Exclusive: the reason for Corbyn’s rule-breaching dinner

Former Labour leader was right to apologise, but public should understand real reason Corbyn was ‘grumpy’ in photo- and it wasn’t because he’d been photographed

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for attending a gathering of friends that breached the ‘rule of six’ restriction.

An image of the gathering has been used gleefully by the S*n and other right-wing media, with barbed comments about the supposed elitism it represents and quotes from ‘sources’ claiming that Corbyn’s ‘grumpy’ expression was because he knew the snap would get him into trouble.

The reality is – of course – very different.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that one of Corbyn’s closest friends had died abroad and the man’s girlfriend had flown back from Russia. Friends had gathered to console her and the solemn expressions of those around the table suited the occasion.

The number of people present had been legal when Corbyn arrived but he stayed on when more arrived and he was right to apologise.

All too typically, however, the use that the hostile media – still desperate to bury the movement he represents – have made of the picture reflects none of the context.

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  1. I would like to know how the press got hold of the photo? The reports say that it was a gathering of friends. Did one of them betray Jeremy Corbyn?

    1. More likely whoever took it shared it with their circle and one of them sold it to the Scum

      1. There’s a place set at the empty chair – I’d guess the eighth person who’d been sitting there probably took the photo.

      2. Oops, just noticed the plate to Corbyn’s right – ten people?

      3. Oops, just noticed the plate to Corbyn’s right – ten people?

        There were thirteen at JC’s last supper…So it’s either mckinnon, little steven, or iscariot himself. Follow the thirty pieces of silver…

      4. I sometimes despair at the inept behavior of people in high places and those connected to them. They seem totally oblivious of the opportunistic nature of the quizlings in our midst.

  2. So two members of the Corbyn household get fined, one for £10,000 !!! While Johnson’s Dad and his Chief Adviser do what they want without censure. It’s about as fair as locking gown the uppity North while ignoring what’s happening in London…..

  3. Plucking policies from thin air. Only a cretin would believe there was anything scientific or magic about the number six. I suspect it was Cummings playing with one of those kids folded paper thingies: “Pick a colour, now pick a number.” “Red, six! It says you’re a fucking twat who had it coming: hand over ten grand or go to jail!” “No, it doesn’t apply to me because I invented the fucking game and I can change the rules whenever I want. It’s called data science don’t you know.”

  4. Photos from a wake? I don’t believe it.
    Sometimes you hold your hands up and say ‘I made a mistake’.
    But that is an impossibility for JC. In his world, he is never wrong.

    1. What part of “…Corbyn has apologised…” don’t you understand, you illiterate Tory twinky?
      I assume Johnson will soon be apologising for the 90% of coronavirus deaths his and your party’s incompetence has caused – SO FAR – will he?

      1. An apology with a ‘but I can explain’ doesn’t cut it. It is typical of the man. He sounds like a child. Its why some people don’t like him, some cant take him seriously, some, don’t trust him, or in my case, find him a complete life long joke.
        David, twinky?, you can do better than that.

    2. “Sometimes you hold your hands up and say ‘I made a mistake’.”

      From today’s Guardian – note the final sentence (my capitals):

      — He told the Sun, which published the photo: “I recently had dinner at a friend’s house where the number of guests eventually exceeded five. I understand that remaining at the dinner was a breach of the rule of six. I APOLOGISE FOR MY MISTAKE.” —

      “But that is an impossibility for JC. In his world, he is never wrong.”

      Seems the same could be said about you.

      1. Of course, he didn’t have to apologise for not being able to explain the rules he had made up though, did he?

    3. Take your bile somewhere else. Its a fucking wake you w……………..

      1. No chance.
        Im here to stay.
        Denigrate me and I will haunt your worst nightmares.
        Drink my bile.

    4. It wasn’t JC taking the photograph if you notice. And have you never take photographs when you gather to remember a friend after their passing. Nor did he share it around to let the world know about it or go shopping without a mask or travel to Glasgow from London After getting a positive result on a Covidq9 test.

      1. Margaret,
        “It wasn’t JC taking the photograph if you notice”. Yes I do notice. He is in the photo. I see that. There he is; Jeremy is at the top of the table. So if he is in the photo, there is no possible way (excluding Einstein’s Theories) that Corbyn could have taken the photo. Your statement of the blindingly obvious is therefore meant as an insult. I don’t need to spell this out. You know you are being insulting, but I am going to spell it out anyway.
        He appears happy to pose in the picture, “…if you notice…” (That wee clause rankles with me). Let me tell you why.
        Here is what I think.
        He knows he’s breaking the rules. If he doesn’t realise he’s breaking the rules then he is beyond stupid. He is as we know a Member of Parliament. So he is duty bound to learn the rules.
        But I think he knows the rules. I think he doesn’t care that he is breaking the rules, I think, he thinks, that he is above the rules. Like Dominic Cummings he is above all that that applies to the masses. I think he is an elitist arrogant (choose your adjective).
        “It wasn’t JC taking the photograph if you notice”
        Margaret, you might think you can finish a sentence with ” if you notice” . Maybe in north London or from where ever you call home , but believe me if you were try that , take that attitude in, lets say, Glasgow, it would be seen for what it is, a big insult.

  5. You have to get behind someone B4 you can stab them in the Back, unless you’re Jess Phillips of course.

    1. Isn’t she more of a front stabber or am I mixing her up with the children’s champion? ☮️

  6. The man’s girlfriend had flown back from Russia??

    Well now…Has THAT one been done to death by the right-wing gutter press, yet, or are they holding fire on that particular one for any specific reason?

  7. I suppose a way to discover who sold the photo is to fine everyone present….Whoever stammer stumps up for is the rat bastard.

    Donald Trump says he and wife Melania have tested positive for coronavirus and gone into quarantine.

    The US president, who is in a high risk category due to his age and because he is considered overweight, tweeted in the early hours of Friday: “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19.

    “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

  9. It surely can’t be correct that the law requires you to self-isolate where ever you learn of a positive result? That could make things very difficult and potentially expensive, unless you are given premises to live in.

  10. Note how the SNP deals with idiots.
    The more I think about Corbyn and his dinner party the angrier I get. Not only is he a fool, with his pathetic excuses, ‘I was consoling a friend’ but he is arrogant with it.
    How stupid can one person be? He flaunts the rules, and doesn’t care. He even poses for a photo to prove his contempt for the rest of us. Starmer should have sacked him on the spot, as the SNP did with Margaret Ferrier.
    Anyone who tries to excuse his behavior is out of touch with reality. If you want an example of the elite in society disrespecting the masses, think of Corbyn and his dinner party.

      1. Tell me why its rubbish. Explain yourself. You don’t dismiss other peoples opinion just because you don’t like what they say. That’s what children do. Infact, that is what Corbyn is doing here. He thinks he can move on from this with a half hearted apology. He is an arrogant joke. He has been all his life. That is why so many people don’t like him.
        Ask yourself why that is.

      2. What is the difference between Dominic Cummings and Jeremy Corbyn?

      3. Come on Paul. What’s up? Don’t fancy your chances?

    1. He was wrong, that’s true, but you are trying to build this misdemeanor into a major case with a ridiculously over-emotional interpretation.

  11. I understood that it was a meal for friends to console David Graeber’s widow. David died at the beginning of September. In those circumstances, I think it would be very hard to say that you weren’t going to stay just because of arbitrary ‘rule of six’ which no scientific basis.

    1. syzgysue,
      (strange name. How do you pronounce that?).
      What is it with The Messiah Corbyn? You are defending the indefensible. Dominic Cummings/ Jeremy Corbyn; both of them, they think they are above the law.
      The difference is; Corbyn is an elected politician. A member of parliament. Elected to uphold the law. He has broken the law. There is only one honourable course for him to take.
      Is he an honourable man? Will he do the honourable thing?
      Not a fukin cats chance in hell.
      Look at it again. Exhibit A. The photo. He not only disregards the law. He is proud of his disregard.
      Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?

  12. Breaching the rules is breaching the rules. We can’t just say it’s okay because it’s done by some one we like.

    1. Exactly,
      The cult of Corbyn is incredible to behold. It is only overshadowed by the arrogance of the man himself. Anyone (see above) that can defend his actions here, really need to have a long hard look at themselves.
      Also this website. It is so far removed from serious political journalism to has become a joke. CCHQ could not produce a better parody if it tried. Maybe that is the explanation.
      Thanks for the voice of reason amongst the bedlam.

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