MP Claudia Webbe suffers horrific abuse for tweeting solidarity with Indian farmers against law allowing big business to ‘eat up’ their farms

Left MP faces barrage of racism and misogyny for support for farmers fighting attempt to force new system onto them – but stands firm

The mainstream media reported on Wednesday evening that singer Rihanna, activist Greta Thunberg and others had ‘angered’ the Indian government by commenting on the protest by Indian farmers against new laws the farmers say will result in their farms being ‘eaten up’ by big businesses – and the Indian government’s decision to cut off internet access relied on by the protesters.

To date, however, no ‘mainstream’ press or broadcaster has bothered to report the horrific abuse directed at Labour MP Claudia Webbe for simply tweeting support for the farmers.

That abuse ranges from misogynistic to racist – and appears to have followed a tweet by London deputy mayor Rajesh Agrawal, who attacked Webbe for tweeting a meme – created by others – supporting the farmers. Agrawal deleted his tweet after SKWAWKBOX submitted a request for comment, but the mayor’s office did not provide comment on questions about why the deputy to London’s Labour mayor was attacking a Labour MP or whether Agrawal had made any statement of support for the farmers on his own behalf.

Below is just a tiny fraction of the torrent of hateful comments:

The abuse also included threats of rape and violence. However, Ms Webbe stood firm and repeatedly reaffirmed her support for the protesting farmers.

A small number of supportive comments did something to offset the horror of the abuse:

Webbe was also able to point to the success of a parliamentary petition on the issue, which is now eligible for debate at Westminster:

But the media’s failure to cover the abuse directed toward her, when she has publicly commented on it and drawn attention to it, is shameful.

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  1. Vested interests? Just goes to show how low the supporters of big business will sink. Well done Claudia. She obviously hit a ‘raw nerve’. The farmers’ action has been hushed up, and when someone significant comes out and talks about it, this is the response, desperation fo shut them down.
    Claudia must be doing something right.

  2. I am so sorry Claudia has been treated this way but she has handled it very well. I am sure Diane Abbott who is the most abused and insulted MP in parliament will reach out to her and support her. As for the Womens PLP – the only women who will support her there are our BAME sisters . She need not look to the likes of Jess Phillips for help. Remember Phillips joined in mocking laughter about Diane on TV and claims to have told Diane to F..k off. When asked what Diane did Jess laughingly replied “she F..ked off” She thought this was an appropriate response to the racist, misogynistic abuse, death and rape threats that Diane endured so Claudia has no hope of any support there.
    I think that the people who post these abusive comments are vile but many know no better. People like Phillips do know better but hurt and insult a Black Woman anyway.
    I doubt very much if Starmer or any of his front bench or shadow cabinet will come out in support of Claudia. He has made it absolutely clear that the only form of racism he opposes is antisemitism and Black Lives Don’t Matter

    1. Bad as Starmer is and I think he is a deceitful scumbag and the worst leader the Labour party has ever had, when I survey the candidates at the last election for leader Jess [but that’s anti Semitic] Phillips comes to mind. Just imagine waking up next to that, I would take an immediate header through the window even though I was on the tenth floor.

      1. Harry I didn’t think the uncouth Jess was suitable as leader but what about Minister for Culture? LOL

  3. Contrast these farmers with our so called farmers,most who have never sat on a tractor or Harvester in their lives being more familiar with a gas guzzling Range Rover.Charlie farley Windsor is a farmer dont you know?The whole family are farmers owning most of the UK and all beneath your feet.I wonder what this farmer thinks about all that land they lost in the “Colonys” ITs a bit of a jungle out there when a young woman is threatened for supporting different farmers who actually work the land.I wonder what the son of a Bus driver thinks about his deputy.vile comments about a Labour mp supporting real farmers.?

  4. What we are looking at here are Modi Supporters. Claudia has kicked a rock & look what has crawled out.

  5. Awful abuse towards Claudia and appears to be initially backed by the London deputy mayor. These twitters should be banned or suspended by Twitter.
    As for MSM coverage to them Claudia is not important. She comes from the wrong side of the party.
    If people are also waiting for for the faux Jess Phillips sisterhood of Labour MPs to come to Claudia’s aid I fear they will be waiting a long time.
    Likewise with Starmer it’s not going to happen either. After all did he not come out a little while back saying how he supports Modi.

    1. A BIG THANK YOU to Claudia Webbe for her support and speaking up for the farmers in India. It’s horrendous How the farmers are being treated In India .
      I’m sorry your treated with abuse by big business supporters, It takes a strong Woman who has human Beliefs to speak up NOT weaklings who can only hurl disgusting abuse and have come out crawling from underneath the rocks as they know no better.WELL DONE

  6. I hope some well meaning MPs will support Claudia for her bold stance in favour of the poor hardworking farmers in India protesting for their dignity. The ownership of these farmers is at risk. As soon as their land is usurped by the rich, Bill Gates will be waiting in glee to take over the farmland in India as he has done in the US.

  7. It took me only two clicks on Skwawkie’s provided BBC news report link o see/recognise/detect the BBC’s wretched (and wrong) ideological free-market bigotry, which, as with all its news and current affairs, informs and determines its coverage of everything:

    So, Modi’s India is passing legislation which allows big business and the Billionaire Class to “eat up” and steal small farmers’ land.
    Incorporated Robber Barons enabled by India’s trump-like Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to acquire the assets of small farmers who derive their entire economic identity, income and status from the small farms they work? In a move worthy of an unelected David Evans, the Indian Government even denies the victims of this crime access to the telecoms infrastructure to defend themselves.

    This is surely an ethical and moral issue, no? This MUST be an ethical issue, surely?

    No, as the state broadcaster explains on its own website, it’s all about the need of the free-market to flourish:

    “What exactly do the bills propose?

    “Taken together, the reforms will loosen rules around sale, pricing and storage of farm produce – rules that have protected India’s farmers from the free market for decades.”

    The Free-Market again, the BBC’s omnipotent, omniscient g-d-head – whose needs and interests are transcendent to everything, even right and wrong and the human condition. Praise-be the Billionaires!

  8. Having trouble tweeting from this site This one for instance refuses to send as are others such as the one today.
    Is there a problem your end? Or is twitter just being horrible?

  9. Who cares what knuckle-dragging right-wing assholes racists and morons spew out of there tweets. Yes, she should not be abused for doing her job but to be honest this is the first time I have heard of this so-called left MP.

    Because so many left-wing socialists are silent 99% of the time this is why the right-wing scum feel they can abuse them to silence them even more.

    So be as loud as the idiots, be passionate and lets hear you!

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