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Right-wingers try to dismiss reports of Labour MPs’ unhappiness with Starmer by accusing SKWAWKBOX of seeking ad clicks. This site HAS no ads and pays extra to make sure of it

They just don’t get it

Last night, a number of right-wingers – seemingly unhappy at this site’s reporting of ‘soft-left’ Labour MPs unhappy with Keir Starmer’s performance – tried to discredit the facts by claiming the article was written because the SKWAWKBOX is supposedly desperate for ‘clicks’ to generate advertising revenue.

The SKWAWKBOX carries no adverts – and even pays extra to its hosting provider to make sure none appear. Keeping the page clean and easy to read is far too important and making sure good information gets out is this site’s key goal.

Of course, if the unhappily petty right-wingers had bothered to read to the end of the article that upset them, they’d have seen how this site operates and wouldn’t have made fools of themselves – because every article on the site ends with a short paragraph that makes it clear that readers’ support is what enables the SKWAWKBOX to continue:

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the support of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal or here to set up a monthly donation via GoCardless (SKWAWKBOX will contact you to confirm the GoCardless amount). Thanks for your solidarity so SKWAWKBOX can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.

Of course, SKWAWKBOX is also regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only Leveson-compliant regulator – and has a 100% rating from news reliability service Newsguard, so if the stricken Blairites had bothered to check or had the integrity to acknowledge such basic facts, they could have saved themselves some trouble.

But right-wingers just don’t get it. They never have. But as well as being dense and not being able to understand what drives the left, they can’t even read what’s right under their noses.


  1. Thing is, a lot of people will take their word at face value without checking for themselves – it’s how the MSM works after all.

    1. You’re right David but I think there will be a select few who will take a real look and have their eyes opened by visiting the site. Paradoxically, this story could generate good publicity!

    2. Correct David. This is exactly how The Zionist JLM/LFI conducted their campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. They deluged the eager media with lies about Labour and Corbyn. Eventually, because he did not use the many public opportunities he had to turn the tables on them by highlighting Zionist intentions and their attempts to hide attrocities against the Palestinians, many of the public came to associate his name with anti-Semitism rather than anti-racism.

      How d’yeh like them apples White Flag Man?

    3. As Hilary Wainwright said of new Labour ” utterly ruthless and unprincipled “

  2. How very typical of the right wing- they are experts in lies and muck spreading. In my opinion Skwawkbox is letting them off lightly by putting their nastiness down to stupidity. Yes they are stupid but they are very vicious and malicious as we know well and in my opinion it is these traits rather than their lack of intelligence which brought about this most recent attack.

  3. Right whingers more like.” Oh don’t say anything about our new leader he’s doing ever so well”. Keep sticking it to them Skwawkbox. Hard and often.

  4. Surprised that they care what Squawk box reports,surely Steve Judas H must have to produce some sort of report on a regular basis….Maybe he’s been telling porkys or the usual distraction politics on the knight as well as us.,IT really is a jungle out there……..God save the Queen?..??

      1. David – I don’t recollect ‘Forensic’ being a word that I habitually use. Should I now expect a long list from yourself proving the contrary?

      2. What – right wingers are the only ones allowed to ‘massage’ the truth?
        At least I don’t do it to win an election or destroy anyone’s reputation.
        There was a smiley too but I’m not seeing them.

      3. Oooops -Sorry, the smiley didn’t display on the screen I was using at the time.

  5. Seems that Starmer’s (Blair’s) Labour are more than comfortable going with a Goebbel’s train of thought. “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” Very modern day Britain!

  6. Truth is the best disinfectant. Truth about the current parlous state of the Labour Party, the Labour “leadership,” the attempted purge, the tumbling numbers of members, and the strange goings on regarding not just how former members are being counted as STILL members, but folks who have NEVER been members being “reminded” their membership fees are due.

    Too many members of the PLP are happy to cosy up to the Tories, and too few looking to fight the good fight for truth, justice, and fairness in society. It seems to me that far too many of them believe Thatcher’s mantra – “There’s no such thing as society.”

    1. With the right of the LP Joe,it is more a case of not believing in anything at all, other than their own personal advancement that is.I have argued that the right,especially the “Progress” right are what would have been “One Nation” Tories when such a thing existed in the Tory party.In the last 30 years they have found the LP a better vehicle for their ambitions.

    2. JoeRobson, I haven’t read of non-members being reminded their membership fees are due but clearly there’d be no hope of falsely inflating membership numbers in that way and getting away with it.
      The only explanation that makes sense is human error, or possibly ‘fake news’.
      Invoices from service providers or suppliers will be filed as ‘Paid’ or ‘Unpaid’ for example – if there were such emails maybe someone sent the reminders from the supplier file instead of the membership file? Just a guess.

      1. I think you’re over thinking it. Try “the electoral roll” that all parties have. Whether an error or not, like so much more regarding political parties, especially of the right it’s a matter of what you can get away with. That phrase when caught out “Oh, we made a human error, but we have already corrected it, and made sure it won’t happen in the future.”

        I might be an old cynic, but I would put nothing at all past 95% of politicians.

      2. Maybe, Joe, but to try something that could so easily blow up in your face you’d have to be profoundly stupid, especially when it’s totally unnecessary given that nobody outside “centrist central” can access the core data. And Starmer already knows leaks can work both ways.
        100,000 extra ‘members’ might be worth boasting about, but short of a large number like that I see little advantage.
        Starmer would get more kudos from his wet Tory natural support base by boasting about how he’s “getting rid of the Corbynista Commies” – and no potential humiliation from being caught cheating.

      3. Joe, the electoral roll didn’t used to include email addresses.
        If it does now, fair enough – but if not they’d have to get the email addresses from somewhere or use snail mail wouldn’t they?
        And the real point is – they don’t need to contact nonexistent members to claim them as members so the whole exercise would be a pointless risk – almost a guarantee – of the exposure that you say has happened.

        Maybe you’re underthinking it?

    1. If I had the skills I’d make a cartoon of Thatcher holding a dog lead with a collar around Blairdog’s neck while Blairdog takes a Starmer-shaped shit in the gutter.
      My imagination leans toward the crude I’m afraid…

  7. Change the language
    Temporary Embarrassment is the symptom the internal report the Cause
    Those who prefer a Tory government must Leave
    Get it out there

  8. ‘Ere Skwawky, aren’t they inferring you’re trying to obtain monies/payment by false pretences, by saying you’re only after ad clicks?

    I’d have a quick word with legal…

  9. I got a membership reminder and sent an email back telling them to get stuffed then a week or so ago I got this email



    Thank you for your recent email submitting a resignation request either for yourself or on behalf of someone else.


    We are currently processing the request to leave the Labour Party.


    As the process to collect Direct Debits begins soon, we are unable to guarantee the request will be processed in time to avoid the next payment being taken.


    To ensure that the next membership payment is not collected by Direct Debit on 21 August 2020, we recommend cancelling the current Direct Debit instruction directly with the bank or building society as soon as possible.


    I trust the information above is clear, but should you require any further information, support, or assistance, please do not hesitate to complete a ‘contact us’ form online at


    Thank you for your patience.”

    Well good luck with that I didn’t set up a direct debit in the first place ……… what a bunch of idiots

    1. Give them a break, they’re probably rushed off their feet, what with processing all those non-existent resigners and figuring out what dead people they can add to the membership roll.

  10. MSM will be going full tilt this week flag waving for Keith. The depths they will sink, has no end. After A/S the incredible +++ claim now is “Jeremy sabotaged the election!!!” Yes, u read that right. Prepare for it all week.

    I said and say, THAT’s the grave danger of leaving a vacuum. Evil forces will fill it. Scientist and philosophers of old saw that. NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM. Moses saw it in the desert “he was gone too long” the people said… despite the miracles which had them awe struck!!!

    Anyone who decides to not rebut lies, to hide, to be silent, helps myths and lies to be believed. The Lesson: No one has all that it takes to fulfil any major project. One must consult widely, take advice and make CLEAR BOLD decisions. One must NEVER adopt what AH prescribes re the response to enemies within and without. We cannot please all the people at ANYTIME. And, none will EVER please AH, before he accepts EFFECTIVE help.

    Think of it, can anyone please everyone, INCLUDING Allan Howard, on Skwawkbox at anytime❓ The answer is obvious. To their credit AH & SH at least are driven to campaign. In the case of AH, with manic obsessive scouring of what people apparently said when to the minute and where, though with liberal shameless inventions.

    We have a clear idea of what they want us to believe. SH wants us to trust Keith. AH wants us to believe there was no alternative but to hide, concede, appease Starmer, Twatson, Hodge, “Knife Jeremy in the front” Jess Phillips… “IN THE FRONT” Allan Howard, and leave a blank space for Jeremy’s enemies to fill. Now the MSM will be pushing that it is Jeremy who “sabotaged the election”. Just imagine that?!?!?!

    Yet, AH feels trying to analyse what’s the best course of action and saying try something different means you are a “shill”. No matter what new lie Keith’s & co invent, AH will maintain to the end, the best course of action was not to rebut as he himself rebuts persistently. How weird! How incoherent! Worse yet, what a timid dim attitude to offer to a friend?!

    Things CAN be different. We MUST look at what we can do differently. We must learn. We must not just accept Tories rule while we protest for crumbs they care to throw us.

    1. Hardly a day goes by without signpost dissembling the same old falsehood. The goal of the shills on here is to have readers of skwawkbox believe that Jeremy COULD have rebutted the lies and fabrications of the saboteurs and the MSM, and they do so knowing damn well that the very MSM that conspired in the smear campaign against Jeremy and the left membership was NOT going to give Jeremy or anyone else the opportunity to expose the very lies that they had been disseminating. Their whole objective – the shills that is – has been to blame the victim for being the victim, and it is – and has been – a massive psyop against the left.

      I will, at some stage, count up the number of times the shills have repeated this falsehood, but I know for sure that it’s WELL over a hundred times – and probably closer to two hundred times – in the space of the past year or so. Repetition is a subtle form of brain-washing, and the people it’s being done to are not conscious or aware of the fact that it is, and the shills/propagandists know that of course.

      1. Allan – Will you also be keeping a log of how many times you’ve posted the same repetitive nonsense. As the vast majority of your posts are on the same theme it should make for an interesting comparison when we are judging who is (by your definition) the most active shill/propagandist.

      2. Make that NINE times. Oh, and just look who came to signpost’s rescue/defense again! So how many times is that you’ve now come to his defence Steve. The joke of it is that Steve is defending someone that he KNOWS told a massive big porky on here a few months ago and THEN – when I called him out on it – claimed that he didn’t say it AND accused me of fabricating it AND that I needed medical help, as such.

        And THAT tells you all you need to know about Steve H – ie one fascist shill defending ANOTHER fascist shill! As I said, in effect, the Establishment’s shills have been executing a massive psyop against the left in respect of Jeremy, and especially in the months prior to the General Election (Oh, and needless to say, Steve H is constantly monitoring the site so that he can get a ‘Reply’ in as soon as possible!).

      3. Allan – You live in a fantasy bubble, all I’ve done is take the piss out of you.

    2. PS And needless to say, I have NEVER-ever said that the lies and falsehoods should not be rebutted, and this is just a Big Lie on signpost’s part, and he knows damn well that what I HAVE said is that it’s impossible to rebut and refute the A/S lies and falsehoods, because if you DO, the saboteurs and the MSM will just vilify and condemn you for being in denial and, as such, being part of the problem OR that you are saying it’s all a conspiracy, just as they have!

      I’ve come across it being said on many occasions in MSM articles, but here’s a clip from a piece by the so-called Campaign Against Antisemitism on their website from four weeks ago:

      A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “From the backbenches, Jeremy Corbyn continues to spread conspiracy theories to cover up how the Labour Party became institutionally racist under his leadership. A few weeks ago he gaslit the Jewish community by claiming that the EHRC is ‘part of the government machine’ and now he is gaslighting the whistleblowers he bullied, some almost to the point of suicide.

      NB And talking of repetition, signpost mentions my name or my initials EIGHT times in his diatribe!

      1. Allan – “NB And talking of repetition, signpost mentions my name or my initials EIGHT times in his diatribe!”

        ……..and you were the sad individual who thought to count them.

      2. Needless to say, Steve H has nothing whatsoever to say about the falsehood signpost concocted around five months ago so that he could then put Jeremy down by way of comparison, or the fact that when I called signpost out on his fabrication, he then denied that he’d said what he said AND accused me of fabricating it AND that I should seek help. And the reason why of course is because Steve H is a shill and has no problem whatsoever with one of his fellow shills doing that.

        So what we have is someone defending a poster who is constantly and repeatedly trashing Jeremy on this website AND who invented something and then denied that they had and accused me of fabricating it (even though it was there in black and white).

        Since a long time ago, Steve H has set himself up as some kind of arbiter on here, and yet he defends a lying little shill like signpost. Perhaps you could explain why that is Steve!

        No? Thought not!!

  11. “Last night, a number of right-wingers – seemingly unhappy at this site’s reporting of ‘soft-left’ Labour MPs unhappy with Keir Starmer’s performance – tried to discredit the facts by claiming the article was written because the SKWAWKBOX is supposedly desperate for ‘clicks’ to generate advertising revenue.” Which Labour right wingers ? Where was this said ? By whom ? Can we see a link, otherwise this is just an assertion without any legs to make it stand up.

  12. Skwawky you are not alone. Yesterday I posted criticism of Israel’s bombing of Gaza & the supply of arms to Saudi for the war in Yemen on ‘Trinity Mirror’s’ Bristol ‘:Live’. I am now not allowed to post anything, not even a comment on my beloved Football Team, Bristol Rovers. Either the censors are Zionists; Tories or Bristol City supporters?

    1. Steve, same here. I was banned from the Guardian and Labour List for the same ‘sin’ i.e. telling the truth.

      1. I didn’t realise that you were a Bristol Rovers supporter Jack!

    2. Judas eventually hung himself,so much for so few pieces of silver.And “Man”cannot live by bread alone..!

  13. Their strength is their weakness – a limiting, electorally terminal weakness:

    They like what they know, and ONLY know what they like, ferociously rejecting EVERYTHING else (incl. Labour’s historical and definitional Socialism).

    In their shallow, superficial, transactional world the ONLY reason a web site attracts visitors is to generate income; they have no grasp of intellectual and ethical value, only financial. This is their future cause of death.

    They are not ‘tory-lite’ they are the real-McCoy: class enemies.

  14. Skwawky,
    Its not good enough. Its no wonder sensible people don’t take you seriously. You need to name names to be listened to. Take this article and the one before; no names
    “Soft left MPs’ anxiety……………….”
    “Right-wingers try to dismiss reports…………………..”
    Pure tittle tattle. It might satisfy the flock but the reality is, Skwawky is no more than a sad eunuch, ‘watching others doing what Skwawk cant.

    1. Sensible people don’t take skwawkbox seriously?

      Would that be ‘sensible people’ like ian austin, mchael dugher, john spellar, woodcock and a whole host of other gobshites who weren’t taken seriously as (alleged) labour MPs?

      If you dont like it, don’t visit the site. I’m sure it’ll get along just fine without you.

      1. I forgot those still in their cushy taxpayer funded sinecures that can’t be taken seriously….Those ‘sensible’ people like screeching, philips, greasy, (ill)eagle and many more…

      2. Toffee,
        I love Skwawky and all your comments. I cant get enough of it.

    2. Good point Richard MacKinnon: SB should/could either fortify its ‘Analysis’ and ‘Comment’ articles with names and details where they are available, but, 2 points:

      1 – where they are not (no names or details), the same article could just be configured differently to highlight the psychological insecurities and criminal dishonesty of the centrist gangsters currently claiming ‘ownership’ of their enemy’s party (i.e. the working class’s Labour Party); and

      2 – “people” – specifically, the billionaire press’s ‘journalist’ foot soldiers and even some of their readers – DO take SKWAWKIE seriously. So scared are they of the people whose interests SW and SKWAWKBOX champion (the working class and democratic socialists) that often read things into our articles, their paranoia being perfectly healthy for a ruling class that knows it’s entitlement and control are being questioned more resolutely than ever before by more people than you can shake a stick at or disregard by ignoring them (although that tactic works impressively when a non-neoliberal economy delivers wealth and opportunity to all (instead of just the 0.1%)

  15. Im watching the analysis of the day after the 2019 general election on U tube. An interview with Caroline Flint by Sophie Ridge on Sky is a must watch. Sums up the scale of the defeat. Also interviews in Wakefield of ordinary voters, Labour voters all their life until last December, and the one reason they switched? Anyone want to guess? One reason and one reason only. Jeremy Corbyn.
    Personally I will miss him. I loved to see Jeremy sitting next to Diane, getting roasted by some backbench Tory (check Eddie Hughes on u tube), when the camera cuts to the two of them. I start giggling even now when that image comes to mind.
    And that is the stupidity of Skwawkbox. Still banging on about the Corbyn. You need to wake up and see the daylight of reality. He was a walking disaster.
    And now Labour has a leader that looks and sounds ‘credible’. And what does Skwawky and the flock think about Starmer? I mean, its so fuckin stupid, its funny.
    Keep it boys.

      1. SteveH
        Not notice the Whole of the UK media smearing him every day, for four years?

      1. An interview with Caroline (skin)flint (funded by disability denier lobbyists) after the election defeat is a ‘must-watch’.

        And you harp on about being taken seriously 😕

        Have a word wi’ yerself, dicky.

      2. But the killer line is dicky believes stammer looks and sounds credible ..

        Shame there’s no Edinburgh festival this year as that’s a Perrier award contender if ever there was one.

      3. Dumb twinky would probably argue that the BBC are impartial – that they weren’t indulging their innate bias against Corbyn in the selection of which voxpoptards to interview for broadcast. A few preliminary questions before the camera rolls is all it takes to know what to expect, even in a live outside broadcast.
        Think there was nobody on the same street who’d have been a Corbyn supporter?
        What an imbecile.

    1. Let’s contrast an compare. In the 2010 GE NL lost 90 SEATS AND WAS DOWN TO ABOUT 8,500,000 voters. In the 2019 GE the democratic socialist Labour Party lost 59 seats and had about 10,500,0000 voters. Moreover, it’s noticeable that Caroline Flint ( one of Blair’s babes) did not mention this. But of course it’s down the memory plug hole we go whenever this fact is mentioned to any of the right wingers who talk about the scale of the defeat as I have done to Nathan Yeowell Director of Progress or Gurvinder Singh Josan or some of the members of my local CLP. Not for a nano second will they acknowledge this fact or their strident efforts, as Peter Mandelson said “ I try every day to undermine Jeremy Corbyn “, to thwart the democratic socialist Labour Party as Caroline Flint frequently did.

    2. Anybody who watches anything on Murdoch’s ‘Sky’, especially re-runs, in the post ‘Truth’; post Hillsborough era has serious issues with their moral compass.

  16. In the article I linked to and on the BBC they’re pushing the line that “the detrimental effects of lack of access to education on child development” outweighs the risk from CV.
    I like sailing and living aboard because there’s a community spirit among people who’ve given up the rat race – they tend to be lovely people. (I’m not a good example)
    They also mostly ‘home’-school their kids and the ones I’ve met are among the most well-adjusted and smartest young people you could wish to meet.
    I’m saying I think the risk of missed schooling may be exaggerated.

  17. Wasn’t this practice of the Labour Party continuing to communicate with members for a period of 6 months after their membership had either lapsed or been cancelled in place during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure.
    This internal admin policy is nothing new but I don’t recall any similar expressions of outrage when this practice was active whilst Corbyn and Formby were in charge.

    1. Ere, steven – dicky mackinnon reckons HE’S stammers bird… Looks like you’re gonna have to have a fight over him!

      1. I am simply pointing out that the self same policies/practises didn’t attract much in the way of condemnation from ‘the left’ when the previous administration was in charge,

    2. No outrage – nobody quit during Corbyn’s tenure and Southside would have been totally overwhelmed by the numbers joining anyway.
      Nice try though. Here, have an extra penny a word…

      1. …is that really your ‘explanation’ why a practise that was considered to be OK under the previous leadership is now all of a sudden being portrayed in a bad light by some,
        Do you happen to know (I don’t) if this is a practise that was introduced by Formby/Corbyn or one that has just been standard practice for ages?
        At least the question about whether the membership has gone up or down from its pre 2019 GE level will be settled soon.

      2. How would I know the practice unless I’d tried to quit during Jeremy’s time?
        How will membership numbers be “settled soon” when the right wing NuTory parasites are busy burying themselves in Labour’s flesh again?
        There’s no serious dispute about whether they’re cheats – see where denying that gets you – the question at issue in this thread is whether they’re currently lying about the numbers.
        They’re guaranteed the silence of the MSM unless and until they challenge the Tories – so why would they ever stop cheating when cheating has served them so well?
        Taking it further – why would they stop at cheating the left?
        Why wouldn’t they do as the Tories do and cheat the people out of their birthright of a free NHS once in power?
        Once you start… and they started with Blair.

      3. David – My own recollection is that when I neglected to renew my membership on the due date last year I continued to receive emails from all the normal party sources (both central and local) plus I received the occasional polite reminder from my CLP and regional office that my party subs weren’t up to date. Unless someone is desperately trying to manufacture an issue I’m puzzled why anyone should be upset about this.

        As all those who receive a ballot paper for the NEC elections will be fully paid up members I am struggling to see how or why the Labour party will fiddle the figures. Where would be the advantage?

        I do find it rather amusing the number of ‘ex members’ who have been showing off about no longer having a vote in the NEC elections whilst simultaneously complaining that the party is ignoring their wishes and heading in the wrong direction.

        I didn’t expect you to know I just enquired whether you happened to know how long this practice had been in force.

      4. “Where would be the advantage?”
        The right wing scum being able to claim, however spuriously, that membership was rising would, in their own minds at least and in those of the ill-informed, go a long way toward justifying their claim to be the real Labour party, that Corbyn and his supporters were just a passing fad – never as popular as they appeared to be because:
        a. membership numbers prove Starmer’s just as popular, therefore
        b. electoral victory really CAN only come from the centre and
        c. Corbyn never won an election and Starmer still might – see above

      5. David – You are at risk of joining the tin hat brigade if you are going to start proselytising that everything you don’t agree with is a conspiracy of lies.

    3. “ I am simply pointing out that the self same policies/practises didn’t attract much in the way of condemnation from ‘the left’ when the previous administration was in charge,”

      When CorbynLabour continued to email departed-members, they sent a specially edited version of the text that requested the former member rejoins the party. It was respectful to the recipient and honest – unlike the devious pretending the recipient is still a member shenanigans of the centrist gangsters currently pretending to manage the Labour Party and treating its members the way capitalist enterprises treat their workforce, like Human Resources (not Human Assets).

  18. ALSO. – let’s see if New new labour (centrist gangster division of the trilateral commission) is genuinely mixing up their numbers. Those people who the Party believes to be members TODAY (23 Aug-2020) should receive a vote for the upcoming NEC Election.

    Let’s see how many tens of thousands of departed members that the party claims still to be members get their NEC ballot.

    Crooks and charlatans – they are running the wonderful Labour Party like a promotion for S*nBingo.

    1. qwertboi – Only those who’s membership fees are up to date will be entitled to vote in the upcoming NEC elections. (this is in the rule book if you want to look it up).
      I’m looking forward to being able to establish whether the membership levels have gone up of down from level they were in the weeks leading up to 2019 GE.

      1. If membership numbers were rising do you imagine that would put you on the right side of history?
        Do you imagine membership rising in a trickle would justify yours OR Starmer’s politics – when it rose in a tidal wave when Jeremy became leader?
        Nobody should assume the people will always be pliant and docile.

      2. David – I’m struggling to understand your point. ‘The left’ have been trying to portray that membership numbers have been dropping.
        We’ll soon know one way or t’other, is this your attempt to get your excuses in early if there has been a substantial rise in the membership numbers since the level they had shrunk to before the GE.

      3. david – Isn’t leaving the party the ultimate expression of giving in and compliant docility.

      4. SteveH “ Isn’t leaving the party the ultimate expression of giving in and compliant docility.”

        It depends why they leave Labour. Logically, it should be in order to fight FOR something else. Until a ‘something else’ exists some of us are staying to confound the centrist gangsters and frustrate their knacks tricks. And we will. Massively.

      5. qwertboi – Although the make-up of the NEC should be more reflective of the membership the upcoming NEC elections will reveal which of the various membership factions still have influence.

      6. “…elections will reveal…” that when right wing staff work for right wing leader the ligature again tightens around the party’s neck.

  19. Jeremy did not and may decide not to defend himself, but I will. 1️⃣ Surely he was entirely correct to want to have his diary and grid AHEAD of, or at least at the very start of EVERY week, let alone every day. 2️⃣ Since in general, caring for the environment WAS central to Labour led by Jeremy ➕ in particular, The Green New Deal, then it was PERFECTLY of astute of Jeremy to refuse to campaign in a polluting bus. 3️⃣ For an aide to then send a WhatsApp message attempting to present JC’s objection to a polluting bus as envy of the Limp Dims electric bus, seems like nasty sabotage and gross dishonesty.

    I hope the electorate now discover the sustained nastiness of too many who instead of working for a Labour victory crawled beneath contempt to hand victory to Johnson & Cummings.

    We have no hope if we cannot fix basics. With aides as JC had, who needs enemies???

  20. No, it’s an expression of disgust at the betrayal by your beloved of a man worth a hundred of him and a thousand of you.
    I wiped THIS Labour from my shoe with all the sorrow I would wipe dog shit.
    Lobbying for a new party to kick the giblets out of yours isn’t giving in.
    Compliant docility is for the bitches who cup Starmer’s balls while you fellate him.
    Clear now?

    1. David – The only way you can effect left-wing change in a first past the post system is through the Labour party.

      1. ps:- Who are you claiming has betrayed who, and how. Please be specific on the how.

      2. Aping Bubbabot’s constant demands for evidence and clarification won’t get you any further than it got him.
        Nobody else here needs any explanation of you fuckers’ corruption of party and democratic process.

      3. David – How disappointing is that 😞, I’m not asking for peer reviewed scientific evidence just your own opinion on who has betrayed who and details of the betrayal. I would have thought that given what you said above you would have had no trouble whatsoever in clarifying your assertions.

      4. As soon as Starmer gives you the day off let me know – it’s considered rude to speak to people with a full mouth.

      5. David – Please don’t concern yourself if you understandably feel unable to clarify your assertions with a few details. I will refrain from pressing you again on this particular matter.

      6. David – I’m really glad to hear that, the last thing I would want to do is cause you any stress. I won’t give it another thought and neither should you.

      1. frank – Only If you define politely asking someone to clarify their accusations as trolling, however if you define it as following someone around making silly playground taunts then you appear to be the guilty one.

      2. That is indeed what he has reduced himself to.It would be sad if it wasn’t so hilarious.

      3. Like trolls, Bubba and SteveH will have ‘added to favourites’ all the links to articles vaguely supportive of their arguments, making it less time-consuming to be trolls – simply click on a link and copy-plagiarise huge tracts of text to take up space and sow dissent on blogs like Skwawkbox.

        The intent is to bore or annoy the curious undecided who might be reading into not coming back.

        Constantly demanding ‘evidence’ is a technique used by the trained propagandist to quash ‘hecklers’ raising obvious and valid objections to their vapid cant at Hyde Park Corner – anyone who’s ever been there will have heard it from the nutters, Moonies and SkyFairy zealots that infest the place. Or used to – I haven’t been there in 40 years.
        It may be the model of reasoned debate by now but I doubt it.

  21. ALLEGATIONS which ring true: paid for polling indicated Labour Remain stance was wrecking election success in leave-voting historical Labour strongholds. ( Many on SB could have given that prediction for free )

    BUT explain this: Mr McDonnell then allegedly urged that we adopt the obviously DOOMED inexplicable move to attract the Remain crowd.

    I wonder if McD thought he himself could get a crack at playing Labour leader❓ Never trust people who laugh for no reason, like Thornburried Emily. And NEVER trust any politician who bleats on about working class roots, growing up in hard times etc . We need leaders who can say What EXACTLY they WILL YOU DO and WHEN⁉️⁉️⁉️ SOD THE WAFFLE & PIFFEL!!! We have Johnsons for that… Boris and Allan Johnson.

    1. Resentment at the number of Polish workers employed to keep wages down that made UKIP’s case to the easily-confused wasn’t challenged enough by Labour at source – EU workers were just a convenient mask for UKIP racism.
      Though they were generally paid the same as indigenous workers the Polish presence emphasised the management’s intended point – that there was no shortage of labour so industrial action would be risky, thus holding wage demands down with no need of overt threat.
      The canard was that the EU was to blame instead of management and the Tories – that should have been explained by Labour and the unions, instead of surrendering the field to the racist xenophobes of UKIP.
      The ‘Labour heartlands’ resented growing migrant populations long before the UK joined the EU and for entirely different reasons – ie empire.
      Those BAME populations are the ones the St. George’s Cross brigade really resent.

      1. So says boring frank 🥱. You claim to be different, where’s the originality.

      2. ‘You’re the saddo following me around’ says Steve to ‘different frank, yes,SteveH, who follows me around all the time!. I mean how is it that on literally hundreds and hundreds of occasions Steve posts a ‘reply’ to someone in a matter of a few minutes, as with ‘different frank’ above. Seems he’s never doing anything else except checking the comments section all day long every single day, and WHO does THAT?! Yep, paid fucking shills!!

      3. Allan – You really do need to address this unhealthy obsession you have with me.

  22. David Mc Niven. 8.12 pm You and your bosom buddy pal aren’t having a little tete a tete I see. Now, its interesting that whenever the question of evidence, proof or documentation is even mentioned never mind demanded to support your argument, you have metamorphosed into a whirling dervish of outrage, protesting like a child at school who is caught out in Bullshit, just like you frequently are.

    If you can’t support your argument with proof, evidence, don’t make it .Otherwise you make yourself look a bigger 🤡 than the Walter Mitty character you already are!!

  23. Needless to say, Steve H has nothing whatsoever to say about the falsehood signpost concocted around five months ago so that he could then put Jeremy down by way of comparison, or the fact that when I called signpost out on his fabrication, he then denied that he’d said what he said AND accused me of fabricating it AND that I should seek help. And the reason why of course is because Steve H is a shill and has no problem whatsoever with one of his fellow shills doing that.

    So what we have is someone defending a poster who is constantly and repeatedly trashing Jeremy on this website AND who invented something and then denied that they had and accused me of fabricating it (even though it was there in black and white).

    Since a long time ago, Steve H has set himself up as some kind of arbiter on here, and yet he defends a lying little shill like signpost. Perhaps you could explain why that is Steve!

    No? Thought not!!

    1. Allan – You’re weird. Could you please explain how taking the piss out of you is in any way defending a third party.

      You have a very annoying habit of going on and on about some injustice you’ve decided that you’ve suffered without actually just coming out and actually saying what you are/were accusing them of. I for one can’t remember what ‘heinous crime’ you are accusing windchimes of and I’ll probably care even less when you finally get round to revealing the details of your petty dispute.

      I appreciate you’ve got an image to maintain as WFM but please If you’ve got something to say then have the courage say it instead of hiding behind innuendo.

      ps: Your lack of self awareness seems to be getting worse, if that’s possible.

      1. Says SteveH who monitors the site every single day and reads every single comment AND knows exactly what signpost said back in May and what he said about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during lockdown – taking legal action against Cummings. And he knows that signpost contrived it so that he – signpost – could then criticise Jeremy Corbyn by comparison. And SteveH ALSO knows that when I asked signpost about this legal action that that Robin Lees was taking against Cummings, signpost then denied that he’s said it AND accused me of making it up.

        SteveH is the shill who has on numerous occasions stalked me during the past ten/eleven months, and on more than a few occasions when doing some research in the skwawkbox archives – and in the process posting a comment or two on threads from a year or two beforehand – lo and behold, within a matter of minutes SteveH has posted a ‘reply’ to my comment.

        Oh, right, but he doesn’t know about signpost’s Big Nazi-type Lie! Yea sure Steve.

        And when I did get round to searching for signpost’s Big Lie and post it on a thread several days ago (along with a link to the comment itself), this was Steve’s ‘reply’, and in a matter of of twelve minutes or so:

        Allan – DOES ANYONE CARE?

      2. Allan – Well thanks for your overestimation of my talents. As I’ve told you before, on more than one occasion, the simple truth is that I tick the email alert box when I comment so I receive an email alert whenever anyone else comments. The wisdom of doing this is confirmed by the alerts I received in responce your recent propensity to trawl through the comments from years ago looking for an opportunity to sneak in yet another snide rant.
        If your claims of stalking include using the tools provided by this site and freely available to everyone then I will have to plead guilty but I’m not the one who’s trawling through old comments like you.
        Whilst we are on the subject of stalking what prompted you to search out a comment I made weeks ago.
        You really need to get a grip of yourself. You are the one with a problem, not me.

      3. Right, so you tick the email alert box etc, but you oh-so conveniently didn’t happen to do so on the occasion when I called out signpost for his big Nazi type lie about Robin Lees! Of COURSE you did, and yur a lying fucking shill just like signpost!

        So how many ‘alerts’ do you get on average every day?

      4. Allan – Given your lack of self awareness it may come as a bit of a shock to you but your ridiculously petty dispute with other commentators are of little interest to me. Why would I want to waste my time.

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