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Video: pro-Palestinian protester ‘mown down’ in London hit-and-run – to ‘silence’ from ‘mainstream’ media

Shocking video shows protester carried along on bonnet of car before falling to road and requiring emergency ambulance

Video captured by a YouTuber shows a protester from Saturday’s Nakba Day pro-Palestinian march in London – one of many around the country – being carried along on the bonnet of a speeding car, after apparently being intentionally driven at, then falling to the road and being surrounded by shocked fellow-protesters, with police and paramedics subsequently attending. The incident took place on Kensington High Street at around 9pm.

The footage was streamed by YouTuber ‘Immortal Aliens Live IRL‘:

Despite the shocking nature of the footage and the apparently intentional nature of the attack – the car is seen speeding a considerable distance with the protester clinging to the bonnet, before leaving the scene – the so-called ‘mainstream’ news media appear to be ignoring the incident. Skwawkbox and its correspondents on the attack have not been able to locate any ‘msm’ coverage.

Whether the incident was politically motivated or a ‘road rage’ incident is not yet clear. The Met Police say that the driver failed to stop at the scene and the force’s enquiries continue. A second protester was also injured, though not captured in the footage. By what appears to have been sheer good fortune, neither is understood to have been seriously injured.

Protesters flooded the streets in towns and cities around the UK on Saturday, horrified by the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in Gaza as Israel escalated its aggression after Palestinians resisted eviction from their homes.

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  1. Shocking! Thanks for reporting this. Also Biden says he is prepared to step in to defend the occupiers and oppressors with the military powers the USA has. ie Augment the already VASTLY indeed INFINITELY superior killing and demolishing force of the occupier.


    ZERO concern or care for the occupied, the oppressed, the dispossessed, the bombed, the imprisoned in their own country Palestine WIPED OFF THE MAP.

    How depraved is Biden, to add more fire power and killing force to occupiers who have WIPED Palestine off the map?

    Hilary Clinton i wonder if she approves? She usually always does approve like Blair of all invasions and wars.

    Predicted and predictable just like Starmer’s doings. The records of all parasites are there for all to see.

    1. Shortly After speaking with Netanyahu and Abbas!
      I reckon Netanyahu Promised War with Iran and Abbas opened his pockets wide and said fill em up baby!

      Also Biden says he is prepared to step in to defend the occupiers and oppressors with the military powers the USA

      Then again Israel have done a “Good Job” of making The Palestinians’ Suffering Invisible to the world and Normalising “Arab/Muslim/Palestinian is Terrorist” Premeditated and in Preparation for the Iraq War! If Israel did not Prime MSM Audiences gradually over years adding more and more scenes of Death and Destruction the Invasion of Iraq would have had a whole different outcome!


      A good Reminder Democrat Biden and La République En Marche! Macron are The Neolabour Party Tories’ Tony Blair/Keith Starmer, of the international World So anyone who thinks The Neolabour Party Tories are a better option than any other Party, Think of Current events by Biden/Macron AND OF COURSE!

      “Labour will be tougher on People on Benefits than The Conservative Tories, We’re not the Party for People out of Work”
      “Don’t you Dare to get Cold Feet!!!”


      1. Wah hah hah! Brilliant! USA’s Plasticine Men! The same can be done with Thatcher to Blair to Cameron to May to Johnson to Starmer! As we enter the Era of your Favourite Colour Politics Red or Blue, nothing else matters its all the same! However I have a feeling for Trump’s ‘Reign’ Yellow Orange completely overpowered Red and that it was a Marketing PR Stunt, Russia Obtained Market Research papers via Jeremy Corbyn and transported via Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic to Tunisia and through Palestine and it revealed that Fritos was America’s Favourite snack of all time at the time his campaign started!

    2. Naftali Bennet the despicable Zionist ex Israeli defence minister is all over our screens this morning. He is typical of blood-thirsty Zionists who regard Palestinians as less than human.

      Naftali Bennett boasting: ‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That’

      1. Him and that ‘Aylett whatever’ PURE EVIL but then again ‘they are’ the Vast Majority of Zionists!

      2. Skelly, Ayelet Verbin, who called Jeremy Corbyn a danger to Jews was welcomed to the 2018 LP conference whilst Miko Peled the Jewish Israeli writer and campaigner for Palestinian human rights was denied entry, even though he had a valid visitor’s pass.

      3. Lundiel, Zionists are everywhere not just in the EU. We should campaign against their racist influence wherever they are. Divide and conquer is one of their well known tactics, we have seen it at first hand in the Labour Party – “By deception we wage war”

        By leaving the EU we abandoned our Socialist comrades who are fighting the Zionist influence in the EU and fell for the far right/Zionist tactics hook line and sinker.The majority of the left wanted to Remain but I’m afraid there are still a few dinosaurs on the left who still haven’t caught up.

        The tragedy is the left is being split by the left who attacked Corbyn for wanting an entirely democratic confirmatory vote. But for a minority on the left it was just too much democracy.

        ‘The left eat their own babies’

      4. No relation to the great Welsh rugby International, I hope. Nah not Phil.

    3. The people’s experience of the Zionists next moves have altered dramatically. Neighbours who once screamed and watched the milk bottle launched sparklers have switched and it is dramatic. Most people couldn’t believe their eyes over Nabka. They dismissed it. They can’t avoid anything now. Citizen Journalists keep filming. Even the USA demoncons and Christian pentecostalists are struggling and confused. How many frauds are being stoked up. China, RSF, Germany and on.They have all given the decrepit lions a slap. A start the Demons didn’t anticipate. Afghanistan, Syria, Germany might be on the receiving end of a bubble gum dearth. Unipolar? Bah, humbug. Regards wobbly.

  2. We all know the response if it had been someone attending a pro-Jewish demonstration. The driver would be trussed up like a chicken and looking at 25 years while the victim would be the subject of candle lit vigils and the archbishop of Canterbury would be calling for calm.

    1. Oh! Dear! Gods and Fairies! Not The Eternal Victim please No, Not the Eternal Victim!
      Funny how Zionists experience “Antisemitism” they go to the MSM!
      When Jews experience Antisemitism they go to the Police Station/Hospital!
      What the Zionists are doing is literally creating Antisemitism towards Jews, but not to Zionists! To “Jews who look like Jews”!
      That in itself IS Antisemitism and the world needs to wake up to that before more Innocent Jews get hurt by Ignorant Racists!

      1. Ah! AlexanderScottish, I was clad to see your likes and now I am glad for your message, your last message to me was s bit cryptic and basically sounded like you were wheeling off into the eternal sunset! Anyway you’re okay and thanks for you approval! Even More Appropriate after this latest “Israeli” Apartheid Terrorist Regime’s Slaughter of Civilians and Children and still daring to blame the victims!
        The whole situation makes me feel sick to my stomach, how Biden and Netantwatu was literally toying with Gaza like a Cat with a Mouse! Fucking Sick Bastards! Biden Personifies the Evil of the so called “Centrists” Thatcher’s Neoliberals, Starmer/Blair/Johnson/Lucas/Macron/Bush/Obama/Clinton/etc/etc/etc!
        I do believe in the possibility that Karma is real and when that day comes it will look like ‘Hell’ Fire, if it all comes at once there will just be a Phosphorus White Flash, followed by Peace in the Middle East!

      2. Skelly, I have always admired your positions. This is a late response because I am having to go through my phone. Its been attacked and I come across replies, old and new, none of which I was aware. Julie agrees with you- I tend to go off into orbit. Point taken. Good luck comrade.

      3. Skelly, thanks for your post. Steve emailed me expressing concern from several quarters. It’s actions and values like that which make us different. We funking care about people and the others don’t. And we are the many, doubtful that we are all revolutionaries, but we represent love in many different ways. Obviously we are going to win, just when. Thanks to you and all skwakies. Peace.

      4. You had me Wobbling a bit Mr Wobble, now I am back on it, you are most welcome, we might be rough around the edges and never on the “right” path of life, but we have heart and we do have Empathy, no matter what others might think or say!
        AND YES! We WILL WIN evil will always defeat itself, like a snake eats it’s own tail, like Capitalism is eating itself each and every day, etc!
        Peace. Love, Solidarity! ✊

  3. Not good for Starmer after reading the papers.Looks like theyve caught on that a weak leader and a divisive one will gain no votes and ensure that the PLP brethren will be awarded the DCM at next snap General election Andy Burnham must a on gaurd against the MSM “King makers” .and a desperate PLP.!

    1. After seeing the wanton and spiteful murder of dozens of Palestinians supporting those who are trying to defend their homes from being taken over by the armed settler thugs in Sheik Jarrah, I wonder if Starmer who ‘supports Zionism without qualification’ still supports this Zionist creed which is NOT supported by many thousands of Jews.

      • Jews are a distinct nation.
      • Jews are destined to inherit Palestine.
      • Palestine is the home for ALL Jews.
      • ONLY Jews are entitled to self determination in Palestine.

      These are the the main Zionist racist tenets and myths which drive their occupation of Palestine and their determination to dispossess Palestinians of their land and homes.

      Do you Starmer, Rayner, RLB and others in the Labour Party REALLY agree with this patently obvious dangerous nonsense?

      The Labour Party has been infiltrated from top to bottom by Zionists intent on destroying the political careers of anyone who stands in their way of implementing their long term strategy.

      1. Jack of course the Labour party supports Zionism and all that goes with it .The membership don’t in any practical sense have any power and under the knights establishment Labour party they have no influence wherever the rules say..The UN are toothless and are basically a tool for the western alliance with the United States.These are all facts and all that we..or you member member need to decide what you are going to do about it?IN practical terms theres very little more than demonstrating that can be done about it.And that jack is a very dangerous situation to put any politicized group in.All very frustrating but it is intended to be because thats how the establishment have survived as they did at the end of the first world war.The working class can mobilise against the elite but it requires much more than demos and valiant efforts by a few shy socialist mps in parliament.Dont give up jack providing the words are out there somone might one day listen and mobilise the working-class movement across the UK and Europe.

      2. I have never met any Jews, Jack, who hold those feelings towards any others, I have however, also not met any Zionists who don’t hold those feelings towards a great many others!
        It is impossible to excuse away the Terrorist, Ethnic Cleansing Beginnings of Israel without subscribing to Zionism, which really started in 1889 when the Zionists raised the first Star of David Flag with the Word Maccabees written on it, there is simply no mistaking the meaning of that act, Zionism is either rejected or embraced Jew or Non Jew alike!

    2. Joseph, I am no longer a member of the LP, I was witch hunted for supporting Chris Williamson and asking RLB why she was.a Zionist?

      1. Wow. Good for you. Had to go, obviously. Don’t tell me. You thought that you had asked a polite, reasoned question and felt that it deserved an honest answer. No, never. That’s the exact opposite of how they react. So don’t do it again. Cheers.

  4. Anything from the JLM, the LFI, BoD or the perennially respondent JC regarding this, one wonders?

  5. I noticed that a few Red (Republican) states in the good old USA have passed laws that allow drivers to run over protesters without fear of prosecution. Not be to long before Bojo and Priti (vacant) try the same over here.

  6. In a television address after US President Donald Trump’s announcement of the Deal of the Century, Netanyahu stated he had only agreed to “delay” the annexation, and that he would “never give up our rights to our land”.

    “Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty” over the occupied West Bank areas.

    “There is no change to my plan to extend sovereignty, our sovereignty in Judea and Samaria…

    1. Yes, and the White European Messiah came, led the Zionists to the promised land, where they promptly locked him up in the Jerusalem Dungeons!

  7. In the spirit of the Stockholm Declaration that states: “With humanity still scarred by …antisemitism and xenophobia the international community shares a solemn responsibility to fight those evils” the committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial called the IHRA Plenary in Budapest 2015 to adopt the following working definition of antisemitism.

    The non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

    To guide IHRA in its work, the following examples may serve as illustrations:

    Manifestations might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity… However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.
    Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.

    ‘I drafted the definition of antisemitism. Right-wing Jews are weaponizing it’ Kenneth Stern

    1. AntiSemitism is racism as is Zionism and they both come under the dictionary definition of racism:-
      Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

      The is universal, there is no need to exceptionalise one form over another.

      Zionists don’t want Israel exceptionalised but they do want an exceptional definition of antiSemitism. More cognitive dissonance from them!

  8. Get a Human Rights lawyer on the case , especially one who nominated Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies for life peerage.

  9. With the Iranian precision missile production ramping up and the ease with which Iran’s allies in the ‘arc of resistance’ can retro fit their existing stockpiles with a suitcase sized section incorporated in the missile with the ability to guide those missiles precisely onto target [see Al Asad air base last year] which means very shortly Israel will be surrounded on all sides by the ‘ark’ of liberation.

    In my opinion these conventional missiles are the real reason Trump, at the behest of Netanyahu cancelled the JCPOA, the Iranians have no intention to stop production of these missiles [after all every state has a right to defend themselves, right] and no intention not to supply their allies with same. In my opinion the legal proliferation of these game changing weapons is the reason Israel is spooked, and quite rightly spooked, after all the Metropolitan area of Tel Aviv is approx 52 sq kilometres, which means Hezbollah’s 100,000 Missiles alone [low estimate] could decimate Tel Aviv, home to most of the Israeli population and Industry with 37 missiles hitting per sq Kilometre, Its oil and gas platforms would be gone care of the C802 cruise missiles which took out the Israel Frigate Hanit in the 2006 conflict. It would be all over folks, that is why the West including Starmer are panicking. Israel cannot beat the ‘arc of resistance’ it will be gone soon.

    1. Harry, you paint an horrific picture. Let’s not forget that Golda Meir said that she/Israel was prepared to see the world engulfed in a nuclear conflagration if it looked like Israel was losing!

    2. Would rather the USA was pushed to use its economic power to get Right Wing Israel to the Peace table and we end up with a one democratic state peaceful resolution. Yours in peace.

  10. The power base across most of the world is macho based and very destructive. Where does the fight back start. The establishment across senior politicians, police services, security services and armed forces are all committed by fair means or foul to keep it that way. It is a suffocating wall.

  11. Yes ignored by the media but the BBC has just reported (Sunday pm 16/5) that a carload of 4 alleged Palestine protesters have just been arrested for allegedly shouting anti-Semitic comments whilst driving through a predominantly Jewish area of London. And whilst Johnston and Starmer who some suggest have been pretty silent on 188 Palestinian deaths in Gaza including 55 women and 33 kids, they have just piled in criticising this outrageous anti-semitism without knowing the full facts (innocent until proven guilty) but it will be all over the media and the timing of this news is interesting indeed the day after hundreds of thousands attended peaceful rallies around the UK on Saturday in support of the Palestinians. Of course out of hundreds of thousands there could be a few who in anger go too far and are completely wrong but we don’t have the full evidence. Are the Tories and the Tory 2nd X1 – Starmer & Co desperate as they are losing the arguments? Justice 4 Palestinians & Peace in the Region!

  12. Beware of black ops specialists in action.The report in todays media of Palestinian car demo with foul language being hurled at residents of a Jewish area may be a disgusting attempt to kill off support for the Palestinian cause.My wife a jew drew my attention to it on RT last night,naturally I was appalled at the words ouoted on RT … “F the Jews and rape their daughters” .That wouldn’t seem a intelligent way to promote the Palestinian cause,but in my experience in Republicanism rouge idiots can get through and can damage any cause.Lets hope that this is a black ops rather than rouge idiots in the Palestinian movement.I noticed that Boris Johnson and the knight were on hand to give condemnation.IT was noted that the police launched a helicopter and units mobilised in a half hour of the incident and video evidence was available for this nasty bit of racism \bigotry..?

  13. Joseph……I watched the News on RT; then on Sky TV & then on Channel 4. approx. 2000 BST. Sunday 16th May 2021. The same images with different sound tracks & voice over telling the viewer what they were looking at. The soundtracks were always distorted but the commentator told us that it was anti-semitic & the Police had arrested 4 men. A convoy of cars with passengers waving Palestinian flags had been driving around central London (or North London?) & were shouting anti-semitic abuse, but I was unable to hear precisely what was being shouted, but the reporter’s v/o informed me that it was anti-semitc. These images were streamed regularly on British MSM that evening, accompanied by ideological debate..

    This weekend, there were other many images relating to protests about the genocide in Gaza. One protester on a march in London had been mown down by a car & 2 Leicester City footballers ran around Wembley Stadium carrying the Palestinian flag before receiving their medals with the flag draped around their neck. Supportive tweets were issued by other footballers (Arsenal) who were warned about their actions having serious commercial implications for their club. Not so many images nor reports 2B seen on MSM, only reports of protestor violence in European cities. MSM ‘a window on the world’.

  14. Does ‘Serious Commercial Implications’ mean employing Boycotting Disinvestment and Sanction strategies?

  15. For those who don’t know this is the Equivalent of your Starmer/Blair/Macron/etc’s so Called “Centrist” “Soft Left” “Left” “Socialist” Neoliberal Party, the same Ideology as The European Union. NO! This is not a dig at Remain, because both Remain AND Leave’s Screeching Bandwagons did equal damage to GE19! So don’t try to go there I will NOT!
    This is about a wake up call from Palestine that ANY Labour Government is NOT better than any other Government! ONLY Democratic Socialism will END THIS!
    We NEED TO VOTE The Neolabour Tories OUT!
    Then rebuild a Smaller Party for one Term, Putting Starmer & Co in Government will be Devastating for Palestine! This is about Palestine AND NOTHING ELSE!

  16. Tickles me pink. The wonder Tim Fenton Zelo Street reporting how the sick-making Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, does an embarassing pooh in his pants when the team that is not Chelsea (and is, therefore wonderful) wins the FA Cup only to have seme of its players pull ou8t a Palestinian Flag and chastise the not very pleasant Sate of Israel for the increasing violence it uses against its ‘guest’ fellow-semite residents, the Palestinian People.

    Wll done Tim Fenton. A nicely written piece. I could almost smell the mess that Stephen Pollard ejected frm his pants when Leicester players (Choudhury and Fofana) pulled out the Palestinian flag.

    1. Tickles me pink. The wonder Tim Fenton Zelo Street reporting how the sick-making Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, does an embarrassing pooh in his pants when the team that is not Chelsea (and is, therefore wonderful) wins the FA Cup only to have some of its players pull out a Palestinian Flag and chastise the not very pleasant Sate of Israel for the increasing violence it uses against its ‘guest’ fellow-semite residents, the Palestinian People.

      Well done Tim Fenton. A nicely written piece. I could almost smell the mess that Stephen Pollard ejected from his pants when Leicester players (Choudhury and Fofana) pulled out the Palestinian flag.

      1. HEAR! HEAR!
        I know nothing about football, but I know a fair bit about that BEAUTIFUL Flag and it’s BEAUTIFUL People!

        Tickles me pink. The wonder Tim Fenton Zelo Street reporting how the sick-making Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, does an embarrassing pooh in his pants when the team that is not Chelsea (and is, therefore wonderful) wins the FA Cup only to have some of its players pull out a Palestinian Flag and chastise the not very pleasant Sate of Israel for the increasing violence it uses against its ‘guest’ fellow-semite residents, the Palestinian People.

        Well done Tim Fenton. A nicely written piece. I could almost smell the mess that Stephen Pollard ejected from his pants when Leicester players (Choudhury and Fofana) pulled out the Palestinian flag.

  17. We oppose all racism. The sad reality re Palestine is Liberal capitalist Biden is putting US Imperial interests (access to oil in the Middle East and their arms sales to the region) ahead of humanity and peace. J’Accuse Joe! Shame on Joe! Shame on Joe! Free! Free! Palestine!

  18. Now two Manchester United players have done the same.
    If this keeps on I could even start to have a soft spot for MU.
    Well, maybe that’s going a bit too far.

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