The best video you’ll see on United Left result in which Beckett supporters couldn’t cast vote – but dead member could

Damo’s summary respectful of both candidates but absolutely clear on the inescapable

Howard Beckett, left, and Steve Turner

As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier, the United Left nomination result became a fiasco after Steve Turner was announced as the winner by three votes but within minutes more than a dozen (and potentially many more) Beckett supporters were shown to have been denied a vote, including two prominent members who publicly endorsed Beckett – while at least one deceased UL member was able to cast a ballot.

Beckett and a number of members of the United Left executive have rightly refused to accept an obviously unsafe result, with the executive members demanding a re-run. Labour activist and commentator Damo Willey has published a video that nails the situation perfectly:

Additionally, the SKWAWKBOX has been told that London United Left refused to share its member data with the Beckett campaign, raising further concerns about the fairness of the contest.

There’s no evidence to suggest Steve Turner had anything to do with the anomalies, but the anomalies incontestibly exist – and are fatal to the integrity of the result in a tight contest. Profiting from such a result would reflect badly on anyone who does it and those with a commitment to the democracy of the left and the union need to demand it be re-run, with independent organisers to ensure that everything is done properly and fairly.

If Steve Turner wins under those circumstances, he will deserve congratulations and support to win the union-wide general secretary election when it takes place – and the same goes for Beckett.

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  1. Since the stitch up of the national election,the knights election the establishment have felt they are unstoppable and now we have another rigged election,which if meekly accepted will see the death of the working-class movmment.after over a century of participation in democracy.Will the Brits aceppt it?

      1. It’ll be an interesting read. And, as I’m mentioned in Allan’s comments, I assume I fall into the “and Co” part. Allan, I imagine you’ll read this, so: I’ve read the definition of ‘shill’. Have you read the definition of ‘defamation’?

        I’m not paid to post here. I’ve never (to my knowledge, although I know I’m in the same constituency as The Toffee) met, nor communicated with anyone on here other than on these comments. The implication that I am “a confidence trickster’s assistant, esp a person who poses as an ordinary customer, gambler, etc, in order to entice others to participate” (Collins English Dictionary) is untrue and offensive.

        Don’t actually bother replying though, Allan. I doubt I’ll post on here again (“Aha,” I hear you say, “that’s because I’ve exposed him!” – no, it’s because any hope I had of learning more so I could participate more at Party meetings faded away as some commenters get into long and, frankly, tedious arguments), and I’ll probably just not visit either, so I don’t get tempted to. I really just can’t face the hassle anymore.

        Cheers, SB and many of the commenters here – it’s been an education.

  2. Do we let another rigged election go through and stand meekly by and accept it ?

      1. I believe Cambridge Analitica and Integrity Initiative have both described themselves as ‘independent’.
        In terms of left wing politics vs. right wing politics which privately-owned company is truly independent?

      2. “Analytica”
        Fucking annoying that the reply section is in such a tiny font.

      3. The suggestion is that the ¨specialist independent organisation¨ may have been given invalid contact details for many voters not known to support Turner not that the ¨specialist independent organisation¨ did anything wrong.

      4. I didn’t infer that the organisation running the vote was in anyway culpable.

  3. Beckett’s supporters are spreading bollocks to try to undermine the closely monitored, democratic vote of UL members. the millionaire lawyer Beckett will, no doubt, attempt to use his considerable resources to attack and challenge this decision by the left in Unite, but in doing so he’ll merely expose himself for what he is: a shyster lawyer and fake-left with no background as a rank and file trade unionist

  4. Who was this deceased voter….. how did we find out about his or her vote, was there any comment by this specialist independent organisation, Steve Turner, or the members
    Very strange

    1. If the member’s list passed to the voting organisation was out of date then it is pretty obvious where the fault lies.

      1. Steve, I see that an out of date list would account for the vote being accepted and counted, but I don’t believe it explains how and by whom it was cast.
        Also, for it to be known within minutes or hours that a vote was cast by a deceased person, surely the names of individual voters and how they voted must be known by people I’d assume ought not to know?

      2. David – It does seem to make a mockery of the concept of a secret ballot. However I do wish that if people are going to make accusations of wrongdoing that they would publish the full details instead of just inflammatory headlines.

    2. Could it be as innocent as a recently-bereaved spouse voting online in the way the deceased member intended to vote?
      ie wrong, but separate from any conspiracy there may have been?

  5. Who are THEY
    Unless you can prove fraudulent activity then it’s more cock up than conspiracy
    Shit happens

    1. Cockups….no conspiracy?….Thats why socialism took a dive under Corbyn.Thwy didn’t realise that the establishment and the right wing cannot afford a democratic socialist labour party or a functioning union leader..IT’s all rigged..!

      1. Joseph
        Internal report has moved tectonic plates the younguns simply do not trust Quislings and Bad Actors
        No way back for Red Tories

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