At least 4 Tory MPs join extremist right’s favourite chat platform

At least four Tory MPs, probably five or more, have joined Parler, the social media platform of choice for right-wing extremists.

Parler has gone offline today after Amazon withdrew its ‘cloud platform’ services, so the profiles can no longer be opened, but screenshots taken before the platform went down show at least four Tory MPs with profiles:

  • Ben Bradley
  • Maria Caulfield
  • Steve Baker
  • Mark Jenkinson

A Conservative Reddit page also points to a profile for Michael Gove, but the profile cannot currently be accessed. Other Conservative MPs may well be identified if and when the platform resumes. While the far right has flocked to Parler, including a new influx after Twitter removed Donald Trump’s access, both Twitter and Facebook appear to have targeted ordinary left accounts far more routinely.

Facebook recently and belatedly admitting that its platform has done more to limit left pages for fear of offending right-wingers, while Twitter has shown a Pavlovian response in suspending left accounts after vexatious complaints by right-wing trolls.

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  1. Facebook recruited Emi Palmor, former DG of the Israeli Justice Ministry to its global oversight board. Facebook Israel is run by Jordana Cutler, a former senior adviser to Netanyahu. Coincidentally Facebook has closed/censored dozens of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian pages.

    Long before taking any action against Trump (which took a rehearsal for a fascist coup to trigger), Twitter closed some 170 Palestinian accounts, a fair number belonging to journalists. Twitter also closed some 2,000 Venezuelan accounts, including those of senior government ministers and military figures, a number of Cuban accounts including that of Raoul Castro, 1,152 Russian accounts, 7,430 Turkish accounts and some 170,000 Chinese accounts. These latter because they attempted to “correct” the US narrative around the so-called “pro-democracy” movement in Hong Kong.

    Those applauding Twitter, Amazon and Facebook for moving against Trump should be careful what they wish for. What would the attitude of these malicious non state behemoths be towards an elected Melenchon in France or Corbyn in Britain e.g?

    It could be that progressives should be thinking in terms of creating new social media platforms outside the control of these US monopolies, which is what China and Russia have been obliged to do.,3946

  2. Well, that’s interesting.

    Parler, itself, has been banned from Apple, Amazon and Google and has been removed from their platforms.

    Parler are not happy(when have they ever been?). Their membership are, however, moving to – farther – Far Right platforms, which should make the four aforementioned Tory MP’s ecstatic.

  3. As usual, right-wing scum all gathering together to plot and complain about poor people and how they’re so much smarter.

    Well, I recommend always using these things as a list of scumbag people to never waste your time dealing with or listening to..!

  4. I don’t recall ever hearing a Tory acknowledge the existence of such a thing as a FAR right.
    No such thing as too much Toryism, obviously – and even if there was, how could that be a BAD thing?
    Sorry, it just doesn’t compute. More Labour lies.

  5. I remember many years ago, when Enoch Powell was invited by the BBC to speak as a panelist on Question Time; venue…… college.There were demonstrations & loud voices raised at union meetings against the decision to allow him a platform. There was a great deal of ‘self-righteous’ anger & little debate.

    I was an idealistic young student & I thought that Voltaire was right….”I may disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it”……& so I said it. I was frightened & isolated because I disagreed with all my friends & my lecturers & I spoke out against the protests. I believed in the power of debate & I disliked censorship & no platforming, what I was not prepared for were the violent physical threats made against me. Times have not changed so much. The most violent, intolerant authoritarian fascists are still to be found ‘on the Left’. You dare disagree & the nasty name calling starts immediately, usually preceded by the term racist No platforming is a weapon of choice for the ‘Progressives’, but now the Left monopolises dominant liberal major neo-liberal corporations shine their ‘liberal’ badges. The American election wasn’t stolen, it was bought. Who finances Biden, Clinton & AIPAC et al? No questions asked.

    I watch MSM in horror as the faux left corporations peddle their ‘liberal’ ideologies as the staus quo remains &. No platforms for allowed for Socialism. I hear the slogans from Barclays & Sky TV, knowing that these ‘liberal’ organisations crucified Julian Assange & Jeremy Corbyn. “Anything but Trump”………but also “Anything but Corbyn”..The Times They Are a Changing; do you really think so Bob?

    1. I was agreeing somewhat until you remarked on the LEFT!
      Have you not heard of STICKS AND STONES?
      Rhetoric works both ways!
      Or the PAN CALLING THE KETTLE another one for you.
      There’s no such thing has free speech!
      You can make a comment, but there’s always someone
      out there who will comment on your remarks.
      Like myself.
      Have a long and prosperous life, but most of all stay safe.

  6. I used to believe in giving even holocaust deniers freedom of speech, ie enough rope to hang themselves.
    I used to have an unrealistic optimism about education – I imagined it would naturally continue to improve as it had in my lifetime, and therefore improve the general level of perception and understanding over time.
    Sadly education was instead dumbed down, along with the media, and the hope of increasingly educated populations is now history.
    The possibility of the likes of Trump becoming president was unthinkable until Reagan proved there was no limit to the gullibility of electorates.
    Now the possibility of anything BUT another Trump seems like wishful thinking.

  7. Holocaust? What holocaust? The earth is flat because if it was a globe we would all fall off…..a self evident truth right? Now you may disagree with what I believe & what I say, you may also think that I my beliefs are really stupid, but God created the world & evolution is mumbo jumbo, right?

    Do I not have a right to my beliefs? Are your beliefs superior to mine? Do my beliefs upset you & should my beliefs be made illegal? Dare I suggest such things in Germany? Is being stupid a crime…….I voted Brexit but I should be made to vote again because ‘the stupid people’ got it wrong?

    Freedom of Speech is precious, but many seek its abolition. as Julian Assange is kept in prison for daring to criticise & expose war crimes. I reserve the right to think what I want but how quickly will criticism of Israel or even US foreign policy become a classified ‘hate crime’.? .

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