CLP accused of prejudicing case of MP Claudia Webbe with tweet on party action

Tweet remains online five hours later

Claudia Webbe

Leicester East constituency Labour party (CLP) has been accused of prejudicing the case involving their MP Claudia Webbe by tweeting negatively about her soon after the news broke of a charge of harassment against her.

The CLP’s Twitter account posted a comment expressing its ‘shock’ and promising to support ‘any action taken by the National Party’ – and included the seemingly-irrelevant fact that the CLP chair didn’t like Webbe remaining an Islington councillor:

They were quickly taken to task and reminded of the Crown Prosecution Service’s admonition to respect Claudia Webbe’s right to a fair trial and not to prejudice the case:

Others joined in to point out that local members in the constituency allegedly refused to campaign for Webbe during her successful election campaign in December – and that they seemed to have been unperturbed by the behaviour of the disgraced previous MP:

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the CPS is now aware of the CLP’s comments. The account was contacted for comment but did not respond and the tweet remains online at the time of publication, almost five hours after it was posted.

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  1. I find that hard to believe, ‘Dave’ – you read like a spook or a copper’s nark to me. Mind you, wasn’t sure one was allowed to even ‘like’ this story, English justice seemingly being so sensitive to free reporting, and all?

    1. It’s a sad day for English justice when it tries to stop decent English Tories freely demanding the correct verdict on the obviously guilty loony left.
      PC gone mad.

    1. Yes, rabid dogs preparing to cannabalistically feast on their own pack.

      But let’s be clear, the cannibals in question are vile centrist liberals with loyalty only to that neoliberal flavour of capitalism which hates (ie ‘fears’) the working class and abhors democratic socialism and its delegates. in this case Claudia Webbe.

      Same old, same old.

      1. quertboi
        When you are banging your head against a brick wall then adopt the pyramid strategy
        Effectively leap frog them, go over their heads
        Just need the candidate, which at moment is CW, win NEC and get him back in party

  2. Normally with a harassment charge its 3 strikes and your up before the beak
    Once its reported the police will have a word and ask you to desist, if you ignore these warnings then you will be charged
    This was over a period of time so fits the bill
    I’m surprised those on the right who set these things up have not leaked something to the press well before now
    Anyway it’s our turn to fit up one of theres, make it high profile, someone close to Temporary Embarrassment
    Get trawling

  3. Glad I was never a member of this cesspit organisation. It was a lost cause many years ago. Time for genuine socialists to leave it behind and join either the Workers Party of Britain or the CPGB-ML (Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist-Leninist) Hoist your colours to the mast, comrades, and be prepared for the serious struggles ahead! Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement – Lenin.

    1. According to the latest news from the NEC the Labour Party currently has about 560,000 members.
      It appears that approximately 114,000 new members joined the Labour Party between the 2019GE and 17:00hrs 20/01/2020 and roughly a further 26,000 joined during late Jan & Feb to take the party membership to a high point of 580,000 in February20. During the last 9 months about 20,000 members have left the party.

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