Momentum lays out next steps to defend Corbyn – and fight right’s zero-Corbynist strategy

Group publishes ‘next stages’ of campaign for former leader’s reinstatement

Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) has published the ‘next stages’ of its effort to secure the reinstatement of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn following his suspension by Keir Starmer over comments he has an acknowledged and legally-protected right to make – and to defend the left against the right’s transparent attempts to create a ‘zero-Corbynist’ Labour Party.

The group plans to:

  • organise and strategise locally
  • organise lobbying of MPs and National Executive Committee members
  • use video and other modes of communication to build political pressure
  • use motions and activist networks at local Labour level in support of Corbyn

Labour has issued a ban on motions regarding the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report or Corbyn’s suspension but the wording of the CLPD motion, as the Momentum update notes, is structured to bypass the party’s anti-democratic attempt to suppress free speech on the current situation – free speech that the EHRC report itself underlines is protected by human rights laws.

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  1. Isn’t the edict issued by the GenSec just more or less a re-issue of the one issued by his predecessor.
    Here’s the instructions that Jennie Formby issued at the beginning of 2019.
    ““Please note that individual disciplinary cases that are being dealt with through the NEC disputes processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies.”

    1. You mean “If it was OK for Jennie Formby then it’s acceptable for David Evans”?

      1. I think that the whole secrecy nonsense is a load of bollocks. What I’m saying is ‘Why wasn’t there any outrage then when this came from Corbyn’s allies?

    2. That wasn’t right either. After the Labour leaked report you’d think draconian announcements from GS would be a thing of the past. 1) MPs and Labour officials seem to have carte blanche to discuss publically anything they like 2) It is an insult to the intelligence of members that the can’t discuss these issues in a competent way 3) Its 2020 with social media. These draconian announcements from on high about what can and cannot be discussed belong to another century.

    3. Golly ….Momentum swings dynamically into ‘action’ ! The Blairite/Starmerites must be quaking in their boots at all this campaigning verbiage ! This is the same Momentum, is it, that failed to organise in constituencies, then packed out with keen Momentum supporters, to deselect a single PLP Right Wing saboteur in FOUR YEARS of Corbyn’s timid reign as Leader under constant attack ? This reminds me of Red Dwarf’s Judas Arnold Rimmer trying to set up a Labour Left-type ,pacifist, organising Committee to ‘fight’ the rampant alien Polymorph creature , after all his aggression had been sucked out of him !

      1. Jpenny, sadly I don’t believe they are quaking in their boots. I am afraid that Corbyn isn’t going to be reinstated. Hence, the question is what is Momentum’s plan when Jeremy fails to be reinstated? For how long is Momentum prepared to wait?
        I can see Starmers having his Kinnock’s moment and proscribing Momentum members from Labour Party membership and then, what?
        I am afraid, I see Momentum as reacting to events rather than acting and creating opportunities. Let’s see what happens, but I am not expecting this strategy is going to have JC reinstated.

      2. Maria – Sadly for Jeremy the majority of members are either indifferent or think he has been the architect of his own downfall.

      3. SteveH
        NEC Elections and Unions will decide on JC
        Members will kick your man into space when he is challenged

      4. Doug – ….and yet when members were polled during the leadership campaign and asked who they would vote for in the upcoming leadership ballot if JC was on the ballot along with the other 3 contenders. Jeremy got about 30% and Keir Starmer still won in the first round

      5. SteveH
        When you buy a poll you dictate the answers by framing the questions to suit
        I’ve just done a poll and its official Temporary Embarrassment is a #$%^

    4. SteveH, it was outrage, several CLPs disobeyed the order given by Jenny Formby and openly supported Chris Williamson. In same cases CLPs invited Chris to speak at their AMM’s and GC meetings..

      1. Maria – I’ll be happier when we get an independent system free of all factional interference.

    5. I do not think the average disciplinary case is on a par with kicking out the internationally known, former leader of the party who attracted hundreds of thousands of new members on a secret charge.

      If members must stay quiet, so must the leadership, even more so since the EHRC report especially denounced “political interference” and explicitly stated that the General Secretary’s is a Political position. (All this they knew as they had the draft report in advance, so there is no excuse.)

      Instead the leadership want to eat their cake and have it too, leaking and commenting in the press whilst ducking meetings and ignoring questions from the NEC to whom they are supposed to be accountable.

      It stinks to high heaven and we are supposed to trust these tossers with government. Forensic? It is not even competent.

      1. Dave – “I do not think the average disciplinary case is on a par with kicking out [Corbyn]”

        You may well be right but that begs the question is one man’s reputation worth more than another’s.
        It should also be born in mind that Starmer isn’t responsible for the shortcomings of the disciplinary process that is currently in place.

      2. SteveH
        Speak human FFS
        Trumpton or Israel lobby which picture book are you currently reading

      3. Doug – If you let me know what you are having difficulty understanding I’ll try and explain it a different way for you.

    6. JC not in the system, nothing has been declared yet, no charge to answer
      Fuckwittery of the finest kind and only you would even try and defend it

      1. Goug – Really?
        We may not know what the charges are yet (perhaps that will be confidential too) but there is little doubt that he has started his journey through the system.

  2. I’ve had no reply from Carole Morgan to my email – understandable, she must be busy.
    I wanted to know whether the restrictions on how the fund may be disbursed – essential to protect the fund’s integrity though rules are – might prevent its use in any other legal dispute unless Jeremy’s accusers proceed with their case. That would give Ware et al a degree of control that I’d find offensive.
    If it can’t be used to defend Jeremy against this assault I’d argue that the decision of the trustees was distinctly lacking in foresight.
    I imagine Carole might respond if The Skwawkbox asked her…

    1. With regret I’ve just submitted a request to GoFundMe for refund of all my donations to Jeremy’s Legal Fund, but only because the terms of disbursement have, judging by Carole’s statement after my most recent donation, been drawn too narrowly.
      If the trustees are able to amend those terms I’ll gladly re-donate and more.
      I’m unaware of any response from Jeremy on the subject of the use of the fund – I really wish he would comment.

      1. David McNiven, me too I have made the same request as you. I have a reply telling me that they are trying to work it out.
        In the mean time you can donate to Truth Defence, that has Andrew Fielstein as one of its Directors. Truth Defence is challenging the accuracy of the EHRC’s Report as it considers that this report is unbalance. Truth Defence is arguing that the EHRC’s Report could be defaming some individuals. See link below

      1. That was my feeling Dave, and the reason I emailed Carole. Can’t have the likes of Ware holding a lawsuit over Jeremy’s head forever.
        He needs to have his bluff called, evidence presented and the rug pulled from under him and the rest of the shitheads.

  3. ‘You have to get behind somebody B4 you can stab them in the back’ (unless you’re Jess Phillips). Is this Momentum plus or minus endorsement from Lansman.
    Corbyn guilty of association.

  4. MOMENTUM is to thanked for at least acknowledging that the ‘pro-Corbyn left need a plan. What a pitty that the pro-Corbyn left on Labour (the SCG MPs) didn’t take a lead on this. Maybe though, careerist MPs are precisely the people who CANNOT think outside the box, think radically and strategically and therefore lead on this.

    The Labour party IS their box, their coffin, their containment.

    1. It’s funny how since just after Jeremy was suspended there has been a protracted campaign on this site to discredit the Socialist Campaign Group, and more often that not using falsehoods to do so.

      Yep, Blairites posing as left-wingers so as to do as much damage to left-wing politicians as they can in the minds of the left-wing readership of skwawkbox.

      1. Allan – Most of us (with a few notable exceptions) just report what we observe. Can you point to anything that I’ve said about the SCG that is untrue

      2. Well, sites like this one are right to express disappointment about how the SCG is reacting to the suspension. When all’s said and done, if the Group does not defend a personal attack on a key player, what would goad it to action?

        I am exceptionally dismayed by how the SCG seems to be failing itself. FWIW, I only hope that ‘behind the scenes’ they are actively using the situation to seome benefit, but, alas,their public positioning and statements suggest they are not.

      3. qwertboi – That may well be the case but that doesn’t give you an excuse you accusing others of posting falsehoods

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