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Video: Hancock busted (again) over tracing app claims – Apple says it has never heard of ‘agreement’ to work on new joint app for UK

Health Secretary exposed as tech firm says it has no idea what he’s talking about

Hapless Health Secretary Matt Hancock was embarrassed yesterday when he claimed that the Tories’ decision to abandon their contact tracing app was because of a problem that had stumped every country in the world.

Just minutes before, the BBC had announced that Japan had joined the more than forty other nations running their own contact tracing app.

But Hancock has been exposed (again) in his attempt to hide the humiliation of the government’s failed promise – when tech giant Apple said it had never heard of the so-called agreement between it and the UK government to create a hybrid version of Apple’s tracing app:

Hancock claimed:

We’ve agreed to join forces with Google and Apple to bring the best bits of both (the UK and Google/Apple’s) systems together.

But Apple’s simple statement revealed that Hancock’s claim was pure fiction:

We don’t know what [the UK govt] mean… They haven’t spoken to us about it.

Desperate dishonesty – and even more humiliation for the utterly inept and bankrupt Tories.

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  1. Beavis and Butthead are playing at being policians. Pity that we cannot palm them off to Disney land. At least then they’d be contained and hopefully unable to harm real people. But unacceptable is their habit of telling lies whenever they open their gobs. This does not set a good exame to the young ones.

  2. Sorry Sabine, got to contradict you there, ‘the young ones’ was a decade before BB so couldn’t have taken its example from them.
    BrianBotou on the other hand…

  3. Y’know what, I don’t think he’s got the stones or the acting skills to lie like that with a straight face – I think his civil servants must be spoon-feeding him this bullshit and getting him to repeat it for the TV cameras just to fuck with him.
    I would 🙂 🙂

  4. It is unbelievable. If we behaved like this at interview or at work, we would either not have gotten the job, or we would have received our P45 forthwith.

  5. It’sone of those voices whispering in Handjob’s: “Apple are up for joint dvelopment of THEIR app. Just lie if anybody disagrees – including Apple”

  6. Germany eased its lockdown restrictions at the end of May and now, less than a month later, their ‘R’ rate has jumped to 1.79.

      1. brianbototou – what a difference a day makes, you need to catch up.

        BERLIN (Reuters) – The reproduction rate of the novel coronavirus in Germany has jumped to 1.79 after a raft of localised outbreaks, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for public health said on Saturday, far above the level needed to contain it over the longer term.
        The number, a sharp increase from 1.06 on Friday, is a setback for the European Union’s most populous country, which has fared better in the pandemic than many European peers due mainly to early testing and social distancing measures.
        The institute attributed the rise to a number of local outbreaks, which have been seen in locations such as meatpacking plants, logistics centres, and shelters for refugees. Outbreaks have also been linked to church services and family parties.

  7. Notice I am citing the official German statistics site which shows the fatalities rate so far. In addition, the fatalities median is between 80-86 as measured by 8 countries including Austria so far. How many workers are in this age group at the meat processing plant ? .By the way the original German broadcast stated the surrounding district had a low infection rate. You can check it out at Z.D.F tagesshau 21.6.2020

    1. brianbotou – Well firstly I haven’t seen anything to indicate that the pages you have linked to have been updated since Friday and secondly and perhaps much more importantly the published rates of death that you link to are not the same as increases in the rates of infection, you really shouldn’t confuse the two.

      A more succinct version of my reply would be So what?

      1. “ the published rates of death are not the same as the increases in rates of infection,…” Oh dear, the rates of infection and the rates of deaths are inextricably linked otherwise why all the hyped up hyperbole and hysteria about Covid-19 and the past evidence as published by the German Stats site the rate of deaths are not overall significantly higher than in previous years.

      2. brianbotou – Which makes your rather perverse insistence on quoting current death rates all the more confusing. We will have to wait 2 – 3 weeks for any increase in the death rates resulting from this spike in the infection rates to feed through.

        Are you claiming that the new ‘R’ rate (a 270% increase) published by RKI is inaccurate?

    2. There’s been an update – Germany’s coronavirus R number has leapt again – from 1.79 on Saturday to 2.88 on Sunday, official figures show.

      The Robert Koch Institute for public health (RKI), which has been publishing the country’s statistics, said the new number is based on a four-day average. On Friday it was 1.06.

  8. It appears you have failed to comprehend that data is from the official German stats site and as you may/may not have grasped that overall the official fatalities rate in Germany does not differ significantly from the previous few years.

    As the Chief Medical Officer of the U.K, and I have read nothing either in English or German from the German medical authorities which contradicts him, said the majority of people will not get Covid-19, of those that have it many will not realise they have it, a small minority will have mild symptoms, a smaller amount of people will be hospitalised and unfortunately a very small number of people will die from it.

    The median age for deaths from it as measured by 8 countries including Austria is between 80-86. In addition, 95% of those who died had two or more primary illnesses. Therefore, 5% died solely from it. In addition, if you looked at the German statistical evidence, in previous years many people died from illnesses totally unconnected with Covid-19, yet, the fatalities are being reported as either dying from it or with which as the graphs from the German Stats ties in with the NHS they are not significantly higher overall than in previous years. Read the statistical evidence and you will notice this is proof Covid-19 has not caused a significantly on average higher rate of fatalities than in previous years and the stats go back decades. Seek and ye shall find.

    1. brianbotou – Is there a point to your argument. Your insistence on conflating death and infection rates is perplexing. Try extrapolating your nonsense to the UK who unlike Germany didn’t get a grip on this from the start. You can piss about all you want dancing on the head of a pin but all your pontificating about co-morbidity doesn’t hide the fact that there’s an awful lot of dead people who would be still alive today if they hadn’t caught Covid-19.

      Unlike you I recognise that an increase of over 270% in the infection rate in just 2 days is not a good thing. Or are you bizarrely trying to claim that the figures published by RKI are inaccurate.

      1. Over 95% of “COVID Deaths” recorded in England and Wales had potentially serious comorbidities, according to statistics released by NHS England.

        The latest figures make for pretty stark reading. Or, rather, they would make for stark reading…if they didn’t follow the exact same pattern already shown in other nations around the world.
        Here are the number of deaths where Covid19 was listed as the only cause, split by age:

        Ages 0-19: 3
        Ages 20-39: 32
        Ages 40-59: 255
        Ages 60-79: 551
        Ages 80+: 477
        These are across all of England and Wales since the beginning of the “pandemic”.

        Simply put: Of the 27045 deaths with Covid19 in English hospitals (up to June 3rd), only 1318 had no pre-existing conditions. That’s less than 5%.

        This data is from an official NHS report dated the 2nd of June. I shall draw your attention to the fact, not speculation, not hypothesis but a fact that 5% of all Covid-19 fatalities were caused solely by it. In addition, let me draw your attention to 2 sets of data as reported by 8 countries the median age ( you do know what the median is I hope) is between 80-86 plus the fatalities rate as reported by various countries regions both in Europe and elsewhere in the world is between 0.2-0.46%. The fatalities rate in the U.K. in the past has varied between 0.2-0.6% approximately without the causality being either caused solely by or linked to Covid-19. Moreover, the infection rate does not mean that the fatalities rate will increase automatically. Just to remind you, the reported increases happened in meat processing plants, they occurred amongst workers at the plants of working age.

        I once draw your attention to the fact as reported by the German stats site that the overall fatalities rate in Germany has not significantly increased compared to previous years which had no, repeat no Corona -19 virus.

        I see you are following your usual pattern of the MSM tactics of extrapolating something which I didn’t say. I suggest you go and have look properly at the NHS data plus the German statistical data from their site which I now posted twice. It uses data not emotional hysteria which is no substitute for factual evidence.

      2. brianbotou – I suppose that depends on whether you regard the concern about the premature deaths of over 40,000 people as nothing more than ’emotional hysteria’. That’s not even considering the significant (and in many cases permanent) impact on the quality of life for those who are recovering from this dreadful disease.

        I would also remind you that it was you who, for reasons best known to yourself, started perversely banging on about co-morbidity and current death rates in response to me simply reporting a very substantial increase in the German ‘R’ rate.

  9. ” I suppose….”. As Ronald Reagan said there you go again extrapolating again!.Now, so far all you seem to offered as counterevidicence is well, nothing.

    Have you any factual data which contradicts, the 5% fatalities solely caused by Covid-19, have you any evidence that median rate is not between 80-86, can you produce any proof, as shown by the NHS data that 95% of the fatalities had two or more primary illnesses etc.

    Well, you said previously that the infection rate had nothing to do with the fatalities rate, therefore, the logic is according to you there is no causality between infections and fatalities.

    In regards to ” banging on..” you seem to be adopting another tactic of the MSM deflective language.

    The incidence of deaths is not substantially overall higher than previous years, the vast majority of deaths occurred amongst people who have retired or of retirement age, the overwhelming majority of those deaths had primary serious illnesses. To put it in terms of what the Chief medical UK officer said

    1.the vast majority of the population won’t get Covid-19

    2.of those that do have it many will not know they are infected

    3. a small percentage of those will have mild symptoms

    4. an even smaller percentage will have more symptoms and have to be hospitalized

    5. and regrettably a minute fraction will die from it.

    So from the increased infections amongst the workers at these meat processing plant which have fallen under the category of 2,3,4 ?

    1. brianbotou – Perhaps you could point out where I have contested the figures you have given.

      My concern is the 40,000+ premature deaths in the UK that are due to Covid-19 regardless of any co-mobility Originally I simply reported the very considerable rise in the German ‘R’ rate because I think it is a significant and newsworthy fact.

      Whilst you continue in your attempts to minimise the impact of Covid-19 in the UK, I simply point out that tens of thousands in the UK have died prematurely because they caught Covid-19.

  10. So you agree then the data from NHS regarding the fatalities soley from Covid-19 are5%, 95% of the fatalities have 2 or more primary illnesses, the median age is between 80-86 years old, the fatalities rate is between 0.2-0.46%, the fatalities in the UK and Germany prior to the Covid-19 are not substantially higher or lower than the figures for this year. In addition, you admit that the Chief UK medical officers description of most 1. Most people won’t have it. 2. Those that do won’t know they have it. 3. The small minority will have mild symptoms. 4. The even smaller minority will have more serious symptoms and could be hospitalized. 5 unfortunately, a very small number will die from it. Now, can you offer any evidence to support that tens of thousands died prematurely because of having it not from the fact, as factually pointed out by the NHS and the German Stats site that death rate is not significantly higher than in previous years and had 2 or more primary illnesses.

    1. Because if you look at the NHS tables, they state 95% died with it not because of it, therefore, there is no concrete evidence they died ” prematurely because of it”.

      1. brianbotou – ……..and your explanation for all the excess deaths is?

        You’ve just wrecked any credibility you may have had.

  11. I am glad to see you agree with the data from the NHS about 95% of the fatalities had 2 or more primary illnesses and died with it and not because of it plus 5% died solely from it. So that’s been established.

    You made the comments ” died prematurely because they caught Covid-19 ” therefore do you have any factual evidence, proof that they died prematurely because of it and not with it?

  12. . Let’s try again. You made the comments ” they died prematurely because they caught Covid-19 ” and since you made the statement not me the onus is on you or are you reverting to cognitive dissonance again and being a frigging eegit .

    1. brianbotou – If want to take the fuck-wit stance that their haven’t been 10s of 1,000s of excess deaths due to Covid-19 then please feel free to do so, it only goes to confirm that you are either an idiot or a troll. Regardless of which camp you fall into I’m simply not interested in wasting my time in endless circular arguments.

      1. Let’s try the third and last time. You said “ they died prematurely because they caught Covid -19”. If you can’t provide concrete factual proof, just admit it instead of making your self look a completely Wally!!!

      2. brianbotou – “Let’s try the third and last time.”

        TFFT, I guess we should all be grateful for small mercies. You’ve already had my response above.

  13. Guten Nacht. besides being a Wally your full of shit but you know that already!!

  14. A night cap for you Wally. Next time put on you thinking cap then you won’t look such a Wally, Wally!!!

    1. brianbotou – I expected better, is that really the best you could come up with 😏 ?

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