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Video: this Socialist Telly event is not to be missed – and there’s a 2-min taster to show you why

Monday night’s Socialist Telly broadcast an unmissable discussion among three left figures: a former Labour MP who quit the party in disgust at Keir Starmer’s conduct as leader; Jeremy Corbyn’s former chief of staff Karie Murphy; and legendary comic Alexei Sayle.

The conversation roamed in inimitable fashion across the BBC and other media, Keir Starmer and the Labour right, the right’s plans to topple Starmer, the Scottish Labour catastrophe and English Labour’s interference – and Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace and Justice Project – and more.

And in case you think ‘unmissable’ is hyperbole, here’s a quick taster of the discussion that will take less than two minutes for you to see and make your mind up:

Watch the full video below:

The day also saw the launch of Socialist Telly’s YouTube channel, where the video also live-streamed and all Socialist Telly content will be shown. Please subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell and tell your friends and family – and don’t forget to share the unmissable conversation above.

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  1. You are congratulated for your contribution to bringing light in the neo liberal darkness for the working-class socialist people of the UK…and further afield even to the jungles of Cambodia…thanks and many other expats have had a “taster” and do not see the bogeyman of socialism portrayed in the UK media.after you have shown a light on the basic decensay and humanity amongst the socialist people….How much longer for a real democratic socialist party to capture the essence of what it means to be a socialist or a international socialist as I believe in..?

  2. I’m sat here watching Unite’s Len McCluskey propping up the UK Establishment with £millions in workers’ hard-earned money and wondering why that is continuing uninterrupted. My vote has permanently gone now after a lifetime of supporting Old Labour – not New – mainly on the strength of this. I smell treachery. What are we not being told? What is being kept from us, the working masses?

    1. Wirrel it together….IT looks even grimmer and more sinister from the other side of the world,especially when members of my own family have been”put down “under the conservative regime.Whats really frightening for myself and my wife is the way our friends and family aceppt the status quo and remain mesmerized by all of the establishment propaganda.ITs become more like a episode of the “stepford wives…but I I am told that its the only solution?.My worry is its” The final solution “for the neo liberal dealing with civil liberties and human rights.

      1. Jack spying,discrimination and surveillance techniques….Sounds ideal for the leaders Labour party….I imagine hes quite the asset for dealing with the socialist working class membership…Break a leg?OI for a bit of nostalgia when we only had to worry about the latest canvassing or letter drop,we now have to be proficient in unharmed combat and how to take out the enemy.?Still has Doug says temporary embarrassment?

  3. At the end of the day I hope we accept all good socialists piss in the same pot, we may occasionally piss on each others boots but will fight side by side to get the government the people so desperately need
    Katie Murphy sums it up for me, Labour is ours not theirs and Scotland is torn between heart and head but that is for them to resolve
    Alexi shed light on the metropolitan elite who hate Corbyn
    Thelma is looking for her Louise to reignite belief in the Labour party
    I see it as a Strictly routine, someone has to lead and coordination is key

  4. Just a point worth mentioning.At the end of the discussion the 3 commentator were given chance to sum up what the most important thoughts came out of the chat with each other.Sayle hoped for a new socialist party and so did Thelma Walker ,…Murphy thought that the fight was still on and would continue despite Starmer putting the nail in the coffin of Scottish Labour.And steve walker..tried to remain unbiased.What is glaringly obvious is that the first two who wanted a new socialist working class party do not make a living out of being in the Labour party.Left or right there is always bias.although I can understand that bias especially when you have given your life and soul and sacrificed much to be a democratic socialist in the Labour party…Best wishes to all who took part in the socialist telly.

    1. Joseph
      What do you think Temporary Embarrassment wants left wing party members to do
      There is not a scintilla of evidence that a new party would have a snowballs chance
      Given a magic wand you would clear Red Tories out and put in measures to prevent the fuckers getting back in

  5. Skwawky
    Point of order
    Right wing MSM and toilet papers are found of showing images of our lads and lasses that are less than flattering
    You have not done Karie any favours

      1. Joseph
        All that’s missing is a bacon sandwich
        Give the lass a break

  6. Monday nights Socialist TV discussion was one of the best displays of socialism in action. Smart articulate people discuss issues of today in a free-flowing but constructive and positive way.

    Notice you won’t ever see this sort of program on Tory-controlled media! Only on the new left media.

    The only complaint I might have is with the insistence of one of the panel to stay in the cult of New Labour 2.0 I see no future fighting for years to end up still back where we started. It took over 10 years after Blair for the left to recover do we have to fight for another 10 years to get back to where we were with JC? Only to face the same BS from the right wing…

    What’s the purpose in that. Sorry we need as does the country a socialist Party for the left to believe in Labour has walked away from our idology for Tory lite again. Fool me once and all that I won’t waste my money and time on this cult we should be helping only a socialist party and to all the ohhh it will never work brigade…

    Maybe you’re right? But if we don’t try we will never know. We only have ourselves to blame if we don’t at least try and make a new party work. What I do know is there is no future for socialism in Labour..

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