Police forces tell officers not to install English COVID tracking app because it’s a security risk

Image credit; SouthbankSteve (Wikimedia Commons)

English police forces have been told not to install the Tories’ COVID-tracking app on any smartphones used for work, confirmed by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC).

Officers have also been told they can ignore alerts if they install the app on their personal phones – and that if they have installed the app on a personal phone they must not carry it while on duty.

Police sources in the north-west of England said the order is driven by fears about the security of the app, but the NPCC claims it is because it wants the app to work ‘consistently’ for officers and staff across the country.

The BBC has reported this on its news website, but has not covered it in its broadcast output, where it would be far more widely seen. The order applies to public-facing police roles as well as to back-office staff.

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  1. So what are the government up to.I didn’t know what they have planned but I am definitely along with my family not setting foot in the UK.This is a Homicidal government and I don’t feel safe to come back even for a visit.Just what’s going on ?You may think I am paranoid,but I can remember the live rounds being fired on us in Ulster and thats something you never forget.

  2. Another logistic reason is that they will be told to isolate and this will deplete Police Officer numbers. It includes officers who have direct face-to-face with the General Public.

    Issues Police officers become vectors of the virus.
    Frontline workers being advised to ignore advise given to general population.
    Who will police the streets and enforce the Corona Virus Legislation when numbers are depleted?-sorry forgot the government are recruiting 20,000 inexperienced officers to replace the 21,500 experienced officers who were deemed superfluous to requirements.
    Health and safety at work.
    Track, Trace and Isolate the Heath Robinson Model

  3. I don’t picture policing as a very social-distancing kind of a job – many of their interactions with the public will be at very close quarters I would think.
    The police service’s real objection I’d guess is more likely officers being stuck in quarantine instead of working.
    If anyone can get CV testing on demand I imagine it’s police officers.

  4. The BBC has reported this on its news website, but has not covered it in its broadcast output, where it would be far more widely seen.

    They do that quite a lot do the ‘always impartial’ bbc.

    Wouldn’t do to have the gammonati – who are in the age group less au fait with the internetz than any other, but by far the most likely to vote (tory) – informed of things that don’t make the government appear anything less than competent.

  5. At the risk of being thought of as ‘right wing’ (of the libertarian variety), I’ll add that nearly every app you can install on your phone is a security risk. The STASI didn’t invade the privacy of the average East German a thousandth as much as the US NSA and its uk franchise GCHQ do daily to British citizens with the help of google, apple and a myriad of apps

    1. We’re more spied on than every commie state bar China and only two Chinese cities have more CCTV cameras per 1000 people than londinium.

      18 out of the top 20 most surveilled cities are in China

      London and Hyderabad were the only cities outside of China to make the top 20, with London taking third place and Hyderabad sixteenth.

      By 2021, over one billion surveillance cameras will be installed worldwide, according to IHS Markit’s latest report.

      Globally, there are already 770 million cameras in use with 54% of these being in China.

      We found little correlation between the number of public CCTV cameras and crime or safety.

      And de piffle says we’re a freedom-loving country?!!

      1. 770 million? Is that all? I don’t want to have to share a camera with ten Chinese people – more cameras – NOW

  6. Yes indeed. But for de Piffle (and all good neoliberals), ‘freedom’ means laisez fair capitalism’s ability to rob you blind, commodify your dead body and make a buck.

    This is the sense in which the USA is “the land of the free”.

  7. The other comments cover the loss of front line staff, so “don’t look, don’t go off duty” reason for avoiding the app. Another good reason is that the app, as supplied by Serco, “talks” only to Serco’s test & trace systems but not the actual NHS. Other apps which do alert the NHS don’t alert Serco…..
    Plus, using Bluetooth is useless because Bluetooth is too inaccurate (ie not able to measure two metres) to be workable. Ordinary devices, nothing special, pick up Bluetooth connections 15 metres away.
    Conclusion: another shambles to add to the overall chaos.

  8. The vast majority of the population are not tested & have no idea if they are covid positive. How does the mob know?

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