Tories put hundreds of thousands at risk of C19 – because they didn’t bother updating Excel spreadsheet software

Dept of Health and Social Care blames old version of Excel for it missing thousands of positive coronavirus cases – and their contacts

The Tories have blamed an old version of Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software for them missing thousands of positive coronavirus tests between late September and early October.

The error meant that around 16,000 infections were missed – and that none of the contacts of those infected were traced and warned about their possible exposure. Even assuming only ten contacts per missed infection, that’s around 160,000 people – and with their contacts, millions are at risk of unknowing exposure, in the midst of an exponentially-growing pandemic:

All because the Tories tried to operate an absolutely critical function via uploads to a spreadsheet – and didn’t even bother to make sure the spreadsheet software was up to date.

Boris Johnson has already caused tens of thousands of needless deaths because of his arrogance and mishandling of the pandemic. Now Johnson and his cronies are endangering further huge numbers by their constant arrogance, recklessness and shoddy failure to prepare.

These people should be in jail, not in government.

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  1. Thinks of finding a way of shoehorning philip hammond into the conflab…Thinks better of it and just shakes head resignedly.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out the NHS are still using windows xp like they were when they had the ransomware episode …And even if they are, they’re STILL doing a better job than the carpetbagging private sector vermin.

    Failed to update the software…Kinell! An eight year old schoolkid could’ve offered a better excuse ffs.

  3. These people should be in jail not government..Well put Squawkbox ,but we all know that unless a miracle happens and the character of a immoral country stops supporting murder of the frail and vulnerable then nothing will change..You are right to keep repeating the disgusting treatment of the working class but only a people who value lives will care.and at this moment in history lives are cheep and expendable.I will keep hoping and occasionally praying,?

  4. Could happen to anyone. Let’s face it Boris (The Beast) Johnson and Half-Cocked Hancock are VERY busy (working day and night apparently) so we really do need to give the fellahs a break. AND its bang in the middle of the grouse shooting season. What’s the problem with a couple of hundred more deaths anyway? A drop in the ocean in the context of 65,000 (oh sorry, the ‘official’ tally’s only 43k . . . forgot!). It’s just getting a bit ‘bumpy’ that’s all. Don’t you love it!? BUMPY! Read: ” Loads more people dying for many months ahead because I’m a completely incompetent wanker.” BUMPY! Ffs!

  5. The sad fact is that although a serious error DID result in properly collected infection data NOT being integrated into track and trace software and into Mission-critical infection totals for two days, this vile and criminal government will not be held responsible or accountable.


    Outsourcing and a total lack of key performance management (KPM) by a horrendously incompetent government which sees the pandemic crisis as nothing more than an opportunity to award £ billions to their friends without any open tendering and to gift Serco another £45m for ‘failing’ COVID Test and Trace scheme.

    Dawn Butler is correct to say that Government outsourcing of COVID-19 response is a “national scandal”.

    Profiting from Crises after they worsen them, that’s the tory way. Wait till NoDeal brexit kicks-in and US Inc (probably some of Sir Keir’s trilateral billionaires) “acquire” the NHS.

    1. Spot on. And the money movers in the city will make a killing out of a No Deal Brexit, with Tory millionaires at the very front of the queue (and almost certainly already ‘insider trading’ on their own cynical projections). What was it Shakespeare said (my favourite two word quote: “Power corrupts.” But followed up in modern times with: “And Tory power corrupts absolutely.” (I think I got that right . . ?)

  6. A government of PPE grads CAN ONLY outsource everything because it has no useful expertise of any kind in house.
    It should outsource the planning to the NHS and universities though, not to big business.
    The NHS and universities will happily work collaboratively when required, competing businesses never will.
    When you need big thoughts thinking don’t delegate them to people whose only motive is profit.

  7. It looks like Trunt has probably infected the Joint Chiefs… shhh… just don’t tell Putin he could take the US with a penknife for the next two weeks…

  8. there is a well-known limitation on the number of lines excel can take (not very large), and it depends on the excel version. However, the excel version is not the issue, but the decision to use excel for such a critical mission instead of using a data base to store and analyse the data. I guess someone charged the government (us) millions for this corner cut solution.

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