes
    2021 – Under Starmer – Labour fourth – 622 votes – lost deposit
    Good to see that he is making Labour electable.

    1. It’s the worst result Labour have ever had in Chesham, both percentage-wise (1.6%) and number of votes. The next worst was 2010, with 5.6% and 2,942 votes. Even in 2019 they managed 12.9% with 7,166 votes.

      Their best result was (surprise, surprise) 2017, with 11,374 votes, while percentage-wise it fell only 0.3% behind 1974’s 2nd GE.

  7. Very early days but it appears the Libs Dems might be the new vehicle of choice for the middle classes who have finally tired of Boris.

    Breakthrough Party got pretty much nowhere but the Labour result was a shocker.

    1. I’d say it’s more to do with HS2 and how rich Tories are losing both house value and desirable views.

      Boris (sadly) isn’t that unpopular yet.

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