Video: Sunak respects social distancing on camera – but watch when he doesn’t know we’re watching

Chancellor maintains distance for video with Tory MP – but the scene is very different when he thinks the cameras are not recording

When Boris Johnson announced his ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ last month, he made a big performance about the dangers still posed by the coronavirus and the importance of respecting measures in place, including social distancing.

But it seems his Chancellor has different ideas, at least when he doesn’t know the cameras are watching – as footage caught last Friday during Sunak’s visit to Thornaby shows:

For his propaganda video, Sunak more or less maintained social distancing – but a few yards away, when he didn’t know he was being caught on film, it was a different situation.

If Johnson and the Tories really cared about not adding more to the appalling total of the needless deaths they have caused, Sunak would be out of a job before the day is out.

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  1. This virus continues to be exploited to deny civil liberties and enforced draconian measures against the will of the people…1984 his increasingly looking like an age of enlightenment compared to what the Conservative and unionist party have planned for the working-class people.Hopefully there will be at least a handful of Socialist MPs who will realise that they must come together with the unions to form a new party of the people. If its not too late already?

    1. As page linked by Steven says, you must keep 2m apart from non-members of your household.

  2. LOL@Rishi. (Who happens to be by far the richest in government)

    Meanwhile, as Boris declares us match fit by breaking the NPT due to increased nuclear weapons, Irk Streamers comment is, well…

    …Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accused the Conservatives of overseeing an “era of retreat,” with armed forces cuts “every year for the last decade”…

    How many of you like the idea of sending your child or children to play in Boris’ match? Clearly Streamer likes the idea of sending your kids

    1. For once I can almost agree with stammer.

      Defence cuts HAVE seen this country become a laughing stock. Defence cuts from governments of ALL persuasions.

      We’ve seen accommodation that rats would turn their snouts up at.

      Army issue boots that crumble in very warm climates.

      Naval officers shouting ‘bang’ instead of letting off their vessels guns during war games.

      Aircraft carriers without aircraft while we may as well have laid the yanks to to relieve us of our sea harriers

      Stealth submarines that’d wake the dead with missiles we’d have to ask the yanks for permission to fire.

      Destroyers that shut down entirely when their missile guidance systems are engaged, leaving the vessel as a literal ‘sitting duck’.

      RFA vessels refitted at a cost of tens of millions then flogged off for a few grand because the staff to man them were not retained/renewed.

      Early warning aircraft being demolished when 80% complete, due to ‘austerity’ ; leaving us with an early warning system that was better in the 1950’s than it is now.

      And so on….

      Now ask yourself: ‘Do we want to send our currently serving lads and lasses out to play boris’ or Keith’s or anyone else’s match with what they’ve got now?’ by

    2. Defense of what?

      I left due to being a chaser of GOD. That’s Gold, Oil and Drugs.

      NATO is unfit for purpose. Not but gangsters.

      Military gear for the west has always been crap (corruption). Now they don’t even try to hide it.

      Then there’s the issue of defending from who? Because from what I see, we are the bad guys

  3. Boris Johnson and increasing influence in the worlds most populist and economically expanding region The Indo \China Pacific rim…Sounds economically viable and profitable business.British establishment lodjic including most of the Labour establishment….Send in the gunboats,to include Our New Aircraft carrier and half a dozen destroyers and ancillary ships ,2 of our nuclear Subs F35 fighter jets US pilots of course and rendezvous with european and American warships in the S.China sea(the clues in the name).and its back to the future for a emboldened Empire and gunboat diplomacy the right “way” …Not History repeating itself the Natives this time around are armed and dangerous with Nuclear weapons for defence purposes only?.IT seems incredible that we are back to the old cold war attitude of half a century ago and we still think that the Natives will run away from the colonial masters….absolutely incredible that we’ve degenerated to the old mindset of Conservative rule and plunder.

    1. Joseph, the west will collapse if they can’t rob/keep down uppity foreign types.

      If only they hadn’t flogged everything to the Chinese…

  4. Someone really ought to complain to the old bill and the parliamentary standards.committee… If I’ve got time later, I shall be doing so.

  5. I thought that business owners were already immune to Covid being that they were able to meet in groups of up 30 and that international travel was permitted(sic).

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