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New York and Moscow re-close schools to counter COVID surge

UK stubbornly avoiding the obvious

Image by MusikAnimal – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cities around the globe have begun re-closing schools in response to the coronavirus crisis, recognising the obvious – that transmission within and from schools is driving new waves of the pandemic, a fact admitted long ago by even the UK government’s SAGE scientists.

Among the places willing to respond to the undeniable are New York City, which is closing schools in the Brooklyn and Queens districts, and Moscow. Italy is expected to follow suit imminently, with 900 school outbreaks driving its second wave – high, but a fraction of the number in the UK.

The Tories are stubbornly avoiding the obvious and are determined to make re-closing schools the absolute last resort, in spite of the central role schools are known to be playing in driving the new spike. They are doing so with the full cooperation of the Starmer front bench – and have even been pressured by demands from the Labour leader.

Other countries and cities are acting to save the lives in their jurisdictions that will inevitably be lost by any delay. The English government is not.

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  1. Just watched Trunt on BBC News climb a flight of steps to a balcony at the White House and stand there posing.
    He was trying to look tough and in control, later saw him walk down a few steps trying not to hold on to the railing – but when he took off his mask for the cameras he was visibly struggling to breathe.
    He’s not as fully recovered as he claims to be.

    1. Perhaps it was just an act, as surely his doctors would have kept him in longer if he was having trouble with his breathing. And he must hold the record for the shortest stay EVER in a hospital for someone who supposedly had the Coronavirus!

      It’s funny how he suddenly contracted it just after the New York Times broke the story about his tax returns, or lack of them I should say!

      1. I wondered at the first announcement whether he might be going for the sympathy vote, but he’s a sick man.
        The BBC is showing differently edited footage this morning but last night he was inhaling deeply, almost hyperventilating after climbing to the balcony to speak, but trying to conceal it speaking with a set jaw and gritted teeth in short phrases between breaths.
        Watch his rictus face in the moments after he removes his mask – it’s pretty obvious.

  2. “Suffer the Children” ..reckless policy of genocide backed by the totaly corrupt government of the UK including the enabling Labour party and its rotten corrupt backing.I suspect that it is already too late to stop the inevitable deaths of many of the most vulnerable in society.

  3. Those doctors should’ve refused any further treatment to Dayglo the second he got into that vehicle.

    If that’d been our clown, I’d have complained to the GMC about those doctors allowing a known virus carrier to potentially infect others.

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