Socialist Telly is now on YouTube – here’s how to subscribe and get notifications of all new programmes

Please make sure to got to the new Youtube page and hit the subscribe button and notification icon to get all Socialist Telly’s great programmes direct to your YouTube feed – and don’t forget to share this and tell all your friends and followers:

The first live stream to the channel will be tonight’s Skwawk Talk at 7.30pm with hard-hitting contributions from Karie Murphy, Alexei Sayle and Thelma Walker. Previous Socialist Telly programmes will be uploaded shortly to watch on catch-up and all new output will be streamed to the channel.

Once Socialist Telly has at least 100 subscribers and has been on YouTube for 30 days, a custom channel URL will be available, so please make sure to follow and tell all your friends and family who are interested in politics.

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    1. John, click on the words in red “Youtube page” at the start of the article – that takes you to the YouTube page, then just click on “subscribe.”
      Set what notifications you want and you’re done.

      1. ps it’s a blank page because there’s no content yet – that’ll change tonight.

  1. Subscribed.
    I also put a link in a comment under one of Jeremy Corbyn’s tweets.
    Felt a bit cheeky but I don’t expect he’ll mind, will he?

  2. Let’s hear you accuse Alexei and Karie of being Stalinists. MIght be interesting, although whether pube-head, bitch face cow, medusa monster or stalinist is more of an insult remains to be seen!

    As the great man himself said: “It is impossible to finish off capitalism without having finished off social democracy in the working-class movement.”

    Seriously, good choice of interviewees.

    All the best.

  3. Good discussion. Not at all surprised or disappointed by Karie’s definitive statement on PPJ not being a precursor to a new political party – I might be disappointed if it wasn’t obvious that events would decide that and that it would be disastrous to declare until the time was right.
    It was never going to be declared today and if it is ever to become a new party that can only happen if it’s obvious by that time that the people want it.
    That time isn’t yet, the mood is all wrong.
    I still think general interest content and many more hours of ‘broadcasting’ are needed to make an impact, or Socialist Telly will only ever be preaching to the choir.
    Maybe instead of comedy, which was my first (but expensive) thought, the older audience who tend to vote Tory should be targeted?
    Computer guidance, health advice, talks by Citizens Advice, Law Centres, Age Concern, phone-ins etc – whatever’s useful to that specific age group.
    Clearly other age groups would be more concerned about employment, union issues, housing, benefit, education, child care.
    All expertise a left wing site ought to be able to access for free?
    Being small without massive costs to cover can mean more audience contact and hopefully spread by word of mouth – like local radio vs radio 4.
    The more useful the channel is to the audience the more friends it’d make I imagine.
    Genius, me. Tch.

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