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Excl: UL re-run on cards as left calls meeting after email ‘error’ bars more Beckett supporters from Vote

A re-run of the controversial United Left nomination vote is looking increasingly likely after details emerged of supporters of Howard Beckett excluded from voting.

Steve Turner was declared the winner of the contest by 3 votes. However, at least 11 of Beckett supporters were prevented from voting with more due to be reported this afternoon.

A key aspect of the disenfranchisement appears to have been the provision of incorrect member email addreses provided to the company running the vote.

Those unable to vote include three members who had recorded videos endorsing Beckett for the nomination.

A report has been submitted and a meeting has been called for Monday that will include Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey.

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  1. Well, if we can get a close, disputed vote for UNITE LU re-run, can we have one for the Brexit referendum please ? Simples.

    1. Because you wrote ‘simples’ (and probably say it in a stupid accent IRL), then most definitely f***ing not.

      Leave the thinking to the adults.

      Simples…Jesus wept.

    2. Do you really feel that adding yet more fuel to the fire is going to make things better? It’s like you’re stood next to a ruptured gas main, and you’re desperately trying to light your disposable…

      In a system where almost everyone is a victim, isn’t it smarter to chase after those who organised the charade? Maybe then we could find out who really organised it and exactly why (instead of endless speculation)

  2. Who would vote for a union leader who is content to top up the Tory Party Mark II’s coffers with members’ hard-earned money?

    How could such a set-up – compromised to the hilt – expect to command the respect of UK workers?

    It beats me.

  3. I wonder if anyone made inquiries into how many Turner voters didn’t get a ballot paper, and funny how quickly the Becket camp cried foul. Some only believe in democracy while they’re in charge. Calling socialist candidates in recent Unite elections, ‘extremists’; tells me those in power don’t get like to be challenged and can’t abide being in a minority. I also wonder if the vote had gone to Becket, would the same people have raised concerns about the integrity of the ballot..

    1. Have it independantly checked out and if its true find out who did it . then right the wrong.

  4. “A key aspect of the disenfranchisement appears to have been the provision of incorrect member email addreses provided to the company running the vote.”

    So correct emails would be provided for all those identified as definitely likely to support the “acceptable” candidate while sufficient random emails of all others deliberately malformed to prevent other candidates winning, with the expectation that this manipulation would not be noticed.
    Wonder if this point of weakness could have been exploited in other Internet based “elections”?
    How much back checking is done to find out why people did not “vote”?

  5. It stinks !!Don’t know about anyone else but I am getting heartily sick to death of it all, all things Labour and the Unions that still support it
    Said it before and will say it again, time for a new grassroots party of the people for the people by the people

  6. Why should a union or anyone else employ an outside company?And dont come with the integrity independent bollocks….Private companys and commercialisation of even the counting process leads to the profit motive which capitalism is founded on wide open to abuse.And although I like what Becket says…Why so many Lawyers..?……I have just about had my fill of Lawyers even socialist ones.I am not anti business being an ex chairman of a PLC….but business and lawyers in Politics should carry a Health warning after all the misery they cause….anyone for a knight or a Blair?….And has for another party?well the Labour party is almost another “INN for the brotherhood of Barristers.

  7. The LP will never challenge the establishment as so many of it’s representatives are part and parcel of it. We thought we had a chance, a slight chance, that things could be different under Corbyn, before he was done in.
    As I’ve said before, it’s all very well saying ‘stay in and fight’, which many of us are doing, but when the other side just lie, cheat, make rules up as they go along or use the rules unfairly, then the discussion about a new Party is valid. Unless rules are used fairly then as we’ve seen, they become instruments of discrimination.
    However, no matter how disgusted we are at the individuals who think they have an entitlement to holding power, we, as socialists, should stick around for a while at least. The argument is that we should be wherever the working class are politically. We should also be aware of the falling support from working people for the Tory B team called the LP.
    I think many grass roots organisations will appear on the political scene in order to provide working people with a voice in the near future, though these will be localised rather than National. Most LP Councillors seem incapable of even addressing the public, let alone penning a decent leaflet and the electorate are getting onto them. It should be interesting when they’re challenged in public debates, which any local group can organise.
    Currently, where I live, Councillors won’t even answer emails from residents, obviously can’t be arsed, and neither are LP members allowed to criticise without being labelled bullies or anti-Semitic or racist and their names addresses provided to the media.
    This was the reaction of our MP who responded to polite ‘in house’ criticism by savagely lashing out, showing the true face rather than the smiley one on the leaflets we distributed to get her elected only a short time ago. Apparently she claimed that she’d been ‘attacked in public’! Four members of Wavertree Exec still suspended on ridiculous charges, and I’d like to see an article Sqwarky covering it, as the silence here is deafening.
    Podemus has been mentioned as a strong organisation taking the Spanish LP to task. It’s good that their reps take no more than three times the minimum wage. Imagine the gobs on most of the LP MP’s, if they were expected to show the same commitment!!
    For many, it seems the financial incentive was the only reason, and the opportunity to make more through shady deals, to become Members of the Establishment. Many are millionaires, or married to millionaires, so what can we expect from a pig but a grunt.
    I see many of them being nearer to the ‘far right’ ideologically than anything ‘Left’ as they display all the same attitudes towards democracy and free speech and the absolute opposite of what the LP rule book demands. Start organising in your area’s as opposition to the cabal won’t drop from the sky.

  8. Well that exclusive didn’t end well for Beckett did it? Maybe it’s time for Skwawbox to call
    it a day too?

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