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Tories to ‘investigate’ Cameron over Greensill lobbying – but not Hancock for ‘private drinks’ with former PM and financier

Hancock set to get usual free pass offered to Tory ministers

The government has announced an ‘independent’ investigation into David Cameron’s lobbying of ministers via text message on behalf of collapsed investment firm Greensill Capital. Cameron sent messages to Rishi Sunak and other Treasury ministers asking them to involve Greensill in the Tories’ emergency pandemic loan scheme for businesses.

However, the ‘independent’ Cabinet Office probe is not expected to include the revelation that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had ‘privately’ met both ‘Dodgy Dave’ and Lex Greensill for drinks in 2019.

The Tories have long abandoned even a nodding acknowledgement with the ministerial code, even more so under Boris Johnson – and indeed such breaches seem almost to be regarded as a qualification for promotion. Hancock has remained in post despite the High Court’s ruling that he broke the law in the way he awarded contracts to Tory backers and associates during the pandemic, so ‘private drinks’ with a former PM and his financier employer are likely to be considered no more than a minor inconvenience by Hancock’s habitually dodgy boss.

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  1. A few texts and drinkies… for nothing when you’re due to earn up to £69m for your lobbying. No wonder MPs are nearly all careerist grifters

  2. Lundiel you are right. Cameron has disgraced himself here.
    The big question is what plans has Boris got for making big money when he leaves office because he has umpteen children and is relatively skint. We know the Tories will boot him out before the next GE as the smell of (alleged) corruption is so nauseous the closer you get to his government (see PPE contracts). Bojo the clown must already be laying the groundwork for a staggering raid on the public finances to benefit him personally.

    1. How does Cameron disgrace himself?This is completely normal life for mps especially Tory mps,with Labour mps not too far behind.Remember Jack straw “I usually charge three and a half thousand per hour” man of the people that represented himself for very working-class Blackburn.?.This is payback for the fall out of old school chums Johnson and Cameron.Were bribing is part of everyday life with so called b”Lobbyists “provided offices in parliament and second jobs institutionalised this is what we have.Nobody on entering parliament is shocked 😲especially ex councillors and business people who have played a part in real life in the home counties and London.Look at the highest in the merrygoround the royals,and move backwards through the Lords,knights,Dukes,barons,and all the rest of the game of life in the elite league.Thank God I am out of it now and I am ashamed that it took so long to realise that the whole stinking swamp culture of British politics has got to be torn down and start again….” Stay and fight?…its only a temporary embarrassment “….Youve got to be unhinged to believe you can reform that dung heap..!

  3. Drinkipoos, anyone?
    Cameron looks like a white wine spritzer with an umerella sort a guy. Or Pimms with, like loads of chunks of fruit.

  4. Just as well most politician have never heard of or apply the Nolan principles of public life to their day job!!

  5. Is ANYONE stupid enough to believe magically no rules will have been broken and a huge report will be generated at great expense to gaslight the country? Proving according to them he did nothing wrong!

    Greed and arrogant scumbags add in cronyism, you get the Tory ideology…

  6. There are much deeper and darker underhanded dealings going on. If we take into consideration that The Global Language Dictionary author Luntz was also responsible for the never heard of David Cameron to fly in from the skies and nab the PM Job, in the first Place, Luntz was also Contemporary of Johnson and Gove. Now all these investigations and Duncan’s very delayed and untimely, coming out about Israeli interference there seems to be a maelstrom of backstabbing, spies and whistle-blowers in the Tory Party! All a little bit weird, who said what about North Korea?
    It would have been REALLY tasty if there was a Greensill/Junkermann link sadly nothing on the Surface Web!

    1. Yes, but it hardly contains any detail, unlike many non-MSM articles. I suppose it is commendable for suggesting strongly the hint of corruption. Even ITN News seems to run their C4 news past the lawyers before transmission.

      1. Yes, it was a weekend, qwertboi. They, normally, do get a shorter time to report.

        Hopefully, they may have a longer segment. When it comes to Business and Economics, there aren’t many journalists as thorough as Helia Ebrahimi.

        By the way, I like your moniker, It’s so easy to type. Not much thought needed. 🙂

    1. Yeah, the Hancock one is so good – his snivveling nose has a tinge of “snout” about it. The image of a feeding trough comes to mind instantly. 😃

  7. Yes…very observant querboi,Tinge of snout “or is it powder that I have noticed.Very common in the legal profession,slightly ruddy cheeks and sweaty brow?Do you know anyone else who has a slightly sniffy shifty look about them?..No wonder he can play competitive football every weekend when he’s “flying” ?Amazing stamina of a man of nearly sixty years old and can outrun the youngster fwends from Oxted on the green Surrey..Ahh life in the Surrey stockbroker belt,do I miss it?..All that pretending for what?..Mister semi detatched..!Sir Rodney plonker knight how did you manage to infiltrate the establishment Labour party and become leader in less than five years of experience as a talks and the odd sniff oils the establishment wheels doesn’t it.?

  8. Lobbying. An ‘interesting’ part of gov’t corruption, never part of a journalist’s weaponry, especially @ the BBC. If you upset your Tory boss you will never get promoted & if you upset Tory gov’t politicians, you will never be given an inside story.

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