US State Dept page saying Trump’s tenure ended today goes offline

A US State Department web page has been published stating that Donald Trump’s tenure as US president ended – or ends, depending on your timezone – today. It was spotted by US epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Diny:

Almost as soon as Mr Ding posted his tweet – only 90 minutes ago at the time of writing – the page was hurriedly deleted:

However, because social media such as Twitter retain the original summary for some time after a page is deleted, it is still showing in Mr Feigl-Ding’s tweet.

US legislators have said they are pressing ahead with an attempt to impeach Trump, or remove him under a US constitutional amendment, before his term ends. No explanation has been given for the announcement of the premature end of his presidency.

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  1. Somebody at State got over-excited or the website was hacked I expect.
    Official State Department site but looks nothing like an official announcement.
    I live in hope though…

  2. Just a observation folks “perception is everything” We got out of bed to a chilly morning today…20c and yes you might say nice temp at first light.for the tropics.But for us now like the locals we are cold….so in actuality its not cold to most European ex pats and our ausie friends.So why are we covering up and getting out the sweaters and long trousers?.Because its follow the media and the herd because they tell us we are in a cold trough pushed down here from China and tonight we might get down to 19c unheard of in the Mekong delta I am told..So the lesson is what you think and whats the actuality his are two different things.?

    1. Snow in Sa pa and Hanoi very cold, but still pretty warm down here in HCM city. 30 degrees C as I write.

  3. Ok Joseph, enough of the humble-bragging. You in your tropical retirement home – my heart bleeds! 😀

    1. Ok timfrom…but after all its a jungle out there and although I love it here,many westerners wouldn’t,I better say no more about the humidity,blinding heat and the petri dish for every nasty ailment on the planet excluding the virus of course. But any risk is worth it not to suffer a under the regime the country has foisted on itself.

  4. Big tech is brain washing all of us by knowing every thing about us . They have made a fortune out of Trump . Big tech has become a threat to our freedom and must be reformed. Remember who the establishment see as the real enemy and its not Trump . Its the left progressives . who have called for law and order who usually suffer the most.. Trump is part of the establishment elite .

  5. The removing of Trump from his Twitter and fb accounts is a development that sets a very dangerous precedent, but unfortunately, many on the Left are cheering it on. There is no doubt that like when that far right commentator Alex Jones was removed from all the major platforms and some fools on the Left cheered but left wing sites quickly became the main target of the USA deep state and their allies, the main losers from this new outrage against free speech by the Tech giants will be the Left again. Sigh!

  6. Has farcebook binned the orange one? Thought he’d be worth too nany dollars to zuckerberg.

  7. Speaking of Twitter, our own Keith Stalin has suddenly increased his following from 300,000 to a million just like that. I think someone’s been buying followers for him.

  8. We shouldn’t be celebrating Trump’s Twitter/Facebook bans. It just shows the real level of control the deep state has over the internet.

    1. …..and remember, they could have shut down Al Qaeda and ISIS recruitment and propaganda at any time but chose not to. All the Syrian and Libyan terrorists living in this country have the tacit approval of the security services.

      1. I suspect the serious business of Al Qaeda & ISIS is conducted far away from clearnet social media sites, which will be mostly obvious propaganda.
        What you call “tacit approval” is more likely seen by the security services as opportunity to gather low level intelligence from those they see as lightweights on the periphery of terrorist organisations – people who if they know they’re observed will just switch to the dark web.
        No evidence for that, it’s just what seems logical to me.
        Both sides need the web though – terrorists wanting to spread false information need the clearnet to do that.

  9. You and john Thatcher have your eyes on the ball lundiel.not sure why hatred of a particular President 🌞 and his agenda should blind one to the obvious danger to the real concern of a unelected corperate monopoly having the power of banning the elected President of the most powerful nation on earth at this time.the USA.Many people will see the danger of media and social media coming together to act as a key decission maker on who rules.a country and whos fit to rule on their veiw on morality and behaviour…ITs becoming a increasingly slippery slope.

  10. I think a little calm reflection is required. Is it right that one of of most powerful men on earth, who is idolised by millions of fellow nutcases should be allowed to preach insurection to his followers? It is all very noble to say ‘I may not agree with what you say but I defend your right to say it’ but does anyone think it is ok for someone to accuse them or their husbands/wives etc of being drug pushers, paedophiles, prostitutes? No, it is obviously not right and no amount of ‘fair play’ makes it right, it’s a silly maxim which should be ignored.

    Most people know the difference between right and wrong and each case should be judged individually. It is obviously not right that Trump, with the ‘authority’ he commands, should be allowed to whip up his lunatic followers to the extent that it could cause violence and death as we have seen.

      1. Lundiel, I think most people know why you are on this blog, it’s to promote your Lexstremist view, therefore you have to try and delegitimise anyone on the left who disagrees with you whatever the subject, in exactly the same way that Jews on the left are called fakes by Zionists. By using one of Trump’s favourite admonitions you have been hoist by your own petard.

      2. “Lundiel, myself and SteveH know why you are on this blog, it’s to promote your Lexstremist etc, etc.
        Fixed it for you.
        I’m here to counter rubbish and state my opinion. And in my opinion, saying stuff like “Is it right that one of of most powerful men on earth, who is idolised by millions of fellow nutcases should be allowed to preach insurection to his followers?” deserves to be called out. Half of Americans support Trump. I didn’t see you complaining when Nanci Pelosi called the storming of the Hong Kong legislature “a wonderful sight” and Twitter/Facebook didn’t shut her down, nor should they, they’ve both become instruments of the security state and well meaning liberals like yourself have been coopted into calling for authoritarian clampdowns on free speech for certain causes.
        If you consider yourself a leftie, I suggest you are a very selective one.

      3. Lundiel “I didn’t see you complaining when Nanci Pelosi called the storming of the Hong Kong legislature “a wonderful sight”

        Your comment is typical childish distraction. I don’t need to call out every dubious incident on the planet to justify saying that Trump should not be given a platform to promote violence, no matter how many people support him.

      4. My point exactly. You are extremely subjective. As in UK government neoliberalism is bad while EU neoliberalism is our fault.
        You’re no Socialist.

      5. Tony Blair is thinking of starting a new party committed to rejoining the EU. You and Steve h will be very happy.

      6. Trunt encouraging his retard army to march on the Capitol was equivalent to shouting “FIRE!” into a crowded theatre or to a bunch of prepper rednecks with automatic weapons.
        It was reckless endangerment and has fuck all to do with the free speech issue.
        If you support UNCONDITIONAL “free speech” you support MSM lies about “Labour antisemitism” and Brexit bus lies about “£350 Million A Week” and certain dictators’ claims that “There is no AIDS – fuck freely.”

        Fight for free AND HONEST speech and I’m with you.

      7. Twitter/Facebook have rules. The countries they operate in have laws, that is enough. If Trump broke the law, which I’m in doubtful of, he can be arraigned also, it’s doubtful he broke Twitter/Facebook rules. Both social media giants have been working with the CIA and are busy banning predominantly left wingers.
        If all you can worry about after all this time is the brexit bus when there are daily lies in the media covering up the death of innocent people in far away countries, I feel sorry for you. To link ‘antisemitism’ to my argument is a joke. The definition accepted by the Labour party is the acceptance of self censorship for political reasons….exactly what I’m so arguing against.

      8. You should be more concerned that yesterday, Pompeo was able to use Twitter to publish an outright lie that Iran is the central base of Al Qaeda when everyone knows it was birthed and funded by Saudi Arabia and it’s centre is currently Syria, where it is fighting Iranian militias.
        Social media is being used for psyops by security services in ‘free’, ‘democratic’ countries.

    1. Jack its about “self preservation and the power of unelected monopolies controlling the dialogue.I repeat” ..self preservation “…and ultimately freedom.

      1. Joseph, the subject matter here is important, Trump’s behaviour and whether it was right for him to be denied a platform to incite violence. Taking it logically, if Hitler was around today, should he be allowed a platform to preach hatred against Jews? Of course not.

        If you want to broaden the discussion to include the actions of the monopoly media, fair enough but this is a specific case, which is why I said every case needs to be taken in context.

        I value freedom of expression just as much as anyone but freedoms also have responsibilities.

  11. Lundiel, “You are extremely subjective. As in UK government neoliberalism is bad while EU neoliberalism is our fault. You’re no Socialist.”

    Says the one who doesn’t mention Brexit unless… and is a a devotee of Blue Labour.

    Your silliness has been called out Lundiel, sneak out of the back door and just remember, you are no philosopher.

  12. lundiel takes my couple of examples of politically motivated lies and implies that I care only about them and about nothing else – then proceeds to introduce a couple of examples of her own of the thousands she could have chosen.
    She does that a lot but so do others here.
    Do I accuse her of only caring about those issues and nothing else?
    Of course not – that would be stupid.
    As stupid as trying to pretend that free speech is either unimportant or that it must always override every other consideration – instead of accepting, as serious thinkers do, that the argument over free speech is nuanced and needs to be be decided on a case by case basis.

    When a person incites his followers to try to overturn a democratic vote by force and install him as dictator, that crosses the line.
    That’s no exaggeration – had the retards succeeded in defeating democracy Trunt would by definition have become a dictator.

    1. Have you completely lost it! A tiny minority of nut jobs getting into the American parliament is not a political coup. Democratic vote, my arse! America plots and finances could on other countries all the time, there is nothing democratic about the country and the people’s vote is managed. No matter what happens, Trump leaves office on the 20th. The only reason this matters at all is right wing nut jobs have always been used as an excuse to further neuter the left…..and what we have here is supposed left/liberals demanding a boot across their own throats.

  13. The “retard army” I referred to were his millions of supporters, not just those in the Capitol building – the danger lies in the renewed hope and energy those few morons gave the rest of the fuckwits.

    If you think the fact that there are more US soldiers in Washington today than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan put together – is because of “a minority of nut jobs” – you’re even more of an idiot than I took you for.

    Blojob and Farage are the UK’s wannabe Trunts – kipperbrextorytards are the UK’s wannabe retard army, thankfully lacking guns and any kind of a fucking clue.

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