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No Holding Back’s Trickett gave up Christmas to read entire EU-UK deal. Here’s his report

New report by working-class Labour MP exposes Tory give-away in Brexit deal – but highlights agreement itself has provision for future Labour government to change it – but Keir Starmer has just rejected the option

The No Holding Back (NHB) group of Labour working-class MPs and activists has published its analysis of the Tories’ agreement with the European Union – and it exposes the Tory give-away of the nation’s public assets that the report bakes in.

The NHB report highlights the ‘competition’ rules that are set to open up all the UK’s public sector to privatisation – and make it hard for any future left-wing government to enact real change.

Hard, but not impossible.

NHB also points out that the UK/EU agreement itself contains a provision that entitles the UK to review and agree changes to the agreement every five years – meaning that Labour’s next general election manifesto could include a commitment to do just that, for the sake of the nation and the services the UK public relies upon – and NHB calls on Labour to do it:

But Keir Starmer has just publicly thrown away the chance.

The Labour leader has said that Labour will not try to make any major changes to the UK’s agreement with the EU:

Many Labour MPs representing working-class, leave-supporting constituencies will feel obliged to vote for Boris Johnson’s deal – but will do so on the basis that a future Labour government can and must change it to something that will not tie its hands from restoring the UK’s public services to their proper state and status.

But Keir Starmer is determined to ignore the opportunity to make any real change to the status quo – because he is too closely identified with the Establishment that has agreed to entrench and enlarge it.

Download the full report here.

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  1. but highlights agreement itself has provision for future Labour government to change it – but Keir Starmer has just rejected the option

    Say. No. More.

    1. A very loud public communication from the UK left to potential EU “investors” wouldn’t go amiss about now.

      Tell them that the left will IMMEDIATELY re-nationalise when next in government whether EU courts like it or not – and that not only will we not “compensate” them, we’ll pursue “investors” for all profits and dividends made from the time they illegally bought OUR PROPERTY – knowingly and under the counter – from known criminals.

      Selling the NHS or any other public property wasn’t part of the deal in the Brexit referendum – and neither was it in the Tory manifesto at the last general election.

      In other words, Fritz and Jacques, are you really sure you want to bet another pan-European conflict on the UK left not gaining power, jailing the Tory thieves and coming mob-handed after their foreign henchmen to recover our property?
      Fuck diplomacy – thieves and charlatans don’t deserve it.

    2. How do explain this to my neighbours. They no longer accept the worst of two evils position. A half decent Independent, in our area, will hoover up former Labour votes. Happy new year Skwakies. Wobbly and Julie X

  2. There should be NCV’s because of this. A full 180 degree turn from just 13 months ago. One of a plethora, but most definitively THE most indicative of the shithouse rat.

    Push for NCV’s in the rodent AND ALL MPs who have cravenly followed his lead.

    The greasy prick can’t use antisemitism as an excuse to shut any CLP motions down then…

    1. Toffee – Circumstances change. Thirteen months ago we were still in the EU, Boris was presiding over minority government and there were several options. Whilst now the current situation is that we left the EU 11 months ago, Boris has an 80 seat majority and there are only two options Boris’s deal or no deal. Can you spot the difference.

      A YouGov poll published today indicates that only 9% of the country want MPs to vote against the Tory deal.

      1. Circumstances change.

        Chameleons will always be reptiles. Now fuck off.

      2. No. They should vote against the deal, knowing they would lose but highlighting the the dangers of competition law. It is an ethical thing to do, not only for this deal but for others yet to come where global corporations take control of all utilities, transport, welfare, health and education.

      3. Doh! Was meant to be a sarcastic question, but i didn’t hit the shift key to get the question mark.


      4. SteveH: As you must know it’s not a question of vote for it or we get No Deal. The Tory majority will carry it. He tries to whip the vote in order to gain Brownie points with the Daily Mail – which shows his political naivety. Sir Remainer of 2019 transforms himself into Sir Brexit. He’s actually like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ‘Tis but a scratch’

      5. best to vote against a shit deal with his majority it will get through anyway and in the future when it goes pair shaped we or the LP will not be part of it. Than can do a deal itself. Me thinks that within a few short yrs we will be clamouring to get back in anyway. The young will dominant and they are very internationalist. A lot of oldies who survived the second world war and all that will be gone. Time to re-join the EU will come may quicker than some people think.
        Although no longer a member of LP I think a lot will change v in the future.

      6. “ A YouGov poll published today indicates that only 9% of the country want MPs to vote against the Tory deal….”

        Do you know nothing? YouGov polls (the VAST majority of them) only ‘promote’ the interests of their sponsors or the Billionaires, the latter being the very people that his lordship Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is an errand boy for.

        Brexit is viciously anti-working class, so now Sir Trilateral thinks it’s great.

      7. qwertboi – If that’s the case can you please explain why Corbyn and his team had YouGov on an exclusive retainer during the 19GE campaign.

      8. SteveH: “ If that’s the case can you please explain why Corbyn and his team had YouGov on an exclusive retainer during the 19GE campaign.”

        I said yougov works for sponsors OR the parasitic Billionaires. Labour HAD to use one of the polling companies, yougov won the draw.

  3. This would have been the perfect opportunity to start to renationalise the railways. Now they are under competition at home, watch the French and Germans snap up our rail franchises.

    1. Yes, but only something like 76% (IIRC) wanted the railways re-nationalised.

      And once again, stammer and his flunkeys know what’s best for the nation. But it’s us leavers who are enabling toerag policy, they tell us…

      Just goes to prove that the old saying rings true:

      ‘You just can’t educate pork’ 🙄

      1. That’s right Toffee. It’s our fault best ask for forgiveness. The PLP has lost the right to use the word opposition.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention – that 76% is 76% of the nation, by the way. Not the precious 70% of labour ‘members’ who allowed stammer to shit on democracy and enabled him to actually reject the opportunity to nationalise the railways and are now seething that he’s shat on them as we said he would.

    And they have the nerve to feel ‘cheated’…

  5. They’ll just use other excuses to close down CLP’s. The so-called ‘Left’ MP’s seem to have developed laryngitus, happy to trouser the loot while millions suffer due to Tory policy. I doubt the xmas turkey will stick in their throats at their abdication, washed down by expensive wine.
    Sir Stormer and his crew of gobshites can be pleased with themselves. They’ve shown how easy it is to destroy the LP, and not a squeak from the individuals who now have their arses on the green leather seats of Parliament, who got there by pretending to be socialists.
    If you want to campaign for a better society, then best get producing your leaflets, as the LP don’t so that sort of thing anymore. I doubt they’ll ever govern the country again, so little point in asking the electorate to vote for the LP. Campaigning outside of the LP is already happening in Wavetree, where the witch-hunt started, but was never covered by Sqwarkbox.

    1. I also doubt that Labour will govern again , but it will take I fear 2 or 3 more lost elections for that penny to drop and all those wasted years in the mean time that the LW could have been building a new Socialists party . There is a few glimmers of light tho ,,, in the Chris Williamson’s Resist party and now JC’s P&J Project , which might , just might transform into a Socialist movement/party .
      Mind you what with the worst ever Tory Govt murdering around the 100K citizens and yet still at 40% in the polls , Sir Keith Forensicnot, not even making a scratch on that lead ( 20% ahead my arse ! ) then it is a dim light at that but hey ho it’s what the public voted for so …. suck it up UK ,,,, good luck .

      1. Sir Keith Forensicnot

        I actually read that to myself as: ‘Sir Keith Foreskinknot 🤫

      2. need to vote for some sort of PR I think it will allow choice and a socialist may well start to grow.

  6. Hes ever so clever and forensic is our knight Rodney….ITs a shame that he can only clap whilst the “grown ups get on Governing and take the tribute act for granted….Does he realise that everyone is laughing at this grovelling apology for the Labour party.?IT will be interesting to see how many No holding back group vote to prop up the government?Abstaining is not a option just a home for the gutless in this particular case.

  7. They’ll just use other excuses to close down CLP’s.

    Such as, ‘tater? The antisemitism charade might be clinging on for dear life, sure. But this transcends any notion of any sort of racial element, so that’s not an option for them, and I can’t think of anything else stammer has in his locker that he’d make stick.

    Individuals could also cause mayhem in the same way the pederast enabler hodge did/does by firing in spurious unfounded fabricated complaints against the moderates within their CLPs over the same reason stamer found a reason to close down their CLP.

    And there’s always putting a hold on your subscription in solidarity with any other CLP that gets stymied by them; hit the fookers in the pocket.

    If he’s the one doesn’t want a civil war….And he mentioned the phrase first, don’t forget.

  8. It was always going to be a bad deal. To imagine the EU would allow the UK a better deal as a non-member than it, or any remaining member, had as a member was infantile, magical thinking.
    At least some MPs of both parties are speaking out.
    Abstaining would be easier to defend than voting against, but only in the short term – when it all turns to shit those who voted against will be vindicated.
    Not sure how many Brexiters still think it’s going to be roses all the way – I suspect almost none by now.
    Only by voting against this useless Tory deal does any future left wing government have the moral authority to tell the EU to fuck off.

  9. Jeremy Corbyn
    I cannot vote for this deal, which this Government will use to drive down rights and protections, and step up the sell-off of our vital public services.

    We need instead to break with failed race-to-the-bottom policies and build a Britain that puts people before private profit.

    Well no surprises there ,,, good ole JC , principled , honest , trustworthy , reliable , consistent AND RIGHT !
    Compare and contrast with Sir Forensicnot .

    1. rob – “Well no surprises there ,,, good ole JC , principled , honest , trustworthy , reliable , consistent AND RIGHT !”

      Providing you ignore the inconvenient stuff like not abstaining on the A50 vote, going behind the members backs to lumber us with ‘Trigger Ballots’, throwing several prominent members under a bus and last but by no means least, month after bloody month of ‘Constructive Ambiguity’

      1. “Going behind the members’ backs” – thank fuck your boy would never do anything like that, right, Mavis?”
        You’re obviously a very proud mum.

        I always thought Corbyn might have been “persuaded” by McCluskey and Lansman not to go for mandatory reselection.
        Withdrawal of support by those two would have been significant, and I’m betting those two will have owed some serious favours to other Labour MPs.
        Nobody said politics wasn’t a dirty business – except you about Starmite apparently, who you seem to imply is Corbyn’s moral equal.

      2. David – It was quite clearly Corbyn that did the persuading. This is what Len McCluskey wrote on the subject.

        These plans were presented with the full backing of Jeremy Corbyn at the NEC as a sensible and democratic way forward. I only regret that the leadership did not make that clearer at conference, since doing so would surely have taken much of the sting out of the debate even if some delegates might have remained unhappy,,,,,,
        ……”Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        “If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. ……
        “….For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership,…….

  10. Now I just read that as ‘ForeskinSNOT’ this time… Stop it, rob 😆

    On a more serious note…

    when it all turns to shit those who voted against will be vindicated.

    ..But no doubt airbrushed from history by the so-called ‘moderates’ who will claim it was them; and who will be shouting loudest (And in turn getting the MSM attention) to reintroduce nationlisation when it eventually does come around again.

    By that time there’ll be very few – if any – voted against, still sitting in parliament.

    1. I wish the expelled members get recarded. That is a matter of justice. What will they return to? Surely, Foreskinotonmywatch (sorry Toffee), they will find themselves to be in a club that is opposed to nearly everything that they believe in? I’ll donate to this organisation but reserve the right to look at other options.

  11. In like every other agreement it can be altered subject to change and we may need up being punished for making choices they don’t like we know this already.

    Plus I might be more impressed if I saw any fire or real effort from these so called socialist MP’s on how this cult they are happy to stay in treats the members and second last leader. I see some words a few letters then as usual bugger all. If this is there limit to there socialism it’s pretty thin and demonstrates that Labour is a dead party with nothing to offer.

    We need a socialist party with MP’s that care and put a bit of real effort in not just like here skimming a document is not giving up there Christmas that was what JC did and I bet did this year that is real socialism DOING not just words and half gestures. Until we have people with real fire that will stand up and really be counted these so called socialists will not see first my respect and second my vote and financial information.

    1. Do you not get tired of just repeating the same thing day after day after day DG? Why don’t you go and form your own party instead of endlessly carping on about socialist MPs on here.

      Funny how you spend so much of your time criticising socialist MPs and hardly EVER criticise the fascists who are running the show, and who own and control the MSM and, as such, would either totally ignore this socialist party you envisage, or propagate a prolonged smear campaign against them (and the leader in particular) should the party begin to gain support amongst the electorate.

  12. At the time of writing, out of the first eleven posts, ten were from arch Lextremists who were warned that there would be no such thing as a good deal. The deal we had as members of the EU was the best possible deal. Any deal asking the EU to let us have free trading terms whilst not being members was bound to have conditions attached, which it has.

    Leavers, you own it and all the redundancies which will follow as a result. Go and wave your Little Englander flags at the unemployed as they collect their dole and tell them it was worth it!

    1. out of the first eleven posts, ten were from arch Lextremists who were warned that there would be no such thing as a good deal.

      And despite being repeatedly warned we’d be leaving the EU whatever – labour remainers were ALSO warned there’d ONLY be a toerag deal, if you continued to shit on democracy. There;d be no socialist governemnt to at least devise policies around what they’d negotiated…But evn that’s gone now, hasn’t it, soft ollies?

      Your beloved stammer wasn’t up to negotiating a deal, so his get out clause was to bollocks up Labour’s chances of victory at the GE so he would never BE in the position to negotiate it. The added bonus was that he’d be in pole postion to slime his way onto the throne in the aftermath.

      Oh, he’s alright voting FOR it now though, eh?

      His flip-flopping and outright capitulation which has now manifested itself as a ringing endorsement for this TORY deal (The tory-negotiated deal he said he’d fight tooth and nail to prevent against – whatever the circumstances when the shadow minister, let’s not forget) is conclusive evidence he was NEVER arsed about brexit and NEVER up to the job of getting the best deal available for Britain, post brexit.

      He told you he’d get the best deal for British workers and now he’s binned that pretence off once and for all; and in doing so has left you twisting in the wind with your kecks around your ankles’ your flaccid little john thomas flapping in the breeze,

      At least leavers KNEW and WARNED he’d sell you out after you gave him what he knew YOU THOUGHT you wanted but was never gonna get.

      But you just won’t learn or face up to reality. Your self-hatred for being conned after being warned is manifesting itself as your blaming of everyone else…again, as forecast.

      No use pointing in all directions like a fucked compass, sonny. Accept you’ve been had though your own naivety and stupidity, and rectify your grave errors.


      1. Toffee, despite your lies and bleating to try and avoid responsibility, Brexiters in conjunction with Lexstremists have blighted Britain’s future and you know it.

      1. Lundiel, Lextremists are not on the left, you are a tiny rump which likes to mimic the language of the left while supporting the far right dream of Brexit. You have much in common with the racists in South Africa and Israel.

    2. If the best possible deal is one that prevents us from renationalising privatised public services then that deal is worthless to socialists. Just as any capitalist drawn deal is.

      1. That is a vote against. Stalin whipped them to vote for saying “a vote against is a vote for no deal” preempting a vote against which would have been in highlighted in MSM.

      2. lundiel – That’s a vote against’

        No it isn’t, it’s an abstention.

  13. Labour rebels:

    Voted against – 1
    Bell Ribeiro-Addy

    No vote recorded – 36
    Diane Abbott
    Tonia Antoniazzi
    Apsana Begum
    Olivia Blake
    Ben Bradshaw
    Kevin Brennan
    Richard Burgon
    Dawn Butler
    Neil Coyle
    Stella Creasy
    Janet Daby
    Geraint Davies
    Peter Dowd
    Rosie Duffield
    Clive Efford
    Florence Eshalomi
    Mary Kelly Foy
    Barry Gardiner
    Helen Hayes
    Meg Hillier
    Dr Rupa Huq
    Dame Diana Johnson
    Darren Jones
    Clive Lewis
    Rebecca Long Bailey
    Siobhain McDonagh
    John McDonnell
    Catherine McKinnell
    Ian Mearns
    Kate Osamor
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle
    Andy Slaughter
    Zarah Sultana
    Nadia Whittome
    Beth Winter
    Mohammad Yasin

    Jeremy Corbyn and Claudia Webbe, who currentlyhave the Labour whip suspended, also abstained.

  14. From the treaty of Lisbon, which we were never given a chance to vote on: The following shall be seen as incompatible with the internal market: all agreements between undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices which may affect trade between Member States and which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the internal market, and in particular those which:

    (a) directly or indirectly fix purchase or selling prices or any other trading conditions;
    (b) limit or control production, markets, technical development, or investment;
    (c) share markets or sources of supply;
    (d) apply dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other trading parties, thereby placing them at a competitive disadvantage;
    (e) make the conclusion of contracts subject to acceptance by the other parties of supplementary obligations which, by their nature or according to commercial usage, have no connection with the subject of such contracts.

    1. Lundiel, don’t you realise that the list you presented is intended to establish fair play between partners and is precisely why the far right who are no strangers to back stabbing, wanted no part of it? You Lexstremists are the useful idiots who supported them.

      1. Still attempting to bang that drum Jack, you have obviously failed to notice there is a bloody great hole in it.

      2. Fair play (unfettered access to internal markets) between extremely unequal economies isn’t actually ‘fair play’, it’s almost anarcho-Capitalism, very unhealthy and dangerous but you refuse to see.

      3. ….and you might argue that it was an unfortunate/unseen bi product of the treaty but that’s not so. If you actually read the treaty you will see it’s a neoliberal charter imposed on nation’s that were given no chance to vote on it. Hardly democratic.

  15. So much for Sir Forensicnot whip then , good for those who didn’t obey it and didn’t vote for the shit deal. The best deal was what the UK already had , however , unlike other idiots or in many cases those following the deliberate game plan of fuck everybody else just stop Corbyn , I at least supported the leave decision as a price worth paying to try and get Corbyn and a Socialist Govt into power .
    SIr Keith such a pathetic cowardly little man , as to be expected as a Zionist , Corbyn or a Zionist , I know which I’d vote for as did the 40% voters that Corbyn increased our vote by in 2017 despite the PLP RWers and underminers fuck em !

  16. Only caught the start of the debate but Keir Starmer did appear to be falling apart.

  17. Remember when you were a little kid and you could tell from the tone and volume that parents were having a row downstairs but you couldn’t make out the words?
    I was too far from the TV to hear the words but it definitely sounded like Ku**sberg was being less than respectful to BloJob an hour or so ago.

    1. She’s good at leaving ships that she has helped to scupper. Has Jabba annoyed Israel or the Perverts at the ….?

  18. Fair play to Diane Abbot, btw.

    Wonder if the noble knight’s thinking of arbitrarily removing the whip from a black female MP who just happens to get the the greatest amount of racist and misogynistic abuse of any MP but who isn’t Jewish??

    …And then shutting down any solidarity calls and motions of no confidence in the swarfega’d shitbag’s dictatorship

    Go on, sir Keith – slam THAT door, I dares ya…

    1. Max’ll do what he’s told. Dumping Dianne won’t give him insomnia. It’s all part of the Great Reshit.

  19. Celebrate SNP are now shafted, welcome back to the Labour Heartlands bonnie Scotland

    1. Choice between Labour Brexit and cheap and nasty Tory party Brexit
      Never ever support poisonous Tories 9n anything
      Keep Clear Red Water between us

    2. Has her D notice been lifted or have our comrades from the icy wastelands of some real, true, solid socialists forgiven us?

  20. The choice was between Labour brexit protecting jobs and standards and allowing us to implement our manifesto commitments
    Anything the cheap and nasty Tory party proposes is pure poison
    Its called Clear Red Water

  21. Stanley Johnson confirms application for French passport on eve of Brexit
    Prime minister’s father campaigned to remain in the EU in 2016 while his son led the leave movement
    Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has confirmed that he is applying for a French passport on the eve of Britain’s Brexit transition period coming to an end.

    1. He can get a Turkish one as well, or something. It’s a tortuous trail and there are many forks in the road.

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