Video: coming on tonight’s Skwawk Talk – 3 of the UK’s leading health professors on the latest developments in the COVID crisis

Public health specialists who sit on SAGE, independent SAGE or have won awards in their field talk to SKWAWKBOX about coronavirus, variants, the tier system and more

L-R: Prof Susan Michie of SAGE and Independent SAGE; Prof Kailash Chand, former BMA deputy chair; public health leader Prof Gabriel Scally of Independent SAGE

Tonight’s Skwawk Talk on Socialist Telly will look at the latest developments in the COVID pandemic, which has seen large parts of the country enter the new ‘Tier 4’ just before Christmas based on Boris Johnson’s claim that a ‘new mutant variant’ of the virus is spreading faster, causing a growing number of other countries to close their borders to UK travellers.

The programme will feature three of the UK’s leading health specialists and campaigners: health psychology specialist and member of both the SAGE and Independent SAGE committees Prof Susan Michie; Professor of Health and Wellbeing Dr Kailash Chand OBE; public health specialist, Independent SAGE founder member and former World Health Organisation director Prof Gabriel Scally.

Watch below for a flavour of what’s in store:

The programme will be broadcast live from 7.30pm this evening on the Socialist Telly Twitter feed and the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page. Watch live or on catch-up, but don’t miss out.

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  1. Good zoom discussion.
    On “what can we do?” I look at Marcus Rashford – dedicated to his cause, he worked determinedly, used the media well and didn’t take no for an answer – that goes without saying.
    He’s famous in a good way, he’s personable and he’s working towards an indisputable good – feeding children.
    Working for BLM though, instead of child hunger – I suspect he might have faced more opposition.

    Many years ago I used to send nice, respectful, beautifully handwritten letters on premium stationery to people of influence (mostly c/o their agents) asking them to do whatever they could, publicly or privately, to help those who were working to stop the war. I can’t say whether it helped or not, but I still think the idea of individual nobodies trying to influence the influential is worthwhile.
    I think the current term is “influencers” for the kind of people we might approach.
    Sadly I don’t move in those circles and these old hands’ handwriting is for shit.

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