Exclusive: Labour’s ‘promise rate’ – from previous LABOUR voters – down to 15-25% in many areas

Hard-working members still putting in work to canvass and phone-bank, but results among usual Labour voters often down by well over half under Keir Starmer

Those Labour members who have kept their shoulder to the wheel to try to win seats for the party in the coming local elections, despite the leadership’s abuse of the membership, are reporting news in many areas that will send a chill down the spines of Keir Starmer and his dwindling cohort.

Phone-banking and canvassing of residents who voted Labour in previous elections are returning a ‘promise rate’ – a pledge to vote Labour this time around – of only 15-25% in many areas. Such promise rates are never 100%, but anything below 50% is a very bad sign.

And because this promise rate applies only to people who voted Labour before, this is not a reflection of increased unpopularity among voters in some places that never normally vote Labour anyway, but a reflection of the rapid draining away of support among people who usually do.

The news comes as polling suggests that Labour is trailing the Tories in Hartlepool, a seat that has never returned a non-Labour MP in its history – even when that meant voting for Peter Mandelson.

As the ‘TweetForTheMany’ Twitter account has pointed out today, when Jeremy Corbyn was leader his opponents were demanding his resignation if Labour failed to hold onto Oldham in a by-election – yet Corbyn increased the party’s majority:

If polls are correct and Labour loses Hartlepool – or even fails to win an improved majority compared to the Brexit-driven disaster of 2019 – Starmer’s credibility must be shredded even in the eyes of many who support him. And with ambitious right-wing hopefuls already sharpening the knives, it could spell the end of his short and dire tenure.

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  1. According to some papers the Tories have got a 7 point lead over Lab at the moment which should be something to worry about for SKS. The specific Brexit vote has collapsed and voters apparently, are re thinking their ‘political alignment'(!?). We will wait and see what happens next.

    1. Any one of The Neolabour Party Tory MPs are doomed, I think we just have to keep in mind most of the people/volunteers will be doing it for Namesake and will not be aware of the real agenda so there is no point on taking out frustrations on them, they are not going to have an easy time of it as it is. It is impossible for them to remember everyone’s complaints in any case. I reckon there will be some bewildered first timers, poor things! Personally I will just politely shake my head, say goodbye and close the door or maybe, just maybe, for the first time in my life be a Karen and put a No Political Canvassing Here Please sign up on my Door!

      1. What is a Karen. A blairite, I have no idea. Anyway, good post.

      2. People who do things like put no x y, z signs on their doors, scream at neighbours and people in the street/shops over absolutely pointless things, because they think they are somehow better than others. Karens/Darrens but now it’s just Karens.
        A certain somebodies wanted to hijack the term “Karen”, with a definition that a Karen is a ‘white’ privileged women ….. but Karens are multicultural, any gender and age.
        Just people who are not very nice/who are petty towards others putting themself above others, look on PeerTube/YouTube. I quite enjoy watching that madness makes you realise just how unbelievably entitled some people can be.

      3. ……but, Yeah I guess Blairites and Starmerists are predominantly Karens! :):):)

    2. About time someone did one of those ‘Downfall’ parody scenes in adolfs bunker.

    1. While Keith himself enjoys ten point leads…

      Got yer cyanide pill ready, wee stevie Goebbels?

    2. That’s bullshit and he knows it. As for the numbers who have left, in my CLP, almost all the members I knew left along with their families. That’s over 200 dedicated members that used to hit the streets and door-knock come Election time. Labour are so desperate for money they keep sending me pleading emails. To no avail I have to say. And for the first time in my life I shall not be voting Labour. Screw them.

      I add also that the CLP has so few members now it has collapsed.

      1. Since the fall of the red wall, I know of nobody joining the party. However, many existing members might well be so overjoyed with the party that they have joined at least twice. ☮️

      1. Yes Steve H according to the type of toilet paper you read,everybody wants to be part of the new exciting opportunity to join the charismatic Sir Rodney Knight Labour party.You befuddled idiot who lies that much you have started to believe your own propoganda.You are the “idiot” that Squawkbox has to have to make the charges against your knight guilty has charged

      2. Joseph – You are more than welcome to present any evidence you have to the contrary.

      1. lundiel – It is disappointing to see that you don’t have the good grace to admit that you are wrong.

      2. …..and it’s not official on the record say so, just “a high ranking official” (Luke Akehurst). 🤮💩🐷💩

      3. Luke Akehurst?! That’s a credible source?!

        Maybe centrist dad will use Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf as his next source? Can’t be any worse…

      4. NVLA – I invited others to take their pick from the results presented by a simple Google search. Please don’t come grumbling and crying to me if you have a problem with the source that you selected. (or were you in reality just jumping on the bandwagon?)

  2. I see Skwawky is still on his ‘it’s Brexit wot lost it’ theme, when in fact it was the smearing of Corbyn and the Labour Party by the Israel Lobby and the right wing wot lost it! If you don’t know who your enemy is you’ll never defeat them.

    1. JackT
      Temporary Embarrassment’s previous on Brexit makes him a sitting dead duck egg
      Whats not to like FFS

    2. We need to move on from Brexit, both Leave and Remain Bandwagons cocked up, screaming about pointless BS that could not and would not change no matter what, the only Brexit difference would have been a decent Brexit Deal with the UK in Tact and good Trade Deal with the EU and as decided by The People at Conference 18 & 19 an opportunity for The People to vote on Accepting the Deal or Not. I wonder how many would now love to vote on accepting/rejecting This Government’s Ballsed Up Deal!
      C’est La Vie!
      I am so done with the Brexit Screechers both Leave/Remain, if only they Screeched for a Democratic Socialist Government instead, Now they all cry rivers of tears it’s fucking Hilarious!
      Told You So!

      1. The only possible unity solution would have been for everyone in the party to work all out to get Corbyn elected so he’d have a mandate to negotiate “soft Brexit”. We all know no-deal Brexit was going to be a disaster and stopping Brexit- which meant accepting the EU’s antisocialist policies as a permanent constraint on what a Labour government could do, while never constraining the Tories from any of their nastiness- was impossible: the votes to revoke Article 50 were never going to be there in the post-2017 parliament and Labour could never have won an election, at ANY time as an all-out Remain party- an all-out Remain position was going to guarantee massive losses in the heartlands no matter what else the party promised, or who led it, or which levels of bigotry or xenophobia it pandered to. By the same token, a “no-deal” Brexit position was going to guarantee losses in the South and in London, no matter what else Labour stood for or who its leader was.

        Corbyn’s position on that was the only one that had any chance of producing a decent outcome and a Labour victory.

      2. The only thing that matters is Democratic Socialism. We are Democratic Socialists in a Party Brand Named ‘Labour’ and the Leader of that Democratic Socialist Party named Labour was Jeremy Corbyn. First and foremost we are Democratic Socialist and our Number One goal should be to have a Democratic Socialist Government in Place with a Democratic Socialist Prime Minister of a Democratic Socialist Party to fix all the problems that arises.
        The MSM, Elites, Establishment, Machine and The Blair/Mandelson/Campbell Propaganda Spin Machine played a very clever game by driving wedges between us with the Leave/Remain Hysteria, Antisemitism Hysteria, Confirmatory Vote Hysteria, even now when looking at this blog page, typical of British Socialist more infighting about trivial nonsense that could’ve been dealt with in a way that is best for The People, but we keep splitting and bickering not noticing the big things like the fact that The UK Labour Party is Dead, bar ONLY 10/15 Democratic Socialist MPs, who will be purged if they stand up for the rights of The People. Democratic Socialist Government first then everything else no matter what later. It was a crying shame that we could not hold it together but it is what it is, a bad situation which we could make worse or better by not focusing on the Brand ‘Labour’ and not taking any notice of MSM or interference! Democratic Socialism in Nr10, if we don’t I don;t want to think about it, if the normalisation of Genocide of a People is on the leaflets of the supposed opposition to an already tyrannical government JFC! Not worth thinking about!
        Solidarity! Stay Strong!

      3. Skellyknelly. The BBC uses that sort of answer when confronted with the accusation they are biased. They say we get complaints from both sides therefore we must be right. In so doing they duck the issue. However my point was not particularly about Brexit, it was that the Israel Lobby played both sides and came through the middle relatively unscathed and then took over the Labour Party.

      4. Jack I am sorry, I wasn’t having a dig at you I was focusing my comment on on the people who were making the noise and consequently lost us a Democratic Socialist Government. It’s for them not for you. I totally and 100% Agree with your comments and I am sick of People still on about Brexit and The “”Left/Right” when we are now facing a Neolabour Tory Party of 90+% PLP, and a tiny handful of Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MPs already lined up on the Plank. Our focus should have been to get Jeremy in Nr10 from there everything else was secondary and we told them so and now they are crying rivers.
        Solidarity! Stay Strong!

    3. Very true Jack. The right are in denial about the causes of the 2019 collapse but they must know as well as the next person that it was the 2nd ref on Brexit that split the party leadership on polling date and a very effective piece of calculated sabotage. It can never be forgiven and forgotten but of course the right will hang on and call it their Party. Which is why something NEW is required.

      1. Corbyn should have stood up to the Right and backed Open Selection- at this point, possibly the only chance Keir will have of getting Left votes if he’s still leader at the next election- since we can assume he’ll have lowered the party to the outdated and useless 1997 policies by then- would be if HE were to bring in Open Selection, and restore every aspect of the internal democracy he has crushed, or has HAD crushed by the “regional officials” SteveH continually pretends are somehow a law unto themselves.

        He won’t do either, of course, because Keir isn’t there to win the next election-he’s there to simply make sure that Labour abandons any and all last vestiges of socialism and reduces itself, forever, to nothing more than the unelectable-yet-lucrative fiefdom of the PLP, whose motto is, as the Frank Zappa & The Mothers album cover once put it “We’re Only In It For The Money”.

      2. I doubt that the tapeworms looked at it as a disaster. In fact everything is falling neatly into place. However, I am still amazed that people expect support from uncle Jimmy’s TV and the rest of the media. When Labour cut a deal with Murdoch, the only question was who held the biggest spoon! They are not our friends.

      3. Lundiel, I can understand why someone would leave the LP if they decided it had become too right wing for them. But how could you leave the Party just because it had become too democratic by giving the electorate the choice to change their mind or not?

      1. I don’t think many members would have left the party over the antisemitism slur. However I do think the drop in membership at the last election was down to the Labour position on Brexit.

      2. I voted Green in 2019 the first time I hadn’t voted Labour since 1970 in General and Local elections – that’s 50:years of votes. It was only too obvious what was going on, sabotage! I’ll vote for Khan this year but Green otherwise. The Labour Party is in terminal decline I’m afraid. 120 years was a good run and they did do some good especially the 1945 government – and Good Old Mr Wilson! He faced the Deep State – and also lost, they drove him mad. Few supported him, on the contrary they kicked him when he was down.

      3. Paul – …. and there lies the problem. Jeremy lost the trust of the electorate. When JC finally climbed down from the fence he’d been sat on following month after bloody month of ‘constructive ambiguity’ neither side of the Brexit debate trusted him.
        Even you didn’t trust Corbyn to deliver on what he’d promised.

      4. Corbyn certainly lost the trust of a section of those who voted Leave. That’s what you get when you’re pushed into the ridiculous position of advocating a second referendum when the party had promised to abide by the decision of the original referendum. The ardent Remainers caused the chaos and Corbyn didn’t have enough support in the PLP to face them down.

    4. Turn it in, you monumental oaf.

      You’ve been told time and again that nobody but NOBODY gave a fuck about antisemitism during the last election – Except for those that made it THE main issue in their own tiny warped little minds… The general public WERE NOT ARSED.

      Show me any sort of evidence that antisemitism topped Brexit in any poll/ op/ed factual article in the run up to the election.

      And/OR show me any MO of any denomination that reckons antisemitism rather than Brexit was the major reason labour haemorrhaged seats.

      So go on…which MP or public persona congratulated themselves on preventing Corbyn by making (frivolous) antisemitism claims that led to the defeat?

      Youre unable to demonstrate any single one of those things, are you, jackanory?!

      And you’re still blaming those for your own petulant, spoilt twattish gobshitery.

      So go on, what am I today? A knuckle-dragging xenophobic fascist Zionist?

      Calling people one thing then the opposite doesn’t in any way absolve you of your own idiocy.

      And an idiot you’ll remain with the attitude you retain.

      1. Toffee, yes we know. You want to protect the Zionist wreckers at any cost, you’ve done it so many times, Netanyahu will be proud of you.

      2. Yeah, and while you’re STILL screaming about frivolous claims of antisemitism, you give stammer the excuse he’s after as you legitimise it by making more of it than THEY do, and keeping it in the spotlight… Exactly where stammer needs/wants it to be.

        You legitimised him over Brexit when you labelled anyone critical and wise to his shithousery as knuckledraggers.

        You made (former) labour-voting leavers the anti-Semitic fascistic types that stammer became so eager to stamp out when he almost instantaneously dropped Brexit and turned to antisemitism instead, once elected (aided and enabled by YOU) as leader.

        And the ONLY reason he did that is because it’s the ONLY thing he can cling onto to put the boot into what remains of the left.

        And YOU enabled him by leading the cheers for him despite multiple warnings.

        So go on… Go to places like Leigh, or anywhere that became toerag in 2019 and ask them if antisemitism mattered more than Brexit and if antisemitism claims was the pivotal factor in the voting rah.

        You’ll get the same answer everywhere you go.

        “Are you fookin jokin, lad?’

        You NEVER wanted a socialist labour Government. All you wanted was to stay in the EU.

        Well you got neither, did you?

        Well played, numbnuts…Well played 👏

      3. Toffee, I didn’t realise I had that much power🙂

        By the way, you’re still a foul mouthed cretin. Yes I know, and I’m still an expletive, expletive – saved you the trouble, clairvoyance, another of my powers😊

      4. Corbyn and Williamson – both ostracised by party for saying antisemitism overstated and they’re heroes, eh jack?

        But the slimy toad that could reinstate them was the same one you wouldn’t hear a critical word about. In fact, you were stammers attack dog during his second ref. pretence, weren’t you?

        Remember? When us leavers were knuckledraggers and fascists for warning you what greasys game was?

        And now I say the same thing (as I slways did) about antisemitism being overstated and YOU call ME a Zionist…The same Zionist as the fella who could do NO wrong when he was blagging your type about Brexit, eh, soft shite?

        But it’s far too late for you to make your mind up.

        You got what YOU wanted. And now you try to blame us for you lumbering the nation with it.

        You’re a VERY stupid boy.

      5. Toffee, you’ve learnt your craft well from your Zionist teachers, lie lie lie, it’s their stock in trade.

        By the way, you’re still a knuckle dragger.

      6. Fuck me… this is GOLD!!

        Go on then, jack the lad… What exactly am I lying about?

        Your overt stammerite EU fanaticism?

        The fact that you wouldn’t listen when warned and attacked anyone who actually had the temerity to do so?

        The fact that antisemitism was nowhere, NOWHERE NEAR on people’s radars as Brexit was?

        And that you can’t demonstrate otherwise?

        Or just something else that you’re yet to think of?

        So, now I’m a knuckledragger for holding a similar view as Corbyn on Brexit, a Zionist for similar views as Corbyn AND Williamson on antisemitism…

        …And a liar for….?

        There was me thinking wee steven was the weird one…

      7. Toffee – The polls clearly showed that Corbyn was the main reason why Labour voters didn’t vote Labour. Brexit was the second reason.

      8. Good joke Steve! The very opposite of the truth, always a good (if hopeless) tactic.

      9. Oh… My mistake…

        My EU view wasn’t entirely similar to Corbyn’s at all.

        A bit like my views on stammer being right over the EU to was one to the point where if anyone mentioned that stamner was the Brexit side of the fatberg antisemitism coin, I’d call them for allsorts

        …and then blame them for stammer getting shut of Corbyn, and just about everything else.

      10. Wee steven Goebbels…

        Nobody asked you; and your response IN NO WAY related to antisemitism being the reason Corbyn was shat on by rodents like you lost the election.

        Now go away.

      11. Toffee – Oh dear, trying to silence the inconvenient truth again.
        Unlike you I voted for Corbyn in both his leadership elections and I voted for the left slate in all the NEC elections whilst Corbyn was leader. What did you do to support him?

      12. Toffee, you are a liar for saying I ever supported Starmer. I supported Remain which I know is not popular on Skwawky’s blog but you are too thick to see that there is a difference between supporting a person and having the same view on a single issue.

        You really do need to see someone about the boiling anger which engulfs you when someone disagrees with you.

      13. Jack T – Don’t be conned, Toffee enjoys playing the uncouth playground bully, it is all part of the persona that he likes to project on this site. Strangely he manages to moderate his language when he comments on sites where his faux outrage and the constant stream of expletives that he likes to impress us with on this site aren’t tolerated.

      14. Well we encountered ”hate” of Corbyn from the doorstep based on the media and racist prejudice and on phone-banks. It was visceral, closed-minded hate.

        I like the man but he made a fundamental error in not realizing what he was up against – his political instincts absolutely deserted him – that or his courage. I could forgive him that he wanted to keep the party together for the election otherwise it would have imploded if he’d sacked people and drawn a line in the sand re: so called antisemitism. It was something that should have been done 18 months before the election. But to continue the lie thereafter, is unforgivable and to not acknowledge the number of people whose memberships and in fact reputations and jobs have been jeopardised or lost due to the lie, is just wrong. No doubt he’ll write a book in a few years time and call out all that should have been called out already.

        As to Starmer – the back-stabber being stabbed from front and back, well, well, well. A well-deserved comeuppance.

        And what about the non-zionist careerists? Since they were all in on the betrayal only in order to boost their careers, maybe they’d like to sue the BofJD, any number of the right wing pied-piper Goebbel figures in their own party’s hierarchy and the media who led them down the path to perdition for loss of earnings, when many of them are, hopefully, jack-booted out of office.

      15. FFS grow as set and own your own gobshitery jackanory, you infuriatingly petulant spoilt little twat..

        It wasn’t ME calling you a ‘knuckledragging xenophobic faragist’ (Amongst other things) when you were constantly being warned that stammer was the brexit side of the anti-cobyn coin.

        Just about anyone who made a case for leaving you jumped on them – labelling them allsorts even when it was repeatedly explained that it’d lose enough votes to ensure a toerag/right wing landslide; you continued to disparage and attack people.

        Your cover was that you hated watson and blamed antisemitism.

        Well,so did those who warned you that fatfuck was the other side of the anti-corbyn coin….But strangely you weren’t calling us zionists back then…

        You claimed you wanted socialism- But did the exact opposite to ensure we never got a socialist government….In or out of the EU.

        You made a socialist government in my lifetime a sisyphean task.

        Now you just lash out at anyone who puts you right for YOUR fuckup. What a spoilt, immature little bellend you are.


      16. SteveH, I got the measure of Toffee the foul mouthed troll a long time ago. To be honest, I just like winding him up and he falls for it every time, sometimes I decide he’s had enough and I leave him spluttering in his own dribble.

    5. Jack, it was both, and mainly the U turn on the Brexit position, your failure to see and acknowledge that fact does not do you reputation here any favours. Sigh

      1. John, as I’ve mentioned before, because Skwawky is a devout ‘Leaver’ he has large leave following on this blog and therefore the Remain case tends to get drowned out. You are correct of course, it was ‘both’ but why was that? Two tactics ran hand in hand and were deliberately planned by Corbyn’s enemies on the right and in the Israel Lobby.

        When Corbyn became Leader he could do no wrong in my eyes and in the eyes of the vast majority of Socialists. Our enthusiasm rubbed off on vast numbers of the electorate, particularly the young, many of whom had never voted Labour, therefore the his enemies had to go all out to change the perception that Corbyn would make a good PM. An almighty smear campaign was planned and launched on two fronts. First the Israel Lobby backed up by the Zionist media smeared the hell out of him and when he capitulated to them by ditching some of his own supporters they though it was Christmas and wanted even more, which Corbyn gave them.

        In the interim between the Brexit vote and us actually leaving, more information had become available about the consequences and therefore opinions had started to change. The far right, led by Farage who had frightened the hell out of the less well informed by telling them their plight was down to the influx of immigrants from Europe, sensing that the Brexit vote could be reversed, went all out, assisted by some on the left it has to be said, to shout that a second or confirmatory vote would be undemocratic and a theft of their original choice. By that time, Corbyn had been mortally wounded, so that coupled with his indecision, many of the electorate simply wouldn’t listen to him. Had he held his ground against the far right and the Israel Lobby and been more decisive and not allowed his authority to be trashed, he would have had much more respect when making the case for a second vote in whatever form it took.

        So your contention it was a U turn on Brexit that did the major damage is not correct, that’s how the far right and other Brexit fanatics wanted to portray it. The ‘U turn’ was simply an acknowledgement by Corbyn that there had been a gradual change of opinion which needed to be taken into account, a view which was supported by most of the members. Unfortunately he was so broken by then and the Party seen by the electorate as split, mainly down to a rotten core of Zionists, and people such as John McDonnell who wouldn’t stand up to them, that the result of the 2019 election was inevitable.

  3. “Get out of OUR Party you left wing scum!

    Oh by the way we will still be able to rely on your support at the forthcoming election won’t we?”

    They didn’t think this one right the way through did they?

  4. Seems every right wing MP is making themselves relevant for a run at the leadership post Hartlepool and Local election results, they haven’t got it that it isn’t just Starmer who will never be forgiven for the last 20 years of their politics but the whole lot of them


      So, like wee steven you admit you ‘enjoy’ getting a rise out of me.

      …then you start crying and complaining I’m a troll and a bully when I do rise to it.

      What a little twerp… And you claim to have the measure of me? Hahahaha… Bellend.

      As for wee steven (above).

      You NEVER answer anybody. So shove your questions up your hoop, sideways. Quilt.

      1. Toffee – So despite all the evidence to the contrary on these pages, are you claiming that you are not a “foul mouthed troll”?

      2. You’ve had my answer, knobhead. If you can’t figure it out, that’s your problem.

        …See what I did, there? 😉

      3. Toffee – Yes, you’ve made a pathetic attempt to avoid answering my question. Was I supposed to be impressed by what a clever boy you think you are?

  5. I recently had a email from Lisa scabby Nandy asking to join back into labour and donate i politely sent a email back telling her to fuckoff

  6. Who can predict the labour establishments movements. I’m not sure they’d even back a woman so backward are they

  7. 1.Vacuous and self-loathing democratic socialist leader shits in the Labour bed.

    2. Phone banking reveals that previous Labour voters not only don’t like the look of excrement but run a mile from voting for someone that did the deed and stinks of it !

  8. What a surprise hate the members, BS the voters and what do you expect?

    This is the direct result of Starmer and this cult of new Labour 2.0 actions and lies.

    My question is a scary one. Was this Starmers plan all along???

    1. It is a reasonable question to ask, and given that Starmer is a personal friend of the head of one branch of the secret service (I forget which just now) and given his actions since becoming “leader” you and me and everyone else is entitled to harbour suspicions. Be sure however that only future historians (if our civilisation avoids collapse) will be able to see the evidence when secret papers are released in about a 100 years.

  9. I see the usual suspects have slithered from under their slimy stones, Cooper, Reeves, Rayner, Nandy, Khan, What is wrong with The Majority of you English what sickness has crept into your brains, This Country has set itself back 40 years what choice is there in England what alternative have you lot given yourselves The Tories, Then a Party masquerading as Labour run by a Muppet, UKIP, England First,The Lib Dem’s, The Greens, And You as a Nation of Working Class People will be judged by History and our future Generations will Ridicule You and deservedly so Look at the State The Right Wing have made of the Labour Party it is in absolute chaos a shambles and an embarrassment to The Working People, We had the greatest leader since Attlee and we are Reaping the disaster and calamity for Standing by and Allowing The Facist Right Wing and certain Jewish Liars from the HOL down to Jess Philips Bully then Eject Jeremy Corbyn from his position of Democratically Elected Leader of the Socialist Labour Party Shame on All who let this Happen. The Time has come after years of Kinnock,13 years of Blair, Mandelson Campbell, et al, 2 years of brown as leader then Miliband, The disgraceful disgusting Harriet Harman, To PURGE EVERY RIGHT WINGER FROM THE LABOUR PARTY THE TIME IS NOW Get The Right Out Purge the Right Jeremy Corbyn Forever

    1. Patrick – ….and there was I thinking that he stepped down after losing 61 seats.

      1. Was it not a little different from that? Surely Corbyn had said, before the election, that he would step down if Labour lost. The implication in your comment, whether intentional or not, appeared to be that he stepped down BECAUSE Labour lost 61 seats.
        Though I wouldn’t express the view in the language that Mr McQueenie uses, I think that only the delude could argue that there was not an unremitting campaign of vilification by the likes of those he names, and that this campaign was carried out with the sole purpose of ensuring that Labour could not win power under Corbyn’s leadership.

      2. Well mr Hall centrist Dad you can always fall back on the fantastic choice that the PLP will let you vote for.just looking at them it looks like a catalogue of Labour fwends of Israeli Zionist regime.You must be proud of what youve done to the Labour party stevedavidh.

      3. The loss of seats was the result of the way the simple-majority, single-member voting system works (as I suspect you know) when a loss of votes is focused in specific constituencies, in this case Brexit-voting areas, long taken for granted by the Labour Party and new Labour governments, 1997-2010. How Labour got to that position owes much to both Starmer and McDonnell.

        The loss of votes was of course much less.

  10. Labour’s panel looking into the problems in Liverpool held a meeting today.
    Below is a short extract from a report on their first meeting that I thought may interest Liverpudlian members.

    Judith Blake, Baroness Blake of Leeds, added: “ We are inviting submissions from party members in Liverpool City region.”
    Labour’s panel is inviting submissions by email until May 21st, initially wishing only to hear from people in the Liverpool City Region. It will investigate any failings in governance, oversight and scrutiny relating to the party in Liverpool.
    The panel also intends to assess whether any Labour rules, procedures or codes of conduct have been breached and to make recommendations about the party’s organisation, structures, rules and procedures to avoid repeats of issues raised in Liverpool.

    1. David Hanson is leading this, and is being assisted by Judith Blake. We’ll see. I don’t have much confidence in Hanson, but Judith may bring balance.

  11. I’ve emailed the local Labour candidate to tell her she won’t be getting our votes. She’s a good woman, does lots for the community (sacrificing much of her private time). Told her straight that if was running as independent then I’d give her my vote gladly.

    She replied offering the opportunity to discuss how we feel in the hope of changing us. She deserves politeness and respect. But that’s where it ends.

    I see elsewhere on here that Mandy is spitting out the old nowhere else to go message. It was a one trick pony. Having nowhere else to go can also mean staying at home and doing nowt. A change of leader won’t fix the problem either. They’ve shown their cards and now many of us know just how corrupted Labour is.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind as they say.

  12. The reduction in “promises” is the least of Labour’s worries just wait until they try and get what they have got out to vote on the day of the election. I am betting that Labour will be trashed in the May elections by a chronically low Labour turn out.

    I have never know a Lab leader admit that the Party expected to do badly in an election as Starmer did a couple of weeks go re his Vaccine Bounce. Lab supporters are notoriously difficult to get out to vote and will not bother at all if they are told by the Party’s leader that its a lost cause. The man’s an amateur .

  13. Starmer is a proud Zionist and he will not tolerate any LP members who are not, in fact he is contemptuous of all of them, he hates Jeremy Corbyn so much he said “Corbyn should have no place in the Labour party” and by implication nor should any Labour member who harbours such views [this could well be a majority of Labour members].
    Just how vindictive Starmer is one only has to look at all the anti Zionists Starmer has had expelled from the party.
    Another Labour supporter denigrated and her career put in jeopardy was Maxine Peake,
    Ms Peake’s short comment in the Independent interview was a legitimate criticism directed at the Israeli state, in particular a branch of that state – the Security Services, [her comment broke no laws nor any public order regulations and is free speech, allowed for in article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights now incorporated in UK law] Ms Peake’s comments were patently not Anti-Semitic since she did not mention Jews. The Government of Israel is neither a representative of the Jewish people collectively wherever they may reside, nor, and more importantly, not a representative of what people of Jewish origin may think. It is wrong to conflate actions of the Israeli government or state with Anti-Semitism as Mr Starmer has done, in fact as a guide the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance [IHRA] working definition of Anti-Semitism at example 11 states, it could be Anti-Semitic to conflate the two, here … “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel”. Starmer is a vindictive man who will pander to any focus group in order to gain power, he lacks any semblance of humanity, I have nothing but contempt for him. As i told a LP canvasser over the phone last week, Starmer is the last person on earth I would vote for.

    1. Harry – “Corbyn should have no place in the Labour party”
      Do you have a link to what you appear to be claiming is a direct quot’ from Keir Starmer?

      1. SteveH Best I can do with the short amount of time I have. Starmer said that in his own response to the EHRC report he had been clear that “those that deny or minimise antisemitism in the Labour party, and say it’s just exaggerated or part of a factional fight, are part of the problem”. From memory I recall him saying and those who think like him also have no place in the Labour party

      2. Harry – Thanks for taking the time to reply, now you’ve given more details I recall it too. Like you I can’t remember the precise details. I’ll try and find the time to listen to Starmer’s speech and QA session later on today and get back to you.

    2. Harry Law, correct. Even when RLB declared she was a Zionist she was still sacked by Starmer for not being Zionist enough because she retweeted a comment which he considered to be antiSemitic.

      The fact that Starmer is a Zionist and therefore a racist means he should not even be a member of the LP, never mind its Leader!

  14. Sorry, my mistake,Starmer is the second to last person I would vote for, Jess [but that’s anti Semitic] Phillips is last by a long way.

  15. SteveH06/04/2021 AT 9:18 PM
    Toffee – Oh dear, trying to silence the inconvenient truth again.
    Unlike you I voted for Corbyn in both his leadership elections and I voted for the left slate in all the NEC elections whilst Corbyn was leader. What did you do to support him?

    Inconvenient truth, is it?

    All that bluster and bullshit – From the same knobhead that ONLY voted for stammer because he was best of a bad bunch….yet who extols each and EVERY fuck up broken promie and general shihousery stammer’s provided while glorifying ity compared to corbyn’s tenure.

    Yep, there’s been hundreds of thousands hjoined the party under stammer – not. And that’s better than more than doubling the size of the membership like Corbyn did.

    That’s wee steven for ya, folks.

    The same prick who told (And tcontinues to tell) non labour members that their voice doesn’t matter.

    Remind me who much non-labour members voices ‘Didn’t matter at the last election, knobby?

    That’s wee steven for ya, folks. Small wonder the party’s being deserted en masse if stammer has to rely on the likes of colossal imbecile.

    As for complaining about my vernacular – This is the same wee Steven claimed he finds it ‘Enthralling’ when I rise to the bait. …But complains about it when I remind him that if he insists on treating people like their voice doesn’t matter, he’ll be shown the contempt he deserves, the thundercunt.

    When you treat me or others with respect, I might reciprocate – I only extend that courtesy to the deserving…And not only are you one of the undeserving; you don’t even warrant the steam off my piss, and it ‘s highly unlikely you EVER will.

    So then, wee steven – who’s been desperately been attempting cosy up to jackanory in the vain, delusory hope that perhaps the two of you can somehow outmanoeuvre or even outwit me – off ya pop, lad. Even jackanory despises you.

    Come back when you’ve got so much as a speck on me; we’ve all got the patience of Job.

    See ya.

    1. Toffee – Unfortunately you got so wrapped up in trying to impress the feeble minded with your childish diatribe that you forgot to answer my question.

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