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100,000 in London and huge crowd in Liverpool protest in solidarity with Palestinians

Mass demonstrations around the UK in support of Palestinians against aggression and oppression

Huge numbers of people have turned out to march in solidarity with the Palestinian people against the escalating aggression they are facing from the Israeli state.

An estimated crowd of 100,000 people marched in London, as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign pointed out:

And in Liverpool, a huge gathering marched through the city’s streets:

Footage courtesy of independent journalist John McEvoy

Similar large marches are taking place in various towns and cities. Surprisingly, even BBC News and Sky News have reported the London event, although the others and their scale appear to have been ignored.

Nottingham and Birmingham saw huge marches too

Unsurprisingly, the BBC continues to ‘both sides’ the events as ‘Israel-Palestinian conflict’ and to describe rockets ‘pouring down’ on Israeli towns when hundreds of Palestinians including children have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in this new action:

Today is the anniversary of the ‘Nakba’ (Arabic for ‘catastrophe’, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and land to make room for the creation of the new nation of Israel.

Three years ago, Israeli forces caused international revulsion when soldiers massacred around sixty unarmed protesters during the Nakba commemoration.

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      1. Solidarity Comrade! It’s a Pity words are al I can Offer Palestine! We won’t stop until Palestine is free! And Zionist Terrorism is Banned and Rooted Out!
        Until Palestine is once again the Holy Land of The Muslim, Christian, Jew and other Monotheists! Living as a Secular Society in Peace, Freedom, Justice and Harmony!

  1. Bravo Liverpool, too! Wish I’d known.

    It must be pointed out that this likely wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for Black Lives Matter being embraced by the MSM as their cause-du-jour. The news channels this time around are giving the Palestinian point of view a much more sympathetic hearing and the Israeli one a much harder time.

    Silver linings…

    1. Thats a strange puzzle. First nothing, 9minutes later and Lapland has a branch. All posters and badges written in English. Marvellous. Anyone tried to create a political organisation? Difficult thing to achieve, ordinarily. I.T is great and so hard to control.

    1. How do you know they were absent lundiel? Obviously you are not referring to Blairites, as no-one who follows skwawkbox would expect them to be protesting in support of the Palestinians, so presumably you were referring to left-wing MPs, right? Well isn’t that odd that the very first person I checked out that’s a member of the SCG – ie Jeremy Corbyn – just happened to give a speech at one of the demos today, so just THAT alone makes you out to be a liar:

      And isn’t it ALSO odd that none of your seven Likers (at the time of writing) bothered to check to determine if what you said was actually true. Hmm……

      1. Oh, and here’s the THIRD member I just this second checked out:

        Pleased to speak at the Justice for Palestine rally today

        That’s three out of three lundiel! So would you be so good as to explain why you are deceiving readers of this blog!!

    2. Allan you nut job. Try reading the full thread before giving vent to your psychosis next time, it’ll save on medication.

      1. Why did you lie so as to try and discredit left-wing MPs lundiel?!

        As for reading the rest of the thread lundiel, I DID, and when I first read it around 9.00pm, neither skelly’s comment OR your two replies to him were there of course. I would have responded to your 7.13pm comment THEN, but it OBVIOUSLY involved doing some research first AND I was about to get a bunch of food together for today, and so my intention was to do so later, which I eventually did.

        Put it this way lundiel, if you knew that Jeremy and a number of other left-wing MPS *HAD* spoken at or attended one or other of the demos, then WHY did you post (at 7.13pm) saying that none of them HAD?! Doesn’t make sense does it! Now I have no idea how many people who follow skwawkbox checked out this article and read the comments as of you having posted your 7.13pm falsehood AND between then and you posting your replies to skelly some two hours later, but I have little doubt that it was hundreds, and quite probably thousands. In OTHER words, you more-than-likely deceived and mislead thousands of people who subscribe to this blog, and I have no doubt what-so-ever that you posted your 7.13pm falsehood KNOWING that the majority of people who would be checking out the article and the comments would do so in the first couple of hours or so after the article was posted and the notification emailed to subscribers. And I have no doubt whatsoever that your plan was to post your falsehood, and then post again a couple of hours or so later AFTER most people had read your Big Lie, and do so so as to cover yourself just in case someone like myself should pull you up about your falsehood and expose it, just as I DID.

        Jeeze lundiel, yur so transparent it’s a joke! So can you explain WHY – if you KNEW that Jeremy and Diane had spoken at one demo or another (as no doubt OTHER left-wing MPs did) and that others like John McDonnell had attended one demo or another) – you posted a comment saying ‘Labour MPs conspicuous by their absence’?

        And needless to say, the fact that you ‘reply’ to my posts with a personal attack – as opposed to posting an explanation – says it all, cos THAT is what you fucking shills ALWAYS do when I expose your lies and falsehoods AND deceit.

      2. PS THAT is what you DO precisely because you don’t HAVE an explanation! Except to say that you lied so as to discredit socialist MPs in the minds of hundreds or thousands of people who follow this blog of course, and you are obviously NOT going to do THAT!

    1. It is Fucking Maddening just how Far Right Macron’s Neoliberal “”Centrist”/Liberal” Party is!
      A good wakeup call for the Starmerists!
      If we were to remove Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories entirely as is, gave them a New Name, the result is like for like Macron’s La République En Marche!
      He’s even kept links with Socialist Parties for that Vital Image Projection/Veil!
      That much is crystal clear simply for ‘Iraq’ & “Don’t you Dare to get Cold Feet!!!”
      It is time people wake up a bit and notice that there are 2 Polar Opposite Political Parties under the Brand “Labour”!

      Host Party = The UK Labour Party = Democratic Socialism = FOR THE PEOPLE!
      Parasite Party = Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories = Thatcherite Neoliberalism = FOR THEMSELF & FOR The Elites/Establishment/Machine!

      I wonder if People can spot a difference between Macron’s Neoliberalism and Johnson/Starmer(of what we know of, we can only imagine the Government form what he did to date!)/Blair’s Neoliberalism! Probably not much that can’t be refuted, because Neoliberalism is Neoliberalism no matter what Brand, what Name, or what ‘they’ call ‘themselves’ on Wikipedia!

      What is Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberalism? Classic Capitalist Conservativism with a Huge Dollop of Neoconservativism Packaged in a Pretty name containing “Liberal” No longer Conservative but Neo’liberal’ism!
      Slap “Centrist” on it and its an even softer, cuddlier “Liberal” Party, NO IT IS NOT it is Neoliberalism!
      Neoliberalism that Violently assaulted French Protesters for Months, Neoliberalism that Water-Cannoned Pro-Palestine Activists, Neoliberalism that started the Iraq Illegal War, Neoliberalism that is protecting Blair to this day for his Crimes, Neoliberalism that Put Julian Assange behind Bars, Neoliberalism that sent Windrush Back, Neoliberalism that is coming our way pretty soon! Whether you choose The Red Neoliberals or The Blue Neoliberals there will be no difference!
      So next time you see something Horrific from France Remind yourself that is Blair/Starmer’s Neoliberalism/”Centrism” in action!
      That is EXACTLY what you will get!
      I will just say this VOTE THEM OUT, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
      A small Democratic Socialist Party (for one term) + HUGE Membership + Unions + CLP/Candidates for 650 Seats is BETTER THAN MACRON’S Paris in London!

  2. Yep Macron will no doubt claim all the demonstrators are raging anti semite Nazi sympathisers and justify the police actions.

    1. For the Raging Islamophobic Centre of the World!
      From the Times of Israel!

      Gantz urges world: Whoever ‘values life and liberty’ must back Israel against Hamas!

      What are those fucking People on!? It wasn’t that long ago that Netantwatu dubbed Palestinians The Pampered Children of the International Community! While Israel Paint Every Muslim, Every Palestinian as Terrorist and Israel Bombs the Life out of Palestinians, locked up in Concrete Walled Concentration Camps Day in and day out with Highly Sophisticated Heavy Artillery, treated like Military Prisoners when they are allowed out and all they ever had was stones and Tomb-Thumb Crackers over the Gaza wall!
      Hamas the Government of Gaza, offered ceasefire from day one if Israel stopped harassing them at Al Aqsa Mosque and also stopped called ceasefire, Netantwatu must’ve said “We’re not done yet” 5/6 times since!
      Whatever happens! I wish Palestine all the very best in Luck and Future Peace and Happiness!

  3. Labour MP’s wont come out in support for the palestinians because the BoD made them sign up for the IHRA and will be classed as A/S that’s the type of dirty nasty scabs we have in the labour party it’s no wonder that we have left in droves these parasites are supposed to stand up for the working classes thats what labour stands for now it’s the Israeli Party

    1. I’m not on MSSM, but find it hard to believe Zarah, Apsana and Bel said nothing at all!

      1. That is wonderful! Those Ladies and the many more like them out there like Laura P and Laura S are the Future Leaders of The Labour Party and Hopefully Government!
        They speak with Thunder! I would love to see a UK Labour Party of an All Women Cabinet, If we weren’t done GE19 that was what I saw coming, I reckon Jeremy would have done one Term and then handed the baton to the Ladies who CAN!

      2. The All women cabinet of Margaret Hodge; Jess Phillips; Yvette Cooper;et al speaking with Blairite thunder

      3. That is just stupid Steve ;), First we Vote ALL Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories OUT, ALL OF THEM 180/190/200, then with a Small Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party of Thunder Ladies, no more Sabotage, Smear, Coups, Plotting, Lies, Smear, A MASSIVE Rejuvenated Membership, Parasite Free Unions and CLP with Candidates for all 650 seats, we all work our butts off, Campaign/Canvas and rebuild The UK LP to take Office the following GE!
        Well! We do that or end up with another Exact Equivalent to The Conservative Tory Party, our own ‘Macron’/’Biden’.
        Geezaas! You made me feel sick! I’ve not pictured those 3 people for a long time! Margaret Hodge; Jess Phillips; Yvette Cooper; et al, more like speaking with Troll Diarrhoea Breath!

      4. Nelly, they must have but it’s been purged and I am re-reading this post year or so later. One of our regular correspondents finds it odd that I look back for info on old posts. Guess who? Or is it whom?

    2. Thank you. You hit the nail firmly on the head!
      The IHRA definition is in so much trouble in other, sensible countries, where it is not accepted as a suitable guide for dealing with Anti-Semitism.
      In this country, where the state does not acknowledge it’s complicity in the most of the post-war troubles in the Middle East, Gavin Williamson is trying to force it on the university sector, after the Labour right have foisted it on the party, purely for factional purposes.
      The IHRA gives 11 examples of what they consider to be Semitism. 7 are concerned with the state of Israel, which means they do not concern Anti-Semitism, but anti-Zionism, which means they are purely political, and not racist.
      Even it’s author has disowned it’s use, because those who use it like the Labour Party leadership dishonour and devalue the real fight against the evil of Anti-Semitism.
      Starmer and Nandy in particular, have much to answer for in the way they conducted their leadership campaigns, and Long-Bailey was daft to follow their example, because Starmer was working in the spirit of this travesty when he sacked her.

      1. The Israeli Nation State Law 2018 “Everyone has human rights, but national rights in Israel belong only to the Jewish people”, making Israel, by definition of its own laws, an apartheid state.. The IHRA definition is at best out of date.

        ‘Resistance to illegal occupation cannot be described as terrorism’.

  4. Labour … The apologist party for Israel oppression of the Palestyinians.
    Labour – The Israel Party ….. Bought anbd paid for !!

  5. Can some of the huge crowd who turned out today please sign the online petition at petitions uk government calling for sanctions against Israel ( sorry I don’t know how to post links) it’s been up for less than 24 hours and just passed 200,000 signatures. Sadly when I just checked only 74 people in the Liverpool West Derby constituency had signed and only 100 in Liverpool Walton. We can do better.

    1. I see Biden has, after talking to Netanyahu and Abbas, given his full support for Israel to defend it self, no mention of Palestinians! I reckon he was sold war with Iran and I would not be one bit surprised if Abbas took his pocket full of coin gladly!

      On a much Brighter note THIS is more of what we need to see from ALL of Europe!:


    1. Brian 61…our resident Jewish convert Sir keir Starmer holidays in isreal .I wonder if hes on the look out for a holiday home to buy when he is forcibly evicted from the Labour party?

    2. BRAVO to the Italians above for refusing to ship, I always say from the cleaner to the CEO of any Factory/Co. who makes/sells Weapons/Arms used to kill children/civilians anywhere in the world, you have blood on your hands!
      You help to keep the machine that does this operational and therefore you are involved in killing children/civilians!
      We ALL have a Choice like those Italian Dock Workers above. We are committing Crimes for The Elites/Establishment/Machine, Police, Military, Weapon/Ammunition Designer, Maker, Engineer, Salesman, Cleaner! You know who you get your money from, you know what they do and you know what is right and what is wrong!

  7. “Palestine today, tomorrow the world! “- the fasico-likudist gameplan

    Palestinians is the underdog, the persecuted, the explotied and the victimised. It didn’t just happen once on a particular date in 1948 – it’s ongoing and is everyone’s future until we stop it.

    BDS – boycot, divestmernt, santions. It’s the least we can do. Apartheid is wrong, whoever does it.

    1. The Nakba started in 1889 when The Zionists Raised and Planted the First Zionist Star Of David Flag with the Word Maccabees written on it! There is absolutely no doubt in the meaning of that Act on that Day!
      Shortly after the First Fatal Conflicts started, when the Zionists bought an expanse of land from The Ottoman, but on the land was sitting tenants in the form of Peasants who were given the land for their lifetimes to build and farm as they saw fit. The Zionists expelled them all. The First Peasants “Revolt” Nakba, that The Eternal Victim like to give you only a Convenient Portion of the story, in their Luntzspeak!

    2. Buycott App is very good to help sniff out unlabelled products, it is our least duty to help maintain the App by researching and entering Products not listed.
      However I am wondering if we moved way beyond boycotting single items, I think it is more than high time that we Boycott the Supermarket who stocks a Single Israeli Product!
      We could do with ‘Found This in Your Store Cards’, so that when we shop and find an Israeli Product, we put the card on it and leave our Basket/Trolley at the Customer Service Desk and Leave!
      Write to the Manager, Something Generic detailing that we will no monger shop in their store and inconvenience ourself by going further afield/paying more for local produce (could become beneficial in the long run)/etc.
      Then take to SM and Express how your nearest NAMED Supermarket is closed for you and you have no car so have to walk x miles or use the bus, etc, etc, etc Throw a bit of Luntzspeak in there for good measure.
      Then again most people just want to say the words and not do the actions, ie still paying for MSM/TV, still Using Palestine Silencing Twitter/Facebook (can still be a good tool to reach MS audiences, until majority moved to decentralised SM), etc, etc!
      We have to be willing to make massive sacrifices to our lives if we are to even save a single Palestinian Life!
      We have to be willing to make massive sacrifices to our lives if we are to Defeat the “1%” We need a NEED over WANT Revolution, Only own what you NEED, only replace what cannot be fixed or costs more to run than a new one, then get the Best Quality for the cheapest price usually not that latest, challenge yourself to become a no waste household etc, etc, Teach your children to be proud of owning a 12 year old phone that still works as good as their peers latest iPhone.
      If we keep bankrupting ourselves for wanting their expensive crap, we will keep having panic attack in January while they had Xmas Delivered by F&M/Harrods and shop gifts in Hermes! As we look in on them from the Cold!
      For me the best things that I ever did was to get rid of TV altogether, ‘people say, but the children…. ‘ I say one of the cruellest things you could possibly do to a child is stick it in front of a TV. Then indirectly, becoming unwell, it taught me the value of small things, it taught me how a tiny bit of meat in a soup makes the soup so much tastier than a bowl full of meat, it taught me how to make a little go a very long way, SADLY it taught me that cheap food makes you very fat! It taught me that I want for nothing, it taught me how not to suffer for going without, etc, etc!
      We could change this world by returning to being Human again, rather than a Data Source Harvested from your home and phone! No longer being their fools.

  8. I think the hysterical support, and the people who exhibit it, for Palestine demonstrates that proposition that it is a great proxy and cover for naked antisemitism. Exhibits like ‘Fuck the jews’ and swastika placards tend to support my contention. Looks like the rabid jew haters have found a new home.

    1. What is naked anti-semitism, as opposed to fully clothed anti-semitism? I do have a very large dog, but no sign of rabies. I also support a one state solution for Palestine providing a safe home & equality for Arab & Jew alike, without violence & apartheid. I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu shares the same beliefs as Radovan Karadizc & provision should be made for them to share a cell. Nothing hysterical about that!

    2. When the dice is loaded like it obviously is, to the extent that Israel can make its capital Jerusalem and America recognises it as so. And settler colonialism is openly being practiced along with ethnic cleansing while the ‘free’ world says nothing and actively blocks resolutions to halt war crimes, kickback is expected and people who wished for a solution bearable to both sides become angry. Especially when weasel words like ‘antisemitism’ are used by supremacist racists to muzzle them.

      1. Oh, I see everyone had anti-Jewish messages of hate, did they?

        Did every person who spoke at the rallies shout out messages of what was it oh yes ‘hysterical support’?

        No Didn’t think so so you cherry-picked a few people and equated it to all!!

        Using your logic then all Jewish people agree with their government’s actions then?

        Nope didn’t think so as demonstrations against the aggression have sprung up in Israel…

        So you either are talking BS or a shill. We certainly seem to get an ever-increasing lot of them here. The pay must be fantastic…

  9. BDS
    Give us something we can boycott on here
    I promise not to buy a JCB anytime soon

      1. It, JCB, is owned by one who makes massive donations to Tories. Funding Tories makes JCB complicit with Tory acts.

        There’s an old on point yet now rarely heard saying, “The abettor is worse than the doer”.

        I spend ages scrutinising labels even of familiar purchases. It’s the least we can do. When other’s lose their homes and olive groves lovingly tended for HUNDREDS of years, are routinely terrorised, tortured, bombed to smithereens, subjected to heartless, merciless, arrogant and shameless oppression, boycotting ALL the produce of oppressors is the least we can do.

        I’ve been doing it for decades since being responsible for my own shopping. YES it may appear odd to study diligently every label. However just as we should not buy products with rapeseed oil as it is cardio-toxic, we should similarly not buy products that are humanity-toxic, socially-toxic, ethically-toxic, equal justice-toxic, peace-toxic, life-toxic.

        In the region where Biden, Bliar, Clinton, Obama, Straw, Mandelson, Arsetair Campbellend and their tools Starmer approve of thousands of bombs raining deaths and grief on defenceless, disposed and imprisoned people, change will not come until we on the TRUE “Left” stop enabling the likes of Starmer & co. We must have more clarity and confidence in our convictions. We must look and see that settling for labels and desperate tribute acts have failed.

        STOP hoping for crumbs thrown when convenient for creatures which hiss openly – “Don’t FUSS about the WORKING CLASSES because they have NOWHERE ELSE to GO.”

        [Ps you can buy extra virgin olive oil and other products produced by Palestinians. The oil can be bought at a competitive prices at eg Fareshares, especially if bought in the five litre tins.]


      2. that should obviously be “OTHERS” no apostrophe. Please excuse other errors. Yes i should read b4 posting, yet i’m convinced that the errors were not there as i typed.

        Because i refuse to use invasive auto correct etc, it is highly likely that the errors are programmed to appear to coerce users to give in to big tech.

        Eg that’s why even in the Kremlin, DC, occupied lands etc old fashioned type writers are still sone times used. Even then, with microphones, it is possible to analyse and thus decode the unique sounds and speed of impact of the keys. It is truly a David and Goliath struggle, but please, i hope by now all readers of would realise that it is unlikely the proper use of an apostrophe should be a challenge to me.

        Having said that, last year or two my blurb to stand for a CLP or Branch officer was sent to a professional author writer friend of mine. The instructions were correct as u see fit. I have total confidence in your judgement. However being a darling person the person still got back to me with copious advice. There were errors i had no idea even existed. Thus we can ALL learn. We are ALL imperfect. We should not treat HONEST CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE as an attack. Constructive advice is a positive.

        Note well, look at Jeremy yesterday after all the attacks which a very unstable poster here treats as terminal, after FOUR plus years of it, Jeremy looked a radiantly fresh picture of health, life, contentment, confidence and everything else positive.

        I firmly believe that with a mature inner circle to guide and help Jeremy with constructive transforming HONEST feedback, he would be Prime Minister now.

        The culture TIMIDITY unbefitting of an ADULT that he is… TWICE married i think… was foisted on him. Thus making him infinitely less than his best self. Monstrous eggs, as i said before, were left to hatch.

        The confrontation averse nature was fed rather than erased. 1️⃣ We cannot solve macro issues with vagueness, eg “CONSTRUCTIVE AMBIGUITY”. 2️⃣ When a matter is ‘settled’ it is spectacularly unwise to unsettle it. Moreover it is baffling so to do when the contentions matter belongs to ones opponents – the Tories in and outside Labour.
        3️⃣ It is ineffective as history proves to deprive the GENERAL PUBLIC of FREQUENT presentation of your views especially when absolutely correct on many things. 4️⃣ Being correct is of ZERO benefit if the correctness is unimplemented. It is an odd mindset to persist in hoping that one’s tentative and grossly infrequent utterances, will be implemented by those opposed to your views.

        I could go on, BUT i only meant to say please excuse obvious errors which i swear were not there as i typed

      3. Is Temporary Embarrassment owned
        Was the Middle East Peace Envoy owned
        Do Bears shit in the woods

    1. Elbit, Israel’s largest arms manufacturers, who test their products on Palestinians, have 10 sites in the UK.

  10. What you can do for the Palestinians is toi buy theuir goods … Few though they are.
    Our local Asian shop sells Yaffa dates and Palestinian olive oil.
    Yaffa Medjoul dates are lovely … Not the cheapest – But as good as it gets.
    Some dates sold by Tesco carry the words – Product of Israel – Very small writing, but it is there.
    B.D.S. — Wherever yiou can.
    Support Palestinian produce to support Palestinians.

  11. One of the things I learned as a shop steward is — Always do to them what they doi to you.
    Always try to demonstrate to them that the conseqyuences of their actions will be exactly the opposite that they intend.
    As soon as Starmer committed himself and the Party with the words “I am a Zionist – Without equivocation”, I asked myself what was the very thing that he did not intend:
    I did three things …
    1. I joined Jewish Voice For Labour
    2. I joined Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.
    3. I looked for and started buying Palestinian produce wherever possible
    4. I boycott, wherever possible, Israeli produce.
    These are only small pin-pricks when compared with the massive oppression of the Israeli military and the very deep pockets of the Zionist lobby when it comes to buying the Labour leadership and right-wing Labour MPs.
    Comrades – Given the Needs of the Hour – You do what you can !!

  12. “I think the hysterical support, and the people who exhibit it, for Palestine demonstrates that proposition that it is a great proxy and cover for naked antisemitism. “

    What’s thes siginificance of the word ‘hysterical’ in your comment? I ask because clearly supporting Palestinian rights is not in 100% cases the result of a congenital hatred of Jews, or, indeed, a cover for it ‘Hystrerical’ is a word which often accompanies political and psychological assessments.

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