Breaking: China approves C19 vaccine. UK media silent

One of many international headlines carrying the news

China has approved its first vaccine for use against the coronavirus. The vaccine, developed by Chinese vaccine company CanSino Biologics, has been officially patented. It is also in ‘Phase III’ trials in Saudi Arabia, opening the way to rapid mass production.

However, the UK’s media have been remarkably silent on the news.

Presumably this is because the Tory government has been boasting about the UK’s ‘world-beating’ performance in anti-COVID treatments – so the revelation that once again ‘the world’, as with this country’s supposed pandemic preparedness and its test-and-trace system, isn’t actually being beaten will be more than a little inconvenient.

By contrast, the news is all over the media in Italy and other countries that have suffered badly from the virus and has been reported by international news service Reuters.

The company has issued a statement saying that the patent approval

is further confirmation of the efficacy and safety”

of the virus.

The potentially imminent availability of a ready coronavirus vaccine is of considerable interest to the world’s population, especially when a UK version is still not expected to be available until early next year at best, but the UK media seem to have ‘missed’ it.

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      1. Got an update today from Carole Morgan on Jeremy’s Legal Fund.
        Only needs another £1814 and it’ll be up to a third of a £million 🙂

  1. Well they invented the virus so it’s only right they create the first vaccine…

    But neither dayglo Donald nor de piffle will buy it. It’s obviously another plot to take over the world, innit?

      1. Wish me luck! I’m having my tongue surgically removed from my cheek this morning, John.

  2. Surely it’s just an oversight that they ALL happened to miss it! I mean it’s inconceivable that the whole of the MSM could be conspiring together to blank it out!

    Anyway, I came across the following earlier in the latest newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association, which is well worth reading:

    COVID-19—Reckless ‘Gain-of-Function’ Experiments Lie at the Root of the Pandemic

    1. Bioweapon tech can no more be uninvented than can nuclear weapons.
      Even if bans on such experiments could be effective, the next natural mutation could be as bad as 1918, and the more we learn the better our chances.
      As annoying as it is to know that CV might very well have come from a Wuhan lab, the same thing could just as easily have happened at Porton Down or Fort Detrick.

      1. Yeah, OK David, but there are many of us who would much prefer to live in a sane world. In fact just about everyone on the planet apart from the psychopaths!.

      2. “Might well have come from a Wuhan lab”.Sadly I think you mean that McNiven.Sigh!

      3. John, with as far as I know only the circumstantial evidence of the lab’s proximity to the assumed start of the outbreak I’d put it at no more than 50-50.

      4. You mean like the Skripals proximity to Portion Down and the chief medical officer’s proximity to the bench they were collapsed on?

      5. On Skripal, even less than 50-50 – in other words, ‘unfounded’.
        Insufficient evidence to accuse ‘the establishment’ – not that that’s necessary – there’s more than enough evidence to march on Belmarsh, release Assange and kick off the revolution.
        Ready for that are you?
        Just because I oppose unfounded conspiracy theories doesn’t mean we’re on opposing sides.

      6. ” CV might well have come from Wuhan…” ” just because I don’t support unfounded conspiracy theories …”.
        Yes, Walter Mc Bullshit Mitty nows believes he is Houdini!!!

  3. Another one in the eye for Boris.
    I wonder how much more Great British credibility the party bigwigs will let him piss away before they cut their losses and give Gove a shot?

  4. Well, we’ve already bought 6 potential vaccinations without any evidence they work. It appears to be a matter of trust in the producers so obviously we won’t want Chinese ‘knock-offs’ and we’d rather pay European and American pharmaceuticals billions for…….possibly nothing.
    On the other hand, the Chinese vaccine started phase 1 testing in May, so they are way ahead of us and so far the results are promising.

  5. A very very long way to go before a vaccine can be declared fit for purpose.

    Vaccine Development, Testing, and Regulation

    Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.

    Phase I Vaccine Trials

    The goals of Phase 1 testing are to assess the safety of the candidate vaccine and to determine the type and extent of immune response that the vaccine provokes. In a small minority of Phase 1 vaccine trials, researchers may use the challenge model, attempting to infect participants with the pathogen after the experimental group has been vaccinated. The participants in these studies are carefully monitored and conditions are carefully controlled. In some cases, an attenuated, or modified, version of the pathogen is used for the challenge.

    Phase II Vaccine Trials

    The goals of Phase II testing are to study the candidate vaccine’s safety, immunogenicity, proposed doses, schedule of immunizations, and method of delivery.

    Phase III Vaccine Trials

    One Phase III goal is to assess vaccine safety in a large group of people. Certain rare side effects might not surface in the smaller groups of subjects tested in earlier phases. For example, suppose that an adverse event related to a candidate vaccine might occur in 1 of every 10,000 people. To detect a significant difference for a low-frequency event, the trial would have to include 60,000 subjects, half of them in the control, or no vaccine, group (Plotkin SA et al. Vaccines, 5th ed. Philadelphia: Saunders, 2008).

    Vaccine efficacy is tested as well. These factors might include 1) Does the candidate vaccine prevent disease? 2) Does it prevent infection with the pathogen? 3) Does it lead to production of antibodies or other types of immune responses related to the pathogen?

    Next Steps: Approval and Licensure

    After a successful Phase III trial, the vaccine developer will submit a Biologics License Application to the FDA. Then the FDA will inspect the factory where the vaccine will be made and approve the labeling of the vaccine.

    After licensure, the FDA will continue to monitor the production of the vaccine, including inspecting facilities and reviewing the manufacturer’s tests of lots of vaccines for potency, safety and purity. The FDA has the right to conduct its own testing of manufacturers’ vaccines.

    Post-Licensure Monitoring of Vaccines

    A variety of systems monitor vaccines after they have been approved. They include Phase IV trials, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and the Vaccine Safety Datalink.

    Phase IV Trials

    Phase IV trial are optional studies that drug companies may conduct after a vaccine is released. The manufacturer may continue to test the vaccine for safety, efficacy, and other potential uses.

    In Conclusion

    Vaccines are developed, tested, and regulated in a very similar manner to other drugs. In general, vaccines are even more thoroughly tested than non-vaccine drugs because the number of human subjects in vaccine clinical trials is usually greater. In addition, post-licensure monitoring of vaccines is closely examined by the Centers for Disease Control and the FDA.

    1. First thing I read today was that the Chinese had tested the vaccine on military personnel – I didn’t see whether it said they were volunteers or were deliberately exposed, I wasn’t paying that much attention.
      Don’t think they quoted the sample size either, but the Chinese army is big enough it could easily have been a few thousand.
      Uighur detainees will probably think themselves lucky they weren’t deliberately exposed for research purposes – assuming they weren’t.

      1. I like the way you usually manage to insert some pro-NATO/establishment dogma into your posts. Poor Uighurs, nasty Chinese etc.

      2. lundiel, if that’s how it seems to you one of us is deficient in communication skills.
        Since Suez and the Bay of Pigs I’ve viewed the US and UK as the greatest dangers to world peace.
        If you’re asking me the reason for my comment, it’s in response to Bubba’s claim that a vaccine is a long way from becoming available.
        The typical vaccine development timeline has already been massively compressed and shortcuts are being taken, as ought to be clear to anyone.

    2. It’s a mistake to think that by criticising China one supports the US and UK – I’d point to the US experimenting on its own military, the most recent example of which I’m aware being in Iraq. The UK were also guilty of experimenting on troops within living memory.
      The Uighur are clearly suffering oppression. Stating that doesn’t imply that I don’t condemn US and UK oppression – here on Skwawkbox I’ve frequently done so.
      No government is beyond reproach.
      lundiel, an honourable person would either justify “you usually” or retract the comment.

      1. Poor deluded old Mcbullshit, living in a fantasy of make believe making statements straight out of a ratty mole wind in the willows fairy tale.

        To repeat ad infinitum, let’s see your evidence, data, documentation which contradicts the offical regulations governing the development of new vaccines.

        But I know the answer to that one as you have proved over and over again on SB.

        Stick to your wee tales of your riverbank book.

        You are out of your depth again.

      2. “The Uighur are clearly suffering oppression.”
        Of that I’m uncertain. I know that they have been heavily influenced by Al Qaeda Jihadis from Afghanistan and that several thousand of them are fighting in Idlib where they have a frightening reputation for cruelty. Beyond that I only know what western media wants us to know which is being ramped up as part of America’s hybrid war against China and Russia.

      3. “I know that they have been heavily influenced by Al Qaeda Jihadis” seems to imply that you believe it’s OK to detain a huge number of innocent Uighurs (UN claims “credible reports” of a million) in “Vocational Education and Training Centers.”
        Beijing claims these “Training Centers” are for “voluntary re-education purposes to counter extremism” – but 20 foot walls topped by razor wire and guard towers say the “students” are not there voluntarily.
        Holding Islam or a whole Islamic population to blame for the actions of terrorists, or punishing a million people for the actions of a few thousand, is as abhorrent as depriving Palestinians of their human rights, surely?
        Or as abhorrent as holding Jews to blame for the economic crippling of Germany by the Versailles Treaty?
        We don’t believe in collective punishment do we?
        And would the ‘few thousand’ have gone to Idlib without Han Chinese incomers making them feel unwanted in their homeland as they pushed them aside to exploit the oil and gas?

  6. Negative comments regarding the Chinese are begining to sound like the old commie threat from the USSR.Will we be discussing those evil Chinese people infecting the sewer system next.China has become a World economic leader and that terrifies the Neo liberal establishment …….Simply follow the money comrades.

    1. Its the New Cold in order to maintain the permanent war footing ideology so the masses are to preoccupied with the latest threat and not realise who their real enemy is!!

    2. So it’s permissible for me to make “negative comments” about British, American or Israeli imperialist tendencies – as I do – but I may not legitimately criticise China?
      If as socialists we only recognise fault in our enemies and blind ourselves to our own faults and those of our allies – we become as corrupt as the capitalists.

  7. David Mc Niven, 5.12 pm. Alias Mc Bullshit. Makes another statement with no evidence. Here are some of the reasons why no data, documentation, proof was produced to contradict what I stated that it takes many years to develop a safe vaccine.

    HEALTH NEWSJULY 30, 2020 / 2:22 PM

    AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries

    EU officials told Reuters this week product liability was among contentious points in European efforts to secure supply deals for potential COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

    If you take this vaccine for this “ pandemic and you start having serious sides effects, you WON’T BE ABLE TO MAKE THE COMPANY LIABLE.

    Here is what happened with The Swine Flu virus vaccine after being rushed through which is what the international pharmaceutical corporations are trying to do with a Covid -19 vaccine

    Dozens of NHS workers are fighting for compensation after developing narcolepsy from a swine flu vaccine that was rushed into service without the usual testing when the disease spread across the globe in 2009. They say it has destroyed their careers and their health.

    When nurse Meleney Gallagher was told to line up with her colleagues on the renal ward at Sunderland Royal Hospital, for her swine flu vaccination, she had no idea the injection she was about to have had not gone through the usual testing process.

    It had been rushed into circulation after the swine flu virus had swept across the globe in 2009, prompting fears thousands of people could die. From the moment the needle broke Gallagher’s skin, her life would never be the same.

    “I remember vividly we were all lined up in the corridor and we were told we had to have it. It wasn’t a choice,” she claimed. “I was pressured into it. We were given no information.”

    The date was 23 November 2009 and Gallagher was one of thousands of NHS staff vaccinated with Pandemrix, a vaccine made by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

    Eight years later, her career in the NHS is a memory and she’s living with incurable, debilitating narcolepsy and suffers from cataplexy, a sudden, uncontrollable loss of muscle tone that can cause her to collapse without warning. Because of her condition, she can no longer work or drive.

    People with narcolepsy experience chronic fatigue and difficulty sleeping at night. They can have night terrors, hallucinations, and a range of mental health problems.

    Gallagher is not alone. More than a dozen frontline NHS staff are among around 1,000 adults and children across Europe who are believed to have developed narcolepsy after being given Pandemrix.

    A swine flu leaflet produced by the DH for staff and patients ahead of the nationwide vaccination said: “The European Commission carefully considered all the evidence and recommended that [the vaccine] could be used.”

    But it made no mention of the fact the European Medicines Agency had licensed Pandemrix under “exceptional circumstances” based on “mock vaccines” that did not include the actual ingredients that would eventually be injected into people. The EMA confirmed this approach was “unique to pandemic preparedness vaccines”.

    The DH leaflet also made no mention of the government’s agreement to indemnify GSK for any problems with the vaccine. This was not widely known at the time, and the indemnity deal has never been published. In the summer of 2009, Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chair of the German Medical Association’s drug commission, had warned EU governments not to bear the risk for pharmaceutical companies.

    An increased risk of narcolepsy was found following vaccination with Pandemrix, a monovalent 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine that was used in several European countries during the H1N1 influenza pandemic. This risk was initially found in Finland, and then other European countries also detected an association.

  8. Lundiel 6.22pm.

    If you read this and the link, it should help you.

    No, the UN Did Not Report China Has ‘Massive Internment Camps’ for Uighur Muslims

    Media outlets from Reuters to The Intercept falsely claimed the UN had condemned China for holding a million Uighurs in camps. The claim is based on unsourced allegations by two independent commission members, US-funded outfits and a shadowy opposition group.

    A spokesperson from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) confirmed in a statement to the Grayzone that the allegation of Chinese “camps” was not made by the United Nations, but rather by a member of an independent committee that does not speak for the UN as a whole. That member happened to be the only American on the committee, and one with no background of scholarship or research on China.

    Moreover, this accusation is based on the thinly sourced reports of a Chinese opposition group that receives funding from foreign governments and is closely tied to exiled pro-US activists. While there have been many on-the-ground reports highlighting discrimination that Uighur Muslims have faced at the hands of the Chinese authorities, information about camps containing one million prisoners has originated almost exclusively from media outlets and organizations funded and weaponized by the American government to turn up the heat on Beijing.

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