Starmer: “Happy St Patrick’s Day”. Irish: “póg mo thóin” (kiss my *ss)

At least one Irish person vocally unimpressed with wishes tweeted by Establishment-friendly ‘Sir’ who whipped Labour MPs to abstain on Tory bill that gives immunity to soldiers who shoot civilians

Keir Starmer tweeted a St Patrick’s Day message this morning to ‘the Irish community in Britain’ – and just ‘sláinte’ to any Irish people who don’t happen to live in Britain, which would include people who actually live in Ireland, whether north or south.

It didn’t go down well with at least one Irish reader:

Or in a more suitable vernacular: ‘Kiss my arse mate’

Could it just possibly be linked to the fact that Starmer whipped Labour MPs to abstain on the Tory ‘Overseas Operations Bill’ to give soldiers immunity if they commit atrocities including shooting civilians. Starmer even sacked three MPs for daring to vote against it.

Some of the other responses to Starmer’s tweet certainly seem to suggest it, whether very bluntly or civilly, with many also linking it to Starmer’s original intention to abstain (for a change) on the new Johnson and Patel’s new policing bill:

Perhaps the initial response could have been far worse than ‘kiss my ass’.

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  1. Nice of him to mention St Patrick’s day.Sir Keir Starmer does not understand that whilst we thank him for the best wishes the fact that its coming from a knight of the realm supposedly representing a Labour working class party doesnt lend much credibility to a nation of Republicans whos familys have a legacy of distrust of Royalty and the establishment that represents them..Still better than a poke in the eye with a short stick my wife says…so it must be good advice?

  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all Skwawboxers everywhere. Have a good one. Keep it between the hedges.

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