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Exclusive: left NEC members preparing collective statement on Starmer’s contempt and ‘gross factionalism’ after ‘walk-out’

Left members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) ‘walked out’ of a virtual NEC meeting this morning. Contrary to claims by centrists, this was not merely over the issue of the election of a right-wing chair – itself a gross violation of usual procedures, as right-wing chairs were given a ‘rota’ turn during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – but over what members have described as ‘contempt’, the ‘cumulative effect’ of attacks and ‘gross factionalism’ by Keir Starmer toward the left, as Labour’s leader continues to give the Tories an easy ride by fanning civil war in the Labour party.

Left members are meeting this morning to prepare a joint statement on the issue, which the SKWAWKBOX hopes to bring its readers very soon.

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    1. JoeRobson – Starmer – ‘The worst, and most dangerous, Labour Leader by far . Ever’. Really ? Utter historically incorrect rot, Joe. Starmer is indeed a craven creature of the Trilateral Commission and Labour’s , now-returning, Big Business backers – but let’s not forget the totally destructive roles of Tony Blair in turning Labour decisively onto the privatising neoliberal policy path ! And Starmer hasn’t yet been a key collaborator in the deaths of about a million Iraqi citizens ! Nor directly responsible for developing the UK atom bomb, and unleashing the forces of newly released Nazi collaborator Greek fascists on the Communist-led Greek resistance immediately after the war, or using troops to break strikes in the UK, as that EXTREMELY right wing Labour Leader, Attlee, did . The correctly lauded Welfare state reforms of the Attlee government were done to counteract the (propaganda-image-based ) appeal of Soviet Communism, and in the face of a UK working class fully trained in military skills after WW2, and DEMANDIING a welfare state , NOT because Attlee was any sort of socialist. All too easy to exaggerate what an exceptional scumbag Starmer is . He is of course a capitalist puppet scumbag – but so were lots of previous Labour Leaders too.

      1. You over state your case and take away its impact by doing so. In terms of time in office to damage done, Starmer is indeed the worst and most dangerous Leader, though I would draw the line at “by far”. As for the ’45 Labour government, it had many “Empire Labour” people in the PLP with the wretched Bevin being the most idioti. Given the nature of such people, the government was a very radical one.

      2. JPenny I cannot agree with you in any way. Whilst there might be some issues with Tony Blair in my view he was a very good Prime Minister for the Country in which we enjoyed sustained growth, economic stability and intelligent social policies which helped almost eradicate homelessness and other issues. Definitely don’t agree with the comments about Attlee. There can be no doubt whatsoever. Starmer is much more than a capitalist puppet scumbag he is a Dictator riding roughshod over process, rules, Labour Party management structures and unfortunately, is in the pay of the BOD. His obsession with the BOD is what will come back to bite him on the derriere. He is by far and away the most dangerous Leader the Party has had. He is a tinpot Dictator interested only in his own self aggrandisement, power and doing what the BOD tells him to do. He is a deceitful liar who refused to issue details of his funding (we now know mostly Jewish organisations). He is presiding over the destruction of the Labour Party in the belief that the public want a Tory Party mark 2. Well they don’t. I have watched on in horror at his conduct since he became Leader of the PLP. He is not only dangerous he hasn’t got a single decent honest labour principle in his body.

      3. Dearie, dearie, me , both John Thatcher and Jo Dominich , you are both in the grip of that selective historical amnesia which plagues not only Labour party members but the wider Left too. I well remember , in about 1979, being assured by a grizzled old CP member that ‘Margaret Thatcher had done more damage in her first few months as Prime minister than Hitler had done in his first three years ‘ ! And so , Jo Dominich apparently thinks Tony Blair, that entirely pro-capitalist fanatical importer of the full toxic gamut of neoliberal policies into the Party, poodle of US imperialism, and cynical destroyer of internal Party democracy – particularly the role of Conference, – was ‘ a very good Prime Minister for the country ‘ ! For god’s sakes – he continued Thatcher’s privatisation mission to the letter , hardly built a council house , opened up Education and the NHS to creeping privatisation, and continued the destruction of our manufacturing sector. And deregulated the banking sector – so facilitating the rampant financial chicanery that caused the global 2008 Great Crash ! What planet are you on, Dominich ?

        As for John Thatcher’s whitewashing of Clement Attlee, – Labour’s postwar continuation of UK Imperialism and building the atom bomb, and strikebreaking, is part of Attlee’s legacy too you know. And the 1945 Labour government’s ‘radicalism’ was forced on lifelong Right Winger ,Attlee, and co – purely to prop up a war-ravaged economy and head off working class radicalism in the face of the threat of Soviet Communism, you chump. And your amnesia about Ramsay MacDonald, and more recently, the enthusiastic witchhunting of the Left by Gaitskell and Kinnock , shows that you can only relate to the present day – with no historical memory at all. Starmer is indeed a complete Right Wing twat, but then so many other Labour Leaders were too – as Leaders of the ‘Reserve Party of UK Capitalism’. If Starmer falls under a bus tomorrow there are dozens more Right Wing scum to take his place as Leader in the PLP.

    2. Joe Robson, I think you’re right he is. As far as I can see it is the beginning of the end of the Labour Party. He has not mounted any opposition to key issues such as Lockdowns, th Spy Cops Bill, the Defence Budget, and many other things. He is worse, far worse than the Tories. He and Johnson are both charlatans and frauds. Stalin is showing his true colours now – a pure Dictator – his only interest is in becoming Dictator Starmer. God forbid that the Labour Party win the next GE under his Leadership. We think things are bad now, it will get far worse.

    3. Worst?

      By far.


      No. stammer’s hesitancy in aggresively attacking ‘rag policy, his impotence, ineptitude, and his hubris makes him nigh-on entirely predictable. And if you’re predictable, people can plan for the eventualities to come, eliminating – or at least mitigating them.

      The danger lies in the centrist/careerist/middle class establishments that sustain him.

  1. Deal with AS Scam and those behind it
    Parrot JC statement
    99.9% of Labour members are not anti semitic, no other party comes close
    JC does not have an anti semitic bone in his body, a fact accepted by the wider Jewish Community who support JC and the Labour Party

  2. J. Penny has it about correct I think. As for the walk out……. Why not use the rule-book to charge those that break the rules? I’m doing it, and suggest every other LP member does so too, to any officer or member who breaks the rules.
    Now, in Wavertree (again) Phil Maxwell has a serious complaint against those who victimise disabled people, from over 12 months ago. They included a councillor and officers.
    Sadly, you won’t read it here for some unknown reason. Mbe Skwarky can tell us why. No surprise that nothing’s happened from the LP apparatchiks.
    However, for those intending to stay in the LP, then procedure should be followed. No use in the future complaining about rule breaches if they’re not challenged according to the rules. If you wanna be a warrior then learn how to throw a spear. No use just complaining without doing anything. Get the formal complaints and charges in as then there’s a record of it.

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