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Newton Abbot and at least 6 further CLPs see officers suspended – on top of 6 earlier in day

Devon CLP sees chair and secretary suspended – one of them the party’s candidate in the last two general elections

On Friday the SKWAWKBOX reported that the chairs and secretaries of at least a further six local Labour parties (CLPs) had been suspended as Keir Starmer and his sidekick David Evans escalate their war on Labour members and their human rights.

‘At least’ was the key phrase – because in reality the number was more than double that and potentially even more. Another seven CLP’s have now lost their elected officers because of the party’s assault of members’ legally-protected right to freedom of speech – an assault that breaches even the EHRC report recommendations that Starmer and Evans have promised to implement in full.

The SKWAWKBOX has not named most of the CLPs involved, to protect the officers from possible reprisals by the party, which demands disciplinaries are kept confidential – even while freely leaking details to the hostile press. But the suspended officers of Newton Abbot CLP in South Devon want to speak out.

CLP chair James Osben was the party’s parliamentary candidate in the 2017 and 2019 general elections has been suspended, along with CLP secretary and hard-working community campaigner and local election candidate Jane Haden.

The area’s only Labour councillor in the area, Ryan Hall, had already been suspended simply for tweeting the #SackGaskin hashtag against the highly-unpopular south-west regional director, who among other things has banned CLPs from making donations to food banks and charities for poor children and homeless people.

Cllr Hall told the SKWAWKBOX:

In just 9 months, Starmer has destroyed what we have worked tirelessly to build in Newton Abbot over the past years. We are an area the party does not care about, but still campaigners come out and work hard for the party.

Now is not the time to be silent.

Officers at least thirteen CLPs suspended over a period of just two days, as the party flails against its most valuable asset: the members who work and have worked hard on the ground, often with little support from the party machine – and against the people they have elected, many of them Jewish, to represent them in the local party, just for carrying out that duty.

A once-great party is shamed and diminished by its so-called ‘leaders’.

Edit: this article originally described six further CLPs having officers suspended. That total very quickly became seven and the article has been amended accordingly.

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  1. Well talk about the longest suicide in history.Some leader and the majority of the membership who bothered to vote voted for that thing?But then again I am increasingly beginning to think surely the membership that voted for Corbyn couldn’t choose a knight for the working-class democratic socialist Labour party?.Only one conclusion to that.Somebody has ruthless as the knight would not stop from rigging the election especially with the bribed little helpers at HQ..?

    1. Joseph – You are as desperate as Trump. The vote was administered independently by the company Civica, formerly the Electoral Reform Service, on behalf of the party.

      1. Joseph – I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to imply. If you have any evidence of wrongdoing by Civica then stop hiding behind pathetic Trumpian innuendo and present it.

      2. There are other ways to rig elections. I observed a number of people joining who when written to implied that they would not become active as they had only joined for the leadership election and some also implied that to become active could amount to a potential conflict of interest. That in my book is dirty politics.

      3. Sabine – ……and all those who joined in 2015 just to support Jeremy. What percentage of Labour members are activists?

    2. Joseph, falling back in despair on the fantasy that the election victory of Starmer was somehow ‘rigged’ is just tragic denialism. All too common on sections of the Left nowadays – and echoing the similar conspiraloon denialism on many Left blogs about the Tory victory in the 2019 General Election.

      The currently utterly defeated Left needs to ‘man up’ and ‘smell the coffee ‘, own our defeat, and grasp that it was the active collaboration off the majority of the supposedly ‘Corbynista’ membership with the EU-loving Labour Right that forced Jeremy to adopt the suicidal 2nd Ref and Remain policy betrayal of our 2017 promise to respect the Referendum result, that smashed Labour in 2019, and hence also smashed Corbyn and ‘Corbynism’. (Not that this uncritical EU love was a problem with you, Joseph) And it was the craven cowardice of the PLP ‘Left’ and Corbyn and his circle in particular, and of course Jon Lansman’s supine Momentum organisation, that failed to oppose four years of vicious Right sabotage in any way.

      It was the lack of SOCIALIST politics, and the class-based analytical framework this provides amongst the bulk of the ‘Corbynista’ membership – actually mainly just scattergun virtue signaling, identity politics saturated middle class Left Liberals , that was always going to leave the supposedly ‘Left’ members prey to the siren voices of Starmer and co – claiming that the neoliberal enforcement machine of the EU represented some sort of ‘workers internationalism’ ! A internally democratic mass Momentum organisation, carrying out socialist education of its , at one time 40,000 strong membership, COULD have changed things radically – but the old self-serving Labour crony Lefties ljke Jon Lansman were never going to let that happen – only seeing Momentum as a personal voting bloc available to them for their backroom intrigues and deals with the mythical PLP ‘Soft Left’.

      Forget conspiraloon nonsense about ‘fixed elections ‘ , we lost because of the spinelessness and political bankruptcy of the old Labour Left, and the crap politics of most of the Corbynista’ members . Labour is now a rotting zombie party – doomed to follow the likes of PASOK into electoral oblivion. A new radical socialist party must be built, but the only useful human material for that largely lies outside the Labour Party membership, and the serial disrupters and splitters of the ultraLeft grouplets, deeper into the working class . Galloway’s new ‘Workers Party’ had the basically correct overal idea on that – such a pity, A) Galloway is a self-serving and self-enriching scoundrel, and B) he has brought on board to do the leg-work, a bunch of laughable Stalin/Mao tyranny worshippers ! Given your recently revealed identical stalinist politics, Joseph, I’m surprised you haven’t joined already !

      1. J penny no one seems to meet your high standards of socialism or communism…basically your a fraud and a corrosive contributer to the mess the Labour party are in.I have sympathised in the past ,but your obssesions even impressed the troll on here.Attaking Galloway is just another symtom of your lack of respect for socialists.None of us are perfect and I never claimed to be but your silly obsessions w the people of Russia and China only leads the to the conclusion that you are confused and bitter.I would remind you again that but for Russian involvment in the liberation of Europe we would have been defeated.J penny I am glad you are so confident in your confused comments but I really don’t think any party needs your support or contribution.

      2. You’re right. Politics has always been clean especially at local levels.

    3. Now that’s a good point. The mystery deepens. Whoops, sorry, just another shallow. JC ✓ Knight, with appalling record✓= perfect sense, or something. Cheers loyalists.

    4. Joseph, I stand with you. That vote was surely rigged, blatantly obvious. So was the 2019 vote rigged. Yet this hysterical denial that our ‘wonderful’ voting system cannot be questioned fills me with despair.

      1. Joseph – I suggest you compare the time stamp on my first comment with the timestamp on Nick’s comment. You’re hopeless, you can’t even get the basics right.

  2. Digital procurement services,Civica election services LTD acquired the electoral reform society in 2018 chief executive sian elery Roberts expanded the include “State of the art ” technology.?and expanded the civica election services….?Yes comrades

  3. Honourable sian elery Roberts…Lord mal Brown Labour peer Dominion election system,used in the Philippines and USA most recently…joe Biden approved….and now no doubt the knight approved electoral system….where’s George Soros in this international group?Well malloloc brown has recently moved into Georges private estate….must be difficult finding a pad when youve only a trillion to spare?….I would have thought that a socialist working class party would be able to organize a count despite most of them having a university education..And about that report gone West?

    1. Joseph – Or to put it much more succinctly and accurately you have Sweet FA evidence. If you have anything more than innuendo then show the links to wrongdoing by Civica.
      Why would you seek to emulate Trump, is the orange blimp in a nappy your hero.

      1. Why are you so obsessed with Trump? One would’ve thought Johnson a more appropriate comparison in this country, since they are essentially cut from the same cloth…

      2. timftom – Johnson unlike Trump and Joseph hasn’t been making ridiculous false claims the election that their side lost was rigged. People like these are a danger to democracy.

      3. Of course de piffle’s not gonna be making claims of rigged elections… He was the benefactor of you and your shower of shite’s treacherous shithousery.

        ‘Danger to democracy’…The fucking nerve?!.

      4. Toffee – Perhaps you could explain how you are any different from Trump, you are both making unfounded claims that the election was rigged. Given your admiration for the authoritarian dictatorships in China and Russia we shouldn’t really be surprised.

      5. For the cunteenth time they voted toerag because YOU and those cunts decided it’d best to get them to vote again on their democratically arrived at decision and probably keep doing so until you got the result you wanted.

        The people elected a toerag govt in 2015 because they were the only party offering a choice, and because the utterly fucking useless moribund and the almost as weird but no less punchable than you balls offered no opposition to austerity.

        If you fail to recognise and appreciate that wasn’t a fucking glaring clue to what would become THE biggest issue on everybody’s mind then you’re an imbecile.

        And you continue to demonstrate your imbecilty by absolving yourself of any blame whatsoever and championing the shithouse rat that knowingly handed the rags their majority and continues to offer ZERO opposition to them.
        Hurry up and die you godawful prick.

  4. Stevie boy how you ever going to afford a Caribbean bolt hole if you can’t keep your gob shut…The knight likes money and results,none that you can provide..!

    1. Joseph – Thanks for your concern but we own our home in the WI outright and have done for over 20 years.

      1. I have relatives there in the winward islands,.I will tip em off that a pom with a big gob and likes to emulate former slave masters is making a bolt hole there and watchout for you.Stevie boy..!davidh…SH Steve H.I can see you being popular amongst the locals when you finaly make a run 🏃 for it.

      2. Joseph – Well at least you’ve managed to get the right ocean the Windward Islands are indeed part of the West Indies but so are lots of other territories.

      3. Wobbly – Yes it is nice, very nice and we appreciate how lucky we are but to put it in context the land was a wedding gift from my wife’s family. My wife is really looking forward to us being able to move back to her home and family (Covid-19 allowing).

      4. Well do let us know when you’re leaving for your socialist paradise. We’ll have a whip-round and get you the air ticket.

        One-way, of course! 😀

      5. ‘We’ll have a whip-round’

        Can’t we just roundly whip the ballache instead?

  5. Maybe all wear your We Are Corbyn tee shirts on zoom meetings?
    Maybe they’re still available, or maybe Skwawky could make the logo file available for anyone to print, so it can be somewhere in shot?
    And at Conference – under your outer clothing if the creeps are still in charge – if they get wind of it you’ll all be searched at the door so hide it well.
    How about designing a new Starmer tee shirt logo? This could all be just childish petulance because there isn’t one…
    I think I’d have his face on the baby alien breaking out of the wearer’s chest if I could still draw – sadly I can’t.

  6. MavisH apparently thinks she’s chairing a fucking meeting here, the deluded little centritwat.

    1. No just asking Joseph to provide some evidence to support his assertions. I’m still waiting, it appears the cats got his tongue.

      1. I think your mouth has opened a can of worms for the knight stevie wonder boy 👦….Been out filling in a septic tank soakaway,now the rainy season is over..I will be searching the Hounerable Sian elery Roberts.Now I have been tipped off.How come all your scumbags “Superiors” all have a title Steve H?…not a good days work in any of you misfit freeloaders is there….sickening really!..slithering around.

      2. Joseph – Where’s your evidence, does it exist or are you just emulating your orange friend?

  7. The far right of the LP are going for broke, they obviously believe that they can see off the Left. As they have already shown, they are perfectly willing to lie , break any rules necessary and behave like the unprincipled wretches they are. The question is, can they take the LP with them. Do they even care about taking the LP with them?

  8. It’s increasingly clear that the role of Starmer and Evans is to destroy the Labour Party as any kind of effective opposition.

  9. Starmer wanted Evans for the very reason that is now unfolding. To strip member democracy out of the party. Evans and Starmer are intent on installing a centralised control and command structure that will be administered by select localised officers within the CLP. Branches will be amalgamed to ensure that troublesome members have less influence on local direction and conference decisions. This is based on there rhetoric to stamp out antisemitism, which we all know is just a convenient but self defining issue that has a stranglehold over Labour. Just look at Starmers pathetic response to the Nazi who pinned him on LBC by quoting Israel’s racist Nation State Law. Starmer has abandoned aall pretence of retaining any of his ” ten pledges” he committed to during his leadership bid, apart that is from the 10 pledges demanded of him by the BoD.
    Labour is dying on it’s feet, Starmer is the strychnine.

  10. The problem with the Labour Party is that SteveH is right………..Sir Keir Starmer was voted in by a huge majority & Dennis Skinner & Chris Williamson voted out, Jeremy Corbyn has been marginalised & Blair has never left as reflected in the PLP………I again question my sanity & have become even more depressed…….pass me that Vodka bottle Comrade.

    ‘Happy Holidays’…I would wish you all .Merry Christmas’ but that may be anti-Semitic?

  11. There are people lobbying the BBC not to refer to the CV vaccination as a “jab.”
    People apparently so terrified of the word they take to rheir beds on hearing it.
    They say “jab” sounds scary and stabby and violent.
    They don’t say whether they want to replace it with “kiss,” “tickle” or “cuddle.”

  12. No point whinging -The rabid right will just laugh and jeer while breaking every single role in book.
    Something substantial needs to happen.
    Their big weakness is the PLP at moment.
    Hit them in their pockets.
    Make it clear to them nobody is willing to campaign for them and that they WILL be put up for re-selection at next GE if they do not act to stop this. They wiil suddenly become very concerned about democracy and members rights.

    1. Iain – If only Jeremy hadn’t gone behind the membership’s back and stitched us all up with the useless ‘Trigger Ballots’.

    2. Yes Ian but just a handful of mps signed a letter to re.instate Corbyn.The left seem incapable of seeing the writing on the wall,until the knight disposes them of a good parliament.How many jobs have a three month break and have started their hols now.You would think they would come out fighting,but the silence is deafening.

  13. Five wise words from @Iain.

    Hit. Them. In. Their. Pockets.

    Starve the parasites.

  14. Each and every person should submit a subject access request to the Labour Party for all and any information held on them covering the period from 1 week prior to their suspension to 1 week afterwards.
    I suspect some interesting info will be received …

  15. “Sabine – ……and all those who joined in 2015 just to support Jeremy. What percentage of Labour members are activists?”
    Steve H, actually from us 2015 joiners, I know quite a few who are active still. But I cannot give you percentages nor numbers. But I can tell you that when campaigning last year, with the support from neighbouring clps, and a core of 8 people from the Branch, plus those who gave support at other times, we covered a big rural area and went out canvassing on 5 out of 6 days. The two days were we did not canvass we kept free , but also were able to do additional leafletting if needed. Our then mp’s office was great and very supportive, providing us with maps, etc, doing the data entry. And we also gelled as a team.
    I equally know that there are longstanding members who are not active. For me, and that an very well be a cultural difference, joining the party was because of the policies, the integrity of JC which shone through. Also if I join something then I do it because I want to help bring the change about. It is then also an obligation to not only do the talk, but walk the walk. I cannot understand people who join something without the intention of actual practical involvement.
    I am shocked to see that new members just receive invites, but nothing is really done to get them involved. It is very closed Shop at times. To get involved you must not be backwards in coming forward. I miss people being politically aware, only very few are. On the occasions were really interesting training, ie community organisation and campaigning was offered by a very knowledgeable comrade, the uptake was pityful. Politics from my observation appears to be for many a hobby. They do not like planning, nor reflection on what they are doing and why, nor are they willing to try out different approaches.

    1. Sabina – If you haven’t come across this already you may find it useful.

      Pamphlet Release: Marginal Holds
      How, against the odds and on a bad night nationally, we won a tough Parliamentary seat for Labour with an historic margin
      In this pamphlet, Nik Rutherford and Lauren McDonald (agent and organiser for Alex Sobel in Leeds North West during the 2019 General Election) examine how the campaign was able to achieve a historic swing to Labour on a bad night nationally.

  16. How low can this Party go.Fair play to those great people in the mist of tories and lib dems and the labour party.

  17. Sabine -” Politics from my observation appears to be for many a HOBBY*. They do not like planning*, nor reflection* on what they are doing* and why*, nor are they willing to try out different* approaches.”

    You describe much of my experience exactly. As a 2015 newbie, unlike your MP, mine is horrible but as all Right Wing, it appears superbly focused on their aim. The MP, benefited from my KEENNESS to defend Jeremy and our vision. Eg i put up posters, encouraged personal contacts etc. Put posters in all my windows visible to the public. That was a HUGE first for me. Felt quite vulnerable. This is a VERY politically active area. Numerous people canvas including courageous VIBRANT independents. My dad’s friend from their youth thought it “brave” to put posters up at home.

    At my first meeting, no “Left” person introduced themselves. I went to them based on their speaking for open selection as i did at my first EVER political meeting. It was left to me to establish contact details etc. Though they all praised my speech saying it was the best etc, i could have left without them having any means of contact. There was ZERO attempt to reach out to new people.

    But u r the first to highlight something i may not have posted here directly. IE “Left” activity in my CLP seems to be a hobby / polite social group… ie polite until one suggest actions re change. When i say there is CONSTANT reading or TALKING about reading, it is exactly so. This very day, as every other, there’s feverish showing off about films watched, theories, who gave great lectures when they studied politics. The most obscure titbits detached from ‘the great unwashed’ are pumped out daily.

    No one would imagine that we are in a political crisis. At Jeremy’s suspension, there was a flood of chatter ie “DISTRACTIONS WELCOME”. I kid u not. Any difficult situation brings that on. Run away + displacement activity till fair weather returns. They do not need change. They are not at the sharp end of the system. True, neither am i, BUT it is difficult for me to understand how could it be, that those most able, could take such a laid back, casual, timid approach re bringing meaningful change to life. Careerist??? Perhaps. One of the main people was VERY keen to not upset the Right Wing, meet with them AND allow one of them to join our Jeremy supporting groups. If i remember correctly, we took a vote – > NO. Yet the individual continued to have meetings on their own. Why??? To me it indicates either careerist appeasement of an acidic Right Wing MP. OR a sincere belief that we need the Right Wing full stop.

    I am all for different views. And defending them, if a priority. HOWEVER surely one should draw an unmovable line when it comes to people who willingly EAGERLY told DANGEROUS LIES ie Jeremy is a-S. How could we EVER cooperate with people like that? Or the People’s Vote scam now dumped by Mandelson and Starmer? Or Hodge or anyone who wants Ummumm, Berger etc back in the party???

    Seems all the virtue has gone into signalling. No more virtue is left for bringing virtue to life🚨🚨🚨

  18. Joseph, I stand with you. The voting was surely rigged. As was the 2019 election. These bastards think they are clever but they are being exposed, but only if the wise ones, like Joseph O ‘Keefe, are paid any attention.

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