Catch up on SKWAWKBOX’s interview with Karie Murphy, Thelma Walker and Alexei Sayle

Another great episode of Socialist Telly’s Skwawk Talk is coming tonight. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s ‘no holds barred’ panel with former Corbyn chief of staff Karie Murphy, former MP and member Thelma Walker and the legendary comic Alexei Sayle, catch up below:

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  1. BloJob thanks parents for looking after their own kids while his MPs demand schools open NOW!!!
    If I had Tory children I’d be sick of them too.
    Except I’d probably have smothered them at birth along with their Tory mother..

    1. David McNiven bourgeois voice of the people; speaking of Tory children (whatever they are) who deserve to be smothered at birth, along with their Tory mothers? Makes you proud to be a Socialist.

      1. Clearly my comment was hyperbole. Whimsy that nobody would take seriously.
        Equally clearly yours is in retaliation for my having pointed out the racism in a previous comment of yours. The fact you failed to recognise it for yourself suggests it’s probably inherited.
        Many of us were surrounded by such attitudes growing up.
        When socialists discover such unworthy beliefs in ourselves – and we all do – we repudiate them intellectually and strive to overcome them emotionally. The first bit is easy, it’s the second that takes effort.

  2. BBC Website
    Teachers not at greater risk from Covid19
    Death rate is ‘statistically insignificant ‘ ONS
    Snowflakes how many have you killed today and what say you to the destruction of bairns education and life chances

  3. Russia Today
    Going Underground E968 Larry King interview November 2015 20 minutes in

      1. Have you tried drinking disinfectant recently; it’ll drive you clean round the bend?

        What have these incitements to hate mothers & children obscenities got to do with hype? Your hatred oozes out of every pore & you being an expert n’all about racism & coming from a superior ‘educated’ class.

        Your accusation is that I am an old man who comes from an inferior age & class & I haven’t evolved the same ‘woke’ values as you; my knuckles still drag the ground. Everything about you is superior.

        As Gill Scott Heron sang, “Don’t believe the hype” & Don’t believe the Guardian or the BBC.

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