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Brighton Pavilion Labour demands Corbyn reinstatement – AND end to party’s attack on free speech and democracy

Brighton Pavilion, from the CLP’s website

Brighton Pavilion Labour delegates have not only defied the Labour hierarchy’s ban on motions supporting Jeremy Corbyn, but have demanded that the party ends its attempt to suppress free speech – and for the Labour ‘whip’ to be restored to the former leader. Delegates passed the following motion, with only three votes against and one abstention:

Brighton Pavilion CLP believes that guidance to CLPs, issued by the General Secretary ( 12th August, 29th October and 5th November) undermines local party democracy by placing restrictions on the areas of Party business that members can discuss in their meetings.

The guidance conflicts with the Party’s long-standing custom and practice and tradition, whereby both affiliates and CLPs have the right to engage in discussions and adopt positions on matters across the full range of party business and policy . The Labour Party Rule Book, quite correctly, makes no reference to ‘competent business’.

This apparent break with that democratic tradition within our Party is a matter of significant concern.

Therefore Brighton Pavilion CLP calls on the General Secretary to withdraw his guidance restricting local Branches and CLPs’ rights to political debate.

The following amendment was also successfully added:

Additionally this CLP notes with concern the decision taken by the Leader of the Labour Party not to restore the Party whip to its former leader Jeremy Corbyn. This further undermines free speech and due process in the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn was reinstated as a member of the Labour Party on 17th November and we believe the Labour whip must also be restored.

We call on Keir Starmer to review this decision immediately and restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

Right-wing members of the CLP attempted to challenge the chair’s ruling that the motion and amendment should proceed, but were defeated overwhelmingly in the subsequent vote to overturn the ruling.

More and more CLPs are saying ‘enough is enough’ and defying the party machine’s threats and manoeuvres to block their democracy and freedom of speech – which the EHRC’s recent report noted emphatically is protected by human rights laws.

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  1. OK, so the “strong man” ploy didn’t work too well keir, did it?
    Fuck’s sake, this is hilarious – at least I’m not a member any more so nobody’s laughing at me behind my back.
    Starmer and Evans are going to end up looking like one of those snake symbols – except with their heads hiding up each others’ arses instead of tails in mouths.

  2. A major coup in the heart of the AS scam supporters…ivor caplin ex hove mpJLM,and the weasal Peter kyle mp.Organisers of the attacks on Chris Williamson and the route cause of the lies and defamation on the Labour party and its membership.Brighton and Hove the largest Labour party members in the country and the most powerful voice for democracy and a end to the witchunt.Caplin and Kyle will try to spin it but its a major coup right to the heart of the right wing broad church friends of Israel and no friends of the Labour party.Good news to start the day !

  3. Let’s hope the decent members of the party, have at last given up for good, the tolerating of wanton abuse by Starmer & Co. We are not foot-soldiers for a label “Labour”. From now on, only those who demonstrate that they live by Labour values should be supported. Eg we must never think it acceptable to give the slightest support to Starmer who plotted to make Johnson become PM.
    Appeasement must NEVER be allowed again. 🌹🌹🌹

  4. Signpostwindchimes…Appeasement and behind the door deals with crooks doesn’t work.Corbyn must realise that now and hopefully realises that the socialist revival was down to him,but we don’t want the death of socialism in the Labour party to be because of him…No more a kinder gentler politics,the broad church brigade see that as the green sign for Go!

    1. Joseph – “… behind the door deals with crooks …” a HUGE problem. Backroom deals breed aloof attitudes. They effectively exclude members and electorate. The dealing is the opposite of “collective”. They create exclusivity. DISGUSTING.

      That disgusting attitude is the ideal dungheap out of which crawls flies, desperately toe curling chummy clinging to MSM presenters. It stinks of a pathetic craving to be loved by a metropolitan clique. The clique has no respect for workers.

      Note the odd laughing at nothing during interviews. Thornberry, John McDonald, Soubrey, “Knife Jeremy in the front” Phillips and the loud David Lammy are the worst culprits… oh, and Twatson! Twatson’s and McDonald’s are the stuff of nightmares.

      ps you say what i’ve been trying to say for months now. Appeasement NEVER works. It’s an OBVIOUS green light to the guards working for the 1%. Obvious. It’s a gilt edged invitation to the guards to kick us in the teeth again… and again…
      We don’t need martyrs. If martyrs changed anything the world system won’t be as it is.

      Martyrdom is distraction. Victims direct their energies to the “dead” martyr instead of the living suffering “many”.

      “Let the dead bury their dead”.

      Labour, WE , must be for living🌹 “Living is changing”🌹 “Changing is living”🌹

  5. When right wing members were falling over themselves in their eagerness to stab Corbyn, the media were all over it, giving minute by minute commentary. If it went a little bit cool for a even minute they obligingly stepped in and fanned it by bringing traitors in to resign on screen.

    Now that Starmer and the right are being subjected to a revolution, where are the media ghouls now?

    1. Where are our Socialist MPs & Unions standing up giving “minute by minute commentary?”

      1. Chinless wonders ! There is only Howard Beckett that seems to have laid down the gauntlet so far .Mind you I believe the CWU have just said they will defend any members unjustly suspended , and then there’s the warning shots from the Bakers Union , so yes where indeed are our Socialist MPs .
        As I have said previously this revolution has to come from the ground up and it is !

  6. Orchestrated across the world jack,or at least the western neo liberal world.And it appears that former Labour party big wigs from the Blair/Brown years are also into Hitech software and computer counting.Lord mal Brown little known outside of the world of Power brokers..arms dealers and the Reset button of the western world has now shown interest in the Dominion software system and as owner of many more companys from big oil to weapons,hes coining it in after rigging the US election machine.,and no doubt others have been rigged as well.Hes even found time to set up home with his boss George Soros,another world broker but not made and produced in Britain by the Labour mal Brown is.No doubt whatsoever that joe Biden’s election is but another step towards total control by the establishment across the world and the democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin both guilty of election fraud now and in the past..Now the election in the UK?and Starmer just conspiracy theories isnt it?The fact of media control in both elections here and the USA is no coincidence.Total Control is the End Game..!

  7. On 29 October, Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour party for his comments on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)’s report into antisemitism in the party. On 18 November, the National Executive Committee (NEC) concluded an investigation into his case which restored his party membership. Later the same day, however, Labour’s chief whip Nick Brown removed the whip from Corbyn, preventing him from being a Labour MP. It’s an additional punishment some have argued breaches not only the party rules, but the law. From a legal perspective, what might happen were Jeremy Corbyn to challenge Nick Brown’s actions in court?

    The Labour party is an unincorporated association. The relationship between an unincorporated association and its members is governed by the law of contract.

    Here, the relevant contract is the party’s rulebook. Where the rules have been breached, members (including MPs) can sue in the High Court for three things: damages, a declaration (eg that a decision was unlawful), and an injunction (eg an order to restore the whip).”:

  8. Keep going
    Put personal ad in Northern Echo for £15 supporting JC and calling out AS Scam

  9. Nearby, Lewes CLP also passed a motion (67%) to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn and to reinstate the CLP officers/members who are still suspended for discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension.

  10. Syzygysue…nearby Lewes CLP might as well be on another planet than Brighton even another century.They didnt have the guts to support a motion by me to Stop the pope burning and the intimadation of Catholics in a town thats still considered a second home to the paisley family with their jirah chapel and their influence still a part of Sussex life in the 1800s mentality.of Lewes.Your town is still used as a safe Zone and bolt hole for the UVF.You personally I like your posts,but don’t mention Lewes to me my anger and frustration can’t take it especially my blood pressure rockets..and my head ?

  11. It’s the same just a bit more along in Bexhill and Battle. Solid right wing that voted Starmer and that’s when I shredded my membership card i will not help or pay for this new Labour 2.0 cult.

    I am bitterly disappointed in so called socialist MP’s there beyond a joke where is the support for JC and socialism under attack by the PLP scum? Silence where are the socialist members on the NEC telling them this is not on daily not just one walk out of one meeting!

    Sorry the only way forwards currently is split the dam party but these cowardly MP’s are looking to scared to and just want to hold on to there status as Labour MP’s, where is their fight?

  12. Disabled grandad….you are correct,and we should have a split of the Labour party,this broad church brigade are beyond redemption and a new socialist working class party is on the cards,But how do we tempt the shy socialist mps who are making a good living out of the Labour party,but will eventually be purged.?

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