Breaking: motion PREVENTING changes to Liverpool mayoral model and demanding transparency from Labour PASSES at emergency council meeting

A countermotion moved by Labour MP – and still Liverpool councillor – Ian Byrne at tonight’s emergency meeting of Liverpool City Council has passed by 39 votes to 22, preventing any further changes to the mayoral model without transparency from the party as to why three women candidates were barred from the selection process after being shortlisted.

An earlier attempt by a coalition of right-wing councillors and the small group of Labour fixers often referred to as the ‘north-west mafia’, to return to the old ‘leader/cabinet’ model and which would have allowed them to install their preferred candidate in spite of unanswered questions about her links to a heavily-criticised company and cash handed out to businesses, was resoundingly defeated earlier in the meeting.

The successful motion reads:

Motions for Emergency Meeting of Labour Group 27th February 2021

Calling for transparency regarding the decision to remove all three short-listed nominees from the ballot to select a mayoral candidate, by Cllr Ian Byrne MP

Three senior women in the Labour Party – Cllr Wendy Simon Acting Mayor, Cllr Ann O’Byrne former Deputy Mayor and Cllr Anna Rothery current Lord Mayor – have been removed from the ballot.

How can three senior members, with over 50 years’ service between them, be removed from a process that had followed the Labour Party Selection Process, with no explanation as to why?

0There should be transparency immediately from the party regarding the decision to block each of the previous 3 candidates, and time afforded to scrutinise and challenge these decisions.

We further believe that in any alternative model we adopt going forward, the wider Liverpool Labour membership should retain their ability to democratically decide the leadership, and we will seek an NEC rule change to that effect if necessary.

Popular left candidate Anna Rothery’s fight to be reinstated to the selection, after she was barred groundlessly by the party, will continue. She is understood to be applying to court for an injunction to overturn the party’s opaque and anti-democratic decision.

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  1. It would be nice if we could have an official statement from the party explaining WTF is going on.

    1. Yeah it would be ‘nice’ to find out WTF is going on…

      …With this, the forde report, and opposing toerag policy in general….Amongst several other malfunctions there’s been under the stammer *ahem* ‘stewardship”

      Oh…and also with your answer about the difference between stammerism and conservatism, and your detachment from reality.

      1. “the difference between stammerism and conservatism”

      2. tedious frank – There’s none so blind as those blinkered by their own political dogma.

      3. frank – your dazzling intellect shines through for all to see

    2. Unfortunately the party has moved to a model of treating the membership like a bad smell under their noses. Democracy in the party is at an all time low. I have no faith in the LP and I will not be voting for Labour whilst these charlatans are in charge. I have given my vote, time and money for 51 years casting my first vote for the excellent Eric Heffer but I will not vote for these truth twisters.

    3. Of course, but we can’t just withhold any judgment or dissent pending said explanation. You know full well they’re never going to explain anything before May.

      1. And btw, Steve, how, after everything that’s happened, can you STILL pretend that Starmer won’t essentially govern as a Tory? We can already surmise- based on everything he’s said and done so far- that if Starmer is still leader at the time of the next GE, no vestiges of socialism will survive in the Labour manifesto- and as we all know, Labour without socialism, without a commitment to swift and radical transformation of life, has no reason to exist. It has no future as a party of more or less the status quo.

    4. IT would be nice if we could get an official statement from the party Steve H says.?…But surely this attitude of contempt has been fostered by Steve H and the rest of the misfits against the members..And so we see once again in Liverpool an attempt to walk over the membership and even ian Byrne because they believe in democracy and rules and the right wing believe in elitism.They are parasites that will and are hellbent on wrecking the Labour party and steveh davidh is one of them.Crocodile tears 😢 don’t wash with socialism anymore,weve learnt from experience.


      Now that Corbyn’s finished we’re ditching the pretence and putting our feet up for a bit.
      You scruffy plebs better behave yourselves or we’ll set the plod on you.
      If the plod’s not enough Benny says we can have as many IDF as we need to put you down.

      der Führer

  2. We need to know at what level the decision to cancel the original selection process was taken.
    Was it local, regional, the NEC, GenSec or LOTO and of course why.

    1. Not wanting a Black Socialist woman to win.
      Not noticed that Keith is racist?

      1. tedious frank – Like you I’ve never seen any evidence of Keir being a racist, do you have some credible evidence to support your ridiculous accusations.

      1. tedious frank – I guess that’s a no then, you are no better than those who made all the false accusations against Corbyn.
        You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Reply to Steve H re racism
      If a person offers unconditional support to anti Arab racists such as the Labour Friends of Israel and allows them to have a say in our policy making or if a person supports individuals who actively or by their silence condone the human rights abuses and institutional racism that Arabs experience at the hands of the Israeli government in Israel Palestine and Gaza, if a person trivialises a movement like Black Lives matter, if that person is not appalled by the racism BAME MPs suffer on a daily basis, then Yes Steve H that person is a racist. Keir Starmer is a racist and as most Arabs and many BAME brothers and sisters are Muslim he is probably an Islamophobe as well.

      1. Smartboy – So no evidence then, just stuff you’ve made up.

    3. SteveH “I’ve never seen any evidence of Keir being a racist”

      It’s staring you in the face, Starmer is a Zionist, you couldn’t get much more racist than that!

      1. Doug – I don’t know and I’m guessing you don’t either.

    4. SteveH
      Keep it simple then
      Enough to make him a fucking anti semite and a racist

    5. He said that Black Lives Matter was “a moment, not a movement”. And he condemned the removal of monuments to racism and slavery- like the statue of the Bristol enslaver. And there’s the fact that he left the bigoted rant of the woman who called in to the talk show he was on on London Radio- something far more unforgiveable than any of what Corbyn was vilified for. There’s no way you can take positions like that and still claim to be an antiracist.

    6. Almost certainly Lotto have been leading the charge against the Labour party to abandon democracy and insert a minor fiefdom for the benefit of themselves and their paymasters…and our friend steve h is one of the lackys to do the knights bidding.Lies and deceit are the currency of the establishment Labour party.under the knight and his misfits.

      1. Joseph – Can you honestly say it was any better under Corbyn.

  3. We need to know. We need to know. We need to know. Too true, but with this lot in charge I suggest you don’t hold your breath.

      1. Some vile hard right wing piece of shit.
        Look in a mirror.

      2. tedious frank – You’re becoming a little repetitive. Do you have a limited vocabulary?

      3. SteveH27/02/2021 AT 10:23 PM
        tedious frank

        SteveH27/02/2021 AT 11:34 PM
        tedious frank

        SteveH28/02/2021 AT 12:20 AM
        tedious frank – You’re becoming a little repetitive

        You’re still breathing then… fucks sake. 🤬🖕

      4. different Frank…..Dodds is better looking than sh,,but the hairstyle is the same…?I wonder if he’s any relation of Ken dodds who stashed his money under the bed till mummy said no?.I think our stevie boy is a bit of a comedian as well.And no I havnt got a link to any evidence other than the dress and hairstyle.

      5. The man who’s Twitter feed is linked there. The one who identifies as “Centrist. Dad. Probably Centrist Dad”(I’ll assume the mild uncertainty there is about his parenting style, not whether he is in fact the father of his partner’s children).

    1. Wow, just read some of the comments. I can’t help but to repeat the question; how do these people get into the party and rise?

  4. That’s true why not name them
    We are still waiting for who authorised payments to Panorama Drama Queens and on what basis

    1. SIR Max Headroom the bollard is abusing the office of “Leader”. We can all see that. Keith is disreputably squatting in the Labour Party. Despite all his desperate sinking even beneath his well known lows for years as a tool of injustice, since April Keith has been determined to show his masters and mistresses he is ready to crawling even lower than the bottom
      of a long drop toilet.

      And what has Keith gained from his slithering progress ?

      Hot off the press, i hear even in 14 days the bollard has managed to be dumped by more people. Starmer the deceitful saboteur is regarded as an even worst choice for PM as … Johnson 33%
      The bollard 25%. Good going coup plotter Keith.

      2,003 polled Opinium 25-26 February.

      Exactly as Mandelson controlled Campbellend controlled war criminal WMD IRAQ BLAIR, Gordon Brown and Miliband LOST Scotland before i gad even heard of Jeremy… long before those over trumpeted charlatans LOST their Remain argument, now NOW just as they humiliated Mo Mowlam to bask in what she and many others worked hard to achieve (and i think hastened her passing)… with the same ruthless leaf serving acts they have stitched up their tool good and proper. Unlike Mo, Keith Starmer deserves no sympathy because he is a disgusting fraud.

      Having deceived many of the membership to squat in office, run roughshod over all democracy and rules, and being more nasty than the Tories, people distrust Max Headroom and the Dodds woman more than Tories on the economy. 39% the serial philanderer & Sunak. 25% the torturous deceitful saboteur bollard and the bollards Dodds.

      Great going Max that’s strategic advice from your sub controller overseer Mandelson who lost Scotland and Remain.


      1. windchimes – Have you compared the equivalent polling figures for when Corbyn was LOTO in opposition against Johnson.

      2. Corbyn isn’t the leader anymore you fucking abortion.

      3. Toffee – Which bit of my comment didn’t you understand. I quite clearly referred to Corbyn’s leadership in the past tense.
        Or is it more of a case of you just fancied another pointless moronic rant.

      4. Listen here, shit-for-brains, you need to get it into that thick cranium if yours that the contest is between stammer and the toerags.

        You’re the prick always telling us we should all vote labour whatever and whoever leads the party.

        And the reason people aren’t a or won’t is because stammer has not only continually failed to oppose the rags, but has bragged about his support of them.

        Something else that’s be ‘nice’ to know WTFs going on with would be the membership numbers…

        But to pricks like you there’s still three years at least before we need know what they are, or what labour policy will be to overturn the EIFHTY SEAT MAJORITY that you and that greasy gormless gobshite handed to the rags.

        Now fuck right off, imbecile.

      5. SteveH. Starmer’s only just started, your comparison to Corbyn, who suffered an unprecedented attack by the media over several years has no comparison.
        Fuck off troll.

      6. More votes than Blair 2005 Brown 2010 Millipede 2015 Temporary Embarrassment all day evety day for the next millennium

  5. Deltapol has given similar results. Will b published tomorrow. Keith in the dumps despite full MSM support, ALL PLP plus Jeremy, plus sinister forces and tons of money.

    Logic – Keith is a useless waste of space except as a temporary toss pot. U must be embarrassed.

      1. Indeed Starmer plant, the Labour Party pushing the Starmer/McDonnell clusterfuck known as People’s Vote managed to lose the Party 52 of its Constituency Seats, that funnily enough all voted to Leave the EU in 2016 – remain me, I think Labour made one gain for 52 losses, such was the brilliance of this policy. And, your hero Starmer washes his hands of any involvement in this disaster. Typical Centrist bollocks, namely an inability to take responsibility for their actions when they go tits up.

      2. christopher rogers – “I think Labour made one gain for 52 losses”

        I think the one gain was that world renowned Independent Revolutionary Far Left Communist Republic of Putney

      3. Embarrassing is hanging around where you aren’t wanted.

        Sure it’s fun, and I can relate to that. Maybe you enjoy antagonising, maybe you think you’re right. One things for sure, you’re about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool.

        Upcoming local elections are a litmus paper. I predict a drubbing far greater than Corbyn managed to achieve.

        I’ll leave you with this;

        Received a letter just the other day,
        Don’t seem they wanna know you no more,
        They’ve laid it down given you their score,
        Within the first two lines it bluntly read.

        You’re not to come and see us no more,
        Keep away from our door,
        Don’t come ’round here no more
        What on earth did you do that for?

        So, see ya and I wouldn’t want to be ya.

      4. SteveH, I guess your thinking behind supporting Starmer is you believe he is the best chance of getting a Labour Government and if that happens all of Starmer’s contra-indications will disappear and he will become a model Socialist implementing Socialist policies.

        However, Starmer’s past record, long before his present witch-hunt against Socialists, shows this is untrue. Even if Labour under Starmer did become the government, anyone with any political perception can see that Starmer is in the Labour Party under false pretenses because he is not a democrat and is not and never will be a Socialist. Therefore there is absolutely NO CHANCE of us having a true Labour government with Starmer. It would be yet another government for the ruling establishment – and the racist State of Israel.

        Is that what you want?

      5. Temporary Embarrassment lost those seats
        Things can only get better for him
        Has he booked his plot on that new development in Israel

      6. SteveH28/02/2021 AT 1:19 AM
        windchimes – I’ll tell you what is embarrassing, losing 61 seats.

        Whereas you’re far from embarrassed, but indeed rather vainglorious about your achievement, you reprehensible little Tory shit.

        (No prizes for guessing what the little prick’s riposte will be)

      7. Toffee – According to the latest poll only 12% of Labour voters agree with you about Keir Starmer, the vast majority think Keir is doing a good job as LOTO.

      8. christopher rogers, your memory is playing tricks on you. Prior to the 2019 election Survation, in the largest poll since the referendum, found that there was a 9 point lead for remaining in the EU whilst in the Daily Mail, no friend of Remain, a poll showed a 14 point lead for Remain.

        Your contention and that of others, which you keep pushing, that it was a second vote which cost Labour the election is wrong. If you know anything about politics you should know that a tried and tested tactic is first undermine the man and then it’s easy to undermine his policies.

        This is exactly what happened with Corbyn. The influential Israel Lobby both inside and outside Labour did the dirty work and fatally undermined Corbyn with their unrelenting smears. It was then easy for the Tory far right and others, assisted by a few fools on the left, to push the absurd fallacy that a second vote was undemocratic. The result was the downfall of Labour.

    1. I have just arrived at one of your posts which I can reply to. Words that spring to mind: decadent, debauched and dictatorial with a lettuce for his Praetorian Guard.

      1. ha! akexanderscottish 😂😂😂
        must use those suitable words.
        do u know, i always hope to be brief, but just when i think i’m coming to terms with the almost inexplicable last four years, all the sharp disappointment returns.
        my nature since childhood is to ask why why why???

  6. ………..don’t you mean Nicola Sturgeon & the Scots Nats look straight? Salmon & Sturgeon, 2 big fish in a small pool wanting to be figures in history.

    1. It’s the Labour Right’s fault that the SNP dominate Scottish politics now and that a second Indyref is now a virtual certainty. The Labour Right caused all that by refusing to allow the Scottish section of the party to make a Labour-specific argument on the Indyref, forced Scottish Labour into the right wing and politically suicidal “Better Together” cabal with the Scottish Tories and LibDems, and in so doing guaranteed that the “Scotpocalypse” would occur in the 2015 elections- an outcome that may well have guaranteed that there will never be another Labour government in the UK.

      It now seems clear that Westminster Labour, for some bizarre reason, wants an England-only UK- there’s a good chance their attitude will drive Wales to voting for independence just as they are now on the verge of driving Scotland to it- and that they don’t care if this means Labour never leads a government again.

      Quite frankly, they appear to be “extremely casual” with ending up like the SPD in Germany now- as permanent “moderate” junior partners in what amounts to a permanent center-right coalition.

  7. Time to pay tribute to Rachel Swindon not only a great blog but now I feel we have to put two of her recent contributions straight into the Skwawk profanosaurus
    ‘flagshaggers’ and ‘manic Keith preacher’s ‘
    Anything that spot on that makes us smile is worth its weight in gold

  8. How do we know Temporary Embarrassment is a fraud
    Corporation Tax is a tax on profits which will not be an issue for the foreseeable future, for those who have done well an increase acts as a Windfall Tax
    If he was serious he would have called for the reversal of Tory tax cuts, reverse welfare cuts and scrap Trident, HS2 and Hinckley
    So its a smokescreen which will be reversed in 2024

  9. SteveH28/02/2021 AT 5:31 PM
    Toffee – According to the latest poll only 12% of Labour voters agree with you about Keir Starmer, the vast majority think Keir is doing a good job as LOTO.

    12%of labour voters? The way it’s going it’ll be labour polling 12% of the votes.

    And no denial that your proud of your shithousery that gave the rags their eighty seat majority. 🤨

    1. Toffee – Cling on tight to your faux comfort blanket if that helps you cope, just don’t expect the majority of Labour supporters to share your delusions.

      1. SteveH
        Only a matter of weeks now
        How crap does he have to be to lose ‘Manic Keith Preachers’ like you

      2. sh it is the poll in may which matters.
        i predict keith starmer’ disgraceful deceit to hijack labour by promising to continue jeremy’s excellent policies, will show how the public detests his skulduggery.

        the poll of polls in may will be a verdict on keith starmer’s base desperation to outdo the worst excesses of democracy in any european party, so crass that even now, the polls u so often extol show people scorn starmer more than johnson.

        spin that and spin on it sh, it is your on which to spin. only your type r low enough to pretend u r not embarrassed. johnson a man who lies for fun… just for a laugh, pathological … at least the war criminal bliar lies because it gets a rush from dropping bombs… a kick from knowing it is responsible for having millions unnecessarily slaughtered in iraq and elsewhere. that is of course caused be incurable moral and ethical degeneracy but the war criminal is subhuman, so discount it. ignore the wizened orange slithering covid bat maggot.

        but, johnson is obviously human. a lazy spoilt bullingdon type with no regard for other humans. he’s allowed the nation to be plundered of billions for chums. one hundred and twenty three thousand approx excess deaths and yet the public rightly judge keith to be more odious.

        here’s why, they know from experience that keith will be worse. same syndrome as ‘ the zeal of a convert’. of course keith’s no convert. the over waxed bollard is a committed apparatus of the one percent. but converts and wannabes are always zealous to a fault. they feel compelled to impress their masters and mistresses that they can be relied on to do anything. and, because they are moral vacuums they require no encouragement.

        think of gordon brown. u could felt his discomfort, unlike the wmd creature and mandelson. i may be wrong but that’s why brown was ever an effective parasite. a bit like jeremy. they trust trust and trust again… though brown did eventually say of weapons of mass destruction forty five minutes to destruction blair “i will never believe another word you say again.”

        guess what, just like jeremy, in a flash they will return to be deceived as a fog returns to it’s vomit. brown may not be bad. and jeremy definitely isn’t, but both have been within narrow cliques all their lives. … tunnel vision … high minded nothing else worth learning… a self-confirming clique = one. same self reinforcing clique of idea. idea singular. not without merit the idea. but, no man is an island. neither is any one idea. bringing one idea to fruition takes a wide scrutinising team that understands criticism as vital for progress.

        anyway, there i go again. 😂😂😂 only meant to ask, sh, it is your idea that your sir keith starmer will have laurels in may❓❓❓

        i say no. he’s long been toast, and not even u will invite lord sir keith to you caribbean hole. even u know he will bore the living daylights out of u and all who tolerate u there.

        tell us that’s not true 😂😂😂

      3. …sh it is yours on which to spin…
        apologies all other errors. shame on me💐💐💐

      4. as a dog returns to it’s vomit!!!
        can’t explain. sure i typed “dog”
        oh the shame😥😥😥

      5. windchimes – I’m guessing that you thought there was a profound insight hidden within your pros, unfortunately it proved to be too allusive for me.

      6. You mean the majority of labour voters – like you – who DIDN’T get a vote to shit on democracy and renege on policy to respect the referendum result; and in the process alienate the electorate as a whole?

        Don’t even entertain the idea that you can even begin to try to pontificate to me what and how the public think, helmet.

        You’ve never been right once. You never will be right, neither. You and your ideas, predictions and views are anathema to all nornal-minded folk.

        This website, although being a microcosm of public opinion, demonstrates exactly the sheer disdain people have for you and your contraianist pedantry.

      7. Toffee – I hope you’re clinging on really tightly to your ‘comfort blanket’.
        In the same poll, when all voters are included, Keir still has a positive nett approval rating of +5% which gives Keir a 7% point lead over Boris.

      8. SteveH
        Let’s go for 3 strikes and off you must fuck
        Net loss of seats
        % vote lower than 2019 GE
        3rd place in Scotland

      9. Oh looky… Wee fella’s learnt a new one – “Comfort blanket”.

        If stammer doesn’t (re)gain at least 125% of the vote lost by his shithousery in these upcoming, barely significant local elections the you should fuck off, never to obsess over the useless greasy bastard and his utterly useless leadership, again.

  10. I’ve just squirmed through an embarrassing interview with a Labour spokeswoman on Ch 4 news. She tried, and failed miserably, to justify not raising the already low tax on profit. To hear a Labour spokeswoman say “the IMF agree with us” with no trace of irony was jaw dropping.

    1. I.M.F. The grim reaper of the world bank,its got really desperate when Labour start quoting the organisation responsible for a lot of the poverty in the third world.I have seen the results of deprivation and hunger caused by this conglomerate of the capitalist system….Bloody morons just like the establishment Labour party.

  11. Seen it meself, lundiel.

    I think the only thing that she got right was NOT beginning every bleedin’ sentence with: “So…”

  12. When the terms of Reference are agreed by all political parties that there would be a ‘Referendum’, it is insulting of the bourgeoisie & other elites to tell the electorate you voted the ‘wrong way’, try to get it right next time. This is almost Trumpian.

    1. Steve Richards, spot on! What’s remarkable, still people who wind on about virtuous things abroad eg thwarting of democracy, with ease they insult the many right here at home for disagreeing with their somehow superior view. Quite disgusting really. Surely we r all entitled to make our case with evidence. How is it that the case of certain people is to call those who won an argument, “racist”, “stupid”, “xenophobic” etc ???

      Very odd. Are the thousands of non-Europeans risking the high seas and aeroplane undercarriages to come here enjoying free movement ?

      If those who still can’t accept a vote, feel they r so smart, then why did they fail to make a persuasive argument ?

      Have we ever seen so many millions pumped into overturning a vote? Who has that type of money? The voters in Labour heartlands?
      Have we ever seen the same over-turners put so much effort and millions in campaigning against the exploitation of the many? Big pharma? The military industrial complex? The corrupt justice system that punishes mainly the poor? The kleptocratic outsourcing??? The list of ignored ills is endless.

      Think of it, even if “ooh so smart” “oh so decent” people lacked the humility to respect the choices of others, then why not sit up and take a hint? Who were the most hysterical overturn the Ref , Keith, Campbell, Mandelson, Hodge, Straw, Berger, Ummuna, Soubrey, Blunkett, Harman, McDonnell, Reeves, Theresa May and MOST MPs “Lords & Ladies”, Coyle, Swinson, Amber Rudd and her brother, Hayter, Ellman, Smeeth, Ashworth, Streeting, Owen Smith, Thornberry, Rayner, Goldsmith and it’s pet creature the 45 minute WMD threat liar Blair.

      QUESTION – How many humongous piles of throbbing hints do some “so smart”, “so non-racist” and “so anti-Zionist” need❓❓❓

      1. windchime – Would that be the same corrupt justice system that despite the totally unprecedented number of petitions (>200) to the high court to set aside the EU referendum result saved Brexit’s arse?
        In Dec16 the justices of the Supreme Court said they couldn’t rule on the legality of the referendum because its result had no standing in law and the decision as to whether or not it was implemented was purely a political one and not a matter of law.

    2. Steve Richards, What you and other Lexstremists are trying to do is cling to the referendum result and cast it in stone as a way of avoiding and recognising the obvious change in the view of the electorate before we left the EU and confirmed at the time in poll after poll once they had ‘examined the goods’. You wanted to deny the electorate the opportunity to test the change in opinion and if confirmed, ‘return the goods’, but just like a dodgy trader, you wanted to force them to accept faulty goods with no right of return.

      To try and bolster your argument you then go down the ‘I am supporting democracy’ rout when in fact what you are doing is the exact opposite. This is dishonest and not the mark of a democratic Socialist. All your silly talk of the ‘bourgeoise and elites’ is to be blunt, bullshit and you know it. The only people who could have overturned the referendum are the electorate themselves and they are neither bourgeois or elite but because it would have been against your view of the EU you have to resort to skewing what is and what is not democracy, shameful.

      1. I don’t know about you or Donald Trump, but when the terms of reference are agreed by all parties, there is something disingenuous about saying, after the fact, that the result doesn’t count because you had your fingers crossed & you’ve changed your mind. Jeremy Corbyn had a 3rd Way compromise being closer to the EU but you, Starmer & the Blairites sabotaged it, now you have the ‘Hard Brexit’ that only Johnson could possibly want. Shameful? Go look in the mirror.

      2. Steve, it’s not me that changed my mind, according to polls it was the ‘electorate’ but because of an irrational hatred of the EU, Lexstremists and the far right did not want them to have a forum where that change of mind could be expressed and tested on behalf of both sides. It was also a solution that the majority of Labour members supported but it was sabotaged by Lexstremists screeching that it was ‘undemocratic’, what an irony!

  13. The Labour Party has unveiled two new potential candidates for the Liverpool mayoral contest taking place in May, after the internal race was last week reopened with those previously shortlisted not invited to join.

    Liverpool councillors Anthony Lavelle, who represents Croxteth ward, and Joanne Anderson, who represents Princes Park ward and is not related to previous mayor Joe Anderson, have been picked by a panel after interviews.

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