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Exclusive: Sunak pictured breaching social distancing during recent north-east visit

Picture taken in Thornaby shows Sunak and group maskless and in close proximity

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been snapped breaching coronavirus restrictions during a visit to the north-east town of Thornaby earlier this month.

The image clearly shows Sunak in a close grouping of four suited men just outside the Pavilion shopping centre, with a masked member of the public also in shot:

A zoomed-in shot makes clear that it is indeed the Tory chancellor:

Coronavirus restrictions currently in place still require a 2m distance to be maintained among people who are not from the same household, even outdoors.

The Treasury did not respond to a request for comment.

Boris Johnson’s decision not to sack Dominic Cummings last year after his adviser’s lockdown-breaching trips to the north-east badly damaged public trust in and compliance with lockdown restrictions, an effect that has been linked to an increase in the UK’s hideous death toll from the virus. The Tories are evidently still treating the rules as something that applies to others and seem not to care about the likely consequences.

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  1. Many laws for the many. None for the few 📍☔️📍☔️📍☔️

  2. Isn’t he one of the Tory hawks who have been pushing for a end to lock down ‘because they are worried about the poor’. I suppose he has to lead by example.

    1. What would this millionaire know about the poor? His dear wife who has £427m in the bank had her employees on furlough paid of curse from the public purse.

    1. Waste of good rope. Also, if you hang him, you give the Right a chance to present him as a heroic martyr for their cause. Might be emotionally satisfying, but not really worth it.

      Better to keep him alive, but make him live in a council house- without being allowed to buy it, of course- and go through the benefits sanctions process every month.

  3. One rules for the Tory scum another for the public and what happened to not travelling around in a lockdown?

    Why did he even need to visit not heard of zoom? No masks I notice as well yes they are outside but what happened to not associating with people outside this stupid bubble BS.

    So much stupid arrogant contempt for the rules and society the Tory way. Well they want to ban protests that cause offence how about the same law for Tory stupid meetings fair is fair..

  4. Why did he even need to visit not heard of zoom?

    For the same reason HS2’s going ahead….Because you’ll be able to get to meetings a whole 20 minutes quicker, instead of having them on zoom.

  5. Social distancing? How petty! What we need is a mass demonstration. Social distancing is only for the old & infirm.

  6. Timfrom….I think I am suffering from “Post covid stress disorder” just listing to what nonsense the people put up with from the conservative and unionist party and their friends in the Labour party and the MSM…I am sure that trained monkeys would be less likely to comply with some of the control freakery going on…and dont ever forget that they pushed sick old folk together in homes and murdered them in social couldn’t care homes.

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