MPs to spend entire day paying tribute to Philip. Because there’s nothing else much going on, presumably

Comparisons have been made between the Establishment’s treatment of Philip’s death and North Korea

MPs will spend all day today paying tribute to Prince Philip after the Tories cleared the Commons schedule of all other business to allow 7.5 hours of obsequiousness. After all, there’s nothing else much going on, apart from riots in Northern Ireland, vaccine resistant coronavirus strains, 150,000 and more needlessly dead and an economy still reeling from Tory mishandling of the pandemic, burgeoning racism (and Establishment denial thereof) etc etc.

Keir Starmer and friends are expected to participate in this forelock-tugging exercise with enthusiasm after he cancelled all campaigning in the local elections because of the royal death.

Comparisons have been made between North Korean media and the Establishment’s desperate forelock-tugging over the past few days. They look more apt than ever.

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  1. Keir Starmer – “I don’t want to be B**** Johnson!”

    That needed to be said. πŸ˜‰

    I wonder how he’d feel about being Jeremy Corbyn?

  2. Oh, I DO hope they’re gonna discuss an immediate increase on inheritance tax….

    The biggest excuse for the publicly funded maintenance of the parasitical reptilians royals is that: ‘They bring in the tourist moolah’

    Well, there’s no ***king tourists here, so why are they still here?

    1. I think we would bring in far more Tourist Moolah if we booted them out and opened all their Property as Tourist Venues, Perhaps The Buckingham Art Gallery/Museum like The Louvre, with Super Afternoon Teas in the Gardens!
      First we need to get rid of the Neoliberals, they will Privatise EVERYTHING and will probably be scooped up by Effing Disney! I can just imagine the poor Guards now standing and fainting for minimum wage and 0 hour contracts!

      1. Indeed, snelly.

        They DON’T come to see the royals, they come to see the buildings that WE own; or the pomp & circumstance of the parades of the armed forces that WE pay for.

        Even Chester Zoo gets more visitors than all of the royal venues ffs. Mind you, their breeding programme is far more expansive and less expensive than the aristocracy’s.

    2. And the whole tourist thing is bollocks. They do the obligatory tour of London, are distinctly underwhelmed by the giant town hall (Buck palace) then they get out of London as quick as they can and visit the peaks, fells, Highlands, Cornwall, Wales and Constable country….. what tourist ever saw the queen.

  3. Let’s be clear, so strong and dominant is the Establishment – and its publically-funded amplifier, the BBC – we have to just do *anything* they tell us.

    The enforcers of this rigid hegemony might all have different mission statements, like “Do No Evil” or “Nation shall speak peace unto Nation”, but on one thing they all agree: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

    1. Resistance is futile… so, do NOT vote for a “fucking antisemite” (Β© Margaret Hodge), take your experimental mRNA drug therapy jabs (which we intentionally mis-label as a “vaccine”) and marvel daily at the selfless sacrifice made by the Royal Family

      1. I guess the lack of crowds will be put down to The Designer Virus!
        PS I am actually quite worried about that bloody vaccine, I am no Antivaxxer, but I have not had the Flu Jab for years, more than 8, I have been healthier and no colds and no flu, little sniffles here and there but nothing like a cold and certainly not a flu. The reason was my distrust in big pharma.
        As for the CV19 Jab, I nearly caved into peer pressure, but for me a Boris Johnson and HIS Government Urging, Pleading, practically Begging people to get jabbed, with great ate and concern, is just all too weird, it’s all the wrong people who suddenly developed Empathy for The People that prevented me from getting jabbed.
        I have visions of the Military doing the rounds and restrain us to jab us! The thing that really worries me is what if they ‘are’ committing mass global genocide and me and just a handful of other nonjabbeded survivors are alone in a Post Apocalyptical World with just the the 1%! Aaaaaargh!!!!!! Maybe I’ll just go and get jabbed instead! :):):):):):)
        I put nothing but nothing out of the question any more, the past 10 years…….well! The Past 10 Years!

      2. MH the Egyptian Jewess who has stashed her family’s multi-million paying business here in the UK and pays around 2.9% in tax. If her business was in Egypt, I am certain she would be paying full whack.

    2. Ahh, but does it speak for their Power, or does it hide their Weakness!?
      Surely if they were still so Strong and So Many, all these demands would have naturally occurred, as it did in the past, rather than demands and tirades of Anti Establishment Abuse on MSSM?
      We could be the Tricked and Lied to Many, The Vast Majority. I reckon they are running scared, because MSSM is revealing this, be prepared for Twitter Police Crackdown Operations Twitter People! It is quite worrying because we might be getting close to their ‘pull out all the stops’ policies! Feels like we’ve already entered that era!

      1. Yes, the MSM is looking and feeling more lke a pravda service for the billionaires Journalists define their role as promotion and persuasion rather than “speaking truth to power”. Time and time again the MSM is not refered to by people seeking facts or independent analysis of them and more-trusted, non-mainstream sources are evolving.

        I think your last point skellyknelly is the DRIVER of the whole situation: They are pulling out all the stops (to promote and defend the Establishment and its status quo) beause end-stage capitalism (and, politically, the “American century”) would, like everything that is temporal and transient and “all that is solid” melts into air, (“all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.”).

        Our democratic socialism IS mankind coming to face ‘relations with his kind’ – but the billionaiures WEF would rather it was a different “new normal” and are misrepresenting Covid-19 to try and achieve their new normal, not ours…

      2. Yup! Looks like The 3 Stooges have chosen their targets, USA = China, UK = Russia and IL = Iran, I fear their Colonial, Capitalist Muscle Flexing Egos have blinded them and normal relationships could have been a great prospect, by making these the “Enemy” without a threat, they have created Enemies and these people are not the Underdogs of yesterday and the Three Stooges are certainly not the Super Powers of Yesteryear! The world is waking up and that scares them more than anything! The biggest danger is that after all is revealed The 3 Stooges will desperately need friends, and they have pissed on just about everyone’s batteries! Hopefully those Nations will rise above it and The People’s lives will not be greatly affected by the madness of our stupid Politicians!

  4. They’ll no doubt discuss the crazy, sycophantic suggestion about building a new Royal Yacht, which WE would have to pay for, in tribute to yet another royal sponger who many regard as a racist a philanderer and a waster in true royal tradition.

      1. From his friend in The Virgin Isles, who builds miniature Locomotives, in his shed! :):):)

    1. I was moderated twice for mentioning the peod word and drawing attention to a extensive article in the morning star covering the royals and princes….shush is okay now can I mention?

    1. Starmer is The Establishment, we can only make any such progress if Democratic Socialists vote every Neoliberal out or start a new Party. So we can start afresh with no Internal Neoliberal Parasites, we might be a very small Party at first but with the masses as members and volunteers, a 2015 to 2017 enthusiasm, without the internal sabotage we’d be in Nr10 in no time, then JA will be free, and Britain will become equal and just.
      PS. NEVER FORGET: β€œDon’t you dare get cold feet!!!”

  5. I guess someone ‘has’ to, ot does not seem like many of The People are particularly interested, perhaps the MSM, MSSM, Establishment Mind Controlled Sheeple.
    When the many events, “calling for numbers”, happens, I can’t help but wonder what the REAL results for GE19 were! The Masses appear to be on the wrong side of the officialish GE19 Results!

    1. Apparently they were playing bird music on radio three to honour him being the head of the rspb. He loved shooting birds.

      1. Pity that all Hackers have taken up Neoliberalism, it would’ve been hilarious if they hacked the audio and put some Wawfle-Wawfle-Uhr-Ahr Hunter sounds in there!

  6. Yes, there are some very important issues that Parliament needs to consider today.

    One of which is to show support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which the government strongly opposes.

    Please ask your MP to support the treaty using the lobbying tool shown below:

    P.S Many thanks to Labour MP Rachel Hopkins who signed it today.

  7. Open debate on what happens after Betty pegs it
    Make it clear we want a different constitutional settlement which does not include jug ears
    The peasants can keep their serfdom just not at our expense or democracy

    1. Careful now!! We know how stammer thinks about shit like that… πŸ˜’

  8. I just love the BS being shoveled by the I Won’t get vaccinated brigade all have there little excuses down pat don’t they? Basically alwase boils down to either arrogance, stupidity or the real reason I don’t want to care about another!

    I don’t care if I spread a deadly virus. I don’t care if that person’s life is shortened and they die drowning in there own body fluids. It’s not a nice death BTW so to all you supposedly left people who start on the I won’t get vaccinated BS I suggest you either get vaccinated and shut up or go do something useful with your life how about working on a red ward with no PPE because you believe it’s all a lies.

    One less arrogant denier will be a benefit to society rather than another sad anti vaxxer with there denier BS who claim to be socialist.

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