North Devon Labour members demand Starmer’s immediate resignation

Like Liverpool Wavertree, North Devon members want Starmer gone – now

North Devon Labour members voted through a motion of no confidence in the party’s titular leader Keir Starmer in the wake of his most recent attack on the left and determination not to oppose the Tories in their dismantling of the nation’s democracy.

The motion was passed last night at a meeting of constituency party ‘CLP’ members and reads:

This CLP believes that the election result in Hartlepool is a disaster for our party. Instead of winning back voters in key working class areas we are losing further seats to the Tories.

We believe that this is the result of the rightward turn taken under Keir Starmer’s leadership, abandoning class-based policies and instead resorting to flag waving and appeals to big business.

Instead of attacking the Tories, Keir Starmer has spent more time attacking grassroots members with unjust suspensions and suppression of member’s democratic rights.

For all these reasons, this CLP declares that it has no confidence in Keir Starmer. We call on him to stand down immediately and for a leadership contest to be set in motion – so that the membership can elect a new leadership that will fight the Tories on the basis of a bold socialist programme.

A similar motion was passed at the same time by members in Liverpool’s Wavertree constituency. With two CLPs demanding Starmer’s immediate resignation on the same evening and more lining up to do so, how long before Labour’s right-wing regime tries another clampdown on free speech to protect its abysmal ‘leaders’?

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  1. Looks like the cracks are appearing…Time for easter island head to build his ark.

    *Grins broadly*

    1. Likely he’s doing a John Major. Who also took the knee and look what happened to him. He even had a gobby mistress by his side…

  2. He’s deffo got a crush on Rayner she’s by his side all the time! He fired and rehired her! reminding me of SIR John Major the last leader to take the knee for the establishment. .

  3. Remember how we laughed when dummkopf-schmitt was roundly binned after his brief tenure as their party fuhrer leader?

    It’d be just as amusing in this case if it wasn’t such an entire shitshow from top to bottom.

    To the 59%-odd that elected him., as well as the rats of the supposed 70% that shat on democracy and backed him and his 2nd referendum…

    …This is ALL on YOUR toes. YOU gave the rags carte-blanche for at least another five years. Expressing your concerns now is no f**king good; nor will you make amends by ridding the nation of his non-existent ‘opposition’.

    The damage has already been done. It’s too late for a lot of poor souls. By the time a labour – a PROPER labour – government is elected, it’ll probably be too late to save the NHS, the welfare state, and worker’s rights. It’ll be more or less back to fucking medieval feudalism

    Nice one, knobheads.

  4. These motions from CLPs are of course ‘on the money’ that Starmer and his Blairite chums who have now recaptured the Labour Party , and their ever-clearer bankrupt Tory Lite politics, will destroy the Party as a election winning entity, permanently, in line with the fate of social democracy across Europe .

    Sadly the Labour Left are also having a very convenient collective memory lapse about THEIR OWN important role in destroying the link between the Labour Party and the now lost old Heartland Labour voters, over BREXIT, in 2019 . I myself was a Delegate at Party conference in 2018, and well remember the uncritical approval (with standing ovations) from the bulk of the (Left majority) Delegates to Keir Starmer’s fanatically pro EU cliche-ridden utter drivel , and the overwhelming uncritical support for the neoliberal EU from ALL Delegates invited to the rostrum too .

    It wasn’t just Starmer and Peter Mandelson’s Peoples Vote farrago which forced Jeremy Corbyn to renege on our vital 2017 commitment to ‘honour the Referendum result’, it was that the bulk of the middle class , Left Liberal, ‘Left’ membership too , and PLP ‘Left’ MPs, who totally believed, and still believe, that the EU is a benevolent, workers internationalism promoting, body – and that the Leave-supporting Labour voters are an ignorant bunch of knuckle-dragging racists.

    Until the middle class Left Liberal, Labour ‘Left’ wake up to their co-ownership of our Brexit position-based disaster of 2019, they have nothing to offer the super-exploited ‘left-behind’ lost Labour voters of Hartlepool and beyond in our old Heartlands, because the Labour Left’s arrogant position on Brexit, and ‘unlimited freedom of movement’ (ie, unlimited labour supply) , and its obsession with the trivia of identity politics, shows a total lack of empathy with the lot of the poorer working class , despite the feel-good rhetoric the Labour Left likes to spout .

    Wake up. most Lefties, Starmer, and the epochal defeat of 2019, are on YOUR plate as much as the Right Labourites. That Momentum appears to want to get its (presumably nowadays tiny) membership engaged in running soup kitchens in our old Heartlands – as a way back , presumably, to talking to those ignorant worker chappies , simply shows the middle class, missionary work, arrogance of a middle class Left that has now totally divorced itself from Labour’s traditional working class support base.

  5. I wonder can they do this 180/190/200 times in months, because NONE of Thatcher’s Neolabour Tory Party MPs would be in any way shape of form be any less Dangerous, Conservative Tory Appeasing, Anti-Left or Anti-Socialist!
    They can all pre-book the voting dates until we have a Democratic Socialist worth their Salt in situ!
    Someone who will then Radically overhaul the Party! Starting with Declaring Israel an Apartheid and Terrorist Regime and Disaffiliating with any and everything Pro Israel! Daily Campaigning for Israeli Ambassador to be recalled and a Complete Sanction of ALL Israel Goods, Meds and All!

  6. As an interesting little aside, while Starmer Labour are thrashing around and wallowing in the mud, Socialist Welsh Labour are surging ahead with- real – progressive Socialist policies.

    Announced today, they plan on the introduction of a serious Universal Basic Income trial, in Wales.

    That should give Mr Tony and his ‘familiar’ something to bitch about. πŸ™‚

  7. In my honest opinion ‘the state of Israel is a racist apartheid state’. Does the Labour Party still require further proof?

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