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Exclusive: Blyth Valley CLP passes motion demanding Corbyn’s reinstatement – and condemning ‘political stupidity’ of suspension

A north-east CLP was among the first local Labour parties to formally express solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn – and to demand the former Labour leader’s immediate reinstatement.

The CLP met on Friday evening to pass the following motion with a resounding majority:

This CLP notes with dismay that the General Secretary of the Labour Party, yesterday felt it necessary to suspend Jeremy Corbyn.

The constitution of the Labour Party does not afford the General Secretary the power to take such unilateral action.

We further note that when questioned by members of the NEC, the General Secretary could not advise the NEC on what breach of the rules Mr Corbyn has been suspended.

This CLP also notes that the past week has seen massive pressure being put on the Government and local MPs over their failure to feed children during school holidays but sadly the media has been distracted from this by what can only be described as political stupidity.

Today’s papers and TV broadcasts are full of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and not the failure of the Tories.

This CLP call upon Sir Keir Starmer to lift the vindictive suspension of Jeremy Corby immediately and concentrate on fighting the real opposition, the Tories.

Only 3 delegates voted against the motion.

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  1. Today’s papers and TV broadcasts are full of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and not the failure of the Tories.

    It’s what happens when they keep making mountains of molehills. Don’t bother with more preasing issues; keep antisemitism top of the agenda because they’re not in the business of opposing the toerags…As they have no f***ing ideas themselves. On anything other than putting the boot into socialism and kissing establishment arses.

    I see stammer’s supporting de piffle…again. Even the 1922 committee of neo-nazis are providing more opposition than stammer.

    1. It’s what happens when someone wants to make themselves the centre of attention.

      1. Allan – I purposely left that bit blank,

        it is interesting that the first person you thought of was Jeremy Corbyn

      2. Dafuq you babblin about now, little boy?

        Pathetic attempt at a dig.

        This, however, ISNT a dig – but it IS yet another question that you refuse to answer.

        What’s stammer actually OPPOSED (Like his job description act compels him to?) Since becoming LEADER of the (alleged) OPPOSITION?

        So you see, it’s all about YOU and YOUR unconditional fanatical support for the greasy shithouse.

      3. Toffee – Not a dig, I was just interested to see how others, like yourself, would respond.

        What’s stammer actually OPPOSED.
        It is not my fault you are so ignorant about what is going on in the world outside your bubble, you have a duty to keep yourself informed. Thankfully it is not my responsibility to keep you up to date with current affairs.

        Please don’t project your own issues with narcissism onto me.

    2. Well done Blyth Valley CLP – especially as the current ban on branches and CLPs actually meeting must make organising to fight Jeremy’s suspension pretty difficult. The total failure of the Campaign Group of supposed ‘socialists’ to do other than mouth Party-unity-prioritising platitudes and passive hand-wringing about the quite clearly long-planned suspension of Jeremy – many even suggesting either that Jeremy is at fault – or it is all some sort of ‘mistake’, tells you everything you need to know about most of the Left faking careerist poseurs in the Campaign Group – including that old poseur , John McDonnell, – and Diane Abbott.

      And Jeremy himself , apart from expressing his true, but surely pretty pathetically minimal few words of complaint about the factionalism of the Right behind the exaggeration of the anti-Semitism issue, has hardly been a socialist ball of fire since his unconstitutional and spiteful suspension has he ? From his reported wistful and pained comments about his many decades of membership (1966 wasn’t it he joined ?) He just can’t imagine life outside of his beloved Labour Party , no matter how shitty it is , and utterly lost to endless years of restored neoliberal corrupt Right Wing control.

      Hopefully the over-confident Blairite bastard Starmerite controlling the Party now wlll allow their hubris to lead them to expel lots of Leftish MPs and many thousands of left Wing members – then , only then, might the delusional fixation of the UK Left with the rotten neoliberal carcase of the Labour Party be broken – and an opportunity for a mass membership new Left Party beyond the tiny ultraleft sects of previous doomed attempts, gets its chance .

      If the Leftish members had any political nous, and could actually understand that the failure of four years of ‘Cobynism’ and its Left surge proves conclusively that Labour can NEVER be a vehicle for Left advance, they would be campaigning for Jeremy to lead a new left Party – NOT campaigning (probably fruitlessly) for Jeremy to waste his, and their time, in the permanently neoliberal, corrupt, Labour Party under the now re-entrenched Nato and Nuke-loving neoliberal Starmer/Blairites.

      1. God jpenny, given yur SO fucking negative about everything pertaining to the left, why on Earth haven’t you gone forth and formed yur own party years ago. Decades ago in fact. And it’s rather odd that you don’t mention the REAL reason Jeremy was brought down – ie the Establishment’s propaganda machine, which has been smearing Jeremy and the left membership non stop for the past five years.

        And needless to say, any ‘mass membership new Left Party’ would just be either completely ignored by the MSM, OR, if it DID begin to gain any ground, the MSM would just start smearing it and demonising it of course.

      2. That’s odd jpenny, because in a BBC News article at the time that I just came across it says the following, which appears to be totally at odds with what you said about the Campaign Group:

        The Socialist Campaign Group said it “firmly” opposed the move, adding: “We will work tirelessly for his reinstatement.”

        And Momentum, among Mr Corbyn’s strongest backers, said: “It is a massive attack on the left by the new leadership and should be immediately lifted in the interests of party unity.”

        So were you lying through your teeth jpenny and, as such, concoct it all so that you could then castigate and denigrate them?

      3. Allan – The following also reports the same tweet but goes on to illustrate that, at best, the SCG’s support for Jeremy Corbyn’s actions could be described as is patchy

        A tweet from the Socialist Campaign Group’s social media account, the body of Labour left MPs in parliament, declared on Thursday afternoon that they “firmly oppose the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn” and have pledged to “work tirelessly for his reinstatement”. But reports quickly emerged that not all in the left-wing SCG group had been consulted on the post. One member said it was “ill-advised to issue the statement” and explained that they were waiting to find out the grounds on which Corbyn had been suspended. (We still don’t know this crucial bit of information.)

        This difference set the tone for the left as more MPs tentatively contributed to the debate. It seems that while many believe the suspension is wrong, not all agree that Corbyn’s statement was wise. Nadia Whittome MP, for example, has said she is “saddened” by the suspension but “cannot agree” with Corbyn’s statement on the EHRC report. Meanwhile, John McDonnell has warned that Labour is “drifting towards a hell of a row over use of language, misinterpretation, followed by overreaction”.

        The response to the dramatic events has been mixed. 20 of the 33 SCG MPs (not counting Corbyn himself) have, at the time of writing, yet to comment on the suspension of the former Labour leader. Another five have simply retweeted the initial SCG post calling for his reinstatement, while others such as Ian Lavery, Kate Osborne, Zarah Sultana, Bell-Ribeiro-Addy and currently-suspended Claudia Webbe have taken to social media condemning the disciplinary action but giving no comment on what Corbyn said.

        Then there are others on the Labour left, such as MP Clive Lewis, who has criticised Corbyn’s EHRC report statement. The Norwich South MP and brief 2020 leadership contender appeared to agree with journalist Rachel Shabi that the comments of the Islington MP were “ill-advised, to put it mildly” and it is “beyond frustrating to see Labour yet again descend into factionalism over this [antisemitism] issue and thus torpedo the EHRC report”.

      4. Allan Howard – you seriously see the timid (but empty) verbiage from the Socialist Campaign group as some sort of real action ? And your reaction to the slippery platitudes from the likes of McDonnell. playing into that ‘its all just an unfortunate mistake’ bollocks ? and Momentum , that once 40,000 strong supposedly radical Left ‘ginger group’ that never mobilised once to deselect a SINGLE Right Wing saboteur during the entire Corbyn Leadership period – and was wholly in support of the Starmerite Right Wing’s disastrous second Referendum and Remain policy that lost us the 2019 election . An impressive organisation are they really Allan ? TheLabour ‘Left’ by its past lack of decisive action, and its pathetic action-less posturing now over the pre-planned suspension of Jeremy, yet again display the craven posturing weakness which has, throughout its entire history, kept the Labour Right in power in the Party. .

      5. JC has been asked many times to lead a new left party, and his answer has been consistent: “No”. Please try and get your head round this.

  2. The Leader of the Opposition’s Office was reported to have “interfered” in some of the disciplinary procedures (the LOTO office stated “Only to speed things up!). TWO examples were given. This apparently was “bad.”

    Soon after becoming leader Starmer said that he wanted the files “on his desk by Friday” – all outstanding ones. These amounted to dozens, and although this is against both party rules AND the recommendations of the Report, this is “good.”

    Doesn’t compute.

    1. Corbyn should be re-instated and Starmer and Evans should be suspended for this vindictive action. Let’s see all you other CLP’s have the guts to follow Blyth Valley and show Starmer and Evans they don’t own the Labour Party.

  3. I’ve just read this. I suggest that anyone interested in the wheels within wheels that have manipulated and conspired to create and perpetuate the false narrative of rampant Labour anti-Semitism should sit down and read this if you haven’t already. Someone in Starmer’s position certainly must know much of this already, making his removal of the whip from JC all the more an act of dirty politics, a deeply cynical betrayal of both the man and the truth. Not much in this report is surprising to me. However, the comprehensive evidence laid out and incisively analysed is hugely impressive. It puts The Guardian dogs to shame, worthless hacks, and of course the BBC too, who also have access to all this material but look the other way as it does not fit with their agenda. Starmer’s action against Corbyn is the Zenith of a long concocted campaign in which Starmer has hung around the fringes until now, his hands plunged in and bloodied, a man I have described as the Magnolia Macbeth. Labour is no more. It has been destroyed, and sadder still, cooperated and colluded in its own destruction. RIP. They can try to smear and defame Jeremy Corbyn as much as they like, but he will in truth never be anything other than what he is: a good man.

    1. Even though I want Jeremy Corbyn reinstated I can’t help having mixed feelings about this. Thousands of members will be supporting him but I cannot think of one member he supported, can anyone else?

      1. Trust Jack to come up with a negative angle!

        Jack knows damn well that had Jeremy supported anyone accused of anti-semitism AND refuting the claim that they had, the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and LAA and the rent-a-quote ‘moderates’ et al would have feigned outrage and attacked and vilified and demonised him and accused him of either being in denial, and being part of the problem as such, or condemned him for being an apologist for anti-semites in the party.

        I’ve posted a link to the following DM article published a week before last years GE – and reproduced the passage in question – TWICE in the past few weeks, and I have no doubt whatsoever that Jack saw it, but here it is again anyway, with the headline: ‘Labour’s dossier of shame: Jeremy Corbyn is personally accused of NINE anti-Semitic acts in bombshell report’

        It sets out in nine examples of Mr Corbyn’s past behaviour which the JLM claimed had acted as ‘signals to party members’ that ‘anti-Semitic views are acceptable’.

        This includes, defending Chris Williamson against allegations of anti-Semitism weeks before he was suspended for those allegations.

    1. White Van Man, you are living in your own daydream. Appease appease appease and capitulate.

      1. Oh, how predictable. And since when did drawing attention to the MSMs smear campaign against Jeremy and the left membership amount to appeasement and waving a white flag (or being a white van man!)! Nothing better illustrates the power and effectiveness of the MSM smear campaign than the fact that in a poll conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour last year, respondents believed, on average, that a third of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism.

        But you see Jack is a paid shill for the Establishment (posing as a left-winger and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter), and his agenda is to deflect criticism AWAY from the Establishment’s propaganda machine, and to blame the victims of the propaganda machine INSTEAD!

      2. Yes, and I suppose the guys at Medialens are living in their own daydream TOO!

        In a recent piece by Medialens about Owen Jones’ new book (posted on the 23rd of October) it says the following:

        While Jones accepts that there were ‘bad-faith actors opposed to Corbyn’s policies’, his emphasis is focused elsewhere: ‘ultimately there were severe and repeated errors by the leadership, which resulted from those two characteristic failings: a lack of both strategy and emotional intelligence’. (p.254)

        Remarkably, Jones concludes that the crisis ‘need never have happened’. (p.254)

        This is nonsense. The crisis had to happen because sufficiently powerful forces within the Labour Party and Conservative Party, and across the corporate media ‘spectrum’, were determined to make it happen.

        Compare Jones’ account with that of Norman Finkelstein, whose mother survived the Warsaw Ghetto, the Majdanek concentration camp and two slave labour camps. Finkelstein’s father was a survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and the Auschwitz concentration camp. In an interview with RT in May, Finkelstein commented:

        ‘Corbyn, he did not present a threat only to Israel and Israel’s supporters, he posed a threat to the whole British elite. Across the board, from the Guardian to the Daily Mail, they all joined in the new anti-semitism campaign. Now that’s unprecedented – the entire British elite, during this whole completely contrived, fabricated, absurd and obscene assault on this alleged Labour anti-semitism, of which there is exactly zero evidence, zero.’

        And they also say the following:

        Despite this, Jones says of the antisemitism crisis:

        ‘The damage to Corbyn’s Labour was grievous. The crisis led to months of media coverage.’ (p.254)

        In fact, the media coverage was the crisis! It was this real crisis that was the cause of the ‘crisis’. The antisemitism ‘crisis’ was just one more fabrication by an awesomely corrupt and immoral media system willing to throw, not just the kitchen sink, but – God help us! – Nazi gas chambers at Corbyn.

        And THIS:

        Corbyn’s great anti-semitism ‘scandal’ was a non-story, a fabricated non-event, a Soviet-style propaganda smear. Sufficient numbers of people wanted it to be true because they wanted to be rid of Corbyn. Everyone else bowed their heads to avoid being subject to the same career-destroying smears.

      3. Allan – Get yourself a copy of
        ‘Left Out – The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn”
        It’s an easy but informative read, whatever your political leanings. I’m not asking you to treat it like some religious text and believe every word but just to read it with an open mind. Hopefully it will give you a more balanced perspective.

      4. Balanced perspective? Could you elaborate Steve?

        And given that my post was composed of several passages from a Medialens article, are you implying that THEY don’t have a balanced view?

      5. Allan – The only person you are impressing with your childish pedantry is yourself. You can take or leave my advice it is of little consequence to me whether you choose to hide in your safe and comforting echo chamber or not.

      6. So were you referring to Jeremy Corbyn in your post earlier?

        And who but a nasty little fascist shill says ‘Who cares’ when a poster concocts a fake story so that they can then denigrate Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, and then denies that they did so and accuses me of making it up AND then says I should seek help?


      7. Allan – I purposely left that bit blank

        it is interesting that the first person you thought of was Jeremy Corbyn.

      8. Oh, right, so you AREN’T going to elaborate I take it?

        Jeeze, yur so goddam transparent it’s pathetic beyond words.

        And always monitoring the site/comments like the good little shill you are!

      9. Allan – I just can’t be bothered with your idiocy tonight.

      10. Hmm, I’m getting the increasingly strong feeling that SteveH and JackT are two personas of the same paid shill!

        Neither of them ever address my questions, or the proof I’ve provided which contradicts what they claimed, but just opt for personal attacks so as to AVOID answering tricky questions.

        So anyway Steve, are you saying that Jeremy was just trying to make himself the centre of attention when he said what he said, as opposed to making a valid point about the level of alleged cases of anti-semitism in the party? Needless to say – and THAT was obviously your little fascist shill joke – Jeremy already WAS the centre of attention as of the EHRC publishing its report!

      11. Allan – Hmm,I hadn’t appreciated you were really that stupid.

        Sadly you don’t seem to be able to differentiate between facts and opinion.

        You are wrong to presume that I am/was saying anything about Jeremy, I intentionally left the space for others to do that for themselves. Who you choose to connect it to is entirely your choice. However it is interesting to note that you are so insistent that it refers to JC.

  4. SteveH, nobody with a brain or an interest in the truth – and not in possession of a Tory party membership card – needs to read one word of your book choice.
    The review of it in the Guardian not only shows it to have been written by Times, Sunday Times and Guardian “journalists” including Judas Jones – it describes them apparently still repeating the “Labour antisemitism” slurs with which they and their fellow drunken shitstained scribblers promoted the antisemitism scam in the first fucking place.

    1. David – It is often valuable to read those that you instinctively disagree with, It is almost as if you are afraid that you and others might be ‘corrupted’ by reading an alternative perspective. Ignorance is seldom bliss.

      1. My disagreement is not instinctive; it’s moral, intellectual and factual.
        Superciliousness is a bit above your pay grade, kid.
        If I ever do read their tome it’ll be for the purpose of gathering evidence.

        Allan Howard:
        “Hmm, I’m getting the increasingly strong feeling that SteveH and JackT are two personas of the same paid shill”
        OR, the blunt and pointy ends of something else beginning with “sh.”

      2. David – My disagreement is not instinctive; it’s moral, intellectual and factual.

        That’s quite an achievement from a position of self imposed ignorance.

  5. To return to the main point, no matter what your opinion of Corbyn, it is plain he has been treated abominably by Keir ‘Stalin’ Starmer and his faction now in power, who is surely embarking on a ‘cleansing’ operation on the pretext that it will make the party more electable. By pointing to the procedural errors of the suspension and lack of justification in the rule book and constitution we can fight back on their terms. Jeremy must go for a judicial review funded by Len, and all local party organisations must start agitating for his immediate reinstatement. This will hit the right where it hurts, expose their attempt to humiliate and bully Jeremy and start to get public sympathy for him, and demonstrate their dictatorial attempts to ride roughshod over democratic accountability. As well as hitting the right in the pocket for more lawyers fees.
    I’m not sure if Starmer thought his high handed action could lead to Jeremy smelling of roses and looking like a martyr but his bullying is going to have that effect.
    ‘Left Out’ is a great read by the way.

    1. More to the poin,t what useful purpose did Jeremy think his actions would serve when he decided on a course of confrontation.

  6. Congratulations, to Blyth Valley Constituency Labour Party.

    For myself, relatively, new as a Member of any political party, I need some guidance. In these unprecedented times, does anyone have any helpful hints on how to get this Motion raised at my own CLP? I’d welcome any practical suggestions.

    Perhaps, Skwawkbox could run an article, on the subject? An ‘idiot’s guide’. I, for one, would welcome it.

    Not suggesting, for a minute, that my CLP ‘powers that be’, would ignore the issue. I’d, just, like to be sure.

  7. Does this mean the CLP members who discussed the subject will be suspended?

  8. The Labour Party has been ‘shut down’ by New New Labour. No Branch meetings & no CLP meetings. It appears that ‘Zoom’ is ‘One Step Beyond’. How convenient?

  9. Digger Evans the idiot that sent the threatning email to all CLPs is like the knight living on borrowed time if the membership stand up and fight literally.Dont expect support from your so called left mps as they will probably slither away wanting to protect a “nice little earner” thats about another few thousand to get them nearest to the Onehundred thousand and all the so called expenses numbering hundreds of thousands in some claimrnts..Yes its going to be a happy ☺ xmass for the Labour mps and a very good earner in the new year.Toss the rule book as the knight says “thats only for the little people”

    1. Joseph – Evans was only reiterating what Jennie Formby had decreed at the beginning of 2019. I don’t remember you getting so indignant about her edict.

      Here are the instructions Jennie issued
      “Please note that individual disciplinary cases that are being dealt with through the NEC disputes processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies.”

  10. It is verboten to even discuss Corbyn in London Region. I have tabled a motion of no-confidence in Keir Starmer without mentioning anything. (N. Westminster)

  11. Jeremy Corbyn is unique, he is the ONLY person who was able to pull all strands of the Labour movement together in the Labour Party. All strands that is except one and to avoid offending the sensibilities of those who don’t like me naming them I’ll let you guess.

    Sod it, the group who under no circumstance would accept Jeremy Corbyn is the Zionists.

    Since they destroyed his Leadership, the Labour Party has started to fracture again into its old factions and it will be a long time if ever, they can be reunited under another leader.

    1. There are fifty opinions on every issue in the Labour Party – theories is what we do – but there are only two ‘strands’ – two factions – left and right.
      The centre is a myth.
      Jeremy brought us optimism, old Labourites who’d rejected Blatcher and a whole slew of Millennials but we expected too much of him – there was no way Corbyn could have prevailed over the massed forces of Tories and world neoliberalism without the support of the PLP and the kind of on-street support we could have given had we understood the depth of their depravity.
      Israel and the MSM were willing accomplices but still they were no more than henchmen.

      1. David – “on street action”

        What precisely does that little euphemism mean?

      2. David – My apologies, that should have read “on-street support”

      3. Why, legal demostrations within the law of the land of course SteveH.
        Whatever did you imagine I meant?

      4. David – Thanks for making that clear, I’m glad to hear that you were referring to peaceful protests. All too often people use euphemisms as cover for advocating violence.

      5. We’re lucky to have you searching out those highly-trained terrorists and keeping us all safe with your uncannily-sophisticated interrogation techniques, Detective Steve.

  12. Some on here seem to be very partisan with their ‘outrage’.
    Where was the ‘outcry’ when Jennie Formby issued similar edicts banning CLPs from discussing and passing motions on disciplinary cases.🤔

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