As NEU tells teachers to stay home and Labour tries to pretend it hasn’t been opposing them, watch this 9-sec video

Just before the break, Starmer’s Labour was still insisting schools must stay open

The Labour party yesterday frantically tried to rewrite history to pretend its collusion with the Tories to keep schools open had never happened. The facts say otherwise – Labour has not only applauded the Boris Johnson’s anti-scientific determination to have children in school and joined in his insistence that ‘schools are safe‘, Keir Starmer and his acolytes have pushed the government – ‘no ifs, no buts‘ – when they thought Johnson might drag his heels or lose his nerve.

Starmer even sent Johnson a secret letter promising to support him on the schools issue.

And that stance had not changed up to the Christmas/New Year break – as this clip from the 20 Dec Marr show on the BBC shows.

Marr asked Nandy to give a ‘straightforward answer’ on whether the re-opening of schools should be delayed – and said ‘No’:

Today, the National Education Union has told its members not to go to school on Monday and instead to exercise their legal right to boycott unsafe workplaces – and fellow unions NAHT and NASUWT are making similar noises.

Starmer shares Johnson’s guilt for the current huge numbers of infections – and the tens of thousands of needless deaths – that have resulted from the determination to ignore the clear scientific consensus that schools have been driving what must now be considered the third and deadliest wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Shame you couldn’t have given her your dirty grimey face treatment on captions including Marr…Mandy Nandy looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights which in a way is true because how can she bullshit her way out of this one?..over to the other grimiy faced liar Starmer…!

    1. Well that’s annoying – I was just going to comment that she has the look of a rabbit caught in the headlights – now I see I must’ve read your comment hours ago Joseph, and it stuck in my subconscious.
      That’s a first for me I think. Bugger.

  2. People forget Red Tories lost 5 million votes upto 2010 and all but bankrupted the party
    Who wants to vote two cheap and nasty parties in a race to the bottom
    JC was Clear Red Water and a breath of fresh air above the merde pile

  3. Lisa Nandy, porky pie, kissed the Yanks, I don’t know why.
    When Xi Jing Pin came out to play, Lisa Nandy ran away!

    Lisa Nandy, porky pie, went to school, I don’t know why.
    When Andrew Marr asked her to say, Lisa Nandy ran away!

  4. Skwawky, PLEASE desist from referring to the letter stammer wrote to de piffle as ‘secret’

    stammer made a point of making it PUBLIC knowledge that he’d wrote it…Which, in my book, not only nullifies his absurd claim it was a secret letter, but actually demonstrates his unashamed BRAGGING about writing it.

    1. It was SECRET until he admitted it! He hadn’t made it “PUBLIC knowledge” before that.

      1. If stammer was prepared to spill the beans about it so readily, then it was patently never intended for the letter to be ‘secret’

        No, he actually bragged about it; convincing nobody but himself that he’d got one over on de piffle; when in reality all he did was to taje the opportunity to again show himself up as an hypocritical, toerag endorsing, shit-for-brains.

    2. If stammer was prepared to spill the beans about it so readily, then it was patently never intended for the letter to be ‘secret’

      No, he actually bragged about it; convincing nobody but himself that he’d got one over on de piffle; when in reality all he did was to taje the opportunity to again show himself up as an hypocritical, toerag endorsing, shit-for-brains.

  5. In earlier times whole communities would naturally be directed by the local doctor when infection was rife, and the doctor’s instructions would carry the full authority of the lord of the manor.
    Everybody including the lord accepted without question that their best chance of survival was in doing exactly what the doctor told them to do.

    Unfortunately goverment is now so gigantic and so remote from the rest of us that it’s stupid to everything but the “big picture.”
    There are so many layers of government in the UK that half the population apparently has some part in governing the other half.
    And government bemoans a lack of productivity in business – what a fucking joke.

  6. As Labour supported the government in keeping schools open, Labour must share the blame for the deaths which resulted.
    Many poor families and families of Asian ethnic origin live in multi generational households so while most children who get the virus recover from it, the grandparents who they live with and who they infect become seriously ill and many die. This demonstrates once again that to the Tories and Labour under Starmer these lives don’t matter

    1. Smartboy
      Was it not ever thus
      Little petri dishes and grandparents don’t mix, whats the answer to these serial killers in our midst
      By the way big people who have nothing to lose taking a punt on a vaccine is one thing, giving it to the bairns before we have unequivocal data on down side, is beyond sick
      Thalidomide anyone

      1. Dr Mike Yeadon former CSO Pfizer in British Medical Journal
        ‘Politicisation, corruption and suppression of science

      2. PW
        Read responses to your DM article, not fully tested, drug companies given legal immunity
        How long before it is given to bairns,
        Take away Big Pharma legal immunity then see what happens

      3. I agree Doug to a certain extent. In relation to PW’s comments below we should not forget that 20 years after Thalidomide a similar drug was unleashed on pregnant women which caused their unborn babies to have disabilities like to those caused by Thalidomide. I don’t remember the name because it was largely hushed up at the time.
        We also had the contaminated blood scandal when untested blood imports from USA caused people to become HIV positive. Many of these people people developed AIDs and died. The risks were well known in the USA but testing was deemed too expensive especially for the blood clotting Factor 8 which uses 40 pints of blood to make one pint of it
        I want a Covid vaccine but not at any price – I want it to be safe and effective and I have no confidence that any commercial drug company will always put our welfare over their profit.
        If we had been able to implement Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto promise to bring NHS drug development/ production in-house it would have made such a difference to us during this pandemic and we may have been able to save tens of thousands of lives.

      4. Covid risk vs vaccine risk. Not that difficult.
        Covid carries a well known and quantifiable risk of death.
        Vaccines carry an as-yet not fully tested, but certainly much smaller risk of much lesser symptoms than death – unless anyone knows of deaths caused by THESE specific vaccines?

        There’s also the question of citizenship. Socialists should set examples.
        Accepting vaccination is the only ethical choice without special circumstances and alternative means of risk avoidance.
        Refusing vaccination risks recklessly causing the deaths of others.
        Whilst it’s true that even after vaccination the profoundly stupid can still kill by not washing their stupid hands – deaths would undoubtedly be much reduced.

        There really is no question here. Get vaccinated.

      1. Trinadad and Tobago….puffing away on his woodbines..For SH its a jungle out there,especially trying to get wages from the right fisted knight.

  7. The cult of new Labour 2.0 is just as responsible as the Tory scum they have been supporting them the whole time and even demanding schools stay open Starmer’s words!!!!

    So don’t allow these scumbags to re-write history to make out there on the parent’s side. This demonstrates how this cult has no ideology, just whatever lie to try and convince another to vote for us is good enough for this second we ca change it in the next one and will. Shallow and vile my parents whould be ashamed at seeing how low Labour has sunk.

    This walking away from true Labours ideology is why I no longer am a member or will support them. They have nothing to offer. My parents generation fought for the right to vote but what do we do when there is no socialist party to vote for? I guess it’s none of the above on the ballot…

  8. Trade Unions are the only heads above the parapet. It’s the only power left now the Labour Party has more or less opted out of ever forming a Govt. and just supports the Tories in the belief they are the Ruling Party it seems. The power of the Strike needs reviving.

  9. (Cough)……”I don’t just want all children back at school next month, I expect them back at school. No ifs, no buts, no equivocation. Let me be equally clear: it is the Prime Minister’s responsibility to guarantee children get the education they need and the benefit of being back with their teachers and classmates.”

    God has spoken.
    Keith Stalin to the Daily Mail 15th August 2020. The pitfalls of trying to appear as a strong leader when you don’t have a clue.

    1. I hope so too-it would save us the trouble of a leadership challenge later on but after all the sneaky underhand behaviour Starmer engaged in to get the leadership and all the money he has spent on posters to tell the world at large that labour is under new “leadership” (which he wouldn’t recognise if it bit him on the backside) I doubt the rumours are true. I live in hope though.

    2. He knows he’s sliding down a slippery path and is going faster and faster. He’s made a series of terrible judgement errors and has no way of making them better. He looks and feels wrong as a political Leader. You get the feeling he doesn’t really like the job at all, he’s so uncomfortable in the role. Back to Law I’d say.

      1. Starmite strikes me as someone who imagined he’d be welcomed with open arms by the party after its ‘mistake’ in electing Corbyn and is devastated that everything he attempts is rejected by so many.
        Perhaps he thought 2019 proved the Corbyn surge was long over, possibly even believed there was substance to the antisemitism allegations.
        His family relationships certainly might have left him open to being sold such a pup by people he’d instinctively wish to believe and placate.
        His serial miscalculations suggest someone promoted far beyond his abilities and a sucker for flattery and a con – much like Johnson.
        Most people want to think of themselves as being on the side of the angels – discovering he’d been very un-forensically done up like a kipper could deeply damage such an elevated fool’s self-confidence.
        Maybe he really is ‘considering his position’.

    3. hahahahahah ROFLMAO IF ONLY , IF EFFIN ONLY MATE , what a fantastic start to 2021 that would be

    4. “Doing the rounds” where, Joe?
      I’d have thought Skwawk would have heard if it was.
      You didn’t just start the rumour yourself did you?
      Good one – wish I’d thought of it. 😉

      1. I..think Nandy is being groomed for the deep think tank of the Bilderberg group,so it is rumoured.Wigan have finaly been recognised for their pie eating achievements on and off the pitch.?Meanwhile next door neighbour Bolton,have applied for city status after Boris Johnson visited to help the unelected Tory council apply for “best apocalypse town centre” in bloom competition…so the roumur goes?

      2. Not guilty. But it looks as though it was wishful thinking by someone. At least I had hope for a few hours! I’m not on twatter or farcebook, but I had the info passed on to me. Ah well, we live in hope of that glorious day.

        In the meantime, he (or “The Labour Party”) still insist that children must go back to school. Maybe if they all went back to the House of Commons it would be a start, and demonstrate that what is sauce for the goose ……….

    5. Starmer resigned from Socialism as soon as he declared he supported racism ‘without qualification’.

  10. Changing the spent sock puppet for another won’t butter the parsnips especially when you consider what went into the undermining of Corbyn:

    Maureen Fitzsimmons (@mojos55) Tweeted:
    #Attention #UK #British #Public !!!
    Andrew Bryant
    Nearly 5 years ago, Jeremy #Corbyn pushed open the doors into the spacious and airy Offices of the Leader of the Opposition, overlooking the River Thames on Victoria Embankment. He already had some suspicions at this point,

    Read this thread – it will make you so angry!

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