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Breaking: Corbyn drafts closest team into Southside to coordinate election campaign

Labour leader’s chief of staff and other key aides seconded
Karie Murphy, from her Twitter profile

Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy and a number of other ‘LOTO’ staff are to move to Labour’s Southside HQ to oversee Labour’s campaign in the coming election.

A Labour source said:

As we ramp up campaigning ahead of a general election, we are maximising the use of the resources we have to ensure we are successful. Karie will drive this crucial work from HQ, as she did during the last election.

Murphy, who donated a kidney to a stranger and battled through the loss of her mother without interruption to her efforts for ‘the project’, is a vital part of Labour’s effectiveness.

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  1. I like Karie Murphy a lot.

    I wish she’d be my (adoptive) mum. 🙂

  2. Brilliant News karie Murphy will cover Corbyns back and ferret out the leakers and liars inside HQ.Somones in for a hard lesson if she matches half her reputation.Can we keep the good news going?

      1. are right but trigger ballots and silk purse comes to mind

    1. Joseph OKeefe: “Can we keep the good news going?”

      Yes, it’s sorely needed in this MSM- and BBC socialism-hating world.

      I’ve heard rumours that the significant private polling that the party’s doing is disclosing wonderfully encouraging developments. Apparently, Brexit obsessiveness in some (not all) is being eroded/weakened by Labour’s concilliatory brexit policy and transformative zeal generally.

      This means we can fight the election on our wonderful GND, link good politics to investment and fiscal policies, renovate saffety-net welfare – and, of course, banish free market bigotry from Rail, Mail, Water and more.

      Now, if true, that’s GREAT News – any chance Steve Walker could persuade the powers that be in Labour to let some of the private polling leak? Selectively, of course.

  3. I hold esteem for Karie Murphy too, a wonderfully focused supporter and enabler of the Corbyn Project.

    That twitter picture against Dean Clough in Halifax. The former John Crossley and Sons wilton carpet mill played a massive role for the industrial working class in C19 Halifax and now people like her and the rest of Corbyn’s team will help Labour make today’s working class better off and capitalism less combative and exploitative of its workers, its customers and the planet.

    Outside politics her reputation as a very hard-working and caring nurse speaks volumes about her. I’ve got a cousin in Glasgow who remember her by name from nearly 30 years ago.

    FWIW, she also makes me feel less like a “useful idiot” for being taken in by Tom Watson and giving him my DL vote in 2015 . She worked for him in the past and now that she’s working for campaign group Corbyn, she must regret it bitterly.

    1. Quertboi….many of us were taken in by Watson its a crowded platform and all I knew came from the TV and the billy liar resume

  4. I hold no candles – or otherwise – for any particular individuals.

    What I do know is that there is a crying need for professional expertise, a breadth of experience and an abandonment of petty rivalries.

  5. Meanwhile – the same story is reported elsewhere as a permanent move out of LOTO, perhaps because of the way Andrew Fisher departed.

  6. It is absolutely vital that we have no repetition of the antics that we had last time when Southside directed resources away from key marginals and concentrated on existing seats, a major tactical mistake and deactivated the leadership teams security passes and computer access on election night, an act of sheer malice.
    We now have an excellent new General Secretary who would ensure the proper allocation of resources and who would not permit her staff to behave improperly or maliciously towards the Leadership at any time but particularly during an election campaign .
    Unfortunately as we all know our General Secretary is being treated for a very serious illness at this time and it would not be right to expect her to oversee an election campaign until she is fully recovered . Therefore I am delighted that Karie Murphy has been seconded to Southside for this purpose. She is a strong woman who will take no nonsense from any of the staffers who have behaved so badly since Jeremy Corbyn was first elected leader.
    I have every confidence in her and her ability to help us to win the next General Election.

  7. Right comrades let’s nail these Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarian B’stards!
    First thing the Neo-Liberal Tory & Lib Dems did was to cut taxes for the rich (some miliionaires got an extra £110k per year) to protect them from austerity, so austerity was and is only for working people I.e YOU!
    To make up for the tax losses from big business corporations the Tory & Lib Dem Neo-Liberals put up VAT so YOU cotizens paid again via this indirect tax!
    Oh and from their tax cut savings the Corprations bought Govt bonds so instead of paying in their dues to the community and workers they had legally stolen off they were receiving interest ie more – a Neo-Liberal Tory and Neo-Liberal Lib Dem Triple Whammy!
    For the last 40 years of Tory/Lib Dem/Right Wing Labour Neo-Liberalism we have had the democracy of citizens reduced especially on the econony whilst the primacy of the market economy (Neo-Liberal capitalism) takes precedence and people are sick of it!
    Since Thatcher used North Sea Oil profits politically to break the unions in the 1980’s (particularly the NUM) we have had the Neo-Liberal drive for cheap labour but of course this has restricted commodity purchase so thankfully Neo-Liberal capitalism is killing itself, Streekt (2016) argued capitalism always needed counter forces to protect it from itself and personal debt (credit) andcquantitative easing (electronic printing of money) is only buying the rich and powerful time “Because they haven’t a clue what to do” but we do.
    Time for left wing democratic socialists and citizens to take back Democratic control from Tory/Lib Dem/ Right Wing Labour Neo-Liberalism!

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