Johnson and co give themselves free pass to drink past 10pm in Parliament

Commons bars exempted from 10pm curfew

Boris Johnson and co and have given themselves a free pass to continue drinking late into the night, while kicking the plebs out around the rest of the country at 10pm.

Bars in Parliament are exempt from the 10pm supposed to somehow curb the exponential growth of the coronavirus second wave.

During the day, meanwhile, MPs sit socially distanced in the Commons chamber and have done so throughout, while sending working people to crowded workplaces and public transport and our kids into packed classrooms despite the known dangers – with Labour’s centrist leadership as guilty as the Tories.

One rule for the so-called ‘elite’, one for the rest.

Update: the government has now denied this is happening.

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  1. Can de piffle actually afford a massively-subsidised pint, these days?

  2. Does holding up a fucking pint in these very regular photo ops. act like cryptonite to us plebs and disarm us from reality? Drinking culture has got a lot to answer for if this is all it takes to get people on side ? I just hope the scrotum is going to drink the cocks piss…

    1. Does holding up a fucking pint in these very regular photo ops. act like cryptonite to us plebs and disarm us from reality?

      Dunno – ask stammer, who needs at least two goes to pull a pint because he’s never done an hour’s manual labour in is life.

      Perhaps they think we’re all morons, so detached from reality that they’re actually the next manager of the Queen Vic…cos everyone likes The cockneys…sorry Eastenders; so if they’re manager of the Queen Vic then they’re sound.

      I just hope the scrotum is going to drink the cocks piss…

      You & me both…

  3. Alcohol in parliament is an anachronism – MPs should in an intelligent society be denied the division lobbies on a positive breathalyser test.
    Driving drunk they might kill a few. Flying drunk they might kill hundreds.
    Legislating drunk they can kill millions.
    It’s time to close the bars in parliament for good.

    I see Ed Davey’s an abysmal speaker – no fire, no steel and no spontaneity whatever. Over-coached and over-rehearsed I suspect.

  4. A new coronavirus law will hand people in England £4,000 on-the-spot fines if police believe they have “recklessly” left self-isolation.

    The fine for first offenders is four times higher than the standard £1,000 fine for people who leave home despite being testing positive for Covid-19, or being told to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

    The new criminal offence was made law late last night, buried in the small print of a 12-page regulation, with no prior explanation or advertising by the government.

    1. Masturbating in public is not nice
      For the uninformed you cannot levy fines that people cannot afford to pay, you will always hear the words ‘upto’ when Red Tories, Blue Tories, Yellow Tories or now making headlines as she entertains herself, Tartan Tories, all jerking off to the base
      What is criminal is MSM and toilet papers know this

      1. Doug – From the info in the article that I linked to I’m presuming that the word fine actually refers to a Fixed Penalty Notice

        Here’s another quote from the same article
        Police do not need to prove a person has broken the law in order to issue a fine. Instead, they are legally allowed to issue one if they “reasonably believe” a person committed an offence.
        The fines are given on the spot and there is no way to appeal, apart from going to court.
        If someone is then found guilty by magistrates, they will incur a criminal record and likely a higher fine.
        Police can also use “reasonable force” to remove people from where you currently are, or to return them to the place where they’ve been self-isolating.

      2. SteveH
        The principle is clear, you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone

      3. Doug – You can if it ends up in magistrates court and they order payment deductions direct from the guilty party’s benefits or the bailiffs are let loose to seize assets. You can argue the toss all you want but it won’t alter the fact that the police can hand out these FPNs if they feel it is justified and getting it set aside would be a nightmare for anyone who felt they had been unjustly treated.

      4. SteveH
        Have you heard the saying ‘never try and teach your grannie how to suck eggs’
        Debt Specialist in Free Advice Sector for over 23 years
        You plainly know nothing about magistrates, bailiffs or benefits
        Which makes you ?

      5. Doug – I’m just telling it how I see it. If your ‘experience’ tells you different then you are more than welcome to explain why you disagree.

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