Exclusive: Labour suspends left-wing local election candidates in Liverpool as ‘coup’ continues

Mayoral selection scandal followed by forced deselections via suspension to clear slots for right-wingers

Labour’s Liverpool scandal continues.

Skwawkbox understands that the party has piled further disgrace on top of its inexcusable – and unexplained – decision to bar all three shortlisted women councillors standing for selection – and to replace them with a twice-bankrupt woman and a 25-year-old male councillor facing accusations of bullying and disability discrimination – by suspending several left-wing council candidates in order to deselect them and replace them with right-wingers.

At least one of those suspended had already been suspended groundlessly once and then reinstated.

The Labour right, which spent the five years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership whining shamelessly every time one of their own was democratically deselected by Labour members, has dispensed with even the pretence of democracy in order to prevent left-wingers gaining office and to shoehorn in more drab right-wing clones.

And Liverpool is not an exception – the same tactics are being used around the nation and more details will emerge this weekend.

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  1. I will reserve making any judgement until we know who these individuals are and why they were suspended.

    1. Even though there’s nothing they could possibly have done to justify this? Even though there is a continual pattern of removing left-wing- and ONLY left-wing candidates?

      When is this reactionary, anti-democratic nonsense going to stop, SteveH? On what grounds could you even CONCEIVABLY defend it?

      Then, you think there’s a difference between Williams and the Tory candidate in Hartlepool, and you think it’s WORTH electing Labour candidates who aren’t socialists, so it’s all to be expected that you’ll fall in line behind Starmer’s pointless insistence on moving the party to the right when the polls show that no good can come of it.

    2. You clearly are an excellent “bullshiter” mr Steve Hall centrist Dad,We all know what you say before its out of your mouth 👄 .Pure right wing propaganda for our departing Knight..!

      1. Joseph – You’ve clearly run out of anything useful to say.

    3. What you mean is you’ll keep schtum until everyone’s suspicions have been proved correct again, then you’ll make some weaselly, obfuscative shithouse excuses or just pointedly refuse to broach the subject when asked.

      And you’ll probably ask for people to provide proof of your shithousery (another of your shithouse tricks) in the hope people will have forgotten exactly which thread your quotes were made; but if provided you’ll shit out and say you meant something else .

      And you’ll still try to pontificate about your hypocritical, warped and imbecilic version of democracy.

      We’re all tired of your worn out (To the point of being abused) methods.

      Dry up, you worthless turd.

      1. Toffee – Unlike you I don’t blindly jump onto every passing anti-Labour bandwagon.
        Please don’t blame me for your own stupidity, nobody forces you to make accusations that you can’t back up.
        You’ve only got yourself to blame.

      2. What passing labour bandwagon, you immense gawp? The same passing labour bandwagon your dear leader – The man I detest just about as much as you – is already on…Then off… Then on again, because he hasn’t got a fucking clue what he’s doing or what he’s about?

        Even the MSM are slowly but surely cottoning on…but YOU?

        And I just KNEW you’d use THE most shithouse retort in your book – The ‘Don’t blame me if you can’t back it up’ one

        IUnluckily for you, moron, ‘ve already explained in my OP what your methods are and STILL you use one of them wiithout even realising you’ve done so…Although at least you’ve manged to remember which thread you’re on and who you’re addressing.

        But it won’t be long before i’m someone else on a totally different thread, because you’re annoyinfg that many people these days they’re all openly deriding you. in essence, you’re getting punch-drunk, soft ollies.

      3. Toffee – So you think it is somehow all my fault when you can’t provide any evidence to support your lies and nonsense. Your attempts to blame others for what in reality are your own inadequacies is not a good look.
        The solution to your problem is incredibly simple – Stop posting crap that you can’t substantiate.

    4. Isn’t it amazing how according to the endablers we should wait and see what BS excuse they come up with. We have to understand and stay silent members and keep supporting their actions. Well we do understand your cult of new Labour 2.0 has NO respect for democracy, hates socialism and the left. So you have to ask WTF are they doing in a supposedly left party?

      Nope no longer will I tick a box to blindly support these insults to my socialist ideology. No longer will I give money to assist these abuses. Not in my name any more will I stay a member and stay silent and until I see a democratic true socialist ONLY party.

      Then I will campaign to make sure everyone knows there is no purpose in supporting the once great Labour party and that upsets me hugly. Your cult distroyed 4 generations of support and membership, you walked away from socialism. So never ask for anything back because your get what you have earned. NOTHING!

      1. disabledgrandad – On the contrary I have expressed my concern before on these pages that appointed (by who?) Regional Officers are empowered to overturn the democratic votes of members.
        Unlike you I don’t see any point in going off on one because of a single, solitary and not very detailed report. At the moment we have absolutely no idea why she was suspended. As I’ve said above I’ll wait until we have a bit more detail before expressing an opinion.

    1. As I said in relation to an earlier report, journalists will often receive information on the understanding that the full content will not be released (to protect sources). The mainstream media does it all the time. The information you ask for will, assuredly, come out at some point. If you ask out of interest, I would urge a little patience. If you ask in order to imply that the report is should be disregarded, I would urge you to stop playing games.

  2. A pretty good chance that we could get an insight by checking Novara Media over the next week.

  3. Little stevie and his pathetic partner in crime are straight in there with a frankly ridiculous attempt at deflection, you would be forgiven for thinking they had prior warning. Either this is a deliberate attempt to completely destroy the LP, or these Right wing halfwits actually believe their own propaganda that all they have to do is remove the Left to ensure electoral success, I think it is mainly the latter, but there are no doubt some who are consciously trying to destroy the party.

    1. John Thatcher, it is both: they believe their own propaganda and they don’t care if they harm the Labour Party in the process. To then the most important thing is to stop left Labour candidates getting into elected positions no matter the cost.
      They are the ones that have the seats and the income that goes with these seats. Hence, this is an attempt to keep themselves on the gravy train and protect their privilege.
      To them the Party is there to provide them with an income, so if they aren’t the ones that are going to have the pay positions they aren’t interested in the Labour Party.

  4. Stay and fight?

    Ancient Chinese proverb says you won’t break a rock by throwing eggs at it.

    Starve them of their financial lifeline and you have every chance of overseeing their demise.

    To paraphrase Meyer Rothshild:” Permit me to issue and control the money of a (party) nation, and I care not who makes its laws.

    The power must be held from without if it cannot be held from within.

    1. Dearie me, The Toffee , you do realise that your thoughtless ,unnecessary, use of the supposed Meyer Rothschild ‘quote’, is to employ a classic anti-semitic meme – directly sourced from basic Nazi ideology ? I have noticed , in your more recent posts, you too have slipped into the toxic obsession with ‘zionism’ that infects too many (often clearly mentally unbalanced) Skwawkbox posters – and is a poisonous ideological intrusion into healthy Left dialogue .

      Shame on you, The Toffee, invoking (in a completely non sequitur way too) an ancient old anti-Semitic memes , feeding off that old slur that, ‘the Jews control the nation’s money and thereby are the real power behind the scenes”, as per that old Czarist forgery of ‘ The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. The Left is lost at sea tactically and ideologically enough already , in the face of the new Labour Right and general neoliberal offensive, without you joining the anti-Semitic ‘anti-zionist’ obsessive conspiraloon nutters too, promoting this diversionary poison !

      Note to Steve of Skwawkbox : you do realise , Steve, that increasingly Skwawkbox comments are becoming a significant transmission belt for crude anti-Semitism, disguised as ‘anti Zionism’, into Left discourse ? (or, as with The Toffee’s vile contribution here, simply slipped in as a totally irrelevant aside , that doesn’t really usefully support his wider , perfectly valid, comment about Labour Party funding , but is simply an offensive anti-Semitic meme) . If not – WAKE UP, Steve, and deal with it by not tolerating it from posters.

      1. That’s just culture war posturing j penny. Facts are facts no matter how unsavoury. Winston Churchill said something along the lines of: “I don’t care that Israel takes land from the Palestinians just as I don’t care that America took land from the red Indians and Australia from the blacks. It’s natural for a superior race to dominate an inferior one”. No one should be constrained by the flawed political gag of the IHRA.

      2. I think it’s wrong that a political party has banned mentioning the likes of Rothschild and Soros particularly as the latter is up to his ears in funding regime change wars.

      3. Peter Hitchens just made a good point on twitter. “If the Iraq war happened now, we’d never find out about WMDs with today’s media, politicians and cultural gagging”.

      4. Peter Hitchens makes a lot of good points, period, which is obviously rather disconcerting for anyone on the left!

      5. Methinks the anti Semitism is in the eye of the beholder.

      6. Ho-hum.

        Corbyn was dead right when he mentioned british irony being lost on some…

      7. The usual high class display of a basic lack of intelligence or any counter argument to my post from that dim covid denier, ‘timfrom’ ! Truly sad. Those who have no even minimal arguments to put forward always hide behind playground abuse you silly boy.

      8. “Covid denier”? Lockdown sceptic, if you don’t mind. And I’ve already dealt with your arguments with my own and, unlike you, I hate to repeat myself and bore people half to death.

        And, no, I don’t have any Kaolin & Morphine for your affliction, so you can go bother somebody else.

      9. The tiresome lundiel, yet ANOTHER conspiraloon covid denier – with a completely non sequitur post, supposedly in response to my quite specific complaint about the casual usage of an old anti-Semitic meme by The Toffee. What on earth has some old racist comment about White colonialism by Winston Churchill got to do with my post, you strange lad ? European Anti-Semitism pre-dates the formation of the modern state of Israel by well over fifteen hundred years, and the poisonous meme or trope that ‘the Jews control us via their control over money” has certainly been a commonplace of anti-Semitism as long as capitalism has existed, indeed long before . It is the long recognised ‘Socialism of fools ‘, that diverts workers from their real enemy, ie, the entire capitalist class, not ‘the Jews’ or just ‘Jewish financiers’. .

        Too many of the self-identifying ‘Leftists’ posting on Skwawkbox nowadays show by their various conspiraloon obsessions, particularly about ‘Israel/zionism’ that they are closer to Strasserism as a pseudo ‘anti capitalist’ ideology, than genuine socialism.

        You really need to get a grip of the rampant, only thinly disguised, conspiraloon, anti-Semitism in so many comments on Skwawkbox, Steve of Skwawkbox – or this site will be ever-more discredited as a useful arena for sane Left discussion. Too easy for the Right Labourites and MSM to dismiss the good stuff on Skwawkbox , when below the line comments (by a tiny group of obsessive posters of no more than ten or so ) constantly exhibit various repititions of those tired old conspiracy anti-Semitic memes and tropes – often out of sheer ignorance in most cases.

      10. Oh, I AM sorry, jp. Hey?! Maybe if Yasser Arafat had said it, it’d have been ok to use, eh?

        …Or perhaps not. I don’t give a flying shite either way. If you want to see antisemitism where none exists, knock yerself out. Give the right all the ammunition they need. I couldn’t give a fuck; if it hastens the mass exodus of the left to form a proper socialist party without fear or favour, then I actively encourage that action..And the words of rothschild will haunt the right and see them hoist by their own petard.

        If ot were to happen you could call it ‘poetic justice.’

        But like jackanory, don’t start crying and accusing me of other things I’ve never done or said or supported when you get disabused wholesale, of those original feeble notions and accusations.

      11. Toffee – Yasser Arafat the guy who apparently inspired the 11 year old Anas Sarwar to go into politics.

      12. I have been searching for a quote that could have formed the basis of the paraphrase referred to. There is, clearly, some debate about whether Nathan Mayer Rothschild said something similar to this. As yet there is no clear evidence that such a statement was made and I suspect that, given the effort that has been expended in trying to verify or disprove the quote, there never will be. There are, certainly, many instances of the “quote” which can be found in literature and on the internet so it is unsurprising that many people would view it as authenticated. That does not necessarily mean that those who take the “quote” as being a factual statement are displaying antisemitism. When something is repeated enough people often come to regard it as fact (you only have to look at the manufactured “story” that alleged that Jeremy Corbyn had laid a wreath on the grave of a terrorist to see how such stuff can operate). I appreciate your desire to protect us from manifestations of antisemitism. However, Mr Toffee may well have thought that the quote was accurate and had been authenticated. Where there is doubt I would give the benefit (and much of it).

  5. Never mind all that. The burning question about Liverpool is why haven’t they organised a Kill The Bill protest? It was conspicuous by its absence from KTB’s own list of demos scheduled for this weekend. 40 years ago Liverpool & Bristol lead the charge taking protest onto the streets. This time it would seem only the latter has bothered to turn up…

  6. Looks like the continued support from Starmer for the eradication of the Labour Party … and democracy. The one-party-state gravy train beckons …

  7. I penny you are becoming increasingly obsessive in any form of criticism of Jews,Zionism or the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv.Your actions in suppressing debate,and criticism are ignorant and dangerous especially when like Starmer try to elevate one religion or race above everybody else.No religion including my own have any rights to be placed on r pedestal inside of the Labour party.or any other party.We don’t need any lessons from you on Political education and the law of negative Suggestion.We get enough of that from the Jewish Zionist convert Sir Keir Starmer the religious fanatic..and AS scam man…..

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