Breaking: ‘mafia’/right-wing coup defeated as two thirds of councillors vote against attempt to scrap mayoral model

Game on now as Rothery battles to overturn scandalous decision to block her

An attempted coup by an ‘unholy alliance’ of fixers known as the ‘north-west mafia’ and right-wing councillors to install their preferred candidate by scrapping the mayoral model has failed, with two-thirds of councillors voting against it at a special council meeting this evening.

Councillors were warned by lawyers that the move to scrap the model before a referendum of voters was unlawful and subject to legal challenge and could result in sanctions against councillors, but the right-wing cadre still tried to dismiss the legal advice and move ahead anyway. In a secret ballot, 66% voted against the move.

The mayoral race is still on, as is Anna Rothery’s fight to overturn the party’s groundless decision to bar her from the contest after she was shortlisted.

Popular left-winger Rothery would become the UK’s first black woman mayor if she succeeded in her legal battle after the party’s scandalous and widely-condemned move to block her candidacy.

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  1. Wonder who’s regretting the ballot being secret??

    The sooner the position’s binned, the better… No more of this sort of shizzle going on… And one less about in the trough.

    1. Say one thing about the French, they certainly have less deference to establishment crooks than we do.

      Sarkozy sentenced to three years in prison for corruption. Shame that the one who pestered him for support to become the first European Union President with INCREASED powers, is yet to be tried, prosecuted, fined minimum six billion pounds and jailed for life for war crimes, still roams free.

    1. Exactly right Steveh- and we (the members) should.

      Why is the Labour right so set against the mayoral model in Liverpool, they usually enthusiastically support Conservative measures, and especially those of Osborne and Cameron, and May and Johnson and, of course, the mother of them all, Margaret Hilda Thatcher?

      Is it simply that a city as fine as Liverpool would use an elected Mayor to endorse and even celebrate democratic socialism?

    2. It doesn’t matter who or why. Not having that info- that information, withheld solely by the right-winters who TRULY make the decision- Starmer obviously ordered it to be done, since he and Evans have decided they won’t tolerate any left wing candidates for any electoral contests anywhere- makes no difference. The only possible reason was to specifically bar Rothery because Starmer doesn’t want socialist Liverpool to have a socialist mayor.

      1. kenburch – The problem with your assertions is that without evidence they are just your best guess.

      2. The problems with your response are that 1) It’s already clear you will never accept any evidence any presents, that 2) No matter what evidence is or is not presented, you will keep insisting that Labour voters in Liverpool simply MUST vote for whoever NW Labour imposes as candidate

      3. And that, in the end you think, based on what you’ve said here, that the fact that there will be a proposal before voters in Liverpool in 2023 to abolish the elected mayoralty means that no one has any legitimate reason to speak out against what we already know is an antidemocratic stitch-up on the shortlist. BTW, the newest poll has Labour, under Starmer, after a year of Starmer’s relentless and unjustified scorched-earth campaign against the Left, now seven points behind the Tories and falling-we can assume the next polls will likely be worse.

        What, exactly, do you see in the Labour status quo at the moment that could possibly be worth defending? What, in any part of Starmer’s strategy, can possibly be assumed to be working? The poll proves that the voters didn’t want Labour to move to the right, didn’t want a purge of the Labour Left, didn’t want the complete suppression of internal democracy Starmer and Evans have imposed, and didn’t want Rothery barred from the Liverpool mayoral nomination(or, for that matter, the barbaric treatment of the Left administered by Bristol Labour).

        It would be one thing to defend this if the “twenty point lead” everyone was assured Starmer or “any leader other than Corbyn” would automatically delivery, had actually appeared. But it hasn’t and we now know it never will.
        So isn’t it time, SteveH to admit that everything the Labour Right has done since 2015, and everything Starmer has done to the party since taking over by lying to the Labour selectorate, has been a complete sham and a complete failure?

        He’s actually got the party in a somewhat worse position in the polls than it was in under Corbyn- and unlike Corbyn, he’s neither being falsely accused not fighting a noxious form of bigotry or subjected to a 24-7 barrage of hatred, and lies from both the media and 80% of the PLP.

        So what possible excuse does Keir have, Steve? And what the hell is there to even bother supporting in anything he’s done or refused to do?

    1. I’m not entirely sure losing UNESCO heritage status will stop the liners coming down the Mersey, Paul…

      Regeneration’s far more important than any appellation that makes little or no difference to anything.

    2. Just wondering why you think there should be councillor(s) sanctioned for passing through a badly needed regeneration project?

      1. Because in my experience they’re like a protected species. I don’t care what they get sanctioned for. Just do it. And bring back personal accountability. Flush them out of the corporate undergrowth and fine them ’til the pips squeak. Thanks!

    1. Ah, I see that bit has been edited out of the original post. Are there now not two new male contenders, then? What’s going on? And where’s the take on the Scottish leadership result?

      1. As I said in my original reply, the conumdrum in the Scots vote was that Anas Sarwar got a crushng majority of indivdual member votes.but failed to get a majority in the affiliated organisations and TU section. This can’t just be down to the big unions – the GMB / USDAW / Community bloc would split from the UNITE / UNISON slate, so the issue goes deeper. The individual member votes puzzle e – Ms Lennon was streets ahead no sincerity and brio.

    1. Its a freak show
      You have no authority here, is a polite way of saying ‘off you must f7ck’
      The best suggestion I’ve heard on here is to boycott known Cockwombles in the party
      May should send a clear message to Leadership and PLP

      1. SIR Max Headroom the bollard is abusing the office of “Leader”. We can all see that. Keith is disreputably squatting in the Labour Party. Despite all his desperate sinking even beneath his well known lows for years as a tool of injustice, since April Keith has been determined to show his masters and mistresses he is ready to crawling even lower than the bottom
        of a long drop toilet.

        And what has Keith gained from his slithering progress ?

        Hot off the press, i hear even in 14 days the bollard has managed to be dumped by more people. Starmer the deceitful saboteur is regarded as an even worst choice for PM as … Johnson 33%
        The bollard 25%. Good going coup plotter Keith.

        Exactly as Mandelson controlled Campbellend controlled war criminal WMD IRAQ BLAIR, Gordon Brown and Miliband LOST Scotland before i gad even heard of Jeremy… long before those over trumpeted charlatans LOST their Remain argument, now NOW just as they humiliated Mo Mowlam to bask in what she and many others worked hard to achieve (and i think hastened her passing)… with the same ruthless leaf serving acts they have stitched up their tool good and proper. Unlike Mo, Keith Starmer deserves no sympathy because he is a disgusting fraud.

        Having deceived many of the membership to squat in office, run roughshod over all democracy and rules, and being more nasty than the Tories, people distrust Max Headroom and the Dodds woman more than Tories on the economy. 39% the serial philanderer & Sunak. 25% the torturous deceitful saboteur bollard and the bollards Dodds.

        (2,003 polled Opinium 25-26 February.)

        Great going Max that’s strategic advice from your sub controller overseer Mandelson who lost Scotland and Remain.


      2. windchimes -What is evident is that whilst Starmer is trialling Johnson by 8% points in the poll you have highlighted when Corbyn was LOTO he was consistently trailing Boris by 20% points before he lost 61 seats. Most people would consider that an improvement.

      3. That was without the rancid MSM support Keith had until very recently. Until until very recently Keith also had full support of the usual old entrenched PLP self-serving parasitic careerist and the new PLP self-serving careerist and the MSM AND the FULL support of the unions and even Jeremy.

        Only Mandelson, Arsetair and the WMD Iraq invading causing over a million dead Blair, did not give real support to Keith. But that’s just their nature. The bollard is only a dispensable tool, but he still was free of wall to wall establishment assaults PLUS he is not bending over to appease the “Left”.

        THEREFORE – your Keith’s embarrassing failure says how much the public are repulsed by him. It’s not just how he looks or speaks or walks or sucks up to the 1% or even his peculiar face and eyes and hen’s anus mouth… or even the curious over waxed potato ish bollard like head. It’s something else… hard to describe… a whiff of something unsavoury… suspicious … untrustworthy in an extra odd way… can’t put my finger on it.

        Will give it more thought but even people who have not noted his DPP doings … the stench of his doings, are clearly turned off by him. May not even be his fault. Just the way he is. A crawler , sly , slippery yet dry… stiff false dull to the point of torture…

        i give up … Keith Max Headroom Starmer is just unlikable, no personality. Say what u want about Jeremy but he definitely has a personality. He can give a rousing speech of substance. Keith can’t do that. That’s why sinister forces use him. They like that empty type like Keith. That Starmer type will do anything wicked without persuasion.


      4. windchimes – Are we to take it that you don’t like Keir. Your obscetion with his physical characteristics as well as being a little concerning also betrays a distinct lack of confidence in the veracity of your own argument.
        We can be thankful that it is extremely unlikely we will ever go into another GE with 66% of the electorate expressing an active dislike for the leader of the Labour party.

      5. SH it’s not that people “don’t like Keith.” U love a poll. Polls u LOVE, show the public increasingly despise Starmer. People see Sir Keith toadying to Johnson. SH, it stinks to them to see the pretend opposition serving Johnson.

        Starmer is parasite. Starmer sabotaged a Labour win with the other coup plotters. They preferred Johnson be PM. Now the public agree with that too. The public prefer Johnson rather than the bollard. The tiresome temporary bollard is obviously a deceitful parasite.

        However, SH it is serious since despite Starmer being “bad news” as predictable and posted here ages ago, he is worse than that. There are more concerns as his ‘connections’ are dug out.

        But, take a tip. Next week Keith’s polling will be even lower. Week after? Lower still. After that? Even lower. Then… then SH it will not matter. 🟢🟡🔴

      6. SteveH- Corbyn was trailing Boris by 20 points in a handful of polls taken AFTER he had already announced he was standing down as leader. Polls on the personal popularity of someone who is already on the way out the door, after enduring a completely unjustified four year long hate and smear campaign, are no reflection on anything.

        Those polls do not justify what the PLP did to Corbyn and, since Corbyn is never going to seek the leadership again- the same polls showed all of Corbyn’s policies to be popular, so Keir had no excuse for either ditching those OR launching a scorched-earth campaign against the Left- there is no justification for you to invoke anything pertaining to Corbyn in defense of Keir at all.

        The one thing we can say is, had Keir not insisted on keeping Corbyn suspended from the PLP- something Corbyn did nothing to deserve, since he had sent his planned remarks about the EHRC ruling to Keir’s office in advance and their lack of response meant they had approved the remarks- and had they not driven tens of thousands of socialists out of the party, with no one to their right coming in at all to replace them- Keir would not be in the poll trouble he is currently facing, and Labour would not be facing an overwhelming and unavoidable defeat at the May elections- a defeat that is a certainty because Keir drove the only kind of people who ever doorbell and otherwise campaign for Labour candidates in any elections out the door.

        Can you not see that it’s all gone wrong, SteveH, and that Corbyn and the Left are utterly blameless in the fact that it’s all gone wrong, and that there is no longer any justification in blaming Corbyn and the Left for anything, since Starmer has forfeited any right to even ask left wing people to vote Labour?

        As noted political analyst John Lydon once said, in a different context, “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”?

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