Calling all ‘centrists’: fancy standing in for Labour by-election candidate in hustings debate?

Next week, Socialist Telly is due to host a live hustings debate on the Hartlepool by-election between the Northern Independence Party (NIP) and Labour. NIP candidate Thelma Walker has already agreed to participate, but Labour candidate Paul Williams has not responded to invitations.

As a last resort, Dr Williams will be ’empty-chaired’, but Socialist Telly is extending an invitation to any supporter of the Labour candidate who feels up to representing him in the debate if he doesn’t wish to take part personally. If you would like to stand in for him, email

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    1. So as things stand at the moment Thelma Walker will be debating with herself on ‘Socialist Telly’.

    2. No …centrest dad Steve Hall from small “mill town in the west country from up north could not possibly quarantine after the flight from the Caribbean bolt hole.and debate with Thelma..!The good Doctor Hartlepool looks well angry in the caption after his famous “milf” quote was exposed by Squawky and the loose lipped Secretary of Hartlepool CLP did his bit by letting slip to Guido Fawkes the stitch up at the behest of the Lotto office of local democracy.Such a shame as well that after the big cleanup of the CLP offices and attic the true workers Indy and Janet have never to be seen again in Hartlepool..?IT certainly wasnt the most brilliantly launched campaign by the Knight and the Croydon “Ripper” Evans help us “.now was it..I think the Doctor has every reason to be angry 😠at lotto after the national launch by Guido fawkes of the campaign from hell…?

  1. You never know, maybe a reasonably high profile ‘centist’ enthusiast like Luke Akehurst could be persuaded to fill the empty seat?

    1. For centrist see Margaret Hodge or Jess Phillips? The manifestations of positive discrimination (sorry action).;

    1. How many subscribers does Socialist Telly have in the Hartlepool constituency?

      1. ‘How many subscribers does Socialist Telly have in the Hartlepool constituency?’ – More than you’d like steveh

        More than you’d like!

      2. qwertboi – More than you’d like!

        I doubt it, if that were the case then they’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

      3. The question is, why does Liberty owe many billions?

        Have they over invested in modern machinery? Have they acquired copious amounts of steel? Or have they been milked by the parent company?

        My choice would be milked…

        This parent company scam needs killing off. Far too many abusing its powers.

      4. I doubt it, if that were the case then they’d be shouting it from the rooftops

        You mean the same way every man jack of those hundreds of thousands of labour members are shouting they’re all stammerites from the rooftops?


      5. Toffee – “Dope”, perhaps you should lay off it for a while?

      6. Devastating repartee there, wee fella. And they called tarbuck a comedian. 🙄

        Make sure you don’t go all rod hull while you’re on that roof, screeching how much of a stammerite you are.

      7. Toffee – Come back when ‘the left’ have managed to coalesce behind a credible alternative.

  2. Ps walsher,its ex councillors and broad church brigade members like yourself that are responsible for the deterioration of the industrial north of England when you behaved like carpetbaggers feeding off a dying corpse.Shame on you and your mates that the country has no longer any opposition after the assassination of Corbyn and the socialist revival…Now drown in it comrade.?

    1. History – apart from your own considered opinion – has never recorded my contribution to the end of mining, shipbuilding and steelmaking in the North East. For some mistaken reason, most authorities have put it down to the crushing of the post war settlement by Margaret Thatcher and her ideological followers. You have seen through that chimera and recognised my own decisive contribution as an obscure 30 year old shop steward……….

  3. On another note…

    Well now! 20pts ahead, eh? More popular than corbyn, eh?

    Where’s the ‘chicken coup’?
    Let’s judge Starmer by the same standards as many people did Corbyn. On that basis, if the current Labour leader’s approval ratings continue to decline, then backbench MPs should launch a coup in the next few weeks.

    As The Canary reported at the time, in summer 2016 172 Labour MPs voted “no-confidence” in Corbyn. 44 frontbenchers quit. One of them was Starmer. So – surely it’s soon going to be time for him to face the same treatment? Well, maybe not – given that Starmer has been frantically purging left-wing people from the party. But if his ratings continue to collapse, then people will surely start asking questions. Won’t they?

  4. Oh, I should’ve added – ‘Let’s not wait a few weeks….How about NOW?!

  5. fao JackT. The news courtesy of a right wing press/MSM has moved dimensions. The left are portrayed as extremists & the right occupy the centre ground in every political/current affairs programme .e.g. Jeremy Corbyn described a ‘pathetic’ leader in comparison to Starmer by Peston. Socialists are the extremists as per ‘new Labour Blairism’ occupying centre ground..

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