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Labour ‘planning another shortlist of one’ parachute in Batley and Spen by-election after Brabin moves to metro mayor

Well, it worked so well in Hartlepool…

Labour is discussing a further ‘parachute candidate’ in the Batley and Spen by-election, via a similar ‘shortlist of one’ to that imposed for the Hartlepool by-election, according to party insiders. The by-election has been triggered by Tracy Brabin’s win this evening in the Yorkshire ‘metro mayor’ contest.

Those in the running to be imposed on local members are said to include ex-MP Paula Sherriff and a local right-wing woman councillor. Technically, Labour’s rules do not allow ‘all-women shortlists’ in by-elections, but the need to replace Brabin with another woman candidate is likely to be used as an excuse by the party machine for the imposition of another single-candidate shortlist.

Well, it worked so brilliantly in Hartlepool…

Of course, any negative reaction to the move might force the timorous Keir Starmer into another u-turn – as he has tried unsuccessfully to execute in his sacking of Angela Rayner:

With Rayner’s supporters now reportedly on manoeuvres and trying to raise support for a leadership challenge, a by-election in another working-class, leave-voting (by c. 60%) seat where Labour had a majority of only around 3,500 in 2019 is likely to be the last thing Keir Starmer wanted – but he seems yet again to be doing his best to turn it into an even bigger car-crash than it might otherwise be.

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  1. Ffs will Starmer and his supporters ever learn…do not impose a candidate on a constituency. The Tories must be doubled over in fits of laughter and I don’t blame them.

  2. “Labour is discussing a further ‘parachute candidate’ in the Batley and Spen by-election, via a similar ‘shortlist of one’ to that imposed for the Hartlepool by-election, according to party insiders” And the evidence (as against assertion) for this is ?

    1. It’s all over twitter. War has broken out, those MPs who got sacked are busy gathering support for a leadership challenge or sticking it to Starmer where they think his policy advice is wrong.
      You carry on with your eyes closed and your fingers in you ears…… everything’s just peachy.

      1. There IS,/b> a difference between the red tohriehs and the blue ones! The blue ones execute their sense of entitlement wit a smidgeon of self-disciplne and decorum.

    2. Well, it wouldn’t be polite to say until Gina Miller accepts Sir Keir’s invitation.

      Really David, you need evidence to believe that our clumsy and lame forensically brain-dead ‘new management’ might not repeat an earlier folly?

      FHS they’re a thinly disguised new labour tribute band! They’d triangulate the circumference of a circle if they could.

    3. David Walsh – ““Labour is discussing a further ‘parachute candidate’”

      NOT Labour. Such are the doings of Tories squatting in the Labour Party. ⚠️☢️⚠️☢️⚠️☢️

    4. Poor walsher…becomes more like is right wing Labour misfits daily..Theres no longer any doubt that delusional behaviour in the Labour party is effectively a desease with no vacine.

  3. What do you expect from a labour leader with Tory values he’s been a plant in the labour party for years along with Torys like LORDS and DAMES such as Mann/Woodcook//Austin/Hodge FUCK LABOUR

    1. Brian 61….Too be fair to Sir Keir he’s only been “planted” six years ago straight from fitting up various individuals including Assange at the DPP were he was awarded a knighthood and then dumped on the Labour party were I am reliably informed titles peerages and propping up the establishment has become very popular.

  4. You’d think even SteveH would admit that the Hartlepool result proves Labour can never win byelections by imposing Remain candidates in permanently Leave constituencies…but he never will, will he?

    Anybody think they’ll just go with Dr. “MILF” again?

    1. 📌📌📌

      Nandy & Arseworth remain in place. Reeves replaces Dodds as i posted much earlier. Streeting to child poverty & Rayner Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster. 😂😂😂


      1. oh Nick Brown sacked from Chief Whip … of course all shadows of shadows 😈👹😈👿😈👹

      2. SIR Keith Starmer’s version of taking responsibility 🤗🤢🤗🤢🤗🤢

      3. Streeting to Child Poverty…in other words, Keir’s making it clear he’s not AGAINST it.

      4. Well spotted kenburch ✅ Spot on🌟🌟🌟

      5. In other words, he’s consigning Rayner to a meaningless, irrelevant dead zone, in which she will have no influence on anything at all.

      6. ps kenburch, word is Rayner crushed Starmer into giving her even MORE temporary powers. Increased powers dished out by a temporary embarrassing placeholder.

        QUESTION – Why do people crave baubles & trinkets SOOO much that every day they Starmer wakes up thinking what will my instructions be today? How much more product can i spaff on my potato head? Is this the right cut if blue suit? Is the shade right? How can i make Assange suffer even longer injustice?

        Looks a shifty fraud. Collaborates with injustice and treacherous coups. Lies to deceive re pledges. Therefore SIR Keith IS a lying, deceitful, treacherous, unjust, collaborating, fraudulent, shifty self-serving shadowy shroud.

        Oh, and SIR Keith would suck life out of a block of dead wood.

      7. Yes but he’s made an enemy who’ll be seeking to undermine him at every turn. She could start with leaking the Forde report.

      8. Rayner now has a high profile role where she will have the opportunity to shine and impress us all with her political nounce when she goes up against Michael Gove.

      9. Stupid little man. You’re in spinning for no one but yourself. Michael Gove was out there to sideline him. We almost never hear from him now, thank God.

      10. lundiel – I’m not the one who feels the need to use pejorative language. Hansard tells a different story.

    2. LOGIC – 1️⃣ What is the “Labour Party” infested by and run by Tories eg Bliar Straw, Mandelson, Starmer, Hodge etc❔ 2️⃣ How many millions did Blair have KILLED and maimed by it’s foreign invasions alone❔
      3️⃣ Where is “any sense of morality” in enabling Tory parasites to commit Tory murderous crimes and open corruption USING the label “Labour”❔

      Honest REFLECTION on those questions will unpack what i believe is the KEY and ENDURING problem at the very heart of true SINCERE people. That key problem, indeed confusion and incoherence maintains the status quo.

      The roads to hell are sometimes paved with good intentions.

      1. “Taking personal responsibility” for failure. Keith has an interesting interpretation of that.

        Interesting re his shamelessness and the depths to which he manages to do his bottom feeding.


    3. kenburch – I honestly can’t understand why Leavers are still obsessing about the Tory Brexit they supported.
      FFS we left the EU nearly 18 months ago.
      Those of us that voted to remain part of the EU have accepted that we lost and there is bugger all we can do about it so why an earth can’t the Brexiteers get over themselves and accept that they won.

      1. I was a remainer too. but the reason is that many Remainers still ridicule the choice to leave as stupidity or racism (which it certainly was not).

      2. It’s an issue because 1) Keir, who for no good reason-for no reason at all other than his insistence on sabotaging Corbyn’s chances of winning the election, whenever it might come, pushed for a second referendum BEFORE the elections even though everyone knew the issue was already settled by then, is leader; and 2) Keir just cost Labour a seat in a byelection it should have been able to win solidly by insisting on imposing a Remain candidate in a constituency that saw the EU as the cause of all its problems.

        There is also talk that Keir wants to impose the SAME candidate for the Batley & Spen byelection, even though that candidate would be a certain loser there as well.

        And I actually supported Remain in the ref, because I saw that at the time as the only way to oppose xenophobia-which isn’t actually true as it turns out- and before I realised that more people voted Leave on economic grounds- the EU had largely refused to invest in the areas that ended up voting Leave, and had only brought economic benefits to the areas which ended up voting Remain- and before I discovered that socialist economic policies are largely impossible under EU rules- in particular, the competition clause which makes nationalisation effectively impossible; nothing socialist, even the establishment of worker co-ops, is possible if nationalisation is forbidden, since there is no other means to transfer an enterprise from ownership for individual profit to social or worker ownership- and, more than anything else, before I found out that it is essentially impossible to change EU economic and spending policies, AND that Labour would be doomed to massive losses in the seat count if it switched from respecting the results of the referendum to a second vote that no one but the privileged wanted.

        Yes, everybody should accept that the EU issue is settled- AS
        Keir and the essentially Blairite “People’s Vote” group should have had the decency to do in ’19.

        The project now must be to build a democratic, egalitarian alternative to the EU-one that works for peace and unity among European countries and the UK WITHOUT interfering in the internal economic, spending and taxation policies of member countries and with a fully democratic and transparent decision-making process.

        The EU could never be that body, so why not build something better?

      3. why an earth can’t the Brexiteers get over themselves and accept that they won.

        Why did YOU refuse to accept the loss? it was only the moment stammer shafted you over brexit that you realised your cookie had crumbled, you slimy little bastard.

        So tell us, why won’t cunts like you accept that YOU sabotaged the chances of a socialist labour government? Was it revenge on those who didn’t obey your commands? It certainly fucking seems that way.

        And why have your shower of shite repeated the same shithousery in Hartlepool, and, it appears, are looking to repeat it in Batley & Spen?

        The reason is you NEVER wanted a socialist government – in or out of the eu. You and your shower are as socialist as joseph mccarthy, just as malevolent, and every bit as imbecilic.

  5. If you haven’t heard the news, Craig Murray is now being sentenced tomorrow. Anyway, here’s his latest post, short and sweet:

    ‘The Left Must Take Back Labour’

    The hundreds of thousands of Corbyn supporters who carried him though multiple leadership challenges have not vanished from the face of the earth, even though many have vanished from the Labour Party…..

    Corbyn never returned any election result remotely as bad as Labour suffered on Thursday. At previous council elections, we were told by Blairite after Blairite that Corbyn would have to resign if he achieved a result even 10% better than Starmer just achieved.

      1. His treacherous vacuous successor SIR Keith Starmer didn’t inherit the non-stop sabotage by the knotweeds your “Mandy” dismissed twice for shady dealings, Blair who lied about WMD, Hodge and your other contemptible associates.

        ps SH it is clear u & your Keith have a corrupt understanding of


      2. Steveh: “Corbyn didn’t inherit a 60 seat loss, he left that one for his successor, who did, afterall, cause it”

        Sorry Steve – I just had to finish your sentence for you.

        Daily Mirror Headline: “Brexit talks: Keir Starmer demands second referendum in bombshell intervention”

      3. Steve H Your clown leader inherited a massive membership and a bank account full.Your leader inherited a active the motivated activist driven Labour party.Your Labour leader has effectively bankrupted the Labour party and started a stampede for the exit of over a hundred thousand members and many leaders of the Labour movment.You and yours have in record time stoped Labour dead in the water and consigned the working-class people to decades of misery under the Conservative and unionist party.How many more wars,starving kids,homeless,no NHS,No welfare system no state pension.Do you realise what you have done you cretins ?

      4. Corbyn didn’t inherit a 60 seat loss, he left that one for his successor.

        Poor keith, who only instigated the loss in the first friggin place. a victim of his own shithousery. Then a victim of his own imbecility in hartlepool by trying to impose a remain candidate on a leave constituency.

        What a gobshite

      5. Corbyn was far from flawless, SteveH, but it’s been proved over and over again that the ’19 results were not totally or even predominately Corbyn’s fault. but could you please explain why you are so relentlessly obsessed with pinning the blame for that solely on him? The results this on 6 May put the lie, once and for all, to the claim that Labour would have done better in ’19 with “ANYONE OTHER THAN CORBYN”, they prove in particular that Starmer is not an improvement on Corbyn in electoral terms, they prove that Labour would not have done better in ’19 OR ’17 by pushing for a second referendum prior to a GE, and they prove that there were never any votes to be gained either from making Corbyn a pariah, or abolishing any semblance of internal party democracy, OR from driving Corbyn’s supporters out of the party, as well as proving that Momentum is not the problem. They proved, in short, that Labour has nothing to gain at all from getting blander, drearier, more visionless, more passionless or even more centrist. OK?

      6. Corbyn did not inherit a 60 seat loss, that’s true- he inherited a combined loss of 117 seats in the previous two GE’s, both of which were fought on exactly the sort of bland centrist manifestos you want Labour to return to- though, to be fair, the loss of only 26 seats under Ed Miliband Corbyn inherited after the 2015 election would have been a net gain of 11 seats if those in the PLP to Ed’s right-the ones who are still convinced, based on nothing whatsoever, that Labour would have won if only Ed’s further-to-the-right brother David had been leader- hadn’t caused the party’s near-total swipeout in Scotland- a loss of 37 out of 38 seats- by forcing Scottish Labour into the right-wing, pro-austerity Better Together alliance against the Indyref rather than allowing the party to present a distinctly Labour position on the issue and then compounded the mistake by barring Scottish Labour from creating its own policies and its own identity when fighting the GE and the next Holyrood campaign.

    1. Mmmm, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, David Milliband, Nigel Farage, Alastair Campbell?? We’re spoilt for choice the way Sir Keir Rodney thinks these days.

      Don’t know about you, but I’m finding an Armando Iannucci, (Thick of IT) mindset very useful in trying to tune into Sir Keir’s perspective on the world…. (I hope the iPlayer has them as a boxset stream when the next curfew/lockdown starts in September (for a disease with a 98.8% survival rate for people under 65y o and not much lower for people older than that).

      1. steve “Tell that to the people dying in India.”

        Colin Todhunter’s comprehensive article explains why I don’t believe the Covidian Narrative yo allud to and how they fill me with distrust and anger.

        Compare the UK’s attrociously high Covid deaths with (say) New Zealand, South Korea or even Japan and you will realise that good science is not being followed by the governments of neoliberal economies which see Covid19 as little more than an excuse to extend their authoritarian powers, suppress democracy, cull particular demographic populations, impose experimental possibly dangerous (we cannot know yet) mRNA gene therapy which could have very dangerous health effects on their trusting populations.

    2. No it doesn’t list the true intentions of the Deputy leader of the Labour party when she gets her head together with RLB and gets a “plan together” .Could it mean a sharing of the flat together ❤?.True love 💘in the right wing of the Labour party and another Lawyer plotting with Big Red “.I would be very worried about turning your back Sir Knight?.

      1. Sorry got that “twosome” wrong,its a threesome.Lansman as entered the story with a dastardly plan to rule a fiefdom surpassing momentum who have gagged him.Now john Lansman can put his undoubted talent to removing the Labour leader with the help of AS scam followers Becky and Angela..The plot thickens and the Labour leader orders a new suit for the image conscious knight of the realm.

    3. I wonder if Sir Keir has been sniffing around the world famous Battly working mens club and picked up one of the comedians that made us all have a good laugh.They like Jimmy tarbuck liked big cars?…..maybe if jimmys alive and the clubs still open Sir knights bagged a winner?..Sir Jimmy I think if that helps?

    1. I’ve never read such a load of old shit. Self congratulatory bollocks just after they’ve lost 320 councillors.
      The fact is, everyone knows Starmer will never lead a government. His legacy is Labour in the wilderness for the next 10 years minimum.
      As for Deborah Mattinson, she’ll shrink the membership and affiliates even further.

  6. I must say steve h your leader shows real leadership with his forensic skills of turning a “inanimate” object into a “Chair” ..but not to be left behind hes appointed a new bunch of “inanimate” objects to breath life into a corpse.Ps its about time we had a wipp round for a new suit and shirt for the grubby little knight with that old blue suit and open neck white shirt..Hes been a mp now for six years and hasnt had the time to look presentable as the lesder of the Labour party.?

    1. goldbach – Thank you for your unique contribution, It’s good to see that original thought is alive and well.

    2. You are quite right to point this out. It is, indeed, difficult to come up with original comments ……………………
      ………… as you demonstrate daily.

  7. kenburch – I’ve just spotted where you asked, in relation to Mr Corbyn, “could you please explain why you are so relentlessly obsessed with pinning the blame for that solely on him? ”
    You got no answer to your question. The answer is NO because, as you may note from an earlier discussion, Mr H is unwilling to “justify himself” to anyone.

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